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All the help in the for big business......

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 01:30 PM
You know The govenment has truly lost sight of who they are here to serve. They have given hundreds of billions $$$ to companies that were deemed to big to fail. It started with bush and continued with Obama. (one of the few things negitive you will ever hear me say about Obama) They are both Morons for doing this. Who did this help. I know I did not see anything from it. I'm still broke, living paycheck to paycheck. While these fat cat CEO's and excutives are recieving multimillion dollar bonuses. (I know this is way late but I got get this off my chest) Where is our help. Where is the help for the avarge american. The American that keeps your precious bubble of the week afloat. The american that drives the economy. And what pisses me off even more is that they are talking about the bail outs worked. No they didn;t big busniess just hit the platau of how many people they needed to fire to remain profitable. All these bailout did was:
1) Increase our national debt.
2) Make CEO's and Excutives even richer
3) Show the future CEO's and excutives that you can run your company to the ground and the people will bail you out.
4) Reward incompitance

I say we should have let the companies fail. They would have had to sell there assets at firesale prices and the companies that were doing good would have taken them over. We could have used that money to do several things:
1) divide it between the states to build infastructre, fund new tech, education
2 Would have the money for Obama's health care bill
3 Just not printed the money which would not have caused the dollar to fall so rapidily in the world market.

Now lets get back to the people. Where is our bailout. We drive the economy do we not. We are the ones that use credit cards. Now I will say (and I know this sounds mean and uncaring) that I do not feel sorry for the people that have lost their homes if they got a home that they could not afford. If you make a combined income of >40k per year then you can not afford to live in a house that cost

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