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Atheist and anti-paranormal guy until yesterday

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 05:05 AM
Im new here , i used to be your smart ass ive league pmpup atheist with a hatred of paranormal things, well that was until yesterday

I have no mental illnesess in my favour , i do not use drugs , i have never seen a ghost, or even a minor haluiaction. Well il try to explain what i saw and i really need your help this scared my to death

Its dark and im looking out a big window, few feet away, i see a man with a pipe hat that dosint seem to have a face, it was plat like a paper just white and there was a woman with him who also haid the same face dreesed in clothes from the 18 century, she had black hair and the white face seemed ed to eye-sockets that had normal eyes
she then grew a second head and starting twisting her body limbs in ways that is not humanly possibule. THere was this strange prescene of evil, i cant explain it better but you felt that those two were evil beyond human

Do you know of any foklore or some mythical creatures that fit this?

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