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DR Congo(apology0

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 05:20 PM
When you have diarrhea of the pen as I do, you are bound to put your foot in your mouth at some point, or a lot of points.

Although the rant I did in a thread about rape in one of the DR Congo threads was aimed at Africans who mindlessly kill, rape and torture at the behest of certain whites, I didn’t make that clear.

I came off as not only lumping all Africans together, but lumping all Whites together.

The main reason there’s so much propaganda to make the Congolese people look like killers and rapist is because the Congolese people DO rise up against those who would steal from them and subject them to slavery. The ordinary people in the Congo never stop rebelling against the Black and white predators in their land. That’s part of the reason for the constant death toll in the Congo.

I’ve read recently that the Congo was once one of the most stable, self-supporting and civilized Nations in the world

They are not sheep. They fight more consistently and bravely against their would -be controllers than any other people on earth.

Thus, the endless campaign to paint them as soulless savages.

Any other people who fight that hard against exploitation would be painted with the same brush by this world system.

My apologies the Africa, Africans, the Majority of white people and particularly the bulk of the people in the DR Congo.

posted on Nov, 5 2009 @ 02:07 AM
Thanks for this post. It's always refreshing to see people are capable of intellectual honesty.

No conflict is more hidden from the world's view than the one that has raged in the Congo for over a century. The NWO's agenda has been playing itself out with utmost violence and contempt for human decency there and in other parts of Africa, but no where else has such a massive toll been forced on such a large number of people in a land as majestic and rich in history, resources, culture, and biodiversity.


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