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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones

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posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 04:34 AM
If we take another look at Adolf Eichmann's alter ego renamed under an assumed identity Maurice Strong, we will note that he also has ties to Brainwashing and Mind Control. For those of you who do not know, Ron L. Hubbard was a CIA Operative tasked in the 50's with summarizing the field manual published by the Soviet Union in the 1920's called "The Soviet Art of Brainwashing" which was then used as the CIA Brainwashing Manual.

L. Ron Hubbard, Kenneth Goff, and the "Brain-Washing Manual" of 1955

Scientology was later raided by the FBI possibly aware of this sect infiltrating various institutions with moles and using intelligence agency tactics for some covert agenda, as can be seen in the judicial pursuits engaged:

"Most of the Scientologists, including Mary Sue Hubbard, signed a 200 page confession, an "uncontested stipulation of evidence", and entered a guilty plea. They admitted that Scientology was planning to place 135 spies in U.S. government agencies. Only those in the Internal Revenue Service and the Coast Guard were flushed out. But Guardian's Office spies had also infiltrated the Better Business Bureau, several newspapers and law firms, the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association and a number of counter-cult groups. The Guardian's Office was also involved in an abortive attempt to take over the British National Association of Mental Health. Scientology agents were not passive."

The Hubbard Intelligence Agency

The Alien and UFO oriented religious sect of Scientology started by Hubbard apparently very much pleases Nazi Adolf Eichmann who under his assumed name of Maurice Strong was Keynote speaker at the Grand Opening of the New York Church of Scientology.

Maurice Strong shown as a Holy Man during his speech at the NY Church of Scientology

"If I’ve learned anything in all my years in the global arena, it is that world governments do not possess all the tools to bring resolution to the problems that beset human kind. Governments can guide, can incense, but most of the doing is left, left to people like us, organizations like yours."

Maurice Strong, UN Under Secretary General, Guest Speaker at the Grand Opening of the Church of Scientology New York

We are far from even starting in with Eichmann's Nazi DVD Dachau network complicities with the Global Elite and their much sought after New World Order or 4th Reich, the 5000 year rule over all of humanity. More to follow along with details about their implication with Eugenics and Human Cloning!

edit on 16-11-2011 by Getsmart because: Maurice Strong is the Nazi Helper of inhuman elitist Cloners!

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 02:51 PM
Congratulations on a very entertaining thread. While some of the comparisons aren't really close alot of them are uncanny, However; I happen to look exactly like a colleague of mine to the point where everyone where I work continually calls us each others names. Reptillian agenda? No... I think it more likely that there's a set limit of mutations to the human genome be it in the 100 millions or whatever but when you get modern day populations if you go back far enough you're bound to find someone moderately similar.

By the way nice work with the magic marker and snow drawings... Lol at the "Anthrax attack" because that would happen without any repercussions in this day and age. Is it that hard to post a picture of a toxicology report? It is when one doesn't exist.

10/10 for entertainment though.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 06:16 AM
Hi Mr or Mrs Rockefeller, and thanks for posting in your own name and without anonymity. Given today's climate where - by popular demand - bearers of such a name might be lynched, I salute your courage!

I find it entertaining that without knowing any of the facts you seek to discredit my veracity. I claim not that anyone must believe me, yet I find it odd that you would be so certain that what I say must be falsehood and lies. Of course you may believe that nothing is real unless you've touched it with your hands and mind, but that would make nothing ever be actually something real... had you not ever existed to validate its truth?

Unfortunately for you, many things are true which you do not know and, if the progress through the ages of human knowledge is any testimony, there are likely many things which are indeed real and factual which we have yet to discover - that you cannot confirm them to be true today does not make them untrue. Conversely, that you cannot confirm that my experience shared in this thread is verifiable does not necessarily make it untrue although, of course, you are invited to be as skeptical as you wish.

I did not draw those Illuminati 666 symbols on the front of my building, I doubt my neighbors would have appreciated it much, plus vandalism really isn't "my bag". Also, I recently noticed a similar Illuminati graffiti marking on the side of a restaurant in my neighborhood, and am wondering why it might have been put there? I will try to remember to take a camera along next time and also will ask those working there if they have any idea what it is all about. Regarding the similar symbols in the snow on my car windshield, of course if I was a hoaxer that would be easy to falsify. Yet I did not, and I was very disturbed as I felt that this meant that I was being targeted by individuals or worse, by a mentally imbalanced group with a sick agenda.

Also, if you like, I have kept the trench coat I was wearing during the powder attack wrapped since the event inside several layers of plastic. It can be shipped to a lab you suggest to be reliable for testing - if there really is such thing as a genuinely independent one? Any lab equipped to detect biological warfare substances would have to be connected to the military or intelligence agencies. They would therefore inevitably have to first report any results about such sensitive matters to their hierarchy, who might then bump it upwards to persons in a position to intervene? My inquiries at the time with pharmaceutical laboratories brought me nothing but refusals to test for anthrax given that they claimed the were unable to provide testing for such substances. I did not trust the police even to report the incident, possibly I should have? It did disorient me so that I possibly didn't do what I should have, but it certainly wasn't anything I had expected or prepared for.

I suspect, correctly or maybe just because I am paranoid, that the DNA testing labs in Panama are operated by CIA collaborators in order to have the ability to both know secret data about such requests as well as perhaps from time to time to falsify this data for their own purposes. While this is another issue, it does show that it was out of mistrust that the lab results would be accurate that I sought treatment directly. I did take two months of megadoses of a potent antibiotic in case anthrax spores might declare themselves active, the duration of the usual time of gestation in the human body. It was several years ago but I can rummage through my old prescriptions and leftover pills to convey to you the exact product and dosage taken. Of course once again all you will be left with is a candid individual responding to your despondent inability to trust another ATS member, possibly because you joined here simply to dispute my honesty?

My current impression, since I have survived without any form of direct attack since that date, is that it was probably not a deadly toxin given that had anyone wanted me killed it would have been done a long time ago. So I now interpret the written signs, the windshield snow marks and the powder dowsed on my head to be WARNINGS either to dissuade me without going too far, maybe even by benevolent parties trying to make me aware of risks I had best avoid taking either to not have to intervene against me themselves or possibly because they know the nature of the characters whom I oppose and at minimum annoy with the numerous allegations in various threads here and there?


posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 06:37 AM

Regarding your suggestion that there are a limited number of DNA variants which can occur within the human genome, this is probably quite true and accurate, and it is of course possible that any and or all of the similarities which I attribute to the Clone Conspiracy either obey random statistical repetitions or some other natural biological recurrence which we do not yet understand. However I persist to think that it is also possibly true that there is indeed a Clone Conspiracy, given quite a few factors. First there is the century old obsession with bloodlines and genetic characteristics which led to the openly declared eugenics movements of the late 19th century and pouring into the USA in the early 20th Century and later under the Nazi Master Race genetic segregation and extermination policies. I think that this movement has far from died and has gone Global and is currently known to the public simply as genetic engineering for progress, while behind the scenes every imaginable sort of experiment (and probably some which aren't even imaginable) are undertaken at this time.

Human Cloning is probably one of their greatest aspirations, it was that of Aristocrats in monarchies who were continuously seeking to "improve" their own breed by controlling birthing of their own offspring by inbreeding and congenital arranged marriages. This is known to be an age old practice among the aristocracy who have brought it into becoming a cult of family trees and associated heraldry. In the Illuminati such marriage are also arranged for identical purposes of promoting consanguinity with its known genetic advantages of perpetuating certain characteristics such as that of being more apt to be "possessed" by Non Human entities - whether ultradimensional or demonic - during their grotesque babylonian, canaanite, sabattean, Frankist rites and rituals.

For example let's take a look at how they like to flaunt it in our faces, with open references to what the game is and has always been. They are getting cocky, and even with most earthly powers in nations they thoroughly dominate, none of them are certain of being safe from an angry mob most understandably seeking some form of earthly justice? You will see in my next posting that the Royals and their Illuminati chums have taken this a tad too far for way too many centuries, to the point that they actually assume that the tides cannot turn and that their rather sick rule cannot be overturned. I believe that these are the twisted people behind many of our institutions and behind the Clone Conspiracy!


posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 06:46 AM

That the Royals and the Illuminati engage is what are colloquially called Satanic rituals often involving human sacrifice is a matter which has been outed by a number of insiders or people closely associated with such circles, and I think that relaying my own experience of this in another thread might be part of the reason for which I was targeted. I also assume that there must be something in my own bloodline or possibly in my families' surviving contacts in power circles which has kept me up and about - the alternative is that either they construe that things are so far gone that it serves no purpose to oppose them, making oppression unnecessary, or that I am just a moth hovering about powerless around a candle, or that I am simply delusional which inevitably remains a possibility for any conspiracy theorist, given that we must construct alternate scenarios which can never all be accurate. In any case here is that thread discussing Royals involved in satanic rites, and also a link to an interesting article.

CLICK for... Black Nobility Exposed Video With Names

"The Heaven and Hell-themed party was held at Prince Pavlos' £12 million London mansion, and participants were decked out in mask and costume suggestive of Eyes Wide Shut. "Ice sculptures of angels graced a marquee with room for 200 in the garden, which was meant to be Heaven," writes Colin Fernandez of the Daily Mail. "Meanwhile, the swimming pool in the basement was covered over and decked out to resemble Hell, with stilt-walkers and erotic dancers."

"That they would choose to dress up in a particular way as to allude to Eyes Wide Shut - the definitive film portrayal of elite-Illuminati debauchery - is significant. Royalty, after all, more than any other class, are exceedingly familiar with their ancestry. Prince Pavlos - I'm sure he's aware - is a direct descendant of a documented member of the Bavarian Illuminati: Karl Landgrave of Hessen-Kassel (1744-1836). Likewise, guests Prince Michael of Kent and his kids; Prince Andrew; the Viscount of Linley, David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones; and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway are all direct descendants of another documented member of the Bavarian Illuminati: Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1745-1804)."

"Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha and Karl of Hessen-Kassel weren't your average members of the Bavarian Illuminati. Besides being royalty themselves, they were important high-ranking initiates in charge of the Illuminati in Gotha/Upper-Saxony and Northern Germany/Denmark respectively. Ernst II (and later his heir) was the protector of Illuminati-founder Adam Weishaupt for the rest of his life, saving him from a prison term and most likely the death penalty. Ernst II also became the inheritor of the remaining secrets of the Illuminati - through Weishaupt, and the second head of the order, Johann Joachim Christoph Bode (acquiring the property of the latter after his death in December 1793)."

"Karl von Hessen-Kassel, on the other hand, occupied himself almost exclusively with alchemy, theosophy, astrology, and high-occult science. Besides being a Regent in the Bavarian Illuminati, Karl was a Grand Master of Regular Freemasonry, the Strict Observance, and the Asiatic Brethren. The latter affiliation had brought him into contact with Frankism. The Frankists - named after Jacob Frank (1726-91) - of whom many belonged to the Asiatic Brethren - were a continuation of the Jewish heretical sect of Sabbatai Zevi (1626-76). They practiced the Kabbalah and indulged in antinomianism, orgies, and sexual rituals reminiscent of the rites portrayed in Eyes Wide Shut. Furthermore, as T. Allen Greenfield has observed, it "should be noted, and more than in passing, that Baron Frank's sexual movement among the Jews coincided with the birth and flourishing of the so-called 'Hellfire Clubs' of England and France, the Elect Cohens and later Martinists of France, and other communities with similar ideas and practices of sacred sexuality." (And it should also be noted that within these occult Orders, the nobility comprised a good part of its membership.)"

"In light of this history, what do you think the chances are that the aristocrats of this "Heaven and Hell" get-together are privy to a hidden tradition? Giving the fact that they are direct descendants of real Illuminati, who were in possession of real secrets - I'd say pretty high. I also doubt that it's mere coincidence for Illuminati descendants to be cavorting about in masks and costumes nearly identical to those worn by fictional Illuminati in the famed movie by Stanley Kubrick. Rather than paying homage to Eyes Wide Shut, the "Heaven and Hell" participants might ultimately be the source of Kubrick's wild imagination."

Illuminati Descendants Assemble for an Eyes Wide Shut-like "Heaven and Hell" Bash


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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 01:01 AM
The following is an excerpt from Gene Weingarten, “'Machine' Politician Exposed By Photos,” The Washington Post, C01, December 27, 2000.

Adam Shannon, the Washington communications consultant who first brought this matter to my attention, had a theory of his own: The Bush we know, the Bush we see, the Bush at the debates, the Bush on the campaign trail, the Bush we elected, the Bush whom J. Scott Applewhite and others have been photographing, is "an animatronic robot." ...

"It's a fusion of a servo-motorized biofidelic shell and a sophisticated artificial intelligence module," Shannon theorizes...

The most powerful human on Earth is not a human at all but a machine under the control of an unknown master with technological skills far beyond ours, programmed to carry out God-knows-what for the benefit of God-knows-who at the expense of you-know-very-well-who?

This is from a MSM source!

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by someotherguy

Many Thanks Someotherguy!

That information is new to me even if it was originally published in the Washington Post !!!

'Machine' Politician Exposed By Photos: Dead Link of the Washington Post purged of its content !

Here is another link which relays that purged content from that article which has since been pulled from the Washington Post online archives:

Click HERE for the original article + THE CLONE (P)RESIDENT

We are entitled to wonder exactly who or what is behind the scenes, manipulating said CLONES as we might wonder to what extent they are hatched as remote controlled robots or maybe more fully natural biological Cloned DNA Replicants? For example, here is a comparison of France's former Prime Minister and current Defence Minister Alain Juppe who bears a striking resemblance to the man in charge of sending all of Holland's Jews to their extermination in Concentration Camps under the Third Reich Nazi Regime:

Willy Paul Franz Lages next to Alain Juppe

Interestingly, Alain Juppe who is a potential contender for the French Presidency if Nicolas Sarkozy withdraws and desists or is otherwise eliminated from the presidential race, used to be called "EGG HEAD" and was criticized by many for his lack of human qualities and his "computer brain" which lacked any emotional compassion or social empathy. Is Alain Juppe a Rothschild designed biological Robotoid such as those which Doctor Beter had warned us about over thirty years ago? We are inclined to remain very skeptical, as any genuinely human characteristics of this entity remain to be discerned in what passes for its "personality"!

Clearly those behind the scenes have a touch more respect for the intellect and discernment of European populations than for Americans upon whom they foisted a Chimp in thin disguise. Europeans are given more sophisticated models of Clones and Robotoids as political leaders, using as a standard of legitimacy their computer assisted technocratic skill level and their callous soulless emptiness as a tool to do their unquestioned bidding.

It is interesting to see that the French are given the choice between any number of Clones in the electoral process, with a Clone of Ivan the Terrible as the incumbant (Nicolas Sarkozy) and as main opponent from the leading opposition party a Clone of Napoleon's brother King of Holland, Louis Bonaparte (François Hollande, a name which translated literally means the French Holland) and with the Clone of a Nazi participant in the Final Solution (Defense Minister Alain Juppe) kept in the background as a reserve pawn. Americans will appreciate that this is a far cry from the treatment the US Electorate... which was treated to a brain dead Clone perhaps programmed with the PRIMATE MIND of Ronald Regan's chimp BONZO he co-starred with in 1951!

Ronald Reagan GROOMING HIS SUCCESSOR in the White House?

We can even wonder if it wasn't BONZO who was used to map George W. Bush's software? It would be appropriately fitting according to their twisted sense of humor... Interestingly, it appears that our stupidity as a mindless mass of sheeple is being tested by foisting upon us a stupid chimp programmed into the body of a dominant white male elite society member's body. I'll bet they all like to laugh about what poor idiotic suckers we all are being fooled by a monkey robotoid powering a cloned human body! Funny indeed...

United States Presidential CLONE George W. Bush compared to a Chimpanzee

Remote Control Box on back of Presidential CLONE

John Kerry checking for Bozo the Chimp's Control Module!


edit on 26-11-2011 by Getsmart because: TPTB are foisting on us Computer Robotoids and Primate Clones!

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 01:41 PM
It seems that Ronald Reagan may have himself been replaced by a Clone, as we have noted above. Interestingly it appears that he met up with a Clone also during his visit to Gorbachev in the Soviet Union, seen here near the Kremlin with an anonymous tourist officially said to be on security detail, Clone Vladimir Putin with a full head of hair. Note that he doesn't seem to have been subject to the same Chimpanzee programming as G.W. Bush...

A young Vladimir Putin with a full head of hair to the left of picture

If we take a closer look we can note that in this picture he closely ressembles the successor of Julius Caesar, his adopted son Octavius later given the title of Augustus by the Roman Senate:

Cloned KGB Operative Vladimir Putin next to a bust of young Augustus

Augustus next to his DNA heir who may not even suspect he is a CLONE?

We can wonder just who is behind the Clone conspiracy and Dr Beter even mentioned that Kissinger had been killed in a plane crash and replaced by a Clone, if memory serves. In any case it seems that we can find a glad handed Heinz Kissinger, recruiter of Nazis at the end of WWII and main orchestrator of the DVD Dachau Nazi Continuum, often presiding Bilderberg meetings and rewarded with the Noble Peace Prize for bombing countries wtihout declaring war.

Scroll to the right: "You must be the one of the new Soviet Augustus Models ! ! !"

There is a sinister gameplan playing out increasingly in public view, and we can suspect that we are being prepared for some antihuman eugenics depopulation and genetic replacement program. Just like Americans are currently being fed on Cloned cattle in their supermarket meat departments, we can wonder if we might not soon be entirely replaced by a population of clones, suitably seasoned and tenderized. Whatever is being planned for this human farm called planet earth we must break through the veil of lies and out the culprits!


edit on 26-11-2011 by Getsmart because: TPTB planted their CLONES on both sides of the Iron Curtain!

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 02:24 PM
Getsmart, you said "Ronald Reagan may have himself been replaced by a Clone." Thank you! I have been suspicious for a long time that Reagan did not "miraculously" survive the assassination "attempt." We know Reagan didn't like Bush, but then was basically forced to accept him as VP. I suspect ex-CIA Bush organized the assassination (having learned from being on-site during the JFK hit) & used it as an opportunity to pull a "Dave." People complained that Reagan had "Alzheimers" & that Nancy was pulling the strings, but maybe it was just a controlled puppet double.

BTW, have you ever looked into whether Bill Cooper morphed into Jordanus Maximus aka Jordan Maxwell?

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 04:18 AM

Originally posted by someotherguy
Getsmart, you said "Ronald Reagan may have himself been replaced by a Clone." Thank you! I have been suspicious for a long time that Reagan did not "miraculously" survive the assassination "attempt." We know Reagan didn't like Bush, but then was basically forced to accept him as VP. I suspect ex-CIA Bush organized the assassination (having learned from being on-site during the JFK hit) & used it as an opportunity to pull a "Dave." People complained that Reagan had "Alzheimers" & that Nancy was pulling the strings, but maybe it was just a controlled puppet double.

BTW, have you ever looked into whether Bill Cooper morphed into Jordanus Maximus aka Jordan Maxwell?

Hi Someotherguy,

It seems as if Ronald Reagan may have been aiming for some sort of DISCLOSURE as per his quips at the United Nations and elsewhere.

Regarding the Reagan Assassination (attempt?) I am embedding a YouTube uploaded by Vince Palamara, who is described below.

"This 2004 video presentation includes narration from one of the heroes of 3/30/81, Jerry Parr, and includes footage before, during, and after the assassination attempt. An excellent analysis. These men were far superior to the inept Kennedy Detail."

"Vincent Palamara was born in Pittsburgh and graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Sociology. Although not even born when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Vince brings fresh eyes to an old case. In fact, Vince would go on to study the largely overlooked actions - and inactions - of the United States Secret Service in unprecedented detail, as well as achieving a world's record in the process, having interviewed and corresponded with over seventy former agents (the House Select Committee on Assassinations had the old record of 46 with a 6 million dollar budget and supboena power from Congress), not to mention many surviving family members, White House aides, and even quite a few Parkland and Bethesda medical witnesses for a corresponding project..."

"All told, Vince has been favorably mentioned in over 50 JFK and Secret Service related books to date... Vince's original research materials, or copies of said materials, are stored in the National Archives (by request under Deed Of Gift by the ARRB), the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Harvard University, the Assassination Archives and Research Center, and the Dallas Public Library. Vince Palamara has become known as "the Secret Service expert." As former JFK Secret Service agent Joe Paolella proclaimed: "You seem to know a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I do," while fellow JFK Secret Service agent Chuck Zboril stated: "You might be helpful to the official Secret Service historian who works out of Washington!"

From this document we can note that it is said that Reagan was struck upon entering the car with a bullet which bounced off the car door. Any number of projectiles from any provenance might have struck him at that time. Then his Secret Service bodyguard states that upon entering the hospital Reagan "Almost died" which might be what was really his death, only to be taken away and then replaced by a Cloned double, thus the "almost"?

"The sixth and final bullet ricocheted off the armored side of the limousine and hit the president in his left underarm, grazing a rib and lodging in his lung, stopping nearly an inch from his heart."

Wikipedia: Reagan assassination attempt

This is a highly improbable scenario, where the would be assassin who is holding his gun loosely with poor aim, as can be seen from the video footage, would have missed his target but almost fatally wounded him in the heart by luck from a rocochet? Call my cynical but I don't believe it. Any number of other participants could have held a gun much closer and shot him under the arm, to start with the man pushing him brutally into the car who had his body in the perfect position for such an act.
Note: I am not stating this to be accurate or factual, only that it might have been physically possible.

"The medical personnel found that Reagan's systolic blood pressure was 60 versus the normal 140, indicating that he was in shock, and knew that most 70 years-olds in the president's condition did not survive."

4 days after Assassination next to a very ROBOTOID Nancy Reagan

Only 12 days after Assassination and open chest surgery

Former Navy doctor Benjamin L. Aaron performed the thoraxic surgery from which he so quickly recovered despite desperate odds. Medical staff reported he spent all night joking with nurses rather than convalesce after surgery!


posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 06:24 PM
Here is some extra confirmation about what might have happened to Reagan that day. It is offered as the "professional opinion" of an ATS member who is a well known agency operative involved in covert operations of a tactical and military nature.

Originally posted by LiveToSpendIt

I/Contra was a Bush op, Reagan couldn't piss in a boot and remember whether or not to put his foot in it he was so mind-controlled post-surgery, they screwed the Reagan assassination up with the kill shot barely missing, exploding bullets and all.

Hinckley my a**.

There always was a "2nd shooter" and a third usually. Just ask me about Wallace.

SOURCE: Former Intelligence Asset and Mercenary Operative Here For Your Questions

I venture that this operative, strictly on an agency "need to know" basis, was maybe not aware of the CLONING PROGRAM ? Right after minute 1:02:30 in the following video James Rink mentions in a "matter of fact" way that Ronald Reagan was replaced by a CLONE after his SUCCESSFUL ASSASSINATION. According to the recently released video footage of the event, it seems fairly obvious that his would be assassin John Hinckley was merely the Patsy.

Google Video Link


posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:26 AM
Sorry Folks, the above video was on Youtube and I clicked on the Google video box by mistake. This mishap is now repaired, here is the video with the critical passage right after one hour two minutes and thirty seconds.


posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 07:32 PM
Hi, GS,

I came across this image of Rumsfeld looking a lot like Maximilian Freiherr von Weichs & thought you might be interested:

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by someotherguy

Hi Someotherguy,

Along the line of strange crossed identities and bizarre name and physical resemblances, here's one where it is alleged that the CIA offered the USA to the Saudis on a platter, by making a Saudi the current President of the United States!

GOG & MAGOG Barack Obama before plastic surgery used to be CIA Operative Tim Osman

His ears would have been rimmed and tilted outwards, his nose slightly modified and his beard shaved off. Other features may have had other revisions. His hand lines are apparently close to identical and he might not be however the original man from which his DNA was sourced, but simply a CLONE of Osama Ben Laden?

Saudi "RING KISS" shielded from view of TV Camera

What better way to seal the alliance with the Saudi regime and their Oil Money than to offer them their own ruler of the USA? Could a foreign power, a nation governed by Islamic Law, be the one pulling the Chief Executive's strings?

BREAKING NEWS: OSAMA tells us he's a Muslim Saudi ?

It is going to be hard to beat that one for shock value! LOL


edit on 29-12-2011 by Getsmart because: OSAMA vanished into thin air while OBAMA appeared out of thin air ! ! !

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

Hey getsmart, nice to see your comments still.

I made a similar thread about obama and osama, and what triggered it was a news article where generals said "bin laden won" regarding the ndaa bill. How right they were since they are the same person! I thought maybe they shared a similar bloodline, but you could be right, if they can make gabrielle giffords look normal after receiving a full metal jacket bullet in her brain, they can easily do some plastic surgery to make bin laden a bit different. And how fun is it that obama "killed" bin laden, haha.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by filosophia

Hi filosophia,

Good to count you among us again. I'd check out your thread.

Illuminati Magick: OSAMA vanished into a cave and simultaneously OBAMA appeared out of nowhere !

OSAMA left no tangible earthly remains. He was allegedly hurriedly buried at sea. The Navy Seals involved in his alleged assassination all died shortly afterwards in a Helicopter crash.

OBAMA has no tangible genuine proof of birth. His past history is full of holes with more falsehoods than imaginable. Dozens of social security numbers and over one hundred prior addresses scramble the board. Other than a tissue of lies his birth and past was entirely fabricated and can be very easily debunked.

There is little to do graphically to switch an S into a B. You simply tilt the letter to the left, reverse the upper loop, and close off each segment. S = B once its upper half leaves the hidden world to come out into the visible world, leaving the occult religious dimension to enter the secular political realm. This is a sick OCCULT ILLUMINATI MAGICK TRICK played upon all of Humanity.

While it is known that CLONES do not have the same fingerprints and the original, due to amino acids interacting differently during their hatching, it is not yet established if the lines of their hands are identical or not. If so, then OBAMA might well be a CLONE OF OSAMA and he could be either HOST for OSAMA's SOUL acting as a bio-compatible AVATAR or he could simply be a genetic replica with remote mind control.


posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 02:57 PM

Originally posted by Getsmart

OSAMA left no tangible earthly remains. He was allegedly hurriedly buried at sea.

Osama died circa Dec. 2001. Was he cloned? Maybe. Had never thought of that. Since CIA officers admitted to pretending to be him in propaganda films, I thought we were just dealing with ordinary doubles.

Osama DeCIAption

OBAMA has no tangible genuine proof of birth. His past history is full of holes with more falsehoods than imaginable.

Obama is the spitting image of Akhenaton & has even been dubbed "Barackhenaton."

Also, there is no way Obama was a law professor. I am just not buying that one considering that Obama never published a law review article. Also, he is completely incoherent without his teleprompter.
Oh, and for someone who was supposedly a con law prof, he knows shockingly little about the Constitution.

BTW, someone just started a thread on a Kim Jong Il Kim Jon Un clone: LINK
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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

Is there a way to see the current presidential candidates Geneology and see which one of them are related to Obama and the girls work of Obama's Geneology. Maybe we can forsee who the next president is going to be?

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 03:18 PM

Originally posted by Alchemst7
reply to post by Getsmart

Is there a way to see the current presidential candidates Geneology and see which one of them are related to Obama and the girls work of Obama's Geneology.

Recently, some 7th grader traced all the presidents' lineage back to King John. I really have no idea why they didn't just trace them back to William the Conqueror, since it's a straight shot, but anyway.


posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

This is exactly what Im refering to.... Does Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann, or Rick Perry, or Mitt Romney have any relations to them?

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