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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 03:34 PM
Have any of you people ever written about the science behind this theory?

All I ever seem to see is a string of pictures of people who look sort of similar, but not really when you get into the specifics. Is that all the proof you have or is there more I have missed?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

Hi Someotherguy,

It appears that if the NAZIS after WWII came over to the USA and kick started the CIA's Cloning Program then it may well be a fact that these Clones and the recent phases of the Clone Conspiracy are piloted by a NAZI CONTINUUM operating from within the NSA, CIA and other Secret Services. They are alleged to have also penetrated MI6 if one is to give credit to the testimony of NSA Clone James Casbolt born as Michael Prince.

Thanks for reminding us all of the NAZI Connection which helps to explain why all these Clones seem to be converging towards a Fascist New World Order.


posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by LiveForever8
Have any of you people ever written about the science behind this theory?

All I ever seem to see is a string of pictures of people who look sort of similar, but not really when you get into the specifics. Is that all the proof you have or is there more I have missed?

Hi LIve Forever,

Yes, the Science behind human cloning has already been discussed in various parts of this and its sister thread about Star and Celebrity Clones. Human cloning is nothing which needs to be proven in terms of its technical feasibility. Those who don't buy into this theory are people who trust the government to tell them everything and who won't accept the possibility that the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex might have concealed their scientific advances from the general public. Experts in that field are adamant that they are many decades ahead of what is publicly disclosed, but cynics will remain skeptical.

What remains to be understood is exactly when the Cloning started, who was and is currently behind it, and for what purpose or purposes this is done. One theory is victory by infiltration, another that humans will be increasingly coaxed into homosexuality and sterilization with all procreation being State generated in government laboratories hatching Clones and Bioengineered Mutants, and that we are facing imminent extinction.



posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

But why aren't the clones EXACTLY the same as the originals?

Also, how do these interests get the material needed to clone someone who originally lived 200 years ago, for instance?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by LiveForever8
reply to post by Getsmart

But why aren't the clones EXACTLY the same as the originals?

They are physically the same, except for minor variations. It's possible that minor differences might also have been introduced to mix it up a little & keep it from being dead obvious that we're dealing w/ clones.

Clones are just organic bodies w/ a very low-functioning consciousness. If you saw Avatar, think of Jake's alien body that was floating in the vat before his consciousness was projected into it. That being said, clones will then have a copy of the original's mind downloaded into it (this is done by making a holographic copy of the brain - see "Dollhouse"). There also seems to be technology by which a soul transfer can be accomplished. In this case, these clones can be "possessed" by a demon. This is what I see when I look at pictures of Obama & Condoleeza Rice, especially - demons living in a cloned meat-suit.

Also, how do these interests get the material needed to clone someone who originally lived 200 years ago, for instance?

All you need is one cell to make a clone. If there is a skeleton or hair from the desired person, then you're in business.

By the way, mainstream revealed back in 2001 that it was actually easier to create a human clone than some other animals b/c of the IGF2R gene. More here:

Humans May Be Easier to Clone Than Sheep and Mice Because of a Single Genetic Difference

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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 05:35 PM
Thanks Someotherguy for pitching in with explanations for the newbie. Much more is in the threads, with quite a few links. A good starting place would be the radio broadcasts of Dr Beter who was the first to out this Conspiracy. There is a lot of information available by using simple word searches on the internet, and we've pretty much plugged into a lot of what's out there right here in these two threads. So all it takes is enough curiosity to read and a bit of time and effort to put one's mind to work?

Originally posted by LiveForever8

But why aren't the clones EXACTLY the same as the originals?

Again, LiveForever8, this is a place where we are seeking the truth, the replies to your questions have already been expressed before in these pages. This isn't a tutorial on what Cloning is, how to Clone or even how to recognize a Clone. Nonetheless, since this is a long thread and apparently the pictures are too much of a distraction, I can recapitulate for you some of the key information in a nutshell.

Clones are physically similar to an identical twin of the original DNA donor. Their coding sequences are replicated and grown into a new body, which resembles the original one very closely. There are several features which are always identical. These are general head shape, feature positioning on the skull, facial proportions, relative distances and angles between features, jawline, cheekbones, brow bone ridge, forehead slope and size, position and angle of anchoring bone at the top of the nose, nostril anchoring on cheeks, ear placement on head and inner ear structure. Fingerprints are always different with twins.

Features which can be different even for naturally born identical twins can be height, cartilage and soft tissues, eye positioning within the orbits, ear lobes (possible altered surgically), hairline at a given age and anything else subject to nutritional or environmental conditions. Features which can be altered by intervention on a Clone are finger prints, eye color, hair color, and any usual modifications enabled by plastic surgery.

Furthermore, there are a number of factors which make it difficult for those without experience or expertise in facial recognition and unable to tell what people look like to detect Clones. These are often quite simple. It can be a simple change of 'disguise' due to the Clone wearing glasses when the original didn't, or sporting a mustache or a beard. Also a different hair style or manner of dress will often throw observers off track. When the original is dressed in period clothing, their modern Clone will seem quite different.

Finally, there is the way one carries oneself, along with behavioral attitude and demeanor which reveal that it is NOT the same person. This however doesn't mean it isn't a Clone, it only means that the original person has not time travelled to come forth again in another era. Yes, it is a different individual, just like two twins are not one and the same person.

Originally posted by LiveForever8

Also, how do these interests get the material needed to clone someone who originally lived 200 years ago, for instance?

Human remains contain DNA, and even people who have been cremated might have left behind some traces of DNA in stray hears or even nail clippings. This is sufficient to "grow" an entire new individual. There is the traditional way of creating Clones, by fertilizing a female egg with the DNA from cells and then implanting the egg in the womb. This provides a Clone which is born quite normally with traditional childbirth delivery methods. The Clone can even be raised by the 'mother' or taken and raised institutionally.

There are reports of "accelerated" Clone growing entirely in laboratory conditions under which a Clone's aging can be accelerated in order to produce an Adult Clone in record time. This might facilitate remote controlling the Clone due to its absence of contamination by society and education. However it seems to carry the corollary disadvantage of such Clones aging rapidly and quickly becoming dysfunctional, requiring replacement by another copy.

Regarding how one might find Human Remains dating back that long? The Illuminati came out into the open and publicly declared their presence in 1776. Hence they were in a position then, and possibly before, to collect what are traditionally called "relics" and/or human remains. Their American branch established at Yale University in 1832 as #2 (hence its code name 322?) is known for collecting human remains of famous people. This is probably why it is called Skull & Bones. Here is how it is done, this is just one example:

Among the traditional artifacts collected and maintained within the High Street Tomb are human remains of various derivations. The following concerns one such set of Skull and Bones.

CLICK HERE to read about Bush's Own Bones


posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 10:26 AM
Hi ATS friends,

The following website claims that David Rockefeller is now dead and has been replaced by another Clone. Also it is stated that there has been an entire new series of Clones manufactured to replace the current prematurely aging US President Barack Obama Clone, and that the first of these forthcoming replacements has been scheduled for January 2013, which will have noticeable telltale signs. Finally, that Michael Prince aka James Casbolt who was Cloned is calling upon his five other Clones on the same DNA to join forces with him in opposing the Nazi SS NSA MI6 Illuminati who Cloned them.

Former White Hat's blog - recent postings

In another section of his blog there is the following account of his arrest and detention in an underground base in Colorado, and questioning by a 4-Star General who refused to identify himself, other than not denying he was "Drake's Pentagon contact". They took his hair, blood and fingerprints to use in Cloning him. It is said that "they found, in stasis chambers, numerous clones of Bobby Joe Fannin, Bill Brockbrader, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, and Max Spiers. All were destroyed.":

He smiled broadly. “You are looking at the man who has the codes to activate millions of clones out there: women, children, men of all stripe and strata. This was Hilary’s design, the bitch has some brains.”

...“I wanted you to know,” he said, “that we will send your clone out, your clone will back Drake up, will post online anything we want, and we will get your Plejaran and Procyonian friends reigned in.”

“You do know my friends can detect a clone,” I said.

“We have perfected the tech,” he informed me, “where a high-grade clone cannot be discerned from the original, and can live up to 10 years.”

A Clone One


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posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 05:25 PM
The following post is placed here in the Political Section of the Clone Conspiracy due to the geostrategic implications it carries regarding the missions involved and the interests served.

While some might complain that too much attention is paid in this thread to identifying Political impostors who are posing as "naturally born" and independently minded human beings, there are also those who want to know who exactly might be a Clone and due to this who might be mind controlled by some unseen power.

In this light I propose some more candidates for examining whether they might be Clones. The first one is a person who was outed, by Former White Hat and others, including 'supersoldier' Aaron McCollum, as not being a bona fide supersoldier but instead an impostor serving the disinformation agenda of the MIC, Military Industrial Complex.

The 5 Dancing Israelis arrested for celebrating the 9/11 Twin Tower Mass Killing

Israeli Agent Omer Marmari who Celebrated 9/11
Duncan O'Finioan

What we can legitimately wonder is whether Omer Marmari was recycled into a Zionist Disinformation Agent or whether Duncan O'Finioan is simply a second Clone of the same series as Omer Marmari? In any case this is an additional arrow pointing towards a possible Zionist connection with the Cloning Conspiracy.


posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 01:56 AM

This does not mean that the above individual necessarily is a Clone, but the Former White Hat blog did refer to him as Omega Unit 197 under the page heading Accept No Clones ! I hope some of you are able to decode and analyse some of the cryptic rant which comes with this post, apparently designed to send a message to their enemies rather than to inform us clearly of the details.

FWH page referring to Duncan O'Fin


posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 04:33 PM
Fellow ATS members,

I apologize for being less active lately in this thread, having spent most of my time fueling with more Clone discoveries the other Clone Conspiracy thread here:

Stars and Celebrity Clones

In that spot recently we have discovered that at least some if not most Intelligence Agents are Mind Controlled Clones, James Casbolt also known as Michael Prince being no exception to the rule. In addition it has become clear there that MEN IN BLACK are in fact also Clones, as is argued in that thread. Finally let us remember that the Yale Secret Society Skull & Bones is chapter 2 of the Bavarian Illuminati, thus their ties to the Nazi Continuum which precede Hitler by a century, and the nickname 322 for their "Brotherhood of Death" manifesting the date of their foundation in 1832 and adding to the 32 the chapter number 2. Since that early date Skull & Bones 322 has been tasked with obtaining DNA samples from bodily remains.

Skull & Bones is also tasked with organizing the Cloning process on a fairly large scale, using monies derived from International Drug Trafficking since its cofounder William Huntington Russell's time. Skull & Bones members infiltrated in the Secret Service run the Agency Black Ops under pretense of national security, and also manage with the help of Cloned intelligence operatives the supply of ritual human sacrifice kidnap victims. They probably also orchestrate many of our wars as a cover for pillaging and mass abductions for other purposes.

Scroll & Key from its more intellectual and rarified Harvard University corollary are those who write the script of the fictional Matrix of societal paradigms. The virtues of its members are brought to the service of this group's devious purpose of deceiving the world by weaving the fabric of lies and webs of falsehoods enmeshed in contrived pseudoscience. These are the ultimate traitors, because in the safety of think tanks they don't take the same risks as the distasteful Yalees who are field operatives rolling up their sleeves to perform dirty tricks for evil motives. Yet those from Harvard are possibly the most vicious of the bunch, as they operate not merely on the physical level of life and death, but are engaged in an active war against our minds and souls. These are the ones deciding who gets Cloned, how they are to be used and programmed, and how they are handled and exploited.

Here is an example of a Harvard Scroll & Key designed, programmed and piloted Political Clone. She was candidate for the American Presidential Primaries and might still become President of the United States. Her name is Sarah Palin and she was Cloned using the DNA of the wife of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, her name was Helen Eliza Garrison.

The Palin Clone at home in a comfortable decor consisting of animal remains

Sarah Palin with glasses and plucked eyebrows and her DNA donor

She is but one in a vast panorama of Mind Controlled Clones spawned and programmed as manipulated political leaders trained to lie and deceive.


posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 04:39 PM
I have detected quite a few new important Political Clones which can maybe help reveal what Agenda they serve. Apparently many are not simply Cloned, but the Clones themselves are replaced from time to time. Here is a source that says that anyone who is anybody in politics has 3 Clones in close proximity for swapping them out should they malfunction, be injured or killed or possibly even disobey?

Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. President to be cloned. As you will read later on, it is important for world control that all the “leaders” be cloned, as they will then follow orders without thinking, and they have no emotions – no compassion, for instance, so they will carry out orders regardless of the moral implications of the action.

The mind is a liquid crystal so it can be downloaded into the new “clone.” It frequently requires refreshing, and as time goes on, the frequency increases. That frequency will go down to every two weeks before it is time to discard that model and bring in a fresh one.

If you are observant, you will find differences in facial characteristics. When George Bush Sr was giving his speech in Tokyo, he collapsed and had to be removed. When he was brought back about ten minutes later, how many people noted that he now had FRECKLES? Nobody in the press dared mention that!

He had been hit and killed by a Russian particle beam. On subsequent occasions a black box was seen positioned on both sides of him to counter these deadly weapons.

North of the border, Canadian Prime Minister Chrétien was known to speak out of the side of his mouth. One day he started speaking out of the OPPOSITE side of the mouth! Physicians will tell you that this is impossible. Of course, most of the time nobody really understood what he was saying, so nobody paid much attention to him at the best of times.

Russian Premier Gorbachev had a prominent scar on his forehead. That always remained, but you might recollect that he was “missing” for three weeks at one time, and the Russians had failed to concoct an adequate story to cover up that absence. This was the time when it took a full three weeks to create a new clone. A giveaway to those who understood.

To some this is a funny story. It was early days when President Jimmy Carter was cloned. Clones are programmed, and he was programmed to give a certain speech at the United Nations. To the dismay of the Americans, President Carter gave a speech opposing rather than supporting the topic in question. They hurriedly took him away for examination. It was later revealed that the Russians had ‘ambushed’ and re-programmed him with their version of what he should say…. talk about one-upmanship! Security was increased…..

The most important personages have THREE clones at any one time – in case there is an accident, such as happened in Tokyo. This also explains why there is such a huge entourage around the U.S. President – it is easier to hide the clones that way. Then a secondary clone can come out as if nothing had happened – as in Tokyo.

Spouses have to be dealt with. Either they go along with it or they are also cloned – or disposed of. I watched Barbara Bush at the dinner in Tokyo, as she was sitting close to her husband. Not much concern shown, and then only for a moment. Clones have no real emotions.

More interesting was the airplane crash involving Henry Kissinger. He died in the crash. But his wife refused to go along with the cloning. Was she either paid off or disposed of? Has anyone heard of her since that date?

Kissinger incidentally is #1 in America, the President is #3. There is often a ‘slip of the lip’. Kissinger was once recorded on TV as saying “I told him NOT to say that!” when referring to a statement made by the President ….

The Church is also part of the Illuminati setup, so religious figures also need to be taken care of. Billy Graham is the most outstanding figurehead, apart from the Pope. Those who have watched him over the years will have noticed that he once became a very tired figure, then suddenly ‘regained’ his vigour for no obvious reason. I am told that he has the standard three copies.

Back to the amusing incidents. Remember when Bill Clinton was made President? A couple of weeks later it was stated publicly that the President had to go to Camp David for a “rest.” “I’m not going to Camp David!” said Bill categorically…. but the rest is history. Camp David is where the military laboratory is located which creates the clones – and Bill Clinton was quite aware of that! Did Monica Lewinsky know about the clone she was dealing with? The “Bill Clinton” who made the statement of denial was of course telling the truth …..

History and Purpose of Clones and Cloning

We shall see that there are quite a few more Clones out there. Either their past history is fabricated, as for the Barack Obama Clone, or some are raised thinking they are regular kids from infancy - this also has to be investigated further.

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posted on Nov, 28 2012 @ 04:56 PM
At the beginning of the quote in the previous post, it was said that Jimmy Carter was the first President of the United States to be Cloned. I beg to differ. And to prove my point I shall present the case of a prior President who was indeed a Clone.

The reason that he may not have been immediately detected by others is possibly this Clone didn't have to be replaced once in office. Did the same copy last the entire term? He acceded to power upon the assassination of his predecessor, and quite a few conspiracy theorist consider he was involved in organizing the plot to murder JFK. If he is a Clone, would that mean that it is simply his 'handlers' who would be the guilty parties?

Another reason he might not have been detected is that he was Cloned from the DNA of a person who is little known and seldom pictured, so few have the ability to compare the two. His genitor was present during the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, and his was the unknown 40th signature on that document. He was either not an official signer of the document, or maybe the only official signer of that text because it was his signature which authenticated it as a legal act. His name was William Jackson.

Lyndon Baine Johnson and William Jackson

We shall all clearly remember that it was Johnson who escalated to Vietnam crisis into a full blown military conflict pursued relentlessly the bombing of Vietnam. According to Wikipedia:

"Had Johnson stayed in the race, won, and served out the new term, he would have been president for nine years and two months, second only to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Coincidentally, Johnson died just two days after what would have been the end of his second full term."

It could also be that given that he was no longer needed, after that date he was not replaced by another Clone? In any case this Cloned political figure shows that Jimmy Carter was indeed not the first US President to be Cloned. As a further illustration, we can see him here shaking hands as a young man with US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Franklin D. Roosevelt with Lyndon B. Johnson

Interestingly both FDR and LBJ received their DNA from two persons who were present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If you are to take a look at this period painting of the signature of the Declaration of Independence, you shall notice a person standing in the background wearing a hat. He has a striking resemblance to another important politician from more recent times. This person, or should I say Clone, is none other than FDR.

John Trumbell's painting The Signature of the Declaration of Independence

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stephen Hopkins

Franklin D. Roosevelt's death might have been covered up, not as a recent book alleges because he was murdered by a Nazi agent, but because when this happened he would have required an autopsy, which could have revealed that he was not entirely a normally constituted human? It is said that Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland a stone's throw from Washington D.C. has a special department dedicated to medically treating Clones. This might be evidence of such an incident as has probably recurred many times since:

"The President's attending physician was informed that according to Georgia laws, an autopsy must be performed upon poison victims. But FDR's corpse was whisked out of the state to avoid an official medical examination.

The Secret Service required the household staff to swear they would not reveal what occured at Roosevelt's vacation home. One person broke that vow of silence.

Nineteen agents were in Warm Springs to protect the President. A few weeks later, twelve of them were "retired" from the Secret Service."

CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS: The Assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

It seems thus definitely that at this date FDR would be one of the earliest detected Presidential Clones, which goes to show how far back in History Human Cloning might go. If the Illuminati are behind this process, then it goes back possibly as far as the foundation of Skull & Bones at Yale University in 1832, or maybe earlier. If Human Cloning was done earlier, perhaps by Royal Bloodlines or Priesthoods such as the Knights Templar, then it could go back quite a few centuries. If Human Cloning is an even more ancient technology rediscovered or secretly transmitted, then it might go back to antiquity. If Cloning is Secretly Perpetrated by Aliens ? then it could have been going on since the very beginnings of Humanity.


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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 06:21 AM
There is also something which once again stretches our imagination when contemplating the extensiveness of the Clone Conspiracy and to what reaches it goes to replicate in the public eye figures who are already known to our world and inscribed in history and the collective unconscious. Is this done to have greater impact on our psyche and induce submission and deference to their personality, or is this because those who Clone them seek to give their Clones certain distinct characteristics presumably carried by the DNA of the original unwitting donor of genetic material ?

In any case now for the first time is revealed a pattern of Cloning First Ladies of the United States of America. This has happened in several occasions, but more recently in the persons of daughters of at least two different Presidents of the United States, namely Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Chelsea Clinton was Cloned from the DNA of Julia Tyler, wife of United States President Tyler. Here it is from the very website of the Whitehouse:

Julia Gardiner Tyler

"I grieve my love a belle should be," sighed one of Julia Gardiner's innumerable admirers in 1840; at the age of 20 she was already famous as the "Rose of Long Island."

Daughter of Juliana McLachlan and David Gardiner, descendant of prominent and wealthy New York families, Julia was trained from earliest childhood for a life in society; she made her debut at 15. A European tour with her family gave her new glimpses of social splendors. Late in 1842 the Gardiners went to Washington for the winter social season, and Julia became the undisputed darling of the capital. Her beauty and her practiced charm attracted the most eminent men in the city, among them President Tyler, a widower since September."

First Ladies at the Whitehouse Website

Chelsea Clinton Cloned from Julia Tyler
< br />

The First Lady before Julia Tyler was President John Tyler's daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Priscilla Cooper married to his son Robert Tyler. She took these functions upon the illness and death of his first wife, first Lady Letitia Tyler. Apparently George W. Bush's daughter Jenna was Cloned from Elizabeth Priscilla Tyler.

wikipage: Priscilla Cooper Tyler

Jenna Bush Cloned from Priscilla Tyler

This is only part of a newly discovered pattern of Cloning of First Ladies of the United States. More to follow.


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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 05:58 AM
As you can see above, a future generation of "Fembots" designed to be used as New Age matriarchal rulers, has been 'Hatched' to provide us with yet another generation of Cloned Leaders. The rabbit hole goes far, if we are to take heed of the warning issued some decades ago in the Phoenix Journal.



The above link is well worth a good read given that they have sifted through much of the available data and highlighted areas which are most significant. Especially noteworthy for those who wish to detect Clones and Robotoid replicants, is the following advice found in that page:

"The most obvious clue to replication is that the “new” entity will always be fresh and more youth­ful than that which you will have seen just prior to re­placement. This is why you must have con­trol of all your media in order to pull off the subterfuge. Even under strict control of photogra­phy and make-up tech­nicians—the replication will often differ—usually in reversal of character habits or muscle actions—i.e., there will be a reversal of a “lop-sided” smile—thusly, “talking out of the other side of the face”, so to speak. The reversal of these traits is all but impossible to eliminate. So, too, are features which do not re­spond to stress changes as will a “haggard” or fa­tigued face pattern.

Therefore, the structure and location of the ears, nose foundation and eye socket location must be perfected from viewing to viewing through cos­metic illusion and can never be EXACTLY duplicated. The whole ability to fool the public is the ab­solutely accepted “absurdity” of such a possibility of scientific achievement and your lack of attention. Do you not note that often, even as with Bush, that Bar­bara is programmed to note that “...the reason George appears different and weary is that he is getting very little rest as he must ponder ....”

You ones pick it up, give sympathy to poor Mr. Bush and beat his drum more loudly for all his pressures. No, the replica simply showed the deviations from the prior entity.

The replicas become weaker with each reproduction and do not stand up under stress. Further, any outstanding negative traits of personality in the original will become exaggerated and un­predictable in actions. There will be wide memory gaps and erratic personality projections."

Regarding who or what is behind this vast syndrome of human Cloning, with every level of Leaders all they way to the Top and beyond being synthetic artificial creatures with only a physical resemblance to genuine Humans - who is running the show, WHO is the real Puppet Master ?

"No, you are now encountering your 29th replica of George Bush. And with him must come a new Barbara Bush lest the show be spoiled. These dupli­cates become weak in strain and, under stress, are incapacitated quite rapidly as would be a “growing organism” placed in a stressed envi­ronment."

"Henry Kissinger is another one to watch closely—he is changed-out fre­quently, also, for he bears the responsibility of orchestrating the Plan for New World Order. So, if Kissinger is a big­gie and is also robotoid, WHO is the PUPPET-MASTER? You guessed it! The prince of de­ceivers, himself. You were told that—in the ending—Satan would be given total rule over the planet and you now have a very real entity deceiving you as a mass populace of the planet."

..."Well, go take a breath of air, get a candy fix or whatever, for we are going to come back and I am going to give you a bit of a rundown on cattle mutila­tions, vampiring “little grays” and consider asking you to ask Whitley Streiber what else he might like to share with this nation."


Artificial Humans - The Most Astounding Subject of Modern Technical Warfare


posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 06:36 AM
Those of you interested in the Cloning of US Presidents might want to also take a glance at the sister thread in this same forum section called The Clone Conspiracy - Stars and Celebrity Clones. For a number of US Presidents have been Cloned and used as Hollywood movie stars.

In another register, we note above that individuals who are thrust almost mystically into stardom by virtue of uncanny business success have been propelled into fame and fortune by the "mystery of the Clones". One such Clone is Facebook founder, we shall discover other Corporate Clones in times to come. There are nonetheless also Cloned Technocrats which, for lack of a separate thread to expose them, will have to be outed in this thread dedicated to Cloned Political Leaders, for although they don't lead the executive or legislative branches of Government, they happen to carry a great deal of influence on POLICY which channels public power.

A case in point would be one of the most influent men on late 20th century Economic Policy, none other than the very notorious Alan Greenspan, longtime serving Cloned Chairman of the very private Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. This private bank is the one that issues US Dollar currency for the United States Treasury. It is very interesting to observe that its Chairman Alan Greenspan was Cloned from former US Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin. We can see his image presented by the United States Treasury Department's website here:

Albert Gallatin presented by the US Treasury Department

As a point of comparison, most will have to recognize that the identity of their DNA associated with a quasi identical professional responsibility is too extraordinary to be mere coincidence. Let us only note that since 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank has illegally usurped many of the prerogatives of the United States Treasury, which was "privatized" using illegal parliamentary maneuvers. This injustice is only awaiting rapid rectification in years to come. The very slight discrepancies between these two individuals are limited to a slightly shorter tip of the nose of Greenspan and hair extending over Gallatin's ears.

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan Cloned from US Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin

We can note above the irony of a Political Clone discerning a medal on an Administrative Clone. It becomes rapidly clear that today most honors are attributed according to merit in serving the Secret Government behind the Clone Conspiracy, and never to reward those serving citizens or humanity. What exactly is behind the Clone Conspiracy is what we all must discover regardless of the effort or dangers involved in this investigation.

Let us also register that the Federal Reserve Bank probably has a tradition of using heartless and soulless Clones for their Chairmen, as can be also seen in the choice of Alan Greenspan's successor, who is also a Clone. In fact, we can clearly see that Ben Bernanke was Cloned from former United States Secretary of the Treasury Levi Woodbury. All one needs to do is subtract his beard, not that I advocate snatching the Clone in a hallway and shaving him forceably as this is not very courteous plus it could bring you some serious damage by the considerable security detail used to protect the Clone puppets of the Secret Government. See his webpage on the site of the US Department of the Treasury below:

Levi Woodbury presented by the US Treasury Department

Ben Bernanke Cloned from US Treasury Secretary Levi Woodbury

Above we see the passing of powers between two Clones, both produced from the DNA of former US Secretaries of the Treasury. This is how today's Federal Reserve Bank is run, as well as the Presidency of the United States governed by Clones.


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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 06:52 AM
"The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones"

Isn't it supposed to be clowns?

posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 08:18 AM
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Hi Ricky Mouse,

Actually, they are treating us like Clowns by using Clones for many key areas of influence in our society. In my last post you can see that their Clones are issuing Clown money called the US dollar to keep us busy in their organized Rat Race. The next Clone to be exposed here is one who was also sourced by a Treasury Secretary as can be attested by his portrait on the $50 T-bill posted below. We have noted just in this thread, that the Secret Government uses Clones as our Chief Executives, as our Legislators, as our Governors, as our Bankers and also as key Journalists. Oh, that part hasn't yet be revealed, so here is some information about that.

We all remember the Watergate scandal, which led to the removal of Richard Nixon from office? If not, please consult wikipedia. For those who know of this historical event in US Politics, it also brought forth the vital role that journalists can have in American politics, going so far as to impeach a US President. Even if Nixon resigned and was later pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford, he was in the process of being impeached due to the revelations of journalists working at the Washington Post, notably Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Bob Woodward was the most publicized of the two, and for good reason - he was a Clone. You can see the source of his DNA in the following Wikipedia page about the electoral campaign won by John Quincy Adams in the early 19th century:

US presidential campaign of 1824

It is interesting that William H. Crawford - who was incidentally also US Secretary of the Treasury - lost the election due to falling ill during the campaign for the Presidency. This enabled John Quincy Adams to defeat Andrew Jackson, a key opponent of Bankers, by bringing the decision to a nomination by the US Congress. Hence this unfortunate Presidential Candidate became the man to fell the President in the new issuance of his DNA in the person of his Clone.

Bob Woodward Cloned from US Presidential Candidate William H. Crawford

We can see that in addition to many strategically positioned mainstream media journalists being CIA agents or at minimum used "on call" for disinformation and spying purposes, some of these journalists are also Secret Government CLONES.


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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 02:06 PM
Using a clone of a Treasury secretary might lend the Fed-Head some legitimacy in the public mind, which it lacks in law. The Congress only has powers that are enumerated in the Constitution. Art. I, sect. 8 gives the Congress the power to coin money, not print. The Congress does not have the power to print currency, and cannot transfer a power it does not have to a private banking corporation. The whole Federal Reserve system is a scam to fleece the sheeple using the unconstitutional Federal Income Tax and ever-delauing paper dollar.

If anyone cares to fight back against the Illuminati-controlled money system, they might consider using Treasury-minted coins, which do not incur an interest charge to the taxpayers, as does the paper currency.
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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 04:13 PM
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Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks for giving us some background on the illegally imposed private bank which took over our currency emission and thus began an Economic Dictatorship... It helps to be encouraged by your posts and I shall therefore continue in exposing the CLONED BANKSTERS who have been running the USA for much too long. One case in point is a War Criminal as former Secretary of Defense, also having done a passage as US Ambassador to the United Nations as well as being the Top Clone at the World Bank, former President of Ford and former CEO of Bank of America. This is none other than Robert McNamara who was simply Cloned from the DNA of the United States' very first Secretary of the Interior after being Secretary of the Treasury.

Robert McNamara in Wikipedia

Bob McNamara Cloned from Interior and Treasury Secretary Thomas Ewing
< br />

If nothing else, the accession to positions of great power of such heartless and soulless Cloned Technocrats should be enough evidence that Clones and Technocrats must be banned from all positions of power, as they are a danger to all of us given they can without guilt commit Crimes against Humanity.


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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 04:47 PM
Oops, I made a typo in my last post & now it is too late to edit it.

"The whole Federal Reserve system is a scam to fleece the sheeple using the unconstitutional Federal Income Tax and ever-devaluing paper dollar."

Anyway, all of these clones of previous leaders really makes me think that personas are being recycled to give the new inhabitant clone of a certain post or position some measure of legitimacy in the public eye. I think there may be some sort of recognition that is being triggered in the collective unconscious.

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