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Oddest Picture Call Ever...

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:01 PM
Hey Y'all,

I wanted to talk about this and ATS is a great place to do that. Rather than with friends that may not consider things that are covered on sites like ATS. I'm sure you get what I mean.

I have been a photographer since 35 mil and dark rooms... a very long time. I have received many thousands of picture calls but this particular one is so odd - off - different. It's just very strange.

The strangest thing is why - out of all of the photographer in the world - would I receive this picture call? I am interested in the 'PHENOMENA' but I don't have any connections to it or to people who are also into it.

I have no interest in this call - perhaps members here would have images to meet the criteria. I dont because it's just not anything I research or pursue.

Here are the items listed on the picture call. It's for a textbook the publisher claims (which is who wants the images for a text book). Does this seem 'off' to you or am I reading too much into nothing?


Picture Call

Minimum pixel dimensions: 4000 x 3000
Portrait and landscape; color
Deadline: Monday 30th November 2009; 12:00 GMT

All the pictures should be marked as Rights Managed, and must not be sent direct to me.

A large illustrated book publisher is looking for high-quality images of the unusual and the unknown. They want to be intrigued and inspired by the images, which could include any of the following and anything else you may think is suitable or relevant.

We'd particularly like to see the pterodactyl dug live out of a railway tunnel between Saint-Dizier and Nancy in 1856.

* Accidents to iconoclasts (e.g. Lord Carnarvon)
* Anomalous fossils
* Arkeology
* Asbestos people and fire-genii
* The Beast of Bodmin
* Bigfoot
* The Black Dog
* Bodily elongation
* Bread rolls / foodstuffs / objects with the face of Jesus / Mohammed / Virgin Mary etc.
* Cattle-rippers, sheep-slashers and mysterious mutilators
* Children brought up by animals
* Cities and islands in the sky
* Coincidences
* Crop circles
* Electric people
* Fasciated daisies
* Falls of artifacts
* Falls of creatures and organic matter
* Family retainers, weird and ominous
* Fiery persecutlons
* Fire-immunity and the fire-walk
* Freak plagues and mass panics
* Honest codfish
* Human glow-worms
* Images that come to life
* Images that weep and bleed
* Invisible assailants
* Invisible barriers
* Lake monsters and sea-serpents
* Levitation and spontaneous flight
* Lightning pictures
* Little people
* Live toad embedded in a piece of coal
* Loch Ness Monster
* Materialization and flight of objects
* Miraculous provisions
* Missiles from the upper regions
* Mysterious flows and oozings
* Mysterious images
* Mysterious lights
* Odd clouds
* Phantom music and voices
* Phantom ships
* Phenomenal highways
* Projected thought-forms
* Shared visions
* Showers of frogs and fishes
* Spectral armies and sky battles
* Spontaneous human combustion
* Spontaneous images on film
* Stigmata
* Stones that move and grow
* Strange deaths and lightning fatalities
* Strange disappearances
* Strange scenes and phantom cottages
* Taken away and brought back
* Teleportation
* The Great American Monster
* The hollow earth
* The phenomenal world
* Unreasonable footprints
* Werewolves
* Wild people

WTF? It simply seems so weird to me. I dont want to say I feel funky energy off of it but I will anyway. I'd appreciate your take on it! Thanks

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:55 PM
That's an odd list indeed.
And they are looking for 'actual' pictures?

hm... you can always set someone on fire, take a pic and say it was spontanious

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by GypsK

LOL, you are afraid of spiders, but setting someone on fire is OK??

I know you are joking, at least I hope you are..

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 03:22 AM

Originally posted by tribewilder
reply to post by GypsK

LOL, you are afraid of spiders, but setting someone on fire is OK??

I know you are joking, at least I hope you are..

well... how else would you take a picture of spontanious combustion? Not that I would... not me


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