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[CCHWC] The Death of John Fester

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 06:54 AM
I am new at this so dont go too hard on me.

Thirty years ago on what seemed like a normal day in Adamsburg, a small town in northwest Ohio, one John Fester was planning his parent’s demise. This is all because of the abuse John took day in and day out from his dad while mom stayed quiet. John was an outcast in school because of how quiet and how “nerdy” some say he was, however they did not know he was shy and so book smart because of his fear of his father. He was bullied in school by all the other kids, but at home, John had a mean side and would bully and hurt little animals and birds. On that fateful July 27th of 1984, John decided to seek revenge against his father and tried to burn the house down with his parents and himself inside. John did not want to live anymore and he really didn’t want his parents alive anymore. However his attempt to commit suicide failed, and John survived the tragic fire that took the lives of his parents. John was blamed for the death of his parents, the remains of the house were locked up and John was supposedly sent away to prison for the rest of his life.
Many years have past and the once rural and quite Adamsburg is now a heavily populated suburban town. Amplitude of families with children has populated the town. One group of kids that hung out together in Adamsburg, were Josef, Jack, Sean and Anthony. These four are trouble makers according to the town’s people due to the mischief they done over the years and because they were always butting into other people’s business. However they did not consider themselves as troublemakers and thought of themselves simply as explorers and adventurers. One evening after school the boy decided to go exploring on a short adventure before dinner.
“Hey guys, do you want to go explore that old spooky looking house?” Sean asked.
“I’m not sure, I heard it’s haunted.” Jack remarked.
“That’s the whole point! Don’t you want to prove it’s not haunted?” Josef asked.
“Let’s just go!” Screamed Anthony, who just wanted to do something already.
As they walked they retold stories they had heard about the old place to hype each other up, but all it really did was to serve to scare them.
“That’s the house? You mean Old Fester’s house” joked Sean, even though he was a bit scared. The house had features unlike the rest. For one, it was the only house that wasn’t renovated. The house looked horrifying, like it would collapse at any second. CREAK! The door flew open and Josef, Jack, Sean and Anthony unsurely wandered in. “Let’s split up into group’s gang” declared Jack taking leadership. As the two groups wandered through the rotting house, Jack steps into something that looks like blood. Then he saw some burlap on the floor, it looked like a mask. As he picked it up, all the boys heard what sounded like a growl. SMASH! The closet door suddenly swings open. The boys sprinted to the door in a race against what they thought was the ghost of John, luckily they made it out of the door in time before what sounded like footsteps behind them closed in.
“Mom, Mom! You wouldn’t believe what just happened! We saw someone in the old house!” whimpered Sean, as he wiped the sweat off his face, desperately trying to explain what had happened.
“Which old house? Asked Sean’s Mom.
“The old Fester House mom” said Sean.
“You’re right, I don’t believe what happened, now go shower and set the table”.

“Look at this place! It brings back so many memories” Sarah recalled as she surveyed the property. Sarah Fester was John Fester’s older sister. She had gone away to study abroad when John was just a toddler. Growing up in the Fester household, Sarah was also abused by their father; however as soon as she had the opportunity to leave Adamsburg, she did and never looked back until now. She had found out the news of her parents demise while away in France and had not been able to return home until now. She had also heard news that her-

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 06:59 AM
brother John, who was responsible for the death of her parents had died in prison. As Sarah reminisced about her childhood, her thoughts returned to the purpose of her visit. “I need closure” Sarah had told her husband Bob and son Jacob. She had returned to Adamsburg with them to give her parents and brother a proper funeral. However what Sarah and no one else in town had realized was that John Fester had not died in prison.
“Is everyone ready?” asked Bob. “Ready for what” pouted Jacob. “For church son, you know I need to do this for my family” said Sarah quietly. The family arrived at the church and proceeded to begin the process of listening to the priest read the funeral rites. The priest had just begun to speak “We are gathered here today to honor the memories of Mr. and Mrs. Fester and their son John...” SLICE! The head of the priest was suddenly lying next to his feet. The screaming and pandemonium that followed in the instance after the body of the priest collapsed confused Sarah who still stood in the front pew of the church as everyone else ran out of the doors. Suddenly walking up the aisle and approaching Sarah was a man, a man who looked like her brother if he had grown up and was alive. “John, is that you? Why? Why have you done this? Sarah pleaded as John raised the hatchet in his hands and continued towards her. CRASH! The body of John faltered as Jacob tackled him from behind. “Run Mom!” he screamed while jumping over John, grabbing his mom’s hand and dragging her out of the door. Outside the police were just arriving, as they entered and searched the church, there was no trace of John Fester, only the dead body of the priest.
Several days later as the family tried to settle into their temporary home in Adamsburg, they were still disturbed by the incident at the church and an unease and fear bothered everyone. “Hey Jacob” yelled Jennifer, trying to get his attention, as the new boy in town, Jacob had found popularity among the girls. “Do you want to go to park and make out? Asked Jen seductively. “I don’t know Jen, you know what happened at the church a few days ago and the old Fester house is right near the park” Jacob said. “I was there just yesterday, don’t worry, there nothing going on at that old house” Jennifer pleaded. “Fine let’s go” Jacob said. As the lovebirds walked hand in hand towards the park, Jacob felt as if he was being stared at, but he couldn’t see anyone looking at them. As they walked past the old house, the presence was even stronger, yet Jacob could see no one in the old house. It looked deserted and desolate as the first time he had saw it. Sitting on a bench in the edge of the park, Jacob couldn’t help but to feel that the old Fester house itself was staring at him. He tried to block it out as he kissed his new girlfriend. SLICE!!! Jennifer’s head fell lifelessly onto his lap! Jacob screamed, but a strong arm tried to cover his mouth. Catching his senses, Jacob fought the unseen attacker slipping out of his jacket, he ran blindly through the park as heavy footsteps followed him. Jacob didn’t know how but he suddenly found himself running into his own house. “Jacob!! What happened?” Sarah worriedly asked noticing her son disheveled appearance and what appeared to be blood stains on his lap. Collapsing to the floor, Jacob told a shocked and frightened Sarah the events that had just occurred in the park.
Upon the report of another death by a demented man with a hatchet, the town’s people decided to investigate the old Fester house and seek out the ghost of John Fester. Among these men was Jacob, his father Bob, Sheriff John and a few of his deputies. Across the street, the neighborhood kids including the four friends Jack, Josef, Sean and Anthony nervously watched the police activity. Walking into the house, the men find walls and the floor covered with splashes of blood. As one of the deputy’s walks into what would have been John’s room, SLICE!! His head falls to the floor. The rest of the men turn around to see John standing there looking at the head on the floor and then at them. Sheriff John grabs his guns and fires three shots directly at John. John Festered barely moved as the bullets smashed into his chest. Terrified the Sheriff yells “There can only be one John in this town” and fired another round of bullets into John Fester. Bob and Jacob stood behind the sheriff in shock, their eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing, as the sheriff continued to fire bullets into the still standing John Fester, Bob grabbed Jacob and pulled him out of the door. Backing up the Sheriff also tried to retreat from the inhuman John Fester but as he approached the door, it suddenly slammed shut and within seconds, SLICE! The head of Sheriff John was on the floor.
“We have to go Sarah! We have to get out of this town now” cried Bob as he and Jacob ran into the house. “He’s not human, he’s going to kill us all” Jacob screamed. “I don’t believe this! It’s all my fault! Sarah cried. SMASH! The window suddenly shatters, glass flies everywhere and as the family backed away from the broken window, the door opens and in walks John Fester, blood still dripping from the hatchet in his hand. Jacob runs at John with all his might hoping to tackle him, but John tosses him aside. SLICE!! Bob falls to the floor, his stomach cut open, his guts leaking out. Screaming crazily, Sarah grabs a cleaver and slices at John just as he raised his hand to cut Bob again. PLOP! John’s hand falls to the floor. Turning around he glares at Sarah and starts towards her but Jacob grabs his mom and pulls her outside, running into the middle of the street trying to get away from John. However John is running after them and closing in. Suddenly there is a loud screeching, as a sheriff’s car comes racing up the street, in it are the four boys, Josef, Jack, Anthony and Sean, who had witnessed the horror at the old Fester house and had seen John Fester head over to Sarah’s house. BANG! SMASH! CRUSH! The police car pinned the body of John Fester to tree. Sarah and Jacob stopped running. They walked back to the car where the boys were just getting out and backing away from the still alive but now trapped John Fester. “How dare you kill our parents? How dare you kill all those people! They were innocent!” screamed Sarah. Sarah grabs the bloody hatchet from John’s hand and vehemently swings the hatchet towards John neck. PLOP!! The bloody head of John Fester, still smiling fell on the hood of the police car.
“Mom, you wouldn’t believe what happened at the old Fester’s house today!” Sean excitedly told his mother as he entered the house.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by GhostlyBigfoot

This is very cool for a "new" effort. don't be so hard on yourself, I can tell you worked hard!

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 12:42 PM
Very good story, I enjoyed reading it.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 03:46 PM
Really good, except the whole time in my head I pictured the guy as Jason from friday the 13th

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 04:57 PM
I meant for him to look like charred burnt to a degree. Maybe smiling as he kills, almost like its a sport.

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