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The fantasy and controversy of the Nazi UFO's

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posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by Snippy23

That is a good sum thank you.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by Snippy23

You stated before that the name VRIL didn't appear until 1990.
Did you ever hear about Willy Ley? He claimed in 1947 that there was a VRIL society (Science-Fiction-Magazine "Astounding Science Fiction") which were doing research on "VRIL-Power". No evidence was found that confirmed this society.
And Haunebu, some suggest it comes from Hauneburg, a castle in Germany and wikipedia in Germany states that it is Egyptian for "People from beyond the Sea". Personally I think this isn't worth the debate. What's in a name?

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Regenstorm

I think you're still missing Snippy23's point. We are not arguing whether the Vril-gesellschaft existed, but rather where the original blueprints came from. You do understand why someone would want to create fake blueprints to hand out in right wing stalls, right?

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by 1llum1n471

I think he missed my point. I already said twice that the "originals" are in the hands of people that want to remain anonymous. I have met people that have seen these drawings and they are very large like real blueprints are. As far as they could tell the drawings are genuine. How the owners got them was asked but they refused to answer that question.

I'm aware that there is little evidence to back this mystery. But you have to take a look at the rest of the story as well in order to get the bigger picture.
The supposed suicide of Hans Kammler, just as strange as Hitler his supposed suicide. One of the saucer projects was stationed in Bohemia and that is also the area where Hans Kammler's trail ends.

The "Jonastal" is also a smoking gun. It is near the a small town called Arnstadt in Germany. I had the opportunity to take part in an exclusive sightseeing tour through the area which was arranged for members of a German forum which is only accessible for people with enough awareness. It was a four hour tour in which the German writer Th omas Mehner showed us around the area and presented several pieces of evidence that there were huge factories, 14 story deep tunnels, sudden nightly digging operations, a testing canal for torpedos in a tunnel several miles long and many more crazy stuff. No one knows for sure what has been build there, as far as Thomas Mehner has found out the Germans succeeded in constructing the first atomic bombs and even tested a very small one. Soil probes taken on specific places contained all ingredients to construct an atomic bomb.
The Jonastal lies in former East Germany and was after the war a Russian base. The rumour is that the Americans who got there first captured the atomic bombs and that those bombs were the ones that fell on Japan. After the wall fell NATO took the place and they have a top secret military base there. You could say it's Germany's AREA 51!!!

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 06:23 PM
And why didn't you all hear of the Jonastal before?
Because the army doesn't want you to.
Nothing ever happened there, please ignore and move along...

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Looking back through this thread, I noticed that TeslaandLyne said, ‘Ernest Zundel was fed all the saucer material and story from the CIA under Freedom Of Information Act Requests so he got fed nonsense as far as some UFO researchers are concerned.’ I‘m with the view that it was nonsense, but I don’t think it came from any informed source.

So far as I can tell, around 1975 Ernst Zundel, also known as Christof Friedrich and notorious for his active, well-publicised scepticism of the reality of the Holocaust, published a book under the name Mattern Friedrich. Mattern was apparently a Chilean resident who had sent him a manuscript. The book was ‘UFO – Nazi Secret Weapon?’ Amid questions like ‘Is Hitler Still Alive?’ and ‘Did the Nazis have the Atom Bomb?’ he set out a range of wild speculations about lost Nazi technology

On The Zundelsite, in the Zundelsite Zgram for 26 December 1998, Zundel explained the purpose of the book in his own words. He says of his publications and his radio appearances

“I realised I had discovered a potent publicity tool with this topic – which would get me lots of free time on radio and TV shows, to expose other, more ‘politically incorrect’ topics to vast audiences . . I slipped in lots and lots of ‘Revisions of History’ . . I talked about the disinfecting procedures to protect the valuable worker inmates in the Dora-Mittelwerke rocket underground assembly factories . . I mentioned the medical facilities in the camps, the calorie count of the meals served, etc.”

“The UFO books themselves also had very important politically otherwise impossible-to-tell messages embedded within them, such as the National-Socialist Party program and Hitler’s analysis of the Jewish question.”

“All that – and I made a fine bundle of money! The money I made from the UFO books I invested in publishing the booklets ‘Die Auschwitz-Luge’ – a translation of ‘The Auschwitz Lie’, Dr Austin App’s booklet ‘The Six Million Swindle and ‘A Straight Look at the Third Reich; and, of course, later, ‘Did Six Million Really Die?’ by Richard Harwood.”

If Zundel’s account is to be believed – and I think it’s a lot more likely than the FOIA theory – then his stories about Nazi UFOs have funded the distribution of Holocaust revision material around the world, without being even slightly true.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Snippy23

Yep, that is what most critics say while at the same time they're ignoring the many, many questions that remain unanswered. That's what they also do in Germany, calling it Nazi Propaganda and prohibiting people to do serious research. Ernst Zündel is doing a 5 year sentence for denial of the Holocaust. His lawyer Sylvia Stolz is also doing time because she defended and criticised the holocaust during the trial.
It surprised me that you didn't you wrote that this is part of the Nazi Agenda, because I haven't discovered those Nazis. I only got to know many freethinkers that are independent, yet share the same opinion. Like the German conspiracy theorist Jo Conrad who is also convinced that the Nazis had flying saucers and fled to Neu Schwabenland. He's such a Nazi and he is Gay!

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by Snippy23

I'll get back to your post but just want to reference a web page
with references to Zundel and the Nazi saucer topic.

Perhaps 14 times Zundel is mention on the Nazi saucer topic.
Not that Zundel got anything of substance is the twist.
Was even the Foo validated or the propulsion discovered.
Whatever the photo imagery was in that day and age, CGI
today, is thought to have made the Germans saucer evidence.

Thats the story I find as keeping the unknown down to a minimum,
why find more unsubstantiated information that does not go to
the core. One good unknown flying machine, the Foo, is a enough
to support the saucers flying around America in the 1950s.
Especially if scientists set up work in New Mexico.

So I skip the entire German saucer whereabouts, perhaps some went to
Switzerland and Billy Meier took photos of them, and some to
South America as old saucer shapes still show up.

If Switzerland and South America has the old German saucers,
they would spread the news that Antarctica had saucers.
In this case Zundel was the news carrier.

Anyway some of my thoughts sort of inline with author Bill Lyne.
ED: Yes I see Zundel went off topic as it were.
However Bill Lyne and the many Tesla researchers are still looking
into free energy and the puzzle of what Tesla was up to in all
the 1943 materials taken by the government and never releases.
Classified to this day. Is any thing of Einstein's classified.
No because in all likely hood it would be worthless and needs no
classification. Electricity is stronger than gravity, electricity bends
light better than gravity and made in a certain way by Tesla powers
the saucers and foos of the world.

[edit on 10/26/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

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