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The Cygnus- Giza Correlation- New intersting theory

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posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 06:34 PM
During research for his new book, Beneath the Pyramids, Andrew Collins finds that maybe its not the Orian stars that line up with the pyramids but it is the Cygnus stars.

“Among the dissenters was chartered engineer Rodney Hale, C.Eng MIET, a friend and colleague of the author. He attempted to superimpose the Orion belt stars upon a plan of the Giza Pyramids. Matching the stars -Alnitak and Alnilam - to the Great and Second Pyramid was easy, but the third star, Mintaka, fell way short of marking the apex of the Third Pyramid. In fact, it did not even hit the pyramid. Extending out this ground-sky overlay to incorporate other nearby pyramids was even less meaningful.”

(picture copyright: Andrew Collins/Rodney Hale, 2009).

Cygnus wing stars overlaid on the Giza Pyramids with the
corresponding horizontal setting lines of the same
three stars as viewed from southeast of the plateau
(Picture copyright: Andrew Collins/Rodney Hale 2009)

The tracks of the Cygnus wing stars as they set down into the three Giza Pyramids as seen in 2500 BC. The fourth track is that of Deneb, which does not feature in this multiple alignment(Picture copyright: Andrew Collins/Rodney Hale, 2009).

The bright star Deneb setting down into the apex of the Second Pyramid as viewed from the summit of Gebel Gibli during the Pyramid Age. Note the stream of stars forming the Milky Way trailing up into the sky from around the base of the same pyramid (Picture copyright: Andrew Collins/Rodney Hale, 2009)

Do you think there is a chance we may have the alignment wrong with Orian?

This theory is part of a whole bigger new exciting theory in his new book that just came out called Beneath the Pyramids. You can also read about this on his web page.


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