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past-life dreams? or memories from someone else?

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Just to the mods, I didn't post this in the dreams board because I still am not sure what this phenomenon is, and it might involve more than just dreams. However, if it belongs there, then can it be pleased moved there?

Any, this has been happening me for a while.

It seems that most of my dreams are well...not dreams. These things are interesting, because instead of having some "random" series of images or anything symbology, they seem to have some kind of purpose.

Here's a basic description
-I am usually aware that I am dreaming
-Sometimes I can control it (I know this is lucid dreaming)
-Mostly I cannot control it, but usually watch as the events unfold

-In the "dreams", they all have some kind of order and structure to them.

-I am also someone else in the dream, and it may sound weird, but I "know" everything about the dream in I learn about the environment, who some of the other characters are, and what my body is like.

-I "learn about the environment in real-time, and react as I learn something

-Most of the time it feels like I'm role-playing what the other person did/ thought (lending credit to the memories theory)

-Some of them are too lifelike for me to consider them dreams

here is an example from June 15th, 2009
-The dream started out with a car being trapped in some kind of flood. There was a child in the car that tried to escape through the door (it was open)-someone saved the kid and brought him to an apartment complex above the flood. Myself and another woman also went in there (I was not myself, but it felt like I was seeing the event through their eyes)-she was running from someone or something.

-Once inside, we both went down a brightly-lit corridor to the end apartment-the door was made a heavy wood-like oak, or maple with a round brass doorknob. At this time the woman was really running, and she wanted the door shut behind her-which I barricaded. There were a few others in the room-some kids (appeared to be Indian), and another older man.

-The door began to open, and I wedged myself between it and the wall to prevent from opening further-The struggle went on for some time-I managed to win, and closed it.At this time I felt whatever was chasing the woman wanted the kid from the car-and that it wasn't benign in any way.

-After a while, the woman wanted me to open the door, and I said something like "he beat/abused your kid, and you want me to open the door?". She insisted, and when the door opened, there was a man there-roughly the same age as her, give or take a few years. He had black hair, and darker skin (not African American descent, more like a "white guy" that had a fake tan done: no offense if there is any). He just stood there in the doorway, giving a bemused? look at me. The feelings I got off of him was anger, as well as evil. For some reason he would not step through the doorway. That's where the dream ended.

I may post a few more later on

My question is...what would these be considered? I would like to claim that they are just dreams, but my gut feeling is that they're not

I have been told that it could be the following: stress, past-lives, premonitions (I don't think they are), memories from someone else, possible OBE/remote viewing (subconsciously, not aware I'm doing it).

as a final note, I always check the news stories...just in case something comes up. And they have been getting more and more intense lately, and are happening on a daily basis.

I am also fine in mind, and do no substances of any kind- which rules that out.

Any insight would be welcomed

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posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 12:04 AM
Well I don't know if this will help any but I'll give it a try and who knows. I dont believe in past lives or reincarnation, as I understand these memories or dreams or visions or whatever you wanna call em are from when you were that persons guardian angel. Which is why you remember things from long ago and might have dreams looking from their perspective. It's wild I know but to me its make sense, its something to think about though.


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