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Lurker gone public...hi everyone!

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posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 04:44 AM
Peace,love and hair grease(or gel) to everyone! I've been lurking here for quite sometime and, as of late, began replying in a limited capacity to threads I couldn't remain silent in.

Either way, I'll happily don the "noob suit" and I'm happy to be a member!

But I'm going to relate something that has recently caused me to jump in the pool. And that is the question as to the relevance of "the sixth sense" or having such, and no, I'm not talking about the movie.

Not even 2 months ago, me and a friend were robbed at gunpoint, and though I am a legally armed citizen, we were going out to dinner and I opted not to carry my weapon into the restaurant, though something nagged me to do otherwise. As we ate joked and eventually left, a feeling of massive negativity began growing as we approached our cars, I was able to move my friend, as we approached our vehicles walking, to a point that provided him room to run, and where I could retrieve my weapon and defend ourselves.
Without physically seeing the suspect, I knew where the attack was coming from, where he(suspect) was going to position himself ultimately. But I was not given enough time to use lethal force, just provide an escape option for my friend.
In regards to that, the suspect is alive to stand trial, and his accomplice, as knowing where when and how, I was able to contact 911 secretly(blackberry/bluetooth) dialing and laying on the phone. Literally 15min later, I was Id'ing the suspects and the cops were baffled asking, "how'd you know?" In terms of how I knew what was coming after we recounted what we were doing leading to the attack.
My friend told us all, that I said not a word though we were just blabbing away seconds before, my walking became basically unchanged but mechanical, and I looked stern while I walked him(hand on his arm) and pushed him furthest from the assailants and immediately went to my locked glovebox. then stood and smirked directly at the robber when the robber jumped from a getaway car behind us.
He said with the look on my face while we walked, then the force at which I pushed him forward, in addition to speed I threw my passenger door open, made him look behind me as the car that passed us, stopped about 15ft from the rear of my car and he seen a guy hop from the passenger side(furthest from us) of that car hunched over hiding something in his hands. Then my best friend ran when he knew the guy had a gun after he left cover of his get away cars rear.

What I recall, as we were approaching the cars, was the center of my forehead had gotten oddly warm as a car drove past us. I never heard it stop, I felt I had to get my friend as far to my right as possible and that he clearly (from his relaxed blabbing) had no clue what was happening around us. So I switched from being on his right, to walking alongside his left and putting my hand on his shoulder pushing him ahead of me and onto the sidewalk. And I threw open my passenger door, going to unlock my glovebox I instantly locked onto my rear drivers window, thinking whatever it is will be coming on that side, and I had miliseconds to get my gun, or give up and play distraction so my friend can run.

I turned my key in the glovebox to unlock it, it didn't unlock and instantly I knew the mental stop clock hit zero, as I hear a gun being cocked loudly then my friend yelped "whoa!!". The gunman, standing 5ft from my drivers door, chest only visible in my driver window, was focused on my best friend who was at front right fender of my car where I pushed him, as the key DID NOT allow me to stop the threat.

Knowing trying to force the issue(glovebox) would kill us both, I threw my car keys under my car as I stood, smirked looking at the gunman saying "whatcha need man?" Then looked at my buddy, causing him to turn and run. Robber ordered me to lay down, as I did, I pressed emergency dial button on my blackberry and laid on top of it so he couldn't see it as he came to my side of the car. Some how, robber didn't notice the bluetooth in my ear, nor did he realize I gave our location to dispatch as he rifled thru my car.
Another friend 2 days later, who works for the same department that made the arrests, came to me and looking confused, said "Man!! HOW did you even know!!??" Letting me know, in the 2 days we hadn't talked, he talked with those involved in the arrest and they all said they didn't get how I did so much in so little time, and I seemed to know it was going to happen. I couldn't give him an answer that was satisfactory except "I just knew"........

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posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 04:46 AM
Welcome to the site.

Starting a new thread in the appropriate forum might help get others answering you faster. Sorry I couldn't help more, but I look forward to seeing your contributions in the forums.

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 05:00 AM
Thank you, at when I get to the required 20th post, ill move the topic over to the appropriate thread.
Thanks again though!

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 05:03 AM
Welsome to the site ...

In this country, throwing your keys under the car would have earned you a instant 3rd eye.
They are kinda trigger happy around here.

posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 11:16 AM
Greetings! Welcome to the site!

I too am new!

What a story you got here. Maybe "you just knew" because you don't go anywhere without your gun? Or make sure that it's close by. That sense of danger never leaves you. It's your basic instinct.

Well..I hope you enjoy the site! Don't be a stranger!

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