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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by someotherguy
It has been proposed that this guy has been cloned for 100 yrs... linked to Montauk.

Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks again for your great contributions to this thread !

I found that that crazy Internet blogger with loads of Hillbilly YouTube videos polluting the Internet with his nonsense might date back to an original Genetic donor who precedes your earliest 1850's Clone. Go back another century and consider a fellow best known as Frederick the Great ?

Do you note many differences between the two?

Von Helton is an Nth generation Clone which might be thus deteriorated from its genetic originator through cloning of clones? Similar depravity and degenerescence is noted in aristocrats sporting a very narrow gene pool leading to inbred characteristics of mental illness and hereditary diseases.

Von Helton has no dentures, possibly to cultivate his Hillbilly origins, whereas Frederick II of Prussia had wooden or ivory ones one might assume? This leads to a less indented mouth in the original donor, and an caved in buccal cavity in Von Helton.

Both have short hair, but the original donor wore a powdered wig which changes the way we perceive his facial traits. Also the original wore very different clothing. You would have to strip Frederick the Great and plunk him into a pair of overalls to know what he'd look like in Von Helton garb.

One can expect differences in cartilage and soft tissues. DNA only tells your body what to aim for, yet your body while developing will adjust to different environmental influences or stresses, and thus Clones just like identical twins will slightly deviate from the programmed shapes. However inner ear structure, bone structure and general proportions will remain very similar.

Why is it that this rather unpleasant personage meets with success in his drivel-rich inane postings on the Internet? Is it some mystical attraction people have to Hillbilly chat? Could it be that our collective unconscious is stricken by historical images of his alter ego, the original character he was cloned from - compelling us to respect his stupidity?

Possibly this also might have to do with a current Nazi Continuum which promotes anything and anyone having a resemblance with Germanic heritage and supremacy. To the left you see the DNA donor for Von Helton and to the right the Nazi Bedrock offshoot called Adolf Hitler. All on the same team?

In fact in America's Elites there is a compliance and submission to such admonitions. For insight in just how deep this goes into the Rabbit Hole, here is another of Someotherguy's contributions here, explaining how the Nazi Continuum was already behind the scenes in the USA after World War II and is behind the Roswell Incident as well as behind the closed doors of major Multinational Corporations today. If you can stand to listen through the interview's languorous flirtations between the journalist and Farrell, this has some interesting stuff:

In fact, to quote a friend of mine who is one of the world's leading Nazi researchers - he investigated thousands of German aristocrats for their ties to Hitler's regime, there is a BEDROCK upon which the Nazi movement was built, which remains intact. You take away the German Nazis and up springs another similar construct bearing another name but obeying the same logics and motives. We can assume therefore that even if Hitler and a number of other leading Nazis did find refuge in the USA after WWII, it was because the cause they promoted was still alive and well, remaining intact although its German born variant was temporarily shut down.

Hitler might remain at this time the most notorious and openly outspoken leader to promote those values and objectives, yet there have been many others such as the Bush presidents who also did a lot for the cause. It seems as if the Black Ops in various countries actually work to promote this group's interests, while harming humanity at large. The international drug trade, prostitution, gambling, arms trade and in general organized crime also funnel huge sums of laundered money into this group's covert activities. So we ought not be surprised at their Nazi Issue Clones derived from the Gene Pool of one of their unsung heroes, supporting Aryan supremacy? As "The Punisher" he poses as what Hitler called the UBERMENSCH or a Superman - ready to return if ever called back by public demand.

There is more behind the Clone Conspiracy than first meets the eye!


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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 03:58 PM
In the following video James Casbolt today going openly by his birth name Michael Prince tells of a NAZI CONTINUUM Network including George H.W. Bush and working with the NSA and MI6 which produces CLONES. Listen for yourself at minute 1:29:00 of this fascinating video.


posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 06:01 AM
Hi ATS Friends,

I have some interesting News for Donald Trump and wonder if he'll extend some of that reward to us, for bringing to the table evidence that OBAMA WAS CLONED. All that needs to be done is exhume the DNA donor from his tomb, and if his body wasn't tampered with an replaced, we ought to be able to produce evidence that the current acting President of the United States of America is in fact a CLONE.

Here is my posting from the other thread in this same ATS Section, regarding the Clone Conspiracy and Stars and Celebrities. It moved in this direction inadvertently and I am thus reposting this entry here where it rightly belongs.

In any case your interest in the Cloning of African Americans brought me to examine this likelihood for the first time, and within a few minutes I uncovered something very upsetting, because unlike the earlier assumption that he had been CLONED from an ancient Egyptian royal lineage - if true he would not be the first Cloned Replicant - he might have been Cloned from a 19th Century prominent Afro-American, author of History of the Negro Race in America and first black congressman in the Ohio State Legislature.

Wikipedia Biography

The question remains - was George Washington Williams himself a CLONE ? We can hope NOT. For he did take a number of important moral stands and placed his own life at risk as a soldier and/or revolutionary mercenary, while trying to moderate the most horrendous of acts by such as Belgian Monarch Leopold II. Similarly to his CLONE he was nicknamed by the population of the Belgian Congo Mundele Ndombe which literally means The White Black Man.

You shall note that Obama has identical inner ear structure, the same facial bone structure, exactly the same hairline implantation and in general identical proportions to his facial features. All that is missing is the Mustache!



posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 05:10 PM
The United States Is Collecting World Leaders’ DNA

The U.S. government is surreptitiously collecting the DNA of world leaders, and is reportedly protecting that of Barack Obama. Decoded, these genetic blueprints could provide compromising information. In the not-too-distant future, they may provide something more as well—the basis for the creation of personalized bioweapons that could take down a president and leave no trace.

OR create clones of these politicians to house some demonic entities they've conjured up in Illuminati rituals. Yikes!

original Atlantic article here

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

Thanks Someotherguy for your post and that link. It appears that The Future is already here and that...


It sounds from that article that the Intelligence Services are using Human DNA as their new target, just like the NAZIS did? Oh, let's not forget that those NAZIS have not vanished and infiltrated most US Government agencies as well as the NSA and MI6. It may even be that the NAZIS were themselves merely an emanation of another AGENDA which is also behind the US and UK power structures? In any case, whoever it is, they are CLONING POLITICIANS AND PRESIDENTS. It seems as though some form of Intelligence has already been manipulating Human DNA and is ORGANIZING Human Affairs with MIND CONTROLLED CLONES.


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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 04:22 AM
Hi ATS Friends,

I shall now post something very relevant pertaining to what is actually BEHIND THE CLONE CONSPIRACY.

IMPORTANT: Note that this report caused a Browser CRASH on my brand new top of the line Apple computer while typing it ! This lost all information contained and forced a total retype of this message using a different browser and a text save backup utility.

What is behind the CLONE CONSPIRACY has been at the center of our preoccupations here, understanding WHO is actually doing all this CLONING and for what reason. We will note that while this has been for a long time very much a mystery, the veil is being slowly lifted - even if we may not like what TRUTH IS REVEALED.

I shall quote a source who is widely considered very reliable, the Webmaster and Editor of the renowned and respected EDUCATE YOURSELF website. When introducing the work of James Casbolt, also known as Michael Prince, he exposes his own conclusions as to who is behind the CLONE CONSPIRACY. It is thus very important to take the time to expose his ideas and the result of his many years of reflection after study of the most reliable and relevant Whistleblower material to be found online.

1. The New World Order is run by alien overlords. Humans aren't calling the shots, Dracos reptilian aliens are calling the shots. Most "human" representatives of the Illuminati, puppet politicians, and military leaders are human/alien hybrids or 100% reptilian shape-shifters (Chimeras) or CLONES of the original person. The current Secretary of the Treasury, for instance, Henry Paulson, is likely a clone of the original Paulson who was killed last December according to Britain's Christopher Story.

2. The NWO/alien agenda includes eliminating about 85% of the world's population (wars, chemtrails, vaccines, engineered diseases, engineered hurricanes and earthquakes, etc) so there won't be enough humans left on the planet to offer any meaningful resistance when the Dracos invasion is in full swing.

3. The "God" of the NWO and their alien cohorts is Lucifer and they intend to convert this planet into a Hell on Earth- obedient to Lucifer. They are attempting to eliminate all expression of spirituality, morality, honor, integrity, and allegiance to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. That's why their Illuminated minions are working so hard to destroy the Christian religion (the Catholic church is the prime target) and try to convince you that Jesus Christ never even existed.

However, they still need the public's continued ignorance and willful neglect of the warning signs in order to complete their takeover mission. In order to thwart this diabolical agenda, we must KNOW the real story and take appropriate counter action. To that end, you should carefully examine the information being presented by James Casbolt.

Ken Adachi

To Access SOURCE Click Here

To read the Ten Chapters of Agent Buried Alive by Michael Prince / James Casbolt you may download it from Scribd at the following link - try to do so soon before it is deleted from that filesharing repository website:

Click Here to Download AGENT BURIED ALIVE

We will note that in a first part of his conclusions Ken Adachi mentions the following which pertains to our own quest in this thread about the CLONING OF POLITICAL LEADERS, that we may analyse here:

Most human representatives of the Illuminati, puppet politicians, and military leaders are human/alien hybrids or 100% reptilian shape-shifters (Chimeras) or CLONES of the original person.


This rejoins what is already known about the Illuminati and Royal Bloodlines which are actually half-breed ALIENS who have a very different Blood Type and especially sufficiently different DNA to increase the ease of their POSSESSION and their use as AVATARS by NON HUMAN ENTITIES. Note that both ROYALS AND THE ILLUMINATI ARE ALIEN AGENTS.


Whether CLONED HYBRID ALIENS or naturally born ROYAL & ILLUMINATI HYBRID ALIENS they are used as AVATARS subject to direct POSSESSION & MIND CONTROL by the Reptilian Aliens. This can be seen by various elements readily detected by anyone analyzing their behavior. Yet there are other elements which can be attributed to the presence of actual "IN THE FLESH FULL BLOODED ALIENS" such as what is filmed in the following video.


We will note that quite a few POLITICIANS are seen Blinking at a rate of over 90 blinks per minute in the first part of the above video. While these could be TYPE A Alien Hybrids who are possessed, that they are being used as AVATARS cannot at this time explain why they would have such rapid eye movement.

If we are to consider medical reasons for such rapid eye blinking, it could apparently be attributed to Tourette's Syndrome. The Wikipedia entry for this however states "Extreme Tourette's in adulthood is a rarity". Hence we must refer to what is known about normal blinking of Humans given that present in a same room during a Press Briefing there are many people at once who are all blinking at a very inordinate rate of frequency.

Wikipedia entry for BLINKING

Also seen in the second half of that video, projecting a somewhat static facial expression and showing Reptilian Features such as FANGS appearing from time to time. In other instances extra eyelids, a split tongue or scaly skin can appear from time to time.

Throughout the fairly long history of what is traditionally referred to as DEMON POSSESSION I have never noted that such a phenomenon of RAPID BLINKING was ever observed, much less systematically as can be seen here. It is therefore more likely that we are in presence of either TYPE B - SHAPESHIFTING ALIEN CHIMERA especially if these are seen to have other features of Reptilians which become manifest from time to time. In example Hillary Clinton was seen many times to manifest attitudes and behaviors which are far more Reptoid than Humanoid, not to mention VERTICAL PUPILS and/or FANGS.


We note that Ken Adachi refers to a second type of Alien infiltrator in our power structures, masquerading as a Political Leader or another important personality. This second type is what he calls CHIMERAS who are actual full blooded ALIENS WITH SHAPE SHIFTING ABILITY. These Aliens have an ability similar to that of Chameleons, and use optical illusion to project the Appearance of a Human.

Such have been revealed in no uncertain terms by recent technological advances in digital image capture. This has been evidenced quite a few times by the leading technology aboard the top of the line Professional Broadcast Quality TV Studio High Definition Cameras which have revealed a distinct and lasting "Motley" effect of Chameleon with patches of texture and color.

This effect is not seen anywhere else than on the CREATURE BEING FILMED with no similar optical effects visible on others present or on the studio background or props being filmed at the same time. This effect is also lasting and shows that it gradually drifts in and out, as if the power of the optical illusion projection ebbs and wanes.


We can note that due to their frequent exposure to High Definition Cameras and long hours of mission duties that CHIMERA seem to be more often filmed with HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION DISTORTIONS when in the case of News Media Journalists than when assuming roles as Political Leaders. Possibly due to this possibility, Illuminati Hybrid AVATARS and Mind Controlled CLONES are preferred to serve the ALIEN AGENDA as POLITICIANS ?


There are many examples of such SHAPESHIFTING FACIAL FEATURES erroneously referred to as Digital Artifacts by those who fail to know that such artifacts could not be selective to only one isolated portion of the image which would invariably center on the exact contours of the individual being filmed. Ignorance is what helps them advance their agenda, and shutting one's eyes to evidence is encouraging their onslaught.

The we get to the harder to detect BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL HUMAN CLONES. These are more STEALTH given that they can be noted as being virtually identical to a naturally born human being, with however some differences which are noted at Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington D.C. where there is allegedly as special department to treat the numerous local CLONES.


In the earlier video showing all the Politicians BLINKING non stop, you will note that Obama didn't - implying that his physical constitution is far more human than theirs, and that he is most likely a MIND CONTROLLED HUMAN CLONE. This makes him harder to detect unless certain interventions must be made physically to rewire him or reprogram him in major ways. At least we can rest assured that they have many SPARE OBAMAS waiting in the wings in case of a failure of the model in use. Which OBAMA CLONE are we on now? It is anyone's guess.


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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 04:35 AM

for further reading..

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 05:26 PM
Re: Blinking

"that they are being used as AVATARS cannot at this time explain why they would have such rapid eye movement."

Somewhere in my research, I came upon blinking as indicating when a robotoid, synthetic, possibly clone is accessing/downloading information. It may have been Dr. Peter Beter who said that, but I don't know anymore.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 08:08 PM
About the Tall Greys from The Dulce Book by Branton

The influence over humans seems to center around implantation of human political figures and those in control of planetary power groups...

Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter, and the Grays have known technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any manner or pattern that they wish.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 08:47 PM
Hi GS,

Have you noticed the COMPLETE disintegration of the Pres? His physical destruction, after mostly playing golf and basketball, defies all reason in the real world and maybe in the clone world too. He went from young to ancient in 3 years, from robotically eloquent to little more then Disney animatronic at best.

So one has to wonder, were they always this $%itty, or have we awakened so much that we can see what always was? I'm astounded by how crappy the effort is on these most recent examples. I'd say they just don't care anymore - moron humans don't deserve the best copies, but that can't be it, as the Carter one seemed okay, but maybe we were so asleep that we didn't notice how bad it was. It is as if they are not even trying. Though it is possible, that the change in consciousness requires a more frequent replacement....

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by someotherguy

Somewhere in my research, I came upon blinking as indicating when a robotoid, synthetic, possibly clone is accessing/downloading information. It may have been Dr. Peter Beter who said that, but I don't know anymore.

Hi Someotherguy,

I remember that it was mentioned in someone else's research that they were Robotoid "Handlers" accompanying political puppet Clones. These Handlers happen to BLINK in rapid sequence much like a computer hard drive blinks while accessing data, when they were telepathically transmitting instructions to a MIND CONTROLLED CLONE speaking in public or exercising political power. However I do not know if this is the exact interpretation of that phenomenon.

It could also be that they are ALL MIND CONTROLLED CLONES and that some assume the function of Data Transmitters while the KEY CLONE becomes a DATA TRANSCEIVER receiving that Data and relaying it to the Public? This would mean that advanced ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is being used and that CLONES ARE USED AS COMPUTER ARRAYS IN NETWORK in order to fulfill the Alien Agenda!

Regarding the TALL GREYS described in the Branton Book as CLONING HUMAN BRAINS and Programming them, it then would be likely that they might have this role incumbent to them in the Distribution of Tasks behind the ALIEN INVASION OF EARTH. From what might be gathered by studying up on the Reptilian Agenda, apparently they are a group of very HIERARCHICAL ALIENS who distribute roles according to Subspecies. At the Top the Winged and Horned White Draco Kings, next down the Draco Warriors, then the Chimera, then the lesser Reptilians down to the Tall Greys who are above the Small Greys. Please correct this hierarchy if needed.

Hi Cranky Old Man,

Good to see you again, it's been a while. Yes, we can note that CLONES DEGENERATE QUICKLY. This has been so marked in Russia that there is a political movement to ask for the DNA of Vladimir Putin because his quick aging was instantly cancelled calling the public to believe the new man is an impostor. However, he is simply just another CLONE IN A SERIES. Similarly they can, and probably have already changed Obama. Yet his latest version is possibly undergoing rapid aging? There might be reasons for their maintaining him in position despite this problem, and it could be that they want to avoid a similar situation to the one encountered in Russia? FWIW.



posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 04:06 PM
More from The Dulce Book by Branton

There is also no doubt that political figures in governments have been cloned and reproduced.

(Note: These replicates maintain the same 'surface' memories and identity of the 'original', which are electronically transferred into the clones mind via a mind-computer link, and the clone may or may not contain the original soul-energy matrix. However in most cases the duplicate is heavily implanted electronically in order to connect him/her to the alien collective on a SUBCONSCIOUS level, or on a conscious level IF the body is under the full control of an alien identity, as in the case of the notorious 'walk-in' phenomena. - Branton)

Alien technology permits the withdrawal of memory from a human being and the implantation of that memory in synthetic neural networks; other methods use molecular computers to simulate memory. The humanoids created by these methods end up being slow and clumsy. They have relatively short life spans, typically about three years -- usually shorter.

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks for the additional material from Branton. That is one of the finer sources of reference information touching on many subjects of interest here at ATS. Also thanks for LINKING to the Dulce Book in your last post - it has much background information that ought to interest most members.

Pertaining to the expected LIFE SPAN OF CLONES and their accelerated aging process, this can be countered by SWAPPING CLONES from time to time as is reportedly done at CAMP DAVID when it comes to US Presidents or their guests visting there. We can expect that if reelected, WE'LL GET A TRADE-IN OBAMA as he is aging quickly and will need to be refreshed for public view. Maybe he'll get younger yet than his Russian counterpart CLONE VLADIMIR PUTIN?

I take this opportunity to present what might be the first visual evidence of what the SHAPESHIFTING REPTILIAN CHIMERA look like when their Holographic projection is not active. First we will take a look at a photo taken in Latin America of a decapitated Reptilian, this photo has been debated but cannot be debunked.

I can attest that this is NOT the head of a much larger Draco Reptilian Warrior such as the one I had the traumatic experience of crossing paths with. However it seems to correspond rather closely to the CHIMERA who infiltrate Human society and pose as journalists, government officials or others. I even wonder if these aren't what his behind the infamous MEN IN BLACK such as the one who attacked me? Then compare this to the Shapeshifter losing Holographic projections at minute 3:40 of the following video.



You can note a similar head size and shape as well as eye and mouth size and placement. Regarding the video, it seemed to have serious macroblocking but the individual's head looks very similar to the decapitated one. Are these both what the CHIMERA actually look like when their disguise fails ?


posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 04:47 AM
Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks for your link to the Dulce Book by Branton I found testimony on the MEN IN BLACK not being actual humans but instead being CHAMELEON REPTILIANS aka CHIMERA - TYPE B ALIENS.

In reference to the "Chameleons" and CERTAIN elements of the so-called "Men In Black" phenomena, I cannot help but include the following account from Brazil which apparently puts everything in perspective. The following excerpts were taken from a report by Brazilian researcher Antonio Huneeus, titled: "THE 'CHUPAS' -- UFO HORROR STORIES FROM BRAZIL". Mr. Huneeus describes the following incident that was investigated by APEX [Association of Extraterrestrial Investigations] in Sao Paulo, one of the best known UFO groups in Brazil, founded by Dr. Max Berezowsky:

..."So Aeromar moved to Sao Paulo, finding work in an electrical company and sharing a room with another man. He also became friends with a vendor of beverages from Vitoria who had a stand near a movie theater. While hanging out there one night, a car stopped right in front of the stand and the door opened.

"Even through he didn't want to go, Aeromar LOST HIS WILL and entered the car. The door closed and he found inside -- not surprisingly -- the three same men whom he had been dodging for months. They drove for a while, leaving the city and entering a wooded area.

"The car stopped and they all walked up to a big UFO surrounded by some sort of luminous ring and hovering above the ground. The men walked underneath the craft, which emitted a ray of light and they suddenly were inside. Still drained of any willpower, Aeromar walked to a chair and sat down. From the arms of the chair appeared handles that secured his wrists. An iron bar then pressed his forehead backwards while another gadget fastened his neck.

Up to here the men were always dressed with suits, but at this point an incredible transformation took place: the MIB'S HEAD RIPPED OPENED INTO A HEART SHAPE AND THE SKIN BECAME GREEN AND SCALED LIKE A REPTILIAN. Take into account that while the popular image of the MIB was well known 14 years ago, the idea of reptilian abductors was then not in vogue as nowadays.

DULCE BOOK Chapter 29 "They Live": Chameleons In Our Midst!?

This could correspond to my own Man in Black attack where the MIB moved many times faster than any human could. This attack occurred after my speaking publicly about my Close Encounter of the 4th Kind with a DRACO REPTILIAN WARRIOR. I guess the lesser Chameleons are used to silence witnesses to their presence among us. Also they serve to totally infiltrate our planet just like in the movie THEY LIVE. However what the movie failed to mention is that there are the more deeply Evil Supernatural Draco whom they serve!

This edit is after noticing just now that the DULCE BOOK in Chapter 30 happens to confirm my own 2007 urban reptilian sighting, describing the creature I saw extremely accurately. Here is what his stated for reference:

In the Draco system there are other types of entities which have visited the Earth in the past. These entities were described by John Keel in his book THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, released in the 1970's. The Draco are about 8 feet tall and have winged appendages coming out of their shoulders, dark scaly skin, and have glowing red eyes. They have the ability to fly and usually operate at night.


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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 05:39 AM
Great OP......but you forgot about this one......

And this one...

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by r2d246

Not sure what you're striving to explain as your post didn't really say much of anything...

The first video shows a Russian or Eastern block young woman who apparently doesn't speak a word of English and who is phonetically reciting drivel while playing computer modified shrill high pitch sounds. The second shows the notorious ex-wife of the Art Institute famed Wildenstein family - today being sued by major museums for art theft. She may be massacred by surgery but more likely is an Alien in disguise. There are twin brothers in France with similar facial distorsions which are possibly a Latex or similar human flesh looking wrapper over an Alien body?

In the mid-80's hosting a SPACE TV Show

Note the larger head size of the Bogdanoff brothers today

However, those presenting bizarre bloated and distorted facial features are most likely NOT Clones since clones are identical carbon copies of the original DNA donor - which would therefore be fully human looking if the provider of the genetic material was fully human. They might however be Cloned Hybrids using the brother's DNA combined with Alien DNA or possibly simply HUMAN SUITS worn by infiltrating Aliens. IMHO.

Regarding Clones, here is another quote from the Dulce Book by Branton which pertains to the way in which our Presidents and other politicians are currently being Cloned:


There is absolutely no doubt that replication of humans is an ongoing process that has a part to play in the manipulation of events on this planet. Hundreds of individuals over the last twenty years have attested to what they have seen, both on alien craft and in underground installations... the synchronicity and sheer weight of corroboration from vastly unconnected sources is damning evidence that this is occurring.

A lot of evidence started to surface in the 1970's. A lot of it seemed to tie-in the idea that political figures have been undergoing a process of duplication. During this process, the individual's responses, memories, and habit patterns are copied from the human to be duplicated. The original can then be preserved or processed into basic biological components. The clone will then function as the original, except that the entity is under alien control. There is also an apparent minority of cases where the synthetic duplicate's consciousness is directly replaced by an alien consciousness -- the walk-in...


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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 01:03 PM
i'm a new member here [hi!] and i'm exceedingly glad to have made my way to your thread here. it will obviously take some time to read/review/assimilate everything posted here, i'm sure it will be loads of fun and well worth the effort. again thanks!

here are a couple things that have helped shape my views on this subject...[CLONES]

the earliest documented case of cloning was done by this dude named moses in his popular, but ill-understood book we call the holy bible [or torah].
in it he describes a succession of gods, the second god listed creating man [that's us] on the uhhh... 6th day.
then some other gods came along and 'created' adam and eve in the 'garden of eden', garden being symbolic language for 'laboratory'.
then a 'god', possibly lucifer, adopts them as his choosen people and, well the rest is history.
moses seemed to have some trouble 'handling' them as they liked to sin snd kill [bad programming?] and such.
seems like this has been going on for some time!!!

item two ... a fun blog to read, as it has numerous references to clones [obama/ben fulford/drake are some mentioned], is the site 'confessions of a former white hat'
it occured to me as i was reading it that i recognized the style and writing of the author.
i believe that he is none other than ATS's beloved 'hidden hands' from the thread 'window of opportunity', which, if you recall, contains first 'hand' information concerning the 'luciferian agenda'. a good review of that [if you belive it] may shed some light on the mentality behind this.

i hope i'm not 'derailing' your thread with any of this [i've gotten two threads removed in the last few days he! he!] , let me know if this is appreciated or relavent.
meanwhile i'm going to go 'lurk' on some new topics. ...bye fer now!

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 02:47 PM
This is apropos to aliens disguising themselves as humans & infiltrating the human population. This is a very disturbing video about a Japanese cannibal. He suspects that he might be an alien, & that's why he is such a monster...

Issei Sagawa: “Sometimes I wonder why I did such a horrible thing. Maybe it’s because I come from another planet, or another dimension, and I accidentally fell to Earth like a meteorite, disguised as a baby crying on the street.”

The quote is at the beginning of this video... watch the rest knowing that it's pretty ghastly.

Interview with a Cannibal

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by tinhattribunal

Hi Tin Hat Tribunal,

Welcome to ATS and our wacky threads. Many of us are on to pieces of the puzzle - Those in power have kept such a death veil of secrecy on their wrongdoings for centuries, so it is hard to figure it all out at once. I don't know what you might have done to close other threads, but this is the far less frequented Skunk Works section where professional debunkers and amateur cynics seldom venture so there is less risk of that here.

Regarding your link suggestions I noted this pertaining to Clones:

Donald Trump, who is himself an Aldebaran-Human hybrid whose true father was killed in the Procyon liberation wars (and was not even in the conflict, was collateral damage when a ship he was on was mistaken for a Procyon cargo vessel and destroyed by the greys) knows very well that the original Obama is no longer, and that 3 to 5 Obama clones are being used for public experiences. So why this whoo-haw about college records and passport applications? Why not ask for the real nitty-gritty: medical records that reveal there are cloned bodies, and records about those surgical scars on the head of one clone where the brain of a mantoid was put in to replace the clone brain?

I don't know if your supposition that this blog was created by ATS Member Hidden Hand, but he did set a new ATS record by gaining over 200 flags and 3000 karma points with only 1 post. However, since the entire content of his post was a quote, I am not sure if this could give you many stylistic cues to assume it was him, unless he was quoting himself?

Window of Opportunity

Regarding the Genesis story of cloning, it seems likely that eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge is an allegory of trading our freedom for technology from the Draco Serpent Men? In any case they have apparently genetically modified at least the Royal Bloodlines as per their dominant role in sharecropping human cattle - and the continued use of Bloodline DNA to create a Stealth Royal Clone Class of Rulers to occupy all strategic positions in our society.


posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 05:03 PM

he did set a new ATS record by gaining over 200 flags and 3000 karma points with only 1 post. However, since the entire content of his post was a quote

wow! amazing numbers!
not sure if you mis typed post for thread? there are multiple posts[his] on hand's thread and a member condensed them to this link here ...

i'll be reading up on your thread! very impressed with the depth of everyone's research!

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