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Rebecca Campbell files lawsuit over Flu Hoax in Seattle

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posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 10:36 PM
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle. The evidence within the document is absolutely outstanding. If this doesn't work nothing will.

http://(link tracking not allowed)/4eJWZH

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 10:39 PM
Here is the same thing in scribd

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 10:52 PM
so wat, no money no honey

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 09:32 AM
Wow, there is some heavy stuff in this lawsuit. I suggest everyone read it.

Here is just a couple of the allegations:

8. There presently exists a bank-based transnational corporate criminal conspiracy to violate the fundamental constitutional rights and wellbeing of the American people, including those of the plaintiff, through fraudulent political, legal and financial contracts in the form of surreptitiously signed/enacted international treaties and federal laws/executive orders enabling the mandated imposition of bioweaponized H1N1 influenza vaccinations and quarantines/detentions through martial law. The aforementioned measures, being fraudulent, are therefore null and void, with no legitimate power to be enforced by any government, national or international, upon the American people.

9. Controlled by the same bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate that now controls the United States government and virtually all of the national governments of the world, the United Nations World Health Organization (UN/WHO) has fraudulently declared, without any scientific justification, the highest possible Level 6 Pandemic for an indefinite period of time, which is akin to a medical "war on terror".

10. Level 6 Pandemic status gives the UN/WHO, by various international agreements signed by the US government and by various federal executive orders, as well by various laws surreptitiously approved by the US Congress and supported by the US Supreme Court, indefinite control over this nation and its people that subsumes the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, the American Declaration of Independence and all federal, state and local laws.

11. Level 6 Pandemic status may generate, via the aforementioned planned mandated martial law, quarantines/detentions and enforced bioweaponized H1N1 influenza vaccinations, massive profits for this bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate through the hugely profitable sale of said vaccinations to the US and other national governments, as well as through massive confiscation of private property through coordinated medical genocide and disablement of the American people.

12. There is an urgent need to return to, reconsider and reapply those fundamental declarations of universal and national law that have so eloquently set forth the basis of our freedom and wellbeing, both as singular sovereign beings, and as a people, which this federal legal action seeks to remedy.

13. Rockefeller / Rothschild family interests have for the past century dominated the allopathic healthcare sector throughout the world, particularly in America , remaking it into a ruthless, profit- and depopulation-oriented industry that suppresses natural healthcare and its beneficial innovations, rather than it being a field of service to humanity.

14. The Rockefeller Foundation is the single biggest funder of the United Nations (UN) and its World Health Organization (WHO), donated the land on which the UN World Headquarters Building was built and initially funded the US Public Health Service (USPHS), thereby indicating substantial influence with each of these institutions.

15. Rockefeller family interests are a major player in the Partnership for New York City (PNYC), where they intersect with the Murdoch media cartel, the East Coast academic medical, financial and banking establishments, as well as with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York through many interlocking boards of directors.

16. The headquarters for this Rockefeller medical operation is at New York’s World Trade Center, site of the New York 9/11 terrorist attacks, whose public ownership was transferred to private developer Larry Silverstein, another of the partners in PNYC, just seven weeks before these attacks occurred, to his substantial profit through exorbitant property insurance claims.

17. Through their parent UniCredit Group, three preeminent Austrian Banks, whose Unicredit holding company is linked to pharmaceutical corporation Baxter International, these banks are also linked to Rothschild family interests by UniCredit being the principal shareholder in Banco de Medici AG of Florence , Italy , a private bank founded and controlled by the Rothschilds since 1855.

18. Through their being the principal shareholder through UniCredit in the Rothschild-controlled Banco de Medici, these three preeminent Austrian Baxter-linked banks are also implicated in the recent Madoff scandal, in which at least $50 billion dollars of client investment funds were secretly siphoned into Israeli banks to be laundered for the bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate's secret illegal drug operations, in addition to those in which it is more legitimately engaged. Following news on January 2, 2009 that Banco de Medici had invested $2 billion with Bernard Madoff, the Vienna headquarters of UniCredit Group appointed a special supervisor to run this private bank.

19. Approximately two-thirds of the tax and pension monies of the American people have, since approximately 1960, been systematically and surreptitiously diverted by their governments at all levels to purchase majority stock ownership of the pharmaceutical cartel via institutional investment firms privately owned by the bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate.


posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 10:20 AM
It even gets worse

28. There exists evidence from a WHO Memo dated from 1972, in which the WHO describes a method for using injections/vaccines to kill those injected in three steps: first, by weakening the immune system; second, by injecting a huge dose of virus into the body, which the weakened immune system cannot fight; and third, by injecting an adjuvant that triggers a massive an inflammatory reaction with an ensuing cytokine storm. There is evidence that the H1N1 influenza vaccinations recently mandated by the WHO follow that same three-step process outlined in the aforementioned WHO memos, and so intentionally cause damage and death.

29. There is evidence that the WHO is systematically concealing evidence of the lethality/morbidity of these vaccines, classified as bioweapons by US and EU regulators, in an act of fraudulent misrepresentation, to induce the populations of these countries to take said vaccines of their own free will, even while putting in place measures to make these vaccinations mandatory.

30. Now-FDA Director Margaret Hamburg publicly conferred with David Nabarro, key official with the UN/WHO and others as to how exactly such a pandemic would occur at a conference at Colorado's Aspen Institute on October 13, 2007, discussing with suspiciously precise prescience a future WHO-declared pandemic emergency eerily resembling the one it has declared at present.

31. The United States government has begun actively planning for mass forced vaccinations, detainment and quarantine of American citizens, including surreptitiously excavating mass gravesites in diverse locations.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 10:29 AM
does anyone know what motivated rebecca campbell to sue the WHO, I read the files and it is insane, I don't put it past the WHO at all o do this, but what motivated her to sue them?

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 10:40 AM
So this, in addition to Jane Burgermeister's lawsuit, and also Len Horowitz.


Anything else we should add?

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 08:55 PM
What is the status of any of these lawsuits? Is anything being done about them? Are they languishing in legal limbo somewhere, left to be forgotten? Seems like they were filed, then poof, nothing is heard of them again.

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 06:25 AM
reply to post by m khan

After reading just part of this lawsuit I could not believe it, literally! I continued reading yet I still have trouble believing it.

Search results found this document on several other sites not linked from the OP, they all appear to have the same language.

Here is another link to the Full Document, it's the same as the OP link but has an additional page at the end.

The best news about this issue that I can think of would be that it is all a big hoax itself and this is indeed disinformation (I'm questioning this threads location).

The implications that this lawsuit stands on are nothing short of horrific!
If this lawsuit is a hoax then it needs to be identified as such as soon as possible.
If this lawsuit is legitimate in even a portion of what it implies then this certainly does not belong in disinformation.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 02:36 PM
Yeah, they are going to use the real outbreak to cover all thes court cases up. Did anyone see what is going on in the Ukraine?

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by patriotnews

I try not to read too much about this as it gets too depressing. The thought of a manufactured Swine Flu virus from the 1918 pandemic is F'n insane! The idea of engineering and cultivating a lethal virus strain for the purpose of having a "cure" has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

I don't know about a secret agenda to kill everyone off but I do know that there is far more to this story than what is reported through the media.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:16 PM
Well I think that the contents of the lawsuit pretty much sums everything up. I think everyone who reads it should print it out and send it to his/her congressman. There are still many people in lower levels of government that have a conscience, state representatives may be the best place to start. I dunno, it's a horrific time to be alive. Hell it's an even worse time to die, considering the many terrible ways in which one can go out these days.

Time to move to Fiji.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:31 PM
Sadly this isn't going to go anyplace just like the lawyers that have proof that Barry-obama was not eligible to be president and took him to court. The courts will stonewall for years.

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