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Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 03:31 AM

Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways

Over the past two years, government officials and experts have seen an increasing number of children leave home for life on the streets, including many under 13. Foreclosures, layoffs, rising food and fuel prices and inadequate supplies of low-cost housing have stretched families to the extreme, and those pressures have trickled down to teenagers and preteens.

Federal studies and experts in the field have estimated that at least 1.6 million juveniles run away or are thrown out of their homes.
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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 03:31 AM
Good article on a very sad topic. Some of these kids are fleeing abusive parents, some have been kicked out because their parents can't or won't support them, some are just old-fashioned "runaways." Some are squatting in abandoned, foreclosed homes. But any way you cut it, their numbers are increasing along with the sour economy.

The article also has an informative video at the link. Clinton Anchors, one of the young people profiled in the video, is 18 and has been living on his own since he was 12. He lives in the woods under a tarp and does his best to help even younger newcomers to the streets. This young man deserves high commendations for his efforts and survival skills.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 05:02 AM
It's really getting tough in this economy. Like you have said, silent thunder, many come abusive homes, drug addicted parents, but increasingly financially distressed households as well. However, to what end are these children expecting? All I see, is disturbed young people living the life of scavengers out of abstract desperation with no end in site with the revolving wheel of poverty as the end result.

It is a dangerous world on the streets with many who prey on the people highlighted in this article. It was interesting how the pecking order is developing in these burgeoning feral societies, with pack leaders taking the reigns of these loosely knit units, as you have highlighted with the person, Clinton Anchors, from the article.

They are probably as disenchanted with the system as we all are on here. However, is running away from their lives going to change anything within themselves psychologically? Sadly, it doesn't, because people have done it in the past, but yet, the emotional scars remain. These children have their reasons for taking such a dangerous and unknown step and I shudder to imagine what some have been forced to succumb to in their personal lives? This is just a sign of our time, and an indication that the youth find their futures in the great American experiment as hopeless. Just the increase runaway statistics is staggering as the article highlights.

Federal studies and experts in the field have estimated that at least 1.6 million juveniles run away or are thrown out of their homes annually.

. . .The best measure of the problem may be the number of contacts with runaways that federally-financed outreach programs make, which rose to 761,000 in 2008 from 550,000 in 2002, when current methods of counting began. (The number fell in 2007, but rose sharply again last year, and the number of federal outreach programs has been fairly steady throughout the period.)

Perhaps, there is a lost generation forming, as a result of economic disaster we are experiencing? If they feel living off the grid is better for them than living under guise of their parents, then more power to them, and hopefully they develop the social and mental stamina to live on the mean streets of America, and remain safe. However, this is the country's future taking the long hard road of obscurity and degradation, out of complete and utter hopelessness, and should ring alarm bells to us all about just how serious this world is becoming. This should be disturbing to anyone after reading this.

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 05:15 AM
It's sad, but you have to remember, that things weren't always great, to live on the streets, say 2,000 years ago, was rough, now it isn't near as bad.

If the 'youth' have drive, ambition, and determination, they can of course make it, I was homeless for 6 months until I made it, living out of a run down car, noone around me, no help, and pulled myself up out of a big ole pile of ****.

You can obviously know my position now, since i'm here writing this.

I work everyday of the week, at a crappy job, started out in a motel, and graduated up.

If you want it, you can almost certainly get it.

You either survive, or you give up everything, and settle for crap.

As much as I hate the churches, if a youth could travel, walk, run, hike, to a 'good' church, they usually can help out, radio stations on sundays often offer help, and good help, (at night albeit).

Get to a church, a family will most likely take them in, and help them get a footing.

*I say the people are good, not the church, the church offers a means, a means which is acceptable, I'll explain but I feel I don't need to because it's OT*

I can't understand a runaway (because I have no idea of the situation exactly) but for getting kicked out, I can try to comprehend, maybe money, or abuse and the other parent thinks it's better if the kid isn't there, I can understand that.

But there is always a helpline there, searching, and asking, and basic people skills, will do wonders.

I've experienced it, and it's completely close to hell, and I feel I only skimmed the surface of six months, till I could finally get a motel, to start the process.

The youth could be alright except

Youth Prostitution and Pimps, (ACORN could help them out)

Drug Dealing, and drug addictions, alright now there really far down.

All the things they can run into, are treacherous, to bad our society condones prostitutes, drugs, and gangs.

It's the type of person they are which will help them the most.

Otherwise, I'm sure much have encountered much worse and made it.

Oh and before I forget, **** you, the family who throws away a child, beats them, tortures their own children.

Knocks them on the street with nothing, sells them for money. If there was a hell, you surely would've earned it long before you were born.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:36 AM
Been there done that there are a number of youth organizations that will help out I am personally involved with the Christian Appelation Project and finding a roof and shower and sometimes clothes and unfortunatly counseling for some I find food and a chance to claen up are are asked for unfortunatly if you are on "do you know me /have you seen me" it is reported to the FBI and in KY the State Police and this can make them "run" again especailly in situations of abuse from emotional things

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 10:28 AM
Just want to point out that there is one other aspect of this that isn't as apparent.

Without proper social supports, parents/guardians of children with significant personality or mental disorders can become overwhelmed with trying to control their children.

A parent with multiple children, and one child who is a raging violent person who is getting bigger and stronger by the day - it can just be safer to let the kid go or get them away from their siblings.

Some street kids get there that way. By their families with little understanding or help deciding to cut loses before things get really bad.

Sociopaths, anti-social personality disorders, mental disorders, borderline personality disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenics, and sexually disfunctional people sometimes start early in life. Being the parent of someone who is young, bigger than you, stronger than you, and that you are afraid of, and does vicious things to their siblings.....

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 11:29 AM
I went to the school of hard knocks myself. Life on the streets at a young and impressionable age can be as exciting as it is scary, as rewarding as it is defeating, as revealing as it is stymieing, as hopeful as it can be desperate.

To survive you have to learn a lot about human behavior and personalities quickly and a resilient skill set that pits you against long odds.

Loosing means hunger, cold, pain, captivity even death. There is no video game reset button.

Winning means you have risen to every challenge, learned precisely why other humans behave and do the things they do, learned to see through the lies and wishful thinking most people are infected with, and learned that the best person to rely on is yourself and that no one is responsible for you but yourself.

Winning means you have learned to learn not by stubbornly banging your head against the wall but how to cleverly observe others and what is going down around you and to be truly observant to all things including the most minute little detail and to be able to examine them in introspective and qualitative ways.

Winning means you have learned politics, one wrong word or look at the wrong time to the wrong person on the streets can me a brutal beating or death.

Winning means you have learned the hypocrisy of the Government and the other institutions that frame our society and how to deal with them and get around them.

Winning means to learn not to take anything on sheer faith alone but to seek out the absolute concrete truth of what is and what isn’t.

Winning means you have something called Street Smarts and people just out of a Harvard or Yale Law School or graduated from there 50 years before will actually awe and marvel at your intelligence and wisdom and scratch their heads in wonder how you have learned so much and become so sage at such a young age.

The school of hard nocks is the best diploma in life you could ever have! It’s graduates will be ready for anything.

The SHTF a long, long time ago for them!

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