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Canadian Abductee Explains UFOs

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

isn't it so amaizing, cool, wonderful, we all keep finding each other???

there seems to be a group of a few hundred, I find all over, by "accident". over and over is so comforting.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
"sal´met jarin Pléóshán, námó ké a´te jé zéá ké´e"

ERA : enae Volare Mezzo

yup, that was a little too intense, I had to turn it off because it is almost 2 am, I will try again during daylight hours....almost felt an OBE come on, but I'm not really in the mood, or too lazy for one right now or something...or too interested in reading more mabey, lol..

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 04:41 AM
mellissamouse,thank you I spent an hour reading the information you suggested,I believe that it is really weird that I have been spouting off a lot of ideas that seem to be similar to the ones written in these papers.

I had never heard of or read that material,but I am sure I will be back at it soon.

Good to see you are contributing, I seem to keep running into the same names myself these days,it makes me wonder if some of us are going to meet one day.

Thanks again.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by one4all

I dreamt of a huge habitat ship last night, in the dream it was confirmation of truth and visible from the earth to all as proof.

I read something about the moon on a post though as yet haven't had the time to properly read all this thread yet. About a month ago I seen lights circling the moon and got a picture which I have written about on another thread and would post pictures though I think I have to be more active to be able to post pictures.

I am in the UK and these Canadian experiences, are very similar and indeed, from accounts, universal. I am also in and have always resided within close proximity to intelligence bases, ancient druidic lands which are now army/ naval /air force / munitions and very very active, in fact the most active in the UK in crop circles, sightings and such, as well as large areas being strictly no entry.

I believe the government here and probably universally is very active in knowing who these 'intelligent' people are and are absolutely aware of and part of 'alien' bases around important sites.

As such, any 'underground' awareness movement would be absolutely subject to government control, either by way of trolling, plants or directly.

Do you have any views on government interaction and the unfolding of information by intelligentsia / illuminati etc?

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 06:56 AM
There is no need to be underground because the powers that are trying to keep or have kept these secrets tried to keep them by allowing the real facts to actually sit right out in the open side by side with the ludicrus insane ideas that make people laugh ,with the intent being to hide these things in plain view,but keep people laughing enough to never really see the truth.

I believe our governments are powerless and whats more I dont believe anyone has permission to use weapons of mass destruction any more .

Government and religon are looking at each other right now and wondering what they are going to do,how they will survive this new reality.

The truth is they wont survive as they are,both institutions will need to be changed wholesale if they hope to survive into the future.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by one4all

Would you personally or people you know stand up in public and tell these experiences without fear of ridicule, retaliation or other interferences in your life?

I have experienced negative impact on my life and have seen it happen to a fellow abductee when talking openly about even being abducted, let alone about theories on 'alien' bases and functioning 'aliens' in our society.

Presumably your views are based on information from being abducted and ESP etc, whilst those sensitive to such things, those who have similar experiences and general 'believers' would be open to listening and would probably agree to a lot, there are a lot of people so far from believing anything on these lines that their reactions aren't trustworthy and have been known trouble makers to those that dare to speak out. This is a risk most aren't prepared to take. Any 'movement' on speaking out would have to first tackle this issue and these people would only be likely to listen at all if they were told in no uncertain terms from the 'authorities' they hold as rule makers.

The basic seeds have been sown in this media led culture, in the form of 'alien' movies and the likes of ATS etc though it would take a major advertising campaign to properly reach the masses and would be seen as being 'ok'd' by the 'rule makers' therefore acceptable. Therefore I believe for any success of any such movement from 'underground' or 'only known to those with the 'intelligence' current status to internationally accepted theory, and it would be seen as theory, albeit with back up in the form of witnesses and sightings etc, until something more major and universally accepted happened, would have to have government backing.

People would only follow such movements if it is known to be okay, people have jobs, families and financial commitments and wouldn't risk these following a 'forbidden' path.

The government and /or those that have forced truth oppression would have to renege and submit to allowing others to speak out without retribution to enable people to speak up and share their experiences and beliefs.

Human psychology has to be taken into account and there are steps from conceptual analysis to acceptance and people require proof in various ways.

Some would readily accept their religious leaders initiation into adapted concepts, though this would mean religious leaders would have to accept and adapt their beliefs and teachings and seeing as a lot of power and finances are based on religions this is a major ask.

To expect all religions to believe and teach an adapted and new universal form of their most often millennia old traditions, on which their very lifestyles are based, would have to be based on undeniable fact.

There would have to be some sort of 'awakening' advertising campaign to reach the masses on accepted interface channels.

From small acorns does the mights oak grow. From start level we could all utilise a created logo and advertise it on media we use, avatars, facebook, twitter etc, you tube posts, search engine hits, create t-shirts, creating a 'buzz', getting it talked about, creating ripples then big waves in media.

The advertising campaign would have to be simple, to the point and able to 'reach' people on many levels, including opening the 'psyche' or channels to enable the ability for the masses to comprehend such universal concepts and as such serving as proof of such things.

Something like:

Are you Awake?....

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 08:38 AM
This idea is really good, but for more than a few people standing up and giving their stories, for the nwo and possible earth changes. It should be in every community. Small visible group sharing some printer and photocopying costs, and posting bulletins on free message sites, possible a small ad in the paper for a local forum/message board, where all the movies are. It would be quite costly to actually hand out to many of them frequently.

But on just the ufo related one its a lot harder, these are testimonies. Nwo has a hard trail of evidence, and many quotes out of the bloodlines mouths themselves.

What I saw in the two timelines I saw, the disclosure one, which was basically the non-disaster one, was a podium with speakers and very relieved crowd, alot had been told including avoiding great danger. I saw people I knew there. The one I saw, nudges a lot but has a non-interference contract. The ones who don't can't give enough credentialled evidence to convince a crowd.

A variety of ways around this would be, local message/boards forums, linked to a bigger one, and whole sections on the ufology issues, with round table signatures where many share experiences. Because there has to be a push for disclosure. I just hope it happens on its own anyway.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by mellisamouse
reply to post by Unity_99

isn't it so amaizing, cool, wonderful, we all keep finding each other???

there seems to be a group of a few hundred, I find all over, by "accident". over and over is so comforting.

Partly the same information draws us. But for some of us its energy recognition that helps us find our families, and find our group a bit. Yes it makes me really happy.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

The abductions that take place are all part of what I call the grey program which seems connected as well to what is called Vrill though greys usually are like double agents and have their own agendas. For my own abductions, I don't recall the medical parts, I've had more positive flashes of memories given to me, and even in the more recent moments when battles occured, and they were cleared for a while, I still am worried about them.

I want everyone, even the greys, free. Free in every sense of that word, so free from under someones control but also from whatever in their own hearts and minds twists their thinking so they can advance with love and compassion and grow as they're meant to.

The greys seem to be taking dna to heal their own dna for the new plane, but also are working behind the scenes with renegades groups and our shadow governments/militia.
Its not a good situation. This is the aspect that really complicates dislcosure. They come and do surguries in your home too, I believe mainly implants.

You really need to work at waking up and moving beyond what is happening, metaphysically through the ascension process, and setting intents. It doesnt end their work but it does create a different situation for you and awareness that there are others watching over. And if you seek help from the archangels and Federation, it can be cleared away for some time. I'll be sending my prayers for your safety. love and light.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

There are free websites where the logo / ad poster could be available to download and print for individuals, say to print 2 / 5 / 10 or more copies and post on high traffic areas like notice boards at work, colleges, universities etc.

Any advertising poster should be uniform for each stage of the campaign with a link to the website to download and give basic information on 'the cause' as well as any links to perhaps the ATS forum and other relevant organisations / websites.

Part of the campaign should involve a hosted website where people are able to join as members and access to information and meetings if things get to that stage.

If lots of people get involved and utilise available resources for common purpose then costs will be minimal, though administration and organisation members are essential and concepts, names and advertising have to be agreed upon.

There are likely to be similar groups established in various places including ATS and combining ideas and resources could be advantageous.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by Naeem82

There are crop circles made here too. I would imagine we would have both kinds of et activity, in terms of the grey program and our cosmic friends. Crop circles often contain frequencies and alter our dna in real time and are are a part of the ascensional work.
I really don't know whats coming, wish my own ideas wouldnt be so very blocked, but know the best work is to wake up and begin the ascensional work and start to claim/state/affirm that you remember your natural abilites and all your energy psi skills are activated. You maintain and hold, and broadcast these frequencies, so you are assisting all. The rest has to do with your own personal talents, abilities, and insight, what you could do to assist others, alert everyone to nwo issues. I want disclosure fast. What anthra talks about my good friend who is andross in source wrote some time ago, in a journal/novel that just flowed out of his consciousness including everyone being healed, and an end to coporate banking slavery, and freedom for this planet.

Lake louise, the continental divide itself, is probably the best area to go, if something that big is coming. And with Africa forming a new ocean, and possibly ready to break apart, it looks like something big is coming. But know that few will survive unless there are provisions and without advanced technology unless people who are here, who are seeing crafts, wake up enough to get together on a dual purpose: meditating and joining intentions and visualizing a different ending, visualizing crowds shouting NO to nwo and ending their power over us, along with peace groups all across the world. Max Igan on his website and forum has a hour long session, 2 pm Saturday's pacific time, for holding the peace vibration and meditation/visualizations within us. We need this kind of thing.
We need to meditate one each of the power points of this planet, or as many as we can, for the do feed into each other and we can reach the whole grid and create a merkaba as large as earth to shield and heal it.

All the plans everyone has for this planet, save the highest good from the High Council of Nine, and Divine Mother and the Cosmic Citizens who care to do the Creators Will and are ready for a new era involve us doing the work to wake up and evolve. No one can control you, when you become aware of who you are inside and start to use your creational abilities, in conjunction with Prime Creator's Will for freedom and equality and advancement, and to heal everyone and earth. Though I am thinking we may have to head for the rockies, and claim this "I am in impeccable knowing at all times, in the perfect moment and timing." in order to be open to all nudges, we're also here to make a difference.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

This is actually a really good idea. I've thought about getting a small local group going but the expenses of the entire operation for just one or just a few would still be a little too high, and this is the kind of grass roots work that needs to be done in ever town, but it needs to do overview of nwo, earth changes, their underground bases, and ufology including experiencers to get people actively demanding truth, pushing for disclosure and safety. And saying NO.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 09:26 AM
Neil Young is a Canadian and he "dreamed of a silver space ship in the yellow haze of the sun" with people all around the folks flying it.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 10:15 AM
Disclosure is something I've really been thinking on, as to what they intend to do with this considering the Vrill. I know what true disclosure from the Federation and Andromedans isn't. It isn't anything that continues our world banks and corporations into a world monetary system, nor does it involve setting up religious type governments and court systems in a fundamentalist way akin to Sharia law, for all these regligions are annanuki mind control with some actual history and interesting info thrown in. The books are only valid from a social scientist point of view. ETs bearing religion versus your metaphyscial abilities and psi development, arent the good guys. Though I do speak of Divine Mother, its something you need to find out, in freedom, exploring on your own as you wake up. Disclosure certainly isn't about microchipping people either and would not validate our world leaders in any way, or emesh them over our heads. Disclosure wouldnt bring out a whole bunch of obvious grey/nordic hybrids to rule us either. Nor would it introduce us to the lizzies. These are not appropriate disclosures.

True disclosure would be like Anthra Andromeda's thread. Now one of the expereinces I had when I began to wake up from the matrix is to discover that I was being messed with by more than greys, and that I was feeling ill for days, with my spine feeling electricuted, and my whole system out of balance. After seeking with my insight and with help of my friend discovered I was seeing lizzies and electrical cables. And it was dealt with, which made me recover from this disablititating health problem quickly. This was a week roughly, very rough week. In that week, my friend and I were discussing what we wanted to happen. He really wants to swing into gear and get rid of the slave system, and is much more like a warrrior. Impatient to see action. So we talked about the conditions, and also he sent me some very affirmations and talked about our need visualize disclosure as NOW, in the now, with podiums filled, people healed and happy, the skies filled with the GOOD guys and the leaders unconditionally stepping down. I had instant communication with that nuki that was controlling me, who was dealt with the next day, saying, that the negotiations had to involve "conditional" surrender, with a whole list of terms that would give them continual rights over us, and this world.

Thats the whole point. No. Disclosure by the Federation and Andross means they step down unconditionally. These are the intergalactic freedom fighters. They are the good guys. And they would not step forward with anything other than freedom for this planet, healing, moneyless resource society. There may be a United Earth Council, but this would be an elected body of non-bloodline men and women to ensure peace and larger issues, not to enact any form of nwo. In fact, we, awake and aware, healed and metaphysically growing in our abilities, with no microchips in us, no longer poisoned in our food supplies, need to stay aware and ensure freedom is truly free.

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by one4all
mellissamouse,thank you I spent an hour reading the information you suggested,I believe that it is really weird that I have been spouting off a lot of ideas that seem to be similar to the ones written in these papers.

I had never heard of or read that material,but I am sure I will be back at it soon.

Good to see you are contributing, I seem to keep running into the same names myself these days,it makes me wonder if some of us are going to meet one day.

Thanks again.

I just found them by accident a few weeks ago after finally making a real prayer for the first time in ages, since I had become so embarrassed by religion.....I felt religion was being really degrading to the true creator etc...(some of my videos go into it in pretty simple terms, in my sig)

I too have had these dreams and visions, and visits since my earliest memories.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I have made announcements on facebook and post a ton of stuff on there....the response was much better than anticipated.

I was quite simplistic, didn't give too much details to be argued, but basically said.....I have seen many UFO's, so have millions of others, so what's the big deal? Because me and these millions of others don't work for the government dose not make us any less credible.

I have been working on my credibility and reputation for truth for 36 years, so people actually listened, because I have allways been the one there on moving day, the free baby sitter, the listening ear, etc, etc, etc...

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:18 PM
Unity_99, I can see why the PTB/religions/elite do not want disclosure, they stand to lose basically everything. They wake up every day, in their warm big houses, eat whatever they want, fly around, arent chained for 8 hours (+ 1 hour lost before, +1 hour lost after typically) to menial pointless jobs. Everything is _awesome_ for them.

However, 90%+ of the world is suffering, and looking to change the system. Rich and poor will always exist, but the current imbalance is staggering. Rather then turn around and help those who have a little less, they turned around and put shackles and blinders on those behind. If things dont change I can see more people going postal and blowing away people at work places and other crazy things.

There is a problem tho, what about free-will? I am sure that this weighs in heavily, no? I am sure PTB will argue they earned their wealth, and they own what they own, and they will not move 1 inch from this, and the superior powers can F themselves. What do you do with this? I guess a disaster would wipe the slate clean and that stuff doesnt matter anymore?

Or are you presupposing that there will be:

disaster ---> disclosure --> help

and that it wont go: disclosure --> help --> disaster?

From both your posts you guys are pretty confident of a geomagnetic pole reversal, with flood/earthquake and not nuclear fallout?

In these other threads we constantly see popping that washington and new york is going to be nuked. Would a greater force actually come down and stop a bomb from going off if one were to be launched? Or would they actually intervene in a situation that would trigger a mutually assured destruction? I've always found it fascinating that someone hasnt actually nuked anyone else since japan. Is this result of direction intervention in the past? What affect do nuclear weapon detonation have on the "other life" we cant see? On the spirit beings, ghosts, or aetheric or whatever? Is it true that those weapons harm/wipe them out too?

one4all, you mentioned 144000 souls.
Sanat Kumara, Venus, 144000 Souls

You are referring to the souls that came to earth from venus to help us in the long-past, and ascended masters yes? I heard somewhere that they all left around the 70's and havent incarnate since. Are you saying that they are in orbit ready to roll when SHTF? Please expand, and what is the role of the ascended masters if any in this?

Is there also not a possibility that the annunaki will just nuke the planet and write us off if any sort of positive intervention occurs? Or are the conderation/andross on superior/similar warfare/technological capabilities as the nuki?

I would like to think humanity could pull a ghandi and overturn all of this without intervention/warfare/bloodshed, but it really doesnt seem like its possible? Everyone who works for good, creates free energy devices, water devices, things that would help the world ACTUALLY improve; they fall out of buildings, mysteriously hang themselves, accidentally slit their wrists, etc or are straight assassinated with the whole public watching unable to do anything. So I guess there is no alternative?

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

There seems to be a lot of NWO objection sites online and there are plenty of forums and websites talking the same ideas though is there really any direction?

This requires proper planned development with foresight and longevity, organised websites with organised action plans, meetings, downloads for people to print and distribute advertising, links to helpful paths, areas on the website dedicated to all aspects, like:

Which types of aliens are there?
Types of abduction experiences
Ways of protecting from negative abduction experiences
How to channel the correct energy
How to protect your energy
How to recognise 'aliens' and 'types'
How to recognise fellow abductees / same energy beings
How to grow and utilise ESP
How to share information and intelligence
Sorting forums for ideas sifting
Suggestions for progress
How to 'spread the word'
How to keep your job and be an active member
How to protect yourself from negative impact
Whether to remain anonymous
Where there are local meetings
Jargon explainations
Links to appropriate sites / organisations

The more organised, concise, professional and user friendly the better.

Energy focusing tools, sacred geometry, spiritual alignment, ESP, channelling exercises could be included.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:46 PM
Collective small voices all saying the same thing in an organised and civilized way at the same time will be heard and more publicity to these voices the better, then oppressors have to be seen to be listening and if their very nature is publicly proven then they must show backing down.

If there is truly any world democracy to be had then now probably is the time to do so, the media is in favour of such ideas and has to be an ally.

For those who are familiar with names of 'types' of aliens and presumably in contact with representatives of such types if not a representative themselves, is there not some way of rallying these types collectively here on earth for the purpose of collective consciousness for good intention?

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by Naeem82

I keep trying to find out what to do, and have been raising my family. There are so many possibilities, and the disclosure one that I want to see, not the disaster one. I stepped into two currents and saw them as separate. One thing I dreamt was that some of us would be performing arrests on TPTB, which would be wonderful. If there is a timeline like this, this one I keep envisioning too. Anything we can do to wake ppl up and spread information or draw disclosure in is the right method.

One4all is talkind about battles, for there are many planets still not free and this ongoing war is continuing, earth seems to be the focus of much attention possibly to timelines. And quite a few that have personally suffered losses due to the old empire and destruction of planets, such as lyrae and others are here.

We're all being told to speak out, to contact our leaders and tell them no. Max Igan pretty much nudges us to the right thing all the time.

Since most of us don't have money to sink into larger projects such as magazines or newsprint on the issues, it may be worthwhile to get a group going that can pool resources and start something bigger, maybe an alternative political party that stands for complete truth, revealing all documents and disclosure. Though this is very expensive and would even so need to be nonprofit and garner support to go further. I wouldnt make it left or right, but in the middle to start with, and push for exposure of all information.

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