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The Pandoras Box to all sinister technology is being opened with no turning back

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posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 03:29 PM
Go and watch control factor movie, from hollywood. Got a good saying in it.

"I just realized they are not going after the devils job, they are going after the job of god"

That explains what the techs are around today, i would never want to be part of a world with such inhumane scum.

Pandoras box is already open, and you can bet anything you want the brightest in this world are not smart enough to understand things like electronic mind control, even though they have had the techs for ages now.

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by wdkirk
reply to post by DJM8507

...or we get someone who says all that stuff just to make it look like they are on the inside and have the latest information. Everyone wants to feel important.

In my experience, most highly secure facilities require that you go through various detectors/scanners and turn over any electronic devices, storage devices, watches, and even keychain flashlights, etc. They also have the walls shielded with copper plating and have detectors that can detect various types of wireless transmissions.

Chipped keycards are also utilized to access any computer system that require a pin, finger print, or retinal scan depending on the type of system being accessed. The newer ones have RFID locators that log your exact location in a room or building in real time and log it. The systems also tracks every single thing you did while on that computer including any files accessed, moved, or copy attempts.

This doesn't even include the vast amount of security cameras, and motion or infrared sensors throughout the facility. In extremely high security vault areas they have even been known to weigh people with ultra sensitive scales, coming in and leaving a room, forbidding any food or drink and with restrooms outside of the room, which require the person to be weighed on departure and reweighed when returning from the bathroom.

Employees of such facilities are also under constant surveillance with their internet traffic, online accounts, land lines, cell phones, bank accounts, and any financial transaction. This also include the family and close friends of such individuals as well.

A lot of you wonder why we don't have more evidence leaking from such facilities, and I am here to tell you that it is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. Even if it did leak, it would be removed and sanitized from any networks they were on, all traces vanishing.

Those responsible for such leaks would also face stiff penalties that would financially destroy a person and any potential of a future career. That is a best case scenario. Worst case would be that they have enough evidence that is brought before a tribunal and they could be executed or assassinated for treason. Many would not take such a risk, especially given the odds of succeeding.

posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 05:46 AM

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