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Dr. Stanley Monteith ... a closer look at his work

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 06:37 PM
I have heard the name, from Lindsey Williams and I have heard him on Alex Jones Radio Show. Maybe I wasn't listening ... but who can with Alex constantly interjecting...
Alex interupted Lindsey or Lindsey interrupted himself.. cuz, this new stuff is all headline stuff more Details Please before I jump off the preverbal cliff... Its guessible information, that I have heard so far. We have to watch all of the War Movies coming out of Hollywood for the Answers... we will be too poor to rebel in 24 months... that tells me to sell everything and get out of dollars, run for the hills, the sky is falling.... cuz, he says the dollar is dead in 24 months. cuz, we will have a war in 24 months.... if this is correct -- we need to at least anticipate to survive that environment, even though I feel something of profound importance is just out of reach... hope if you will... faith in my fellow man to stand.
so get off you knees ... take care of business ... because we will be called
oh, and now we are back to Dr. Stanley Monteith ... he sort of fills in questons I have wondered... hmmm, Let me see more of the Doctor... what do you think of his work...?

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 01:44 PM
Could you give a synopsis for those of us who can not access video pages? I am at work right now but I am very curious.

About four years ago I bought used copies of the Preston Nichols Montauk books at a small used book store in western Massachusetts. Inside the cover of one of them was the handwritten name and telephone number of Stanley Monteith. Also written there was another name. I called Mr. Monteith and he was very polite and took the time to speak to me for about an hour. He said that the other name written in the book was the name of his neighbor, which I feel would be inappropriate to reveal on a public board unless I see it appear elsewhere in connection with Mr. Monteith. I recall that Monteith was involved in a religious vocation, and we discussed government corruption and suppressed technologies. I believe he lived in California, or somewhere on the west coast, as I recall it was getting late at night where I was (Massachusetts) and he remarked that he was still awake watching television. I never did call him back but now I am eager to learn what the significance of this man could be.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 01:32 PM
Well, he touches on so many subjects its hard to summarize.
he equates the current issue with ... too many clues ... as to
what is really going... and I understand where he is coming from
which action is the correct action since there are too many clues.
very interesting trains of thought. I have not been able to dig through
all of his material, sort of busy just trying to stay even.... I want you all to channel all of your energy at getting a citizens referendum to address the grievances of the direction of this nation.


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