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Just a bit of fun/Made up Conspiracy Theory

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posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 07:44 AM
This is only a bit of fun and is purely ficticious.The idea for this conspiracy theory came to me and it seemed appropriate that I should write it as a short story rather than trying to detail it out as something more than just a made up theory.Everything is made up.

Deep in the bowels of an anonymous Federal building,on a sunny Friday afternoon, General Harper sipped his coffee while chairing a Homeland Defence meeting.Almost six months after 9/11 when his country had been attacked by Islamic Terrorist, he now listened to various experts in modern terrorism,who had been instructed within weeks of the Al Qaeda attacks to identify possible threats and to draw up measures to counter those threats.Although General Harper could see the need for meetings such as this, he felt that offence was the best form of defence and,as a trained fighting man,he would much rather have been kicking some ass in Afghanistan than sitting here preparing for the next murderous attack.
The Biological weapons expert was speaking."...and that just about sums up our feelings about a projected Ebola threat.Now Smallpox..."The expert paused here,took a sip of his drink and resumed." many of you know,it is feared, that the enhanced strains that the Soviets had been developing,which are the most likely to fall into the wrong hands,are projected to kill up to 90% of those not immunised who come into contact with the virus.That figure,90%,is the mean percentage across the world.In the western world,where general health and nutrition are much better the figure is expected to be much lower.Whereas in the Third world,Africa,Asia,and South America,the percentage is likely to be much higher.Some estimates put the figure nearer 100% for those not immunised."The expert paused again and took another sip of his drink.He then looked around the room to make sure everyone was listening before he continued,they were."Before 9/11 our stocks of Smallpox vaccine were really inadequate against a major outbreak.We had around one million vaccine doses in cold storage in 17 places around the country.It took us 5 weeks to find out where most of it was stored.Only 3 weeks ago another 50,000 doses were found in a research institute in Nevada.Gentlemen I don't have to tell you that if there had been an outbreak before 9/11 it would have been purposterous to think that essential administative and military staff might have to wait 5 months before we could find their vaccine"The expert paused again and looked around the table,this time for effect."Thankfully,we are now in the process of rectifying this oversight.The federal government have ordered over 200 million Smallpox vaccine doses.Already around 70 million doses have been delivered to 40 registered strategic sites across the country.70% of our military have been vaccinated in the last 4 months the remaining 30% should be vaccinated in the next 2 months,all new recruits are vaccinated as a matter of course.Reservists will be vaccinated as and when they complete their annual training.All this of course can be done without specific consent and so no panic amongst the general public will be caused.It is hoped that Essential administrative,scientific,and medical staff may be vaccinated within the next 9 months if it can be done without panicking the general public.I can also tell you that our allies or,who we consider friendly nations,are taking similar precautions"the expert concluded.
General Harper cleared his throat before he spoke."Err Doctor Err"Harper looked at the experts nametag quickly."Jones.Dr Jones,how would you sum up our preparedness for an attack before 9/11,now,and in the near future."Well General.Before 9/11 we would have been in the same #ty mire that the entire world would have been in.Now we at least have the infastructure to deal with a Smallpox outbreak".
"And in a year or so?"Prompted the General.
Dr Jones allowed himself a smile"Hell,in a year it's possible that if the imunisations have gone ahead as hoped,even if we are the targets,we would probably be the least effected country in what would be a pandemic of biblical proportions."
General Harper didn't pay much attention to the next speaker at the meeting who talked on the Chemical threat to his country.Realising he wasn't concentrating on what were,after all,important issues,he called an adjournment to the meeting and asked those present to come back after the weekend.
He had been born into a Christian family but,like many,had lost his faith somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam.When the war had finished he had considered resigning his commision but thanks to a chance meeting with a baptist minister he had been born again and with his new found faith had come a renewed desire to serve his country.Since his rebirth into the Christian faith he had witnessed a rebirth of the US Army from that low point in the early 1970's to world dominance in 30 years and he had progressed personally in the army from a wet nosed leiutenant to a two star General.Faith and rank had grown side by side.
So ,When Dr Jones had talked of a Biblical Pandemic there was no one in the room who understood more what it mean't.There were two that were on his mind.The first was in the past.The plagues of ancient Egypt brought down by the Lord to show the heathen Pharoah that he would intercede on behalf of his enslaved people.The second Plague had been on his mind quite often of late and was in the future and could be found in the Book of Revelations.When the Endtime came only the righteous would be saved and inherit the earth and those that had not found the Lord would die.

Part two to follow.When I've had a coffee.

posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 09:54 AM
General James Harper was having trouble sleeping that night.He could hear,in the darkness,the soft and regular breathing of his wife in the single bed next to his own but sleep would not come upon him.The events of the day had set his mind racing and had recalled to his memory his epiphany 30 years ago.
He had just arrived back in the USA after the war had finished.He was disheartened,he didn't know it at the time but he was close to a nervous breakdown.He had started drinking heavily every night and he couldn't sleep.When he was sober,which wasn't often,he couldn't resolve anything in his mind.He was an automaton acting without thought.One night he had gotten so drunk that he couldn't remember how he had arrived,in the early hours of the morning,in a small town 50 miles away from the bar he had been drinking in.It was in that small town that he'd met the Minister.The preacher had bought him coffee and listened to his war experiences.By lunchtime he was completely sober and the Baptist Minister was laying his future before him.The American continent had not existed until just before Columbas "discovered"it.God had created it whole including savages so that men of God could live there seperate from the unGodly.The Army of the USA was the Army of God and those that were officers in Gods Army were truely leaders of men and when the Endtime came they could serve God with the sure knowledge that they would be saved.
He had never touched a drop of alchohol since that day.He had been born again.

He turned over and switched the tiny reading lamp on next to his bed.He put his reading glasses on and picked up his well thumbed Bible which always lay on his bedside table.He held the Book with the spine resting in the palm of his hand and it fell open.He stared at the Good Book,had it been mere coincidence that it had fallen open on that page?Revelation.

"And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment [was] as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. "

That the Bible should fall open on that page settled it.Men would wish to die and some would but the people of Gods own country would be saved and the survivors would hear the trumpet of the seventh angel and witness the coming of the Lord.

More to come.

posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 11:48 AM
Daniel Morgan was very surprised to receive a telephone call from his old friend James Harper.The two had fought together in Vietnam.Harper,he remembered,had stayed on in the Army and had become a Bible basher."It was a shame"thought Daniel Morgan"James had been an enthusiastic drinking partner".Morgan had left the Army and somehow found himself on the payroll of the CIA.Now,much later,he had a government job,working directly for the National Security Advisor and General James Harper wondered if he could meet with Daniel and his boss."Sure" he'd said checking his and his boss's diary"Is Wednesday morning OK?"

posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 12:10 PM
General Harper raised himself from his seat and thanked Daniel Morgan and the National Security Advisor for sparing the time to listen to him.The NSA graciously held out her hand and thanked him for coming to see them.Morgan put his arm around his old friends shoulder and gently guided him to the door.They must go out for dinner one night and talk about old times Morgan said and Harper agreed,they shook hands and said goodbye.

Morgan shut the door and turned apologetically to his boss.The NSA raised her eyebrows and smiled.
"I'm sorry boss.I had no idea he was cuckoo".
"Nevermind Dan.It was interesting none the less.He and the President would get on just swell"she mused.
"You thought that was interesting?All that fire and brimstone stuff?"
"Oh forget all that Religeous stuff Dan.I'm talking about the plan itself.It was ingeneous and very...."she paused finding the right word."......Deniable."

posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 09:04 PM
".........It's been 6 months since I asked for that S.O.B's head on a platter.I can't have Bin Laden make a monkey out of me and the American people.I want results."The President of the United States of America lent both hands on his desk and surveyed those in the room."Thankyou ladies and Gentlemen for you briefing this morning.Is there anything else before we wrap this up?"
"Mr President,if I could speak with you in private for five minutes?"asked the National Security Advisor.The President looked at his watch and the nodded.

"......Give me a couple of days to think about it.You don't believe in that stuff.Do you?"The NSA shook her head.
"Mr Pesident,I know when something gives us a positive advantage."
"Ok,I'll decide in a couple of days."The NSA left the Oval office.He would pray and think over this carefully.This could be his legacy....

posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 04:39 AM
It had been almost a year now since General Harper had chaired that fateful meeting.Soon after he had been summoned to the White House and met privately with the President.They had knelt and prayed together in the Oval Office,not for success,Gods will is always successful but for the moral strength to see the thing through.The President had instructed General Harper to get things organised and to inform him when the plans were complete.

Harper had spoken with many health professionals and within two months had arranged for babies to be immunised against Smallpox instead of Meningitis C.Parents were advised that new research had shown a danger to them through contamination due to changing dirty nappies and they to were immunised against what they thought was Meningitis C.All areas of public service deemed necessary were vaccinated within 7 months.The government made the threat seem realistic and many individuals received their vaccinations privately.A method of genetically adjusting tomatos to include a vaccine was looked at but it would be 5 years before that technology would be perfected and besides if everyone were vaccinated and survived another nation might smell a rat.God after all would look after his own.

The general population were convinced that the USA would be the target of an attack either Biological,Chemical,or Radioactive and as troops massed on the borders of Iraq revenge of some description seemed inevitable.

The greatest asset that Harper had been given by Presidential command was Emmet Kahn.Since 9/11 US nationals of Arab descent who worked in the Intelligence Services were like hens teeth.Now he was in place waiting for the signal.

posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 11:09 AM
Emmet Kahn or Mohamed Aqbar as he was now known sat in a comfortable chair in his apartment in Munich day-dreaming about beer.He had been in Germany for 10 months now surrounded by some of the best beers in the world but because of his cover he couldn't touch a drop.He had been born a Muslim but had converted to Christianity in his youth when all his college friends started hanging around bars.The real Mohamed Aqbar was kicking his heals in Cuba along with scores of other captured Taliban after he had squealed like a pig soon after being taken.
Since Afghanistan had fallen any notion of the Taliban or Al Qaeda as an organised group had disapeared.Al Qaeda was now nothing more than a generic term for Islamic terrorism.Any petrol bomb weilding youth who agreed with Bin Laden,even if there was no connection,could be justifiabley described as Al Qaeda.
Mohamed,on entry to Germany,had attended extremist mosques looking for recruits.He didn't aproach the loud ones but waited until the quiet and devout ones trusted him with their views.After 4 months he had recruited 12 and he based himself and them in Munich where they prayed together,and where he systematically brainwashed them into preparing to give up their lives to destroy the great Satan.At no time did they draw attention to themselves but Mohamed made sure that when the police checked them out,as when it was too late they surely must,enough evidence was there to point them in the desired direction.

Mohamed Aqbar had received a very special package the previous week which he had imediately placed in the freezer.He was now de-frosting it because that morning the USA and UK had invaded Iraq and in two hours he was expecting his 12 recruits to visit him.He was thinking about beer because he wondered how long it would be before he would be able to safely have one,if ever.

posted on Feb, 22 2003 @ 03:15 PM
Before he had been called onto this undercover mission the CIA agent had been in Afghanistan serving with elite American forces to extract information on the ground he had witnessed the shouting, backslapping, and bravado that preceded action.He was struck,therefore by the calm of his "team" as one by one they entered his apartment and quietly sat on the floor.
Emmet Kahn had,of course,been immunised against Smallpox yet he was scared.The men armed only with their faith were calm.
When the last had entered Emmet opened the package.Inside were 3 viles of clear liquid sealed with a wax top and one syringe.Emmet's first thought was that he should sterylise the needle he almost laughed out loud at that and started to fill the syringe with 20 milligrammes of the liquid and preceded to inject it into his arm.When he had finished he refilled the syringe and looked up to see all 12 of his followers with the sleeves of their right arms unrolled and their arms outstretched.

For 6 days the thirteen of them would stay out of sight in that one apartment because it would take that long for the virus to become its most infectious.

posted on Feb, 23 2003 @ 03:44 AM
The movements of all thirteen of the human biological bombs had been meticulously choreographed each had air tickets and timetables and contigency plans.An example would be Dieter who took a plane from Munich to Heathrow,everyone on that 747 was believed to have been infected through the airconditioning and all who got on the plane 3 hours after it landed to return to Munich were similarly infected.Dieter then spent 4 hours wandering around the airport before flying to JFK where again he wandered around he then took an internal flight to LA where he stayed overnight.In the morning he flew on to Rio de Janiro,then Brazilia,finally he made his way to the coach station where he took a coach for a 3 hour drive into the country.He disappeared into the jungle and took a cyanide tablet that each one carried.
In this way every major city around the world was targeted.Alpha targets like New York,Washington,London,Paris,Moscow,St Petersburg,Hong Kong,Sydney,and Beijing were targeted twice by different carriers on different days.Within 50 hours of setting out all had taken their own lives.All except Emmet,of course,who flew to Chicago where he was taken of the plane as a heart attack victim onto an ambulance,decontaminated,and taken to a secure unit.The job having been done.

It would be a further 8 days before their was any indication that the recent illnesses were more than just a virulent strain of flu.By that time the second and in some cases third generation of carriers had been infected.In another 2 days the first official fatality due to Smallpox was reported,a 12 year old German boy who had almosts ran into 13 arab men who were descending the stairwell of an apartment block on Konig Strasse,Munich.

(OK almost finished you only have to suffer one more part

posted on Feb, 24 2003 @ 09:43 AM
General Harper(recently retired)thought over the previous year since the beginning of the Smallpox outbreak.Few knew the truth.
His President had been praised by the US citizens for his farsightedness in preparing for the worst.Only the ever paranoid Israel had faired as well.The population of Europe had been halved.The African AIDS problem had been solved because their were only 10% of Africans left and survivors were to be found only in remote villages.
India,China,and other Asian countries wouldn't be suffering from overpopulation for quite a while.
Deaths on average worldwide were estimated to be 70% where as in the USA it was only 15%.

Emmet Kahn made the biggest sacrifice any patriotic American could make.It turned out that he had not been vaccinated afterall.His body was left in woodland near Chicago only to be found a month later with documents identifying him as Mohamed Aqbar recently arrived from Munich.It took German police another 2 weeks to find the address in Konig Strasse.The Germans were distraught to think that this outrage against the USA and Humanity was spawned on their soil.

The US military acted against Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Syria,Iran,Egypt,Oman,UAE,Kuwait,Libya,Lebanon.Those that survived Smallpox and the US military were more than happy to convert to Christianity.

In a speech to the world after the decisive victories in the Middle East the US President gave his condolences to the families of the hundreds of millions of dead world wide.He reassured them that those that had been responsible had paid with their lives.He prayed for the innocent.He made clear that civilisations would be rebuilt and the USA would be there to rebuild them..He noted that DNA evidence had shown conclusively that Mankind had faced extinction before at least on 3 occasions and had recovered.The USA would be a constant in a world that seemed so transitory to many.God Bless America!

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