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Taking the Few... or The Many.

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 12:02 PM
This may seem a little nieve, I don't know a lot about
alien abductions, that is why I am here... learning.
But I have a question.

First, my practical side:
I would have thought that the possibility that if a person
is being abducted by a species from another time or place
would be opportunity to prove by whatever means that if
this takes place, it would be more important than anything
in the entire history of the world.
Afterall, that history would be changed forever.

But there is only accounts, hypnosis and strange marks on
the 'abductees' No film footage, no object retrieved from
wherever the abductee was taken to or even a fact that
would not be available to the public, but could be verified by
a Government.

Has nobody monitored an alledged abductee until they have
been taken? Can the aliens wipe film footage clear, so no
proof is obtained through secret filming?
Do the aliens only take the person when they're alone? if
so, can we not make sure that they are NEVER alone?
I know this may be costly, but the idea of cost will be lost
forever, if such evidence can be gathered that proves to all
that this problem exists.

Theory side:
What if all of my 'capture' suggestions can't happen because
the 'realistic' things that I've suggested won't work in the
reality that is their reality?

What if all the boundries that surround my version of this
world can be altered, that someone/something can just
arrive and do what they want and at no time, be concerned
that my world can do anything to stop it or even to believe
in it?

This is what I'm starting to believe, because as of to date,
I have seen nobody even attempt to place a abductee in a
situation where the forces that take them would have no choice,
but to reveal themselves.
Again, I may be out of line here, I guess I should research this
question in other areas, but I just wanted to ask fellow ATSers.
Why can't we catch 'em?

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 12:40 PM
Well i recently got Mother Ship Zeta for my PC, those grays are pretty screwed up.
I have noticed that there are not as many abduction reports now that there are security cams everywhere. Im on the fence about the abduction topic, one of the problems is all the subjective crap that the believer side throws in and the skeptic explanations do not always make sense.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by zaiger

I agree Zaiger, I too hear of instances where abductions
take place in front of cameras... but that's it then? their
game is over because we have undeniable evidence...
but that never seems the case.

Joe Public just goes on with their lives and there's no
mention of it in any mainstream media.
People who are going through this alledged traumatic
experience come off as lunatics crying in the wind.
I'm not doubting people, whatever it is should be looked
at by a proessional area and shown to a wider audience.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:09 AM
Interesting thread, BIAD. I wonder........... if abductees are "taken" to a when rather than a where -- if there is some sort of temporal displacement or suspension taking place.

I think your point is sound; if I felt I was being abducted on a regular basis, I would certainly set up my videocam to record me every time I went to sleep. I suppose a person could even set up a motion-detecting device of some sort.

The work of the late Dr. John Mack seemed to delve into some of these issues -- talking about the blending of realities. Of course, most of that was a result of hypnosis of abductees. Still, I found it to be very persuasive.

Perhaps if the LHC doesn't turn us into strangelet goo, this reasearch will begin to shed some light on previously unknown (unmeasured) dimensions.

Good thread.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by argentus

Thank you Argentus for your kind words.
There's just something I don't understand about all of this.
Sure, there'll be a medical term for someone who may think
he/she's being abducted, but I would expect all measures to
be taken to prove to the person that it isn't happening.

If that was done, I would assume the person would be more
open to the idea that his/her 'encounters' were a medical problem
more than a paranormal or supernatural problem.

And yet, thousands of people claim that this terrible action
is happening to them and even though I have not researched it
enough to say that the vast majority suffer from a illness that
is well documented and perfectly explainable, I would wager that
most cases are frowned upon by the medical proffession and
labeled that it is a mental disorder and nothing else.

Of course, most people who are allegedly abducted go about their
normal lives and simply endure the assaults, this I find really disturbing.
I agree that John Mack and others are researching through hypnosis
the continuing abductions and attempting to see a bigger picture,
But surely Doctors, neurosurgeons etc, must have nailed this by now.
Surely, every case must have been checked, not just medication
administered and the person sent on their way, but checked thoroughly.

Is the person living alone? Can information be gleaned from a partner
to show that something strange happening or that this is a condition that
can be allayed with pills and nostrums.

It just seems that everyone is skirting around this problem when
certain practical things can be done to show that it isn't real.
I for one, would set about proving that the abductions were not
real, I would aggresively attempt to show that no creature from
another world/time or a Government agency was taking people
for whatever reason.
That way one would at least show the symptoms are connected to
a certain psychological malady and then the person could move on
and seek help.

Of course, if it was proven the other way.... then what?
There must be something that can be done to help these people.

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

I think part of the problem is that this phenomenon is not really measurable, or doesn't seem so. I think that would be the sticking point for examination by the medical community. Say you're a physician and a patient comes to you with a tale about being abducted by nonhumans, or perhaps some sort of interaction. What are your remedies as a physician? Recommend therapy? Sure, a physician might want neurological testing, perhaps suspecting the possibility of a brain anomaly, but what then?

What has been convincing to me are the folks that seem to not want the limelight. It's almost as if they are ashamed of what has happened to them, and they seem severely traumatized. Certainly, there's a possibility of hypnotists errantly planting seeds of memory, and there might be a portion of alleged victims that have mental abberations of some sort, however having had an interest in this field for quite a while, there are some accounts that just resonate to me as truthful. None of it, so far as I've seen, is conclusive, at least to me.

It's funny, you know....... we can read about abduction accounts, and yet imagine the person telling you is your friend or your sibling, and most of us would react with disbelief. On these forums here, we have folks that are completely convinced that they have been abducted. Are they just enjoying a 5-minute flash of ATS fame, or are they just showing us the little bit that they think they can show without profound ridicule? I'd guess that both conditions are frequently true.

Who would I tell? How would I convince them? I'll tell you something..... just between you and I and the rest of the world that stops by here
There was a time when I would have set up a video camera on myself had I owned one. How did the situation resolve? It, whatever "it" was, stopped. For years after that, and even up to this time, I frequently have sleep paralysis. I have had it enough times that I am no longer scare squirtless by it, but that's taken a lot of self-immersion in the situation, as opposed to the instinctive struggle and fear. I believe it is nothing more than that -- sleep paralysis -- a physiological condition. Well, that's not entirely true. When it happens it the silent darkness, it is still very unnerving, and at that moment, it still seems real and malevolent. I don't think it is "alien" connected, but it ain't good 'neither.

Now there's a bit of open talk for you. I don't mind at all if someone follows this post with something derisive and you shouldn't either. You bare your vulnerabilities, and you have to expect it.

Point I was trying to make with all this pedantic blather is that I think we've been socialized into blaming ourselves when the unknown enters our sphere; I think we've been socialized into feeling that it means there is something wrong with us, and thus I'm inclined to guess that many more people have experienced something akin to abduction that have and never will come forward. It is not acceptible within context of the normal human experience and is still one of the quickest methods to be labeled forevermore a whackamole.

Nice talking with you and others BIAD. Insightful thread.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 10:51 AM
reply to post by argentus

Thank you again Argentus... your comments and statement
certainly made me ponder. So much so, that I realise now
that as you say, this is a 'sweep under the carpet' phenomena
for many... a 'curse' that one has to bear.

It doesn't matter on one level that it may be 'just' sleep paralysis,
the victim will search for resolve and than may lead to convincing
oneself that they are being abducted by aliens.
If that happens and I mean no disrespect to that frightened individual,
it muddies the waters on the possibilty of alien abduction.

But where certain traits or information keeps surfacing that indicates
a possible abduction scenario, surely everything must be done to
prove or disprove these implications.
Hell!... if it turns out that the individual is being molested or something
else by a trusted party and the indivual is masking it with a more
'surreal' scenario, then at least that individual can be spared the painful
experience of this assault.

The thing I keep hearing regarding these accounrts is a feeling... the
person involved states that the area around them or the reality around
them becomes different in some way, almost has if the reality they exist
in before the ordeal can be altered or 'switched'
In some accounts, the partner of the abductee is aware at the time of
the 'taking' but later, shows no memory of it.
That same partner or friend is shown to have had no previous experiences
and regards the whole thing as confusing.

It's this I would like to get to the bottom of, this 'feeling'

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