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How could we survive?

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posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 07:47 AM
I've wondered this lately, that if TSHTF, that we'd all be, well, royally screwed.

By the Queen herself.

The human race, (that's us
) is not perfect, (you know that) we know our existence in the world, but we still separate into groups, white black, islam christian, nike reebok, boss employee, actor trashman.

And we define ourselves as such, now presumably you've already chosen which side is 'better', may it be the actor over a trashman, well maybe this trashman helps you keep your job, or perhaps he studies neurology online everyday, and knows more then you ever will, but by a title, he's subjected.

Now, if TSHTF, we'd be subjected to the same type of dilemma.

We'd put lives above others lives, a quiet genius below an outspoken idiot.

But to note this, that in life, our main benefit in our life, (evolutionary speaking) is that we have the ability to tell and predict the future, better than animals.

Now this is good! But not great. We primarily are only good at assessing our own future, we (exceptions being the married and those with children, *if that*) are only concerned with our own life and peril, uncaring of others lives.

We predict our own lives, we worry not about the life of another, nonetheless the life of tens to hundreds to millions of strangers, (if I may imply them close status to a stranger).

I digress though.

My point being, with the isolation, and segregation we observe, or act in today, how could we possibly pull together in a world tragedy.

With the 'belief' system implemented into our cultures, it'd take an absolute 'end time' scenario for anyone to all pull together, and that would have to be a 0% chance survival of anyone.

A 1% would split everyone apart. They would cling together, and apart.

Survival of the human race, is near impossible, with this god, claiming death upon another mans gods people, and with this race claiming superiority over another race, and with this group against that group, and with this group against another group, and so on and so forth.

We have currently people who have died over nothing more, then a pair of shoes, or less a boy going to a movie who happened to be in a red shirt, (gangs thought he was a blood and shot him, then raped his girlfriend... it's life) and died, for nothing more then a bad clothing option.

If we think, for a second, times are tough now, and these are our problems, we have to be ****ing in our pants about the future, if a man can kill because of a t-shirt, what will he do for food...

I honestly, have a huge imagination, (and ego). I would like (love) to see the human race to be an overcoming race, the #, that didn't hit that fan.

The human race, has a unique option, and we all wonder how can we fix it, at it all involves a personal choice, but that's neither here nor there.

Earth destroying asteroids can't be watched because of a lack of people.

Whilst gangs run rampant killing people over tshirts. Who could fill those jobs.

I can see no way, in which this segregated and alienated race could EVER do anything productive, then survival of the one, and **** the rest.

In my conclusion, I say this.

The Human Race, or this one at least. We won't make it, we'll be the part of anothers society, that will hope to seek us, but we'll of died off long before, we won't make any impact but to litter our solar system.

This race, has forgone its existence.

We are truly 'damned'.

The least we can do, is make the best of what we've gotten, and cherish our existence, because those not born cannot do.

*A Original Posters Thought*

It's odd to think that our planet, as puny as ours, is damned.

But it is, the asteroid is coming close to knock us all to extinction, but that asteroid is us, and we cannot stop it.

We are all on a damned planet, no hope, no future, no mark.

Besides hoping for a deity out there, this is the truth, and it's easy to succumb to the first option.

ATS shant worry about the end, but how to stop it, that's what were here for.

We shouldn't expect the end to come, but be the ones against it.

It's useless, because if TSHTF were dead over a shoelace color.

If society collapses, that color, amounts to more then anything.

Thinking now, that anyone has read this far, I doubt it.

But this planet earth, we've all been ****ed, we got dealt the bad hand.

This is the parallel universe, you didn't want to go to!

We're screwed in every way, we can't make it to type 1.


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