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ET Needs to put an end to religion

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by Dark Passenger

ufology started at roswell, before L. Ron Hubbard was a blip on the radar. not sure you can attribute this phenomenon to scientology.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 03:17 PM
I was trying to say that Ufo-olgy has pretty much become a religion and that was a good example.

I think roswell brought the subject into the mainstream but people have been reporting this stuff way before that.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Dark Passenger

Let me explain.

Satan, also known as Baphomet has his roots in ancient mythology. Possibly a grain god that switched to child sacrifice.

Blaming unexplained events on Satan is an excuse to not look at the evidence. You can't explain how Satan creates lights that dance in the sky, because he doesn't.

Remember your Bible, he speaks to the hearts and souls of man, INTERNALLY. Commercials with people killing themselves for candy bars and toilet paper are far more his style than any light in the sky.

Anyone who gives in to their darkness are the ones who 'serve' Satan. Look at your world leaders, they lie, cheat, steal, kill, and most Christians have been convinced that the law of man trumps, "Thou shall not kill".

Satan does not and never has had the need for fireballs in the sky. Why? Because normal people are more than capable of doing the job. The Bible is not a cudgel, and it does not support your belief that Satan is making UFO's to trick you.

From his perspective, you are already well on your way, if you can't see the horrors that most people take as normal in your every day lives.

You don't need religion to love and honor God. Never did. If what your pastor tells you is more important than your personal commitment to God, then Satan has already won. All you need is love, you don't even NEED the Bible, frankly all you need is yourself and a desire to make this world a better place.

Satan making lights in the sky has no place in the view of God's love (however you choose to see him). If you think I am wrong, then ask God yourself, by yourself. He does not support war and rich people hoarding the world's resources while everyone else starves.

Many ET's believe in God's love, they say so. It is all the proof you have from this perspective, and you just lumped them as Satanists. Why?
Because you have been programmed to reject anything other than what you have right now.

God helps those who help themselves. This is not a greedy statement. Sitting on one's couch waiting for God to bless you is a waste of time. God never said you can't think for yourselves, and he just expects you to live up to a loving, peaceful, open minded example. If you close your mind, your heart will close, and you will only hear the darkness.

Then you will see from a fear based perspective and you will never hear God's will, and you could easily believe that Satan makes lights in the sky and is everywhere. He isn't, he can't, and you are falling right into the hands of the corruptors.

Ask God to clarify things for you. You will get a better answer if you just talk to him, rather than a memorized old prayer you drill out. Ask for advice, ask good questions, and you might just discover a few answers. Your pastor or priest can't do it, you can.

A personal experience is just what you need. You have the tools and the belief, but if you can't talk to God, then you will never find the answers.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:27 PM
I'm agnostic myself,
but reading this thread makes me wonder exactly how do you define a god?
i have no problems accepting that there are lifeforms both more evolved and more powerful than myself in the universe but at what point do they become gods?
can there be only one of ANY species naturally?even a divine one?
(you know,without killing off all but one of them)

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:41 PM
What if ET is only a television figure?

And the real aliens eat human brains for breakfast.
We eat all the large animals, we eat cow, pork, elephant, dolphin and sharks, some eat cats and dogs in Asia. Everything is eatable. Once ET lands we are no longer the top of the food chain. Hey animals are inteligent also but we eat them anyway.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 09:38 PM
Be careful how you use the word religion, the word itself does not imply a belief, nor does it impy an organisation, it implies union with God, God being not a man in space somewhere commanding the universe to do his bidding, but the true reality that never perishes. The reality which transcends limitations and from where everything derives, and from which everything is at its root.

Religion is not christianity nor is it islam, they are but different coloured doorways that lead to the union of God, therefore they are doorways that lead one to religion

A man is not religious if he subscribes to christianity, islam, buddhism etc etc. He is religious only when he has eradicated all his impurities, has replaced them with virtues and has accomplished union with God. Of course this is just a very basic summary.

Any person can subscribe to any religion, memorize scriptures, and rituals, prayers etc. How many people genuinely attain liberation from their earthly desires? How many people transcend their animal nature? How many people have truly lived, breathed the spiritual life and have attained union with God? Very few have, and those very few have shared the path to liberation, be it Guatama Siddhartha who attained Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Monks and Yogi's throughout India and Tibet etc.

Very few have attained this when considering the population of this planet. So you have to ask yourself, why is it that you shun religion? Is it because of a belief, idea or concept that you have elaborately created inside your mind? Is it because you realise that alot of people who claim to be religious do things contradictive to their religion, so this has impressed upon you a bad image of religion? Remember out of millions of people maybe only a handful truly represent their religion, and they might be just regular folk, not priests or high status religious figures. They might not even subscribe to a religious system, these people are very humble, they are true human beings who live amongst wild animals (mistaken for human).

Read the words of Swamiji for a detailed explanation of what true religion is:


It requires purification of heart. All religious studies, any kind of religious way of living, is preceded by a moral, ethical purificatory process. It is not easy to be religious. Going to a temple, going to a church, and fasting on Sundays, and sleeping late in the night, rolling the beads - this is not religion. Religion is the consciousness of God, and to the extent one is conscious of the presence of God, to that extent one is religious. It has nothing to with political activity, social welfare work and all that. Though there is no objection to that, it cannot be identified with religion. Religion is not one way of living. It is the only way of living, and that must inundate the whole personality of the person.

You must be bathed in religion, so that you are the embodiment of religious consciousness itself. You are not flesh and bone. You are not a physical personality. You are a form taken by aspiration for the Almighty. You may be regarded as a representative of God in this phenomenal world. So when you walk, you walk like an ambassador of God. The ambassador is the government represented. The entire force of the government is working through him; and if the force of God can work through you, you are an incarnation, you are a Krishna or Christ - whatever you are - you are a God-man, and such a person alone can work some benefit in this world.

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by Enigma Publius
Tell me why the existence of ET life inherently makes God non existent?

he's saying that if Aliens prove scientifically without a doubt how the world was created, how the universe formed, how mankind came about. . . than the only rational conclusion is that God did not create man, did not create the Universe in seven days etc.

Then Christians (and all other religions) can scream all they want but no ones gonna listen to them.

I'm guessing they'll rationalize scripture as simply being "oh, but it's really a metaphor!".

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:09 PM
I could just as easily turn the tables and blame your way of thinking, for all of this Gods wrath stuff, that is presently decending on us.

The difference? This is going to happen.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 11:30 PM
Aliens rejecting religions = SCORE
Aliens denying there is a God = FAIL

Religions were created by corrupted (and often imaginative) HUMANS in order to control the thoughts (And YES delay the progress towards technological advances and self awareness) Religion was made for the same reason rich people wanted to keep others from an education. Knowledge is Power, and w/ that power you can use it for either your own benefit, or for the benefit of something greater that will last longer. But with Religion comes opression, ignorance, prejudice, sexism, murder, perversion, and stupidity/savagery. Religion keeps people, who are gullible and weak enough to follow it, enslaved, and those who wake up and have true realization are the ones who become labeled as Devil-Followers. Just like our poor Gallileo who actually USED his brain to unlock truth beyond what was being drilled into everyone's heads.

With religion comes control, because religion and those who teach it are incharge and looked upon as kings. (or atleast they used to be back in the dark ages) Religion used to get what you want, religion used to explain how things work due to a lack of actual intelligence and learning behind something. EXAMPLE: Religions teaching: 'Lightning... Oh its so scary, it must be God's Wrath!' Science: Its the electrons creating a giant display of Static. And is Natural Electrical Phenomina and therefor nothing to fear.
Religion: 'Thunder, oh my,its God again and he sure is pissed! we must be frightened and sacrifice something to him! Quick, to the animal shelter to slaughter millions of helpless innocent puppies and kittens!'
Science: 'Thunder is caused by tempurature changes etc... Nothing to fear'
Religion: 'Turettes Syndrome! Its Satanic Possession, this person must be Exorcised or burned at the stake!'
Religion: 'Menstrual Cycles are the DEVIL!!!'
Science: 'The Uterus Shedding and keeping itself healthy for better conception and Child-birth, dont worry it goes away, your not evil little susie, and you shouldnt be afraid.' THIS is how reality works, but in Religion its the other way around. Religion is used as an excuse, and a way to escape concequenses, responsibilities and punishment. Its very sad actually. Religion is confusing and counter productive to intellectual growth. When Aliens come (if its the good ones) they will indeed wake everyone up from Religions. But there is indeed a higher-power, but me trying to explain what that higher-power is would be wasting time. You cant teach those who do not wish to be taught, and you cannot save those who do not want to be saved. I'll just say a few things on this higher-power. It is Time, It is Energy, it is the highest level of any element, it is light and darkness, it is left and right, it is shapeless because it is ALL shapes. Like an Eye that sees in ALL spectrums, and hears in ALL frequencies. Like a Faceted jewel that contains INFINITE Space. A Dirrection that is above all others.


Try looking at a Diamond sometime. Look at a Pyramid. Look at the Vanishing point... And WONDER.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by Pr0t0
reply to post by felonius

I had an "ass beating" as a child. I was often told 'No'. I played my part in Sunday School, the Scouts, RE, CYFA and the Church choir. I was never spoiled. Middle child of a 5 kid family, so I got no 'special attention'.

And, I'm an atheist, and a pacifist, but mostly I'm a realist. You see, you're the same as me - an atheist - I just believe in one less God than you do. Do you believe in Thor, Zeus, Lord Vishnu, Amen Ra or any of the multitude of other deity's available on the religious market? And if not, why is yours any more believable than those?

I'm an athiest, but I'd on the von daniken side of things and would have to say that the multiple god religions if any would be the more likely stories, if aliens did exist as if anything they would be about mans interpretation of ancient contacts with aliens.

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