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Nibiru and Doomsday 2012: Q&A with NASA

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 11:23 AM
They wouldn't tell us not because they wouldn't want to panic us, but because their biggest fear would be (THE ELITE) that their plans for survival would be put in jeopardy.

I don't even believe most who do hide truth from us are doing it on purpose, I do genuinely believe those who do tell lies, and they do no matter what explanation people come up with for excuses as to why they didn't really know there was for example water on the moon, they tell us what they are told to tell us.

Imagine that irrefutable undeniable evidence came out that it was real, and the elite have a means of escape or surviving such a catastrophe, if people found out, then those plans are then going up in smoke as people try to find out just where and what they have planned to save themselves, so it would have to be the deepest secret known to man, I said in another thread, Money is just an end to their means, IE: to be able to build whatever they needed to survive, after all don't people need paying for materials etc? it's nothing to these people, money is worthless in their lives, the wealth they have goes way and above what we could imagine KNOWLEDGE.

There is nothing these people would not do to protect their secret, it's a very exclusive club, they will survive with the slaves needed to start again, and sadly I believe those slaves will be made up of those who tell these lies and try to cover their backs by doing what they are told, even though they don't know anything about why they are being told to do so.

If it is real, then the longer they keep it hidden the best chance they have to complete what they need to, I also said that I believe it's already too late, because the secret is slipping, it doesn't matter for them, all they have to do is keep people running in circles and arguing with each other using the same method, have one side looking for truth, and the other side ridiculing anything that comes out, all without anyone knowing it's a strategy to keep it stagnant.

Find where they are planning on going, and then you start to get answers.

It blows my mind more to think anyone would even want to survive, let alone be a slave to those who would allow Mankind to die on such a scale, not that anything could be done anyhow, it isn't a movie, there is no good guy who would have a weapon to prevent it, it can't be stopped if the scenario is real.

As for the World panicking, yeah there would be panic on some scale, but on the whole the realisation would lead to a more relaxed enjoy the time left, only the complete imbeciles would be going around shooting others for their possessions and food, struggling to survive what? and my bet they would end up on the receiving end of their own sense of survival technique, all mouth and not much in the knowing how too department.

Right now there seems to be more evidence of it being so, than not being so, maybe if they released the Sumerian writings and allowed us all to have a look it would solve some issues? just why do they keep those locked away anyhow? what do they have to hide? those tablets that have been released, are explained away by the same people lying to us in the first place, but one thing I can guarantee, if it is real, not one of us will be immune to it, believing or not wouldn't change that for a second, but still there are those who refuse the possibility because their heads cant accept either the fact their beloved Governments wouldn't lie to them, or it sends shock waves through their heads when they think about it, kind of like when you witness something tragic or shocking, it makes you reel back the first time, you get used to it after a couple of times, and immune to it after that.

See as the last century went on, and more discoveries where made about the Universe and the Earth, it became more obvious that we rely on so much not on Planet Earth to keep us alive, the realisation that we are not in control of those parts of our existence was shocking to more and more people, a rock from nowhere, a solar flare which could send us back to the stone age, rogue Stars roaming through the vastness of space, even an explosion of a star unimaginable distances away from us causing us problems, so many ways to die, so fragile a place to live, all most have are their faiths, which again are being to look less and less for us and more to keep us under control, destiny really is in the hands of each and every one of us, that is until something out of our control and beyond our reach becomes apparent.

And so that is where we are now, so much mistrust, so much doing the deeds of those who have no right to run our existence like they do, sending us to War, to fight their battles not ours, yet making out it is our fight, we don't want to kill people we meet each day, so why do we do it to people we have never even met? because our illustrious lying leaders tell us we need too? really? the same leaders who tell us to dismiss all evidence and listen to their wise words?

Manipulation has to the word of being alive, because it is done to all of us without exception, it's how you act on it that makes us who we are, is Nibiru impossible? nope it's more possible than you think.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by azzllin

Incredible post! And every morsel of it is true.

You are a very bright one! If you don't mind me saying so.

I have made you one of my sharp friends.

Hope you don't mind.

~ Zeus

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