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I'm a little concerned here.

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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:33 PM
Ive been coming here almost since its conception, almost since day one.

Its deservedly grown into a wonderful place to visit.

But can someone riddle me this ...............

I replied to a topic in the UFO forum about subliminal messages and in particular the movie "They Live" and I referred to a pivotal moment in the movie where the "hero" says the BIG BIG statement "Ive come here to chew gum and kick A*S*S ".

The word A*S*S was CENSORED.

For Heavens sake !!

But wait, I go to the "conspiracy" forum and see graphic pictures of Mr Berg getting his head chopped off.

Now EXCUSE ME ........... I can go to Rotten.Com to see stuff like that.


Please shield me from the outside world when I come here.


So someone explain to me why its wrong to type A*S*S on here but its ok to see someones head chopped off.

Come on tell me !!

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by John bull 1]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:35 PM
How is ASS censored? I can say **** for heavens sake.

ATS has evolved my freind.


[Edited on 18-5-2004 by John bull 1]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:37 PM
Once you've been here for a short while you can buy the censor off.

Go to MemberCenter and then to the ATS store.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:39 PM
For 1,000,000,000 points you can have that turned off!

Very funny, but true, observation

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:42 PM
You are right JayKew, and I should have placed a warning in my title. I have done so now. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am sure you would have not opened that had I had the proper warning.


posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:47 PM
Valhall, I have no problem with you posting if you post with "suitable warnings".......... but I do have problems with moderators deciding that A*S*S is unforgivable but head decapitations are fine.

Im awaiting replies from them not you.

Stay Cool

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:59 PM
I was more interested in the movie "They Live", than in the A$$ part. Just replace the "Aliens" in the movie with secret society members, Satanist's and Luciferians, and I think that movie is right on.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 06:03 PM
Dont matter, its not the point.

I just want to know why a place such as this which promotes free speech and inventive thinking can censor the word A*S*S but welcome video footage of decapitation.

Where are the moderators.

Thats my question.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 06:58 PM
Hey JayKew,

The censors are placed because certain spidering software will block ATS from places like libraries and schools if the general populace could see the words uncensored.

In other words....the software would look at a the site, see ass and bitch and words like that everywhere, and say "Whoa! That's not appropriate for this school/library/business/whatever"

As was mentioned earlier in the thread, members can turn off the censors for their viewing at their own descretion in the ATS store. This doesn't change how it appears to spidering software and other prying eyes, and keeps the discussions here availible to more people.

I hope that makes sense.


posted on May, 18 2004 @ 07:04 PM
I created an ABOUT ATS information topic on this: The question comes up often, and I hope that answers it well enough.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 01:01 PM
Explanation understood and appreciated.

It makes sense.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 01:10 PM
I'm afraid the outside world can't be shielded from you here, not unless you want to encourage ignorance, after all, wouldn't it be ignorant to simply ignore the outside world?

[Edited on 19/5/2004 by Lyriox]

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 01:11 PM
Edit: A stupid keyboard error is the cause of the repeat post...

[Edited on 19/5/2004 by Lyriox]

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