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I want your apocalyptic dreams

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:11 PM
I've had a couple of a while back (I posted it in replay to someone's thread), and another one on october 21st.

Seeing as mine are rather lengthy...I have the links to the ones

July 30th:
NOTE to above: This one was the more intense one, because I actually felt the dying process, and spent the majority of the dream as a deceased

October 21st:

NOTE to above experience- this one was extremely vivid, and like the other one I felt everything just like as if I were experiencing the disaster in real time. To get an idea of this...Imagine if they world was really ending around you, and you were still trying to survive...

Both of them are worth a read because they apply, and no, I'm not trying to get everyone to goto that site...I only posted the links to my dream accounts because they wouldn't fit on here

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:13 PM
Giant volacano melts united states.
Very real.
Very scary.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:17 PM
Interesting thread.

I had a dream about ten years ago where I was in a great battle that was actually in the megido valley. If I remember correctly there was a mixture of both modern military tech. as well as swords, etc. During the battle I suddenly had an OOBE in the dream. I ascended from the battle, saw myself continue to fight below, and could see the entire battle. There had to be about 100,000 people fighting.

It was a very odd dream, and it has always stuck with me.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:21 AM
last night:

fire in the sky,(not sure of the cause), more like a yellowish-orange glow but I knew it was fire.
There was a small globe in the street (like the earth globes used in schools) and I walked right into it, so did others... then I came in an entirely different world. It was earthlike but I knew it wasn't earth anymore, this one was new and clean.

then woke up

any more? keep em coming pls

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:00 AM
Sometime Ago when i was reading a lot about Astronomy i had a dream that scared me a bit. The dream was actually about Three things. The Black hole, The Sun and Earth. The dream is linked to something that i had imagined from what i was reading.

The dream was about the Suns orbit around the Black hole. As we know Earth fallows the Sun where ever it goes counter clockwise.

As the Sun was getting closer to the black hole. I dreamt that the light and energy was being redirected towards the black hole. It was like a beam of light poring into the black hole from the Sun. Earth became darker and i couldn't see the stars anymore. But the scary part was that Earth was orbiting towards this beam of light. "Earth orbits counter clockwise to the sun".
At the beginning no one could see the beam of light because Earth was on the opposite side of the Sun, and furthest away from the black hole. But as we orbited around the sun i start to see the beam of light clearer and clearer. And as we pooled around the Sun towards the Black hole. Earth started to speed up.
The beam of light started out as tiny beam being emitted towards the black hole. But as we Got closer to this beam of light. It became like a wall of energy like a laser beam. Then i woke up.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:18 AM
lips and eyes ripped from sockets, lockets of gold hearts that were once lead. mislead, for the fear they might actually be DEAD!

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:36 AM
I have another one to add. This is about my encounter with Jesus in a dream that i had very lately.

I also think this dream is linked to what i have been reading a lot about lately. I have been reading and thinking a lot about religion.

Its very short.

I was in this room made up of stone. And it was lit up by a single torch. All the corners of the room was dark. I was standing on the far left corner of this room looking towards the Exit of the room. I was about 3m from the exit.

The dream started out with me telling Jesus that i loved him. Then Jesus said to me: You don't love me. And then he said my name. I repeated that i did. Jesus just looked at me. Then he was taken away in a hurry by some other people. I remember that i was very sad. Then i woke up.

The odd thing about this dream is that i know its true. I cant love Jesus because of who i am.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:42 AM
You get these wrong, as you all live in your own worlds, and this means your just dreaming about that.

Get it, a little better now.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:53 AM
I had one years ago that's always stayed with me.
It's kinda cliché i guess...but freaked me out when i had it..

I was in a field near me, although it was kind of unrecognisable.
The sky was black and red.... and there was fire reigning down.... as far as the eye could see...fireballs striking the earth.
People were screaming and running.

We were all dressed in robes and the kind of attire you would associate with 600-700 years ago... perhaps more?

In the field were hundreds of tables...and at each tabnle was someone selling a different religious book.
People were flocking to their designated/chosen stand to get their book.... many were being hit by the fire but people were still trying to get there.

I was kind of walking around shell-shocked at what was going on....looking around the field at all the tables, and the people.

Next thing i was cracked on the head or passed out, not sure which.... and i awoke as i was being bumped about.
I could feel i was being pushed along in some kind of cart and could hear the wheels creaking.... it was pitch black and i felt out/around i could tell i was under a sack-cloth type material.. i slid over to the side of the cart (i must mention that the sounds and the smell were unbelievable.. the screams, the panic... the sound and vibration of the creaking cart i was in and the stench was unbearable... like animals and death.....or dead animals and the heat... the place was literally burning and it was so hot) and peered down to see the ground going past... we were on the move.
I looked along the side of the cart and saw a hoof..... i literally froze in terror.

I slid back under the sack-cloth and just lay there.

The pace picked up and i was really being bumped a lot.

Then i just woke up and i was sweating and panting for breath.

Very scary indeed.

I was probably 18 i think when i had that some 12 years ago.

I've had a dream/experience that went the other way too.... so it kinda cancels it out

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:13 AM
My vivid dream last week. I am huddled around a campfire with other people I did not know. They are talking about the president signing over our country's sovereignty to the U.N. and war had started within our country. Everyone had a forlorn look on there face and I was hearing what seemed to be thousands of gunshots in the distance and everyone was scared to death.

In the same dream we were at a campsite living in a tent surrounded by others living in tents. My wife shivering turns to me and said she was freezing and asked why I did not buy an insulated tent. My response to her was I did not think about the cold when I bought the tent. In my dream we are freezing and I can feel the bone chilling cold as we were located in the mountains surrounded by trees. I remember smelling the pines and looking at the ground covered with pine needles. I had woken up after the dream shaking it was so real it keeps playing like a movie over and over in my head.

As a child I would have the same dream over and over again about our country being under attack with nuclear weapons. In my dream I am always standing in an open field calling out the name of each city that is being hit by hydrogen bombs. In my dream I remembered the ground shaking with the blinding light of each blast and I am thinking in my dream why is this happening.

I have had dreams that I know I was being taught a lesson and have had dreams that made no sense at all. ^Y^

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:40 PM
I've been having apocalyptic dreams my whole life, but strangely, not since i started coming to ats and reading about end of the world scenarios and threats on daily basis. Strange, huh?

The ones that stuck with me, at least fragments of them:

A few ones about alien invasions. What they all had in common is battles in the sky, small crafts, both alien and terrestrial, shooting at each other. They fill the whole sky, fire is raining everywhere. Sometimes i run with many others who are fleeing from the city, but most of the time i just stand there watching in amazement, almost paralysed.

One dream about a pandemic, where everyone is infected and dying and there's a martial law or so... There are some people wearing quarantine costumes and they carry some sort of devices, but for some reason I know I shouldn't trust them. Don't remember too much detail, i just remember the feeling of absolute terror and helplessness. This was a long time ago, before swine flu or bird flu.

One about some sort of war or civil war or emergency situation... I was in Berlin, in a train or subway, and the military was hunting down civilians. Cell phones were not working, i couldn't contact anybody i know, i was alone and terribly frightened and i had to get somewhere to be safe, don't know where. I woke up screaming bloody murder from this one.

One very short but very vivid, in which i go look out of the window, and fireballs are raining from the sky, some of them huge in size, and the whole city seems to be on fire...

And my favourite, it's way past midnight but the sun hasn't set yet. I realise that the earth must have stopped rotating, which in my opinion is a very bad thing to happen, but everyone else seem to not give a damn. In the end it's this placid attitude of everyone else that freaks me out in my dream, not the fact that the planet stopped rotating on it's axis. I go around yelling at people and shaking them and telling them to wake up, but they only say "even if it was like that, what can we do?"

Also, i've had many dreams of plane crashes. I must have seen at least 20 air planes plunging down and exploding in my dreams. It became quite unspectacular over time.

Well, there were others too, but all foggy and confusing. I kind of miss my apocalyptic dreams. They made me feel special

reply to post by blupblup

Your dream makes me think of the plague. The old costumes, the religious books, the smell of death, the carts transporting dead bodies... Did you read at that time anything about the "black death"? It scares the day light out of me everytime i read, hear, or even think about it. In fact, I think i'm gonna have nightmares about it tonight

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 04:54 PM
I had a dream last night that I was with a bunch of people on the street..I looked up at the moon, and then pointed and yelled' LOOK!"..what I thought was the moon changed, into a moving disc. Its colors changed and looked like water, moving colors with waves..and underneath the disc it looked like spokes of light. It hovered for a few minutes and took off at an amazing speed.. I waved my arms and yelled" Please dont leave, come back!!" I felt an urgency that they return for us..but I also felt a peace that Ive never known.

Right after that...I saw many disasters..planes falling from the sky..huge trucks crashing, and carnage everywhere..I dont know what it meant..but the terror was so intense it woke me up.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:04 PM
I've so far just read the OP, I'll go back and read everyone else's dreams after I've written mine.

I'm not sure whether or not this classifies as a nightmare, but it felt apocalyptic! It's very rare that I get a dream that stays with me into long term memory. They're the dreams were it felt absolutely real and absolutely convincing, to the point where as far as I'm concerned, it's a memory of a real event. The memories of the dream have none of the vagueries of a normal dream memory, these feel like real memories.

In the dream, the poo and the fan were very very intimate. I was in a city, but it was rubble. Something was coming, and I couldn't figure out what the thing was. It occurred to me that I should know, but I didn't. It was big, and it was black, and it's shadow led out before it, so that you could see the shadow well before you'd get a glimpse of what was coming from out of the skyscrapers.

But I wasn't scared, because I wasn't going to be around when it got there. This is the very wierd part of the dream, because it was the part I was most sure about and least shocked by. I was one of a number of people world wide who'd developed an ability to teleport. All of those people were right now doing exactly the same as me. We were all going from city to city, finding groups of people who were lost and fleeing the big bad something. When people saw me come near, they huddled in a circle with their arms around each other, and then i would complete the circle, and I could teleport the entire group to safety.

I could feel the sensation of teleporting, and it felt amazingly real. I could feel a slightly uncomfortable jolt as I crossed the threshold, like a bump in the road, then we were all surrounded by green fields. I then left the group, and returned to the city, and this happened several times as more and more people gathered in circles to be teleported, like they all knew what was going on too.

It was an amazing dream, and I love having the rare pleasure of remembering a dream in such detail. It makes me feel like I actually remember being able to teleport myself!

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:20 PM
repeating childhood nightmare of 100's of foot high black waves of water..


dreamed of 100's of ufo's coming out of clouds on a bright clear day. I am sitting at an outdoor cafe with 8 people, I turn and say: " If you can remember hearing my voice telling you this now you will be able to recall everything that shall occur"


Off topic as a dream but if you havent read this...its quite compelling. predating the bible..

The Lament by Hermes Trismegistus (The first high priest of Egypt on The apocalypse -on THIS PAGE on ATS

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:24 PM
I've posted about my dreams before on ATS in different threads but am happy to do so again. the following accounts for 3 dreams that I had in my mid teens that have affected me all my life since:

At age 16 I had 3 dreams that were terrifying and vivid though they were not nightmares per se were incredibly vivid and similar though not identical, and while I remember only bits of the "story" the emotions that they caused me are so clear to me that it is as if they happened last night.

In the first dream I was standing on a hilltop looking upon a modern city, presumably my "dream city" basking in the glow....people were happy, people were content going about their lives enjoying fruit markets and basically content. After a time, I began to feel as though something was wrong, there was a feeling in the air that something just was not right. As this feeling occurred to me something happened to the city...Everything changed, It was very much as if the "polarity" changed, what was once contentment was now discontent, what once was happy now was sad, what once was joy now was hate. At the same time as this polarity changed there was a massive physical upheaval, the ground that I walked on rumbled and shook and the city literally lifted into the sky to reveal an identical city underneath (imagine it like this only turned rotated vertically). The whole structure flipped in place and replaced itself back into the ground and everything was normal...except that everything was different, the people were angry, frightened, hateful, the fruit stands were lifeless, the trees bereft of leaves. It is at this point in the dream that I awoke, and when I awoke, the terror that gripped me in my dream was still present, I was sweating, I was crying, my heart raced at a tempo I'd never felt before. It took me several hours to regain my composure.

The second dream was almost identical to the first only the timeframe was different, rather than being in a modern setting, it was in a much more medieval or renaissance setting (I often thought of it as the times of Hamlet). The feelings were the same, the overall impact was the same, only the details differed. Again upon waking I carried the dream emotions with me and could not sleep afterwards.

The third dream was similar in emotional intensity but with significant differences in detail. Like the first dream I was standing on a hilltop looking at the city (from a different perspective). I did not have the same sense of the emotional polarity of the first two dreams...and nothing changed in the 'polarity' of these dreams, instead what I found was that I was watching the city and it had a clear dome over it and it began to rise up from the ground, tearing itself from the earth and floated up into the sky and away from the earth. I had this terrible feeling that I was being left behind and that this was a terrible burden. Again, at this point I woke, with similar feelings of dread and terror. These dreams all occured about 3 months apart from each other

(copied from my own journal, thus the ex tags)

I am extremely interested to hear peoples' thoughts.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 05:49 PM
Recently I had a very vivid dream which I still remember quite well. I awoke in the middle of the night or early morning to military transports and armored vehicles drving through our neighboorhood. Some of the tanks parked in our front yard, as well as the yard across the street and next door. Flash forward a bit, (my memory is a little sketchy in the middle) i remember something about snow or ashes or something falling from the sky, as well as a guy in a rain-camo like army uniform knocking on our door. At night in the dream, or when it was dark (wasnt clear if night or sun blotted-out) i remember sneaking out of the house to get a view of what was going on... Crawling thru the ditches that are in front of our houses in this area (no sewers, septic tanks) and sneaking past guards, before getting caught. I think thats when i awoke in a cold sweat.

EDIT to ADD: I live in western WA state, USA

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:01 PM
Okay, GypsK. This is one I've had twice, the last time on 02 Oct 09. It is unusually (for me) vivid; It seems to be in a place I've never seen, however similar to the urban sprawl I once lived in in the San Francisco area.

I am driving down a several-lane freeway. I don't feel ill at ease, but I want to get home before dark. The sky ahead of me looks overcast and dark, like rain ahead perhaps. The freeway is full of traffic, but we are moving well, except the exists, which seem kind of bumper-to-bumper.

I move into the next to fastest lane, and notice.......... snow.... fat little flakes falling on my windshield. While I grew up in snow, in the dream it is amazing, as there is NEVER snow there (wherever it is.) I turn on the windshild wipers as the snow increases, and it smears across the windshield. Not snow.

I am going by an urban/industrial area. I remember a large Orange and black sign that reads "STORAGE".

I turn on the wiper fluid and now the smearing is getting very hard to see through. I realize that I can see better if I don't try to wipe the flakes away, as some of them stick briefly and then fly away. I am alarmed. I can't imagine a fire this big that dusts the freeway so heavily. I'm anxious and look at my watch (I haven't worn a watch for 15 years) at it reads 4:17. It looks way too dark for 4:17.

The traffic is thinning out, and still most drivers appear to want to exit, as there is slow traffic on all exits. I start gaining elevation, and I can now see down past the billboards to apartment buildings, businesses, all very close together. In the distance down one street there are kids on bicycles; the streets zip by perpendicular to the freeway, like pickets.

I pass an exit sign and it reads: "Trencham Park" with an arrow to the right. I pass it by and still coming to the top of a slight hill. In the distance ahead of me, there is a glow, like you see behind a hill where there is a forest fire, except I can see no smoke, and the glow doesn't flicker.

I cross the top of the hill, and I am alone on the freeway except for two other cars. Down in the valley, away from me, it is suddenly like a New Mexico desert......... there are no houses I can see, but in the middle of the freeway are an array of emergency vehicles, blocking the freeway, all with turning lights of different colors. In the distance, the glow is nearly white, and no traffic is coming from the opposing direction. I pull slowly over to the right side of the road and stop, surveying the scene. The air looks bluish and the ash in the air is heavy. Two Apaches sidle by on my left, about 1500 yards away, very close to the ground.


That is always the point it ends, or I wake up. I wake up with great trepidation, followed by a familiar mantra "justa stupid ______ing dream".

I've searched and googled for Trencham Park. It doesn't exist. I'm glad of that.

I don't consider this prophetic at all, but I wish I could glean the clues of my own symbology to figure out what the @#$@ my subconscious WANTS. Usually, it's pretty clear.


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 06:08 PM
My dream happened some 25 years ago so it cant be blamed on reading here too much or anything like that- I had it when I was a young teenager some 25 years ago now.
I'm from Australia born here always lived here.
I didnt dream at all after this dream- up until fairly recently when I stopped smoking pot- now it's all I do but only run of the mill type dreams.

I'm walking past? or was at the capitol building (which at the time of the dream meant absolutely nothing to me have worked out over time it was the capitol building) this great big booming voice comes out of nowhere...much like you probably think bible god sounds like LOL Im looking up but not seeing anything as such like no space ships or anything that I can remember anyway..just hearing this goes 'do not be afraid we will not hurt you' (lol) thing ya know all hell breaks loose and its like 'they' starting sucking the air out and people started literally flying off the earth to where? I dunno it was just like some chaos of a natural disaster was like it was happening around wasnt affecting me I could just see all this devastation people hanging onto street lights to try not getting sucked was like a movie next thing I know I'm looking at a beach theres a little boy wandering around amidst the destruction hes lost his Mum and then without knowing how I knew it was like I knew it wasnt real...I saw somehow a picture of his Mum and 'someone' placed it in the water and she said to the little boy here I am I'm in here come to me type thing and he ran towards her in the water and drowned coz he couldnt know this sounds crazy...but what I think it was now from reading at ats -it was a hologram, I instinctly knew it was a trick...and that is what a hologram its a trick......I only figured out that trippy part of the dream when I happened upon 'project blue beam' here...I had no clue about that until recently and then it was like holy #, that sounds alot like that!

and then next thing I'm one of those girls in like the olden days, on a huge stage arm in arm... like those can can dancers! all feathers and costumes- and we danced to a song and I've forgotten all the lyrcis or maybe never remembered them after the dream but they all ryhmed and the last line was 'why cant we get a share of the taking' ..........LOL
I remember knowing there was an audience but I dont remember seeing it but I got the feeling we were performing for someone special like royalty maybe

Anyway so finding out all this stuff lately that ties in with this dream kinda freaks me out and I'm choosing to think maybe I glimpsed into the future...well I'm sure I did actually but am choosing to think I glimpsed a probable future not neccasarily this time lines future.

I think the can can dancer bit was to show me life survived or maybe it was even me in a future life after the disaster in that same timeline.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by blupblup

Spooky one dude!

You don't work at "The London Dungeons" do you?

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 03:26 AM

Originally posted by Acidtastic

In another one, I've dreamt that it was daylight throughout the night. I kept noticing it getting later and later, and it was still daylight. Nobody seemed to care all that much.

I came back to read the posts i didn't read yesterday and wow! I had the same dream as you. Not just the part about the sun not setting anymore, but also about people not caring about it.

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