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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones

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posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by tinhattribunal

Hi Tin Hat,

Yes, it appears that his other posts may no longer be there - however they were backed up elsewhere. Regarding the Former White Hat, he claims to be retired from the Office of Naval Intelligence and to have left the White Hats when the got '"compromised". I don't have details yet on what that might mean. Regarding Clones it isn't entirely the main thrust of his blog, but they are mentioned there. However they seem to focus more on REPLACEMENTS by the use of Cloned Doubles than the Clones we have focused on here mostly. For example he believes there was an original non-Cloned Obama who was replaced, not realizing that OBAMA IS AN ITERATION IN A SERIES OF CLONES.

"The only incident was when a clone of mine from a far future timeline warned me about an assassination…my averting the assassinaton meant that the timeline I had a clone(s) has not manifested. I have no clones and have passed all clone tests to assure I am my original." -- Former White Hat

Here is one example of a man whom Former White Hat alleges to have been replaced by a Clone, not knowing what became of the original person and wondering even if he had been eaten by the Draco. His name is Alfred Lambremont Webre and he is the founder of EXOPOLITICS which is an organization asking for a proper conduct of diplomatic relations with Aliens. Let us note that he is a Yalee who also taught at Yale, a highly compromised Illuminati university. He worked at the UN which is highly compromised by the Rockefeller CFR alignment. Also he was in Think Tanks at the Stanford Research Institute, tied to the CIA, which happens to be the US Satellite of the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE which is as ILLUMINATI as it gets - organizing MASS MIND CONTROL. Webre is said by Former White Hat to have been Cloned and Activated on July 11th, 2012. The following video even the most rudimentary obsolete automatic reading software could manage a better readout than his performance - did he suffer a stroke or would this be a broadcast courtesy of a Clone?

Doesn't seem to understand what's on the teleprompter

I would need confirmation unless this video published by Expolitics in September was filmed before that date... as what he says at minute : seems smack in the bull's eye. However, he seems to be discovering for the first time terms such as the Annunaki which he pronounces with difficulty - is he ill or a Clone? Remember... he is reading his text on a prompter and doesn't sound at all like he was the original author. He even mispronounces DRAAACO Reptilians!

At minute 14:00

On a more humorous note, and because I don't want anyone here to think I am being partisan regarding the US Presidential election I offer that maybe we have a choice between a Clone and a Zombie? For the first time in my experience, this image refused to upload to my email to send it to a friend. Even the photo acts like a Zombie, or maybe somebody doesn't want the word to get out? Is this perhaps an allusion to the other candidate also being a Clone?


posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 12:29 PM
looks like your having some fun on FWH's site!
he seems to have a similiar sort of hold/ bond on his 'followers' as 'hidden hands did. just one small clue.

as it turns out, i have mistakenly posted the following as a picture of the romney candidate here on ats...

when it turn out yours may be the 'real one'...

he he!

i don't know if you have covered the 'replacement' of micheal jackson on this thread yet as he is not royal or presidential.
oh wait! he was 'royal', he was the 'king of pop'!
he was likely disfigured or killed when filming for the pepsi commercial went wrong, pyrotecnics severely burning his scalp.

notice [among other things] the hieght difference.

this brings up the question of what could be done if a clone was not available in case of 'emergency', as i'm sure pepsi did not want to 'cop' to killing him.
since there is absoluetly no resemblance between the two, two questions arise...
#1... was the originals DNA incompatible with available cloning processes?
#2... to what degree does the original need to match the duplicate to escape detection?
could this have been a large scale public experiment to determine that? have there been other experiments along this line?
some believe that tim osman became osama bin laden who became obama.
have they determined that the sheeple are really that blind or do are they using another source of mental programming [like the microwave? system used in 'they live']?

the link above also relates his involvement to aleister crowley, here is an example from a quote of crowley's

Let him learn to walk BACKWARDS. . .

ie. 'moonwalking'

also, a potential link between pepsi and reptiliians may exsist as pepsi, from what i've read, puts an extract from aborted human fetuses in their products and the lizzards just love that kinda stuff.
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posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 03:49 PM
Regarding the height difference between Michael Jackson & Brooke Shields, both were replaCIAed. Comparing the height between 2 replaCIAments becomes meaningless, because there is no known reference point.

also, a potential link between pepsi and reptiliians may exsist as pepsi, from what i've read, puts an extract from aborted human fetuses in their products

Yeah, that's why some call it "Peepsi," b/c it has people in it.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 10:45 AM
Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks for putting all of this into context. Like usual your knowledge of their Modus Operandi is invaluable!

reply to post by tinhattribunal

Hi Tin Hat,

Thanks for contributing your observations. You are right about MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS serving to funnel HUMAN FOOD to the DRACO. However, it is likely that the Fetuses that make it to PEPSI are not bottled in our own mixture, but that there is a separate production line making FETAL PEPSI strictly for them!

Regarding the Michael Jackson CLONING, unfortunately much of it will be lost on visitors to this thread because those interested in Celebrities are mostly found in the sister thread to be found in this same forum section here:

LINK - The Clone Conspiracy: Stars and Celebrity Clones

ATS Friends,

Back on the topic of Royal and Presidential Clones, which is the DIRECT POLITICAL component of the Clone Conspiracy, in the pat few days another CLONE appeared in plain sight - where "he" has been for years in full public view. Today, in addition to being the CEO of Europe's greatest DEFENCE CONGLOMARATE, namely EADS which includes the civilian and military Airbus carriers, he is General Commissioner on Investment today heard in France for his advice on how to "make France more like Germany". Actually, this is not his officially announced agenda, but a closer read of his recommendations basically asks France to align itself with Germany on most of its policies and administrative measures, as well as calling upon the French population to LOVE CORPORATIONS much like the Germans allegedly love theirs ?



There is significant Historical Acceptance of Charles VII as he was the King of France who led France in its most important historic war against the English - called the 100-Year War. Also he was alleged to secretly be the brother of JOAN OF ARC who was burned at the stake by the British in Orleans. Visibly the CLONE HANDLERS are seeking to elicit widespread Public Acceptance of unacceptable measure of austerity in the name of creating greater profitability for companies - a measure today sponsored by the SOCIALIST Government of France led by CLONE PRESIDENT FRANCOIS HOLLANDE. Remember he was Cloned from Napoleon's youngest brother Louis, made King of Holland.

We are clearly witnessing CLONES bringing forward the NWO Agenda of aligning ALL COUNTRIES with a NAZI NEW WORLD ORDER which is managed by a SURVIVAL NETWORK SINCE WWII and which uses the GERMAN GOVERNMENT AND THE EUROPEAN UNION to spearhead their efforts to UNIFY & GLOBALIZE.

CLONES are therefore diligently laboring to bring forth their Handlers' Agenda by forcing IDENTICAL ORGANIZATION AND LEGISLATIVE ALIGNMENT of countries in the European Union. Furthermore it is alleged by this Clone that INCREASING THE NUMBER OF ROBOTS will bring JOBS ?!? Clones militantly promoting the increase in Robots is a rather SINISTER situation. There is clearly nothing to which the NWO CABAL won't resort to to bring forth their GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP.


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posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 02:43 PM

Mitt Romney...Von Braun Nazi NASA leader.

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by Char-Lee

Hi Char-Lee and welcome to the Clone Conspiracy threads.

Your identification of Mit Romney as a political Clone is interesting, as he presents quite a few points of resemblance with NAZI scientist von Braun. Feature positions and proportions are quite similar, jawline, brow line, and inner ear pattern correspond quite well. However there are a few clues as to why it is improbable that if Mit Romney is a Clone, that his DNA was sourced from von Braun.

First there is the general skull shape. This is something which, except for distortions caused by forceps or other trauma during pregnancy or childbirth when the bone is soft, usually does not change from one individual to the next when the DNA is identical. We can note that Mit Romney has a narrower more elongated skull. Also there is the proportion of features to the skull size, and we can see that von Braun has larger features respective to his skull size. Finally we can note the relative position of facial features on the head, and that Mit Romney's face is lower down, causing him to have a taller forehead and higher hairline.

Nonetheless, yours was a valiant attempt to identify a Clone, and we may still one day discover whether Mormons were not historically used as carriers to farm Clones using the polygamous arrangements to ensure that in a single family unit multiple experiments might be carried out? A colleague of mine recently told me that he thought that Mit Romney's entire family had been Cloned as they all seem to look alike. It is anyone's guess...


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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

I wonder if they clone but sometimes make changes in the DNA enough to change a few things.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by Char-Lee

Hi Char-Lee,

Yes, it is also very possible that a separate Agenda using genetic engineering is being taken forward alongside the Clone Conspiracy. That the groups behind this are into eugenics is clear and obvious, especially as we consider the way the NAZIS were involved in both Human Cloning and Genetic Experimentation before and during their collaboration with the CIA. Certain Mormon families might be hotbeds of Genetic Experimentation whereby families with large numbers of offspring are used as real life lab tests, to advance the genetic engineering of human populations.

Regarding the Clone Conspiracy as it spawns Political Leaders which are trust upon trusting populations, we can note that subconscious references of past leaders are also used to establish a relationship of trust between the Clones and the populations they shepherd. We can thus observe how the United States' founding fathers' DNA has been pillaged in order to provide the Conjurers with Clones which we might be inclined to trust due to their physical traits which induce confidence.

Rudolph Giuliani Cloned from Benjamin Franklin

We can note that the Clone takes the usurpation of identity to the point of copying the exact same binoculars as those of Benjamin Franklin, thus using the entire capital of sympathy brought by his image as a much admired national hero and father of the nation.

We can see in this last photo of the Giuliani Clone the DRAGON LOGO of Drexel University - is this merely a coincidence or are the Draco also behind his Cloning? Even when they try to go stealth incognito by wearing sunglasses, once a Clone, always a Clone...

We already noted that George Washington had been Cloned as Bernie Madoff helping bring forth the Financial Crisis, and now that Benjamin Franklin was Cloned as the Mayor of New York City Rudy Giulliani presiding over the 9-11 events. There is something distinctly SATANIC about the Clone Conspiracy for whom not only nothing is sacred, but everything is to be desecrated.


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posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:44 PM
That the founding fathers of the United States of America have had their DNA pillaged is unfortunately too late to prevent, this having been done without their consent for some time now. For reference, here is the sort of heroic imagery of their physiognomy which is edited for public consumption in order to develop a personality cult around their virtues and achievements. However, this may not have been done for patriotic purposes, but merely to program the population to respond with affection towards individuals identified physically with these personalities.

Thus something comes to mind when viewing one of the more ardent endorsers of Rudolph Giuliani, who is in fact simply a Clone of Benjamin Franklin. You might be able to detect how your unconscious programming is triggered by the Tavistock Institute and its US corollary organization called the Stanford Research Institute in its latest declination. The groundwork has been set and we are programmed to like his endorser whose genome was based upon a highly revered Minister from Georgia, who is again declined in Clone form as a Minister of God.

Rudolph Giuliani endorsed by Pat Robertson

To add humor to the use of Clones in public positions of influence, we find Reverend Pat Robertson, himself a Clone, interviewing Dr Robert George about the Ethics of Human Cloning !



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posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 07:27 PM
We have noticed that those behind the CLONE CONSPIRACY believe you all to be irrecoverably STUPID. They flaunt it right in your face, taunting you with their arrogance so certain that none of you will ever wake up from your hypnotically induced sleep. YES THE SHEEPLE ARE BLIND - we are not alone to not notice that our Rulers are CLONES !


Yes, we can see right here in the above image that CLONE President Obama is sitting with Clones of the Adams cousins who were both Founding Fathers of the United States. While they appear to merely be the Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Ridell and Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg, they are actually Cloned from 17th Century American Heroes. Replacing the Clone of Benjamin Franklin, Rudolph Giuliani as Mayor of New York City, we find the Clone of John Quincy Adams named today Michael Bloomberg.

We can note that as usual, the Clones help one another accede to political office in a typical Conspiracy Network.

Clone Bloomberg endorsing Clone Obama

Clone Giuliani endorsing Clone Bloomberg

Remaining Clone to be identified in photo - Samuel Adams

You will note the title of the book published by this Clone, insulting American Politicians who are regular Humans and not Clones. Indirectly, he is insulting all Americans by calling them Wusses! Are Americans Wusses for not TAKING OUT THE CLONES by whatever means necessary? Again, we can rightly ask if anyone is home at the PENTAGON? Or is the US Military also totally run by Clones???

Let us take a look at another founding father, George Clinton who was also twice Vice-President of the United States as well as Governor of New York. He was Cloned and this time it is a CLONE ABOVE POLITICS, namely David Rockefeller Sr.

It is of critical importance to recognize the key role which Rockefeller plays not only in American Politics but also in world affairs. The Rockefellers created and run the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, and funded and built the United Nations. This means that A MIND CONTROLLED CLONE IS RUNNING THE WORLD !

The Founding Fathers are clearly systematically being Cloned, but the Clone Masters also Clone women which were the Founding Mothers? Here are a few portraits of Martha Washington, spouse of the first US President.

This means that many many CLONES ARE OMNIPRESENT ON THE POLITICAL SCENE. One way of detecting them is when the Clone is not grown slowly, at the same speed as a Human. The age acceleration to bring them to an adult stage rapidly apparently does not stop, and they tend to age very rapidly once in the public eye. This brings the CLONE CONSPIRATORS to replace aging Clones regularly, as was seen for George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton. Here is a press photo of Hillary before she was swapped for a fresh new younger unit...

Clearly we must mobilize politically all over the USA as well in many other countries where MIND CONTROLLED CLONES ARE RUNNING POLITICS. This state of affairs cannot be left in command of the Affairs of the State.


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posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 01:51 AM
Tila Tequila is talking about clones...She says she's an Illuminati insider & is set on exposing their Agenda.


George W. Bush died in 1987 and was carried on through secret laboratories (Area 51 etc.) as a zombie henceforth. He is not the only one. They walk among us and look like we do... America has no president. It has a series of look-alike cloned Bonobo chimpanzees who are 100% remote controlled through magnetic waves. The alleged President is a sophisticated theme park diorama, a walking and talking 9-11. Its controlling force is not democracy but jungle law and demonic possession.

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posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 02:22 PM
Cloning hits mainstream...

Discovery Channel Human Cloning

posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 03:27 PM
Just so that folks here know, this is a very DANGEROUS topic to research and explore. Several people have died in the quest for truth and many are menaced. This past summer I narrowly escaped two separate attempt on my own life. One was perpetrated in Durango Colorado, the second came extremely close to ending my life in Vermont. The first operative told me his son and parent's life had been threatened, to force him to reluctantly comply. He was working with a team and seemed to be with the NSA. I was administered a dose of Rohypnol / Flunitrazepam aka the 'date rape drug', which brought me to pass out instantly while driving in a mountain pass. The second operative was a mercenary just returning from Uganda who informed me before striking that he had received instructions to kill me from his government, and that he had no problems with that. His mode of action was direct physical violence. Both attempts failed, and if another attempt occurs I vow to publicly reveal here and elsewhere the identities of these operatives and any future ones.


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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart

Both attempts failed, and if another attempt occurs I vow to publicly reveal here and elsewhere the identities of these operatives and any future ones.

Again for the NSA or any other covert organization or alphabet agency - several other attempts were made against me and until now I have withheld the names, identity and contact information for these agency operatives whose initials are N.P. and B.T. However, if another attempt is made to imperil my life, these shall be fully revealed, and should I be disappeared dispositions have been set up to ensure that this information be even more widely publicized.

For example I remind you of the use of a Venus ECM directed energy assassination weapon used against me on Friday May 22nd 2009 and which landed me in the emergency cardiology ward. I was able to extract myself from the vicinity of the two operatives attempting the ''hit'' preventing permanent and complete damage leading to death.

Four electrocardiograms within the hour showed heart attack symptoms preceding a massive coronary. However laboratory blood tests by medical experts proved this impossible - due to the total absence in my bloodstream of the chemicals which are invariably associated with a natural heart attack. The two operatives who used the (Raytheon?) death ray gun are possibly today engaged in covert agency activities. If prompted by any further successful or unsuccessful attempts they and others shall without fail or hesitation be OUTED, at danger to their life and their respective missions. FINAL AND ONLY WARNING HAS BEEN ISSUED.

More on NSA death ray hits using the Venus ECM here:


posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 05:30 AM
Let us return to examining more of the CLONES which pass for real life Politicians in the US Arena of Government.

Several more are clearly identifiable, and this can be a definite cause for concern. For example, we are currently being manipulated and radically governed by Mind Controlled Clones animated and controlled by Lord Knows Who?

Condeleeza Rice was Cloned from abolitionist Sojourner Truth

This seems to ensure that an Image inscribed in the Collective Unconscious can serve the purposes of those who ENSLAVE ALL OF HUMANITY. Hence her use as a Clone Secretary of State of the greatest world superpower, ensuring maximum enslavement in every country possible.


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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:28 AM
However, not only are POLITICIANS Cloned, but also those entrusted with the creation and supervision of the SECRET SERVICE. In example we can present the CLONE J. Edgar Hoover who founded and directed the FBI.

J. Edgar Hoover was CLONED from Privateer Henry Morgan

We cannot rightly be surprised that a "Privateer" would be chosen as a DNA donor for an Intelligence Service leader, given that Henry Morgan was actually a fully endorsed MERCENARY engaging in acts of Piracy in the interest and under the protection of British Royalty. From this can we conclude that the Royal Family of the UK is behind the Clone Conspiracy? Maybe...


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posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:04 AM
Everyone seems to be a clone.

Am I a clone?

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

This is hard to establish if we have never seen you and don't have an idea of your physique? Maybe you'll have to figure this out for yourself.


posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 02:49 PM
Researcher Jim Bennett, in a letter to Jacques Vallee dated Jan. 15, 1992:

...[M]any expatriate Nazis were given carte blanche, new I.D.'s., and were included in [the] startup of more than several departments of the CIA in 1947. Departments including 'genetics and cloning' [with some of the same 'doctors' who had given death camp residents gangrene, etc.] 'designer drugs and mind control' using the same scientists who had designed Methadone and Methedrine for Hitler's maniac efforts.In 1952, a public stir caused the CIA to shuffle these fab fellows out of town. My guess is to various underground centers that were being built...


posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 03:25 PM
Hi ATS friends,

The recent post in which it was revealed the the FBI DIRECTOR WAS A CLONE is very alarming, because it goes to prove that not only are our Political Governing Bodies deeply penetrated by CLONES but that our Intelligence Agencies are too, at their highest levels. Investigating this aspect of the CLONE CONSPIRACY further, we can notice that J. Edgar Hoover is not the only CLONE to be found at the head of US Intelligence Operations. For example, here is another individual carrying wide responsibilities for United States Intelligence at the oversight level, Special Aid to the US President and National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams. He was very clearly CLONED from the DNA of Timothy Pickering who served as an officer in the American Revolutionary War and was later George Washington's Secretary of State.

Is there a Zionist Connection to the CLONE CONSPIRACY ?

Given the evidence of CLONES at the head of US Intelligence and Secret Services, we can rightly ask ourselves if NSA staff, CIA operatives and FBI personnel know that they are taking orders from CLONES controlled by others?



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