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Atheist ads to adorn New York subway stations

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 06:58 PM
I see all of this talk of morality this and morality that.

Talk of atheists begging a god they didn't believe in on their death-bed.

Now, I'm not an atheist, but there was a time when I considered myself as such. Two things strike me odd.
1) When in the world are people going to realize that morality is only subject to your condition? Ever notice the moral proclamations in those Abrahamic books they tout as if they've ever even read the thing all the way through? In the middle east, if you steal bread, you lose your hand. Why? Because people over there simply don't have much. If you steal from a family their bread, you have possibly caused that family to go without for quite some time. So, it is severly punished. Here in America, you can steal whatever you want from Wal-Mart and unless it reaches a certain dollar amount, they won't prosecute at all. Why? Because they own the world, they don't need to prosecute things as petty as a loaf of bread.

Point being, you are driven to certain actions that are deemed "acceptable" depending solely on the circumstances in which you find yourself. You don't get morality from a book, people. Morality is ingrained within you. People generally strive peace. Even chimpanzees have moral codes. Sorry to put it this way, but the biggest hinderance to morality, other than mental illness, is Government.
This is what your Jesus spoke of as Satan. Coincidentally, it is STILL what the Iranians call Satan. Hegemonical Government. FFS, wake up!

2) On the point of Atheists on their death-bed. As I said earlier, I considered myself an Atheist at one point in time. I also died during that point in time. Sorry, but I didn't beg anyone for anything.
In fact, I somewhat anticipate death. Did so even while I considered myself an atheist.
I'm a curious person. I am genuinely interesting in KNOWING, THROUGH EXPERIENCE, what happens after.
I'm also NOT suicidal. So I suppose that while I still live, I will seek through spirituality.

Anyhow, blanket assertions are nice and cozy, if they happen to fall in line with your beliefs. When you make blanket assertions and there happen to be people who DON'T agree with you, you look like a fKing idiot. Pardon the language.

As for the topic

Cool, I like the posters.
Although I don't think that religion is actually a factor of war. I believe that religion is what the Governments of the World to embolden their fanaticals whom they have a very vested interest in keeping ignorant of all things other than their created and warped version of a sky daddy who likes THEM more than everyone else.

The WTC attack was about one thing and one thing only. Dominance.
Religion always makes a nice patsy because so many people follow it.

So yeah, screw religion.
We're better than that crap.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by mikerussellus
reply to post by ModernAcademia

My two cents?

Religion is a good thing. It provides a moral compass to our lives, our society.

The folks that want to deny religion, or espouse atheism, deny themselves a moral reference.

I think it's far better to define my own moral compass, rather than letting someone do that for me. I feel i'm an extremely moral person and i actually follow my convictions ... unlike some religious people i know.

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