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Canadian Abductee Explains UFOs

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posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I notice you mention Ashtar. Just wondering if your familiar with the topic "Voice Of Gramaha?" (its a topic i like, which has mixed oppinion... Have a look/search for it, if you can)

And also, the waking up, and sending out good positive vibes and such reminds me of the story of 'Orfeo Angelucci' and his eventual coining of the phrase "NEW AGE" that describes the epoch of human history that Aliens are ment to usher in. Obviously its mentiond in lots of storys too, but id like to hear your opinion, as well as any other mutual readers.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by MOTT the HOOPLE
""There are major earth changes approaching,the entire planet will be affected.The magnetic poles will shift and there will be other major changes in our solar system,the earth will be hit with a burst of energy from our sun that will send a wall of water around our planet THREE TIMES,anyone at an altitude lower than 2km will be killed.This simple.""

Well Australia's as flat as a billiard Table "so I'm screwed!"

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Stand out in the desert, I'm sure the water will evaporate by the time the water reaches you.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by cloakndagger

The video of the elephant painting is awesome. Thank you for sharing that.

I've always felt that it is wrong to keep these animals captive. Who are we to decide which living things have souls and which do not. And, since soul is a word associated with religion, maybe we need to use a different term.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 07:30 PM
donttaserme,Anyone can attone for whatever things they have done in their pasts as long as they are sincere in their efforts ,the sincere part is important ,the idea is that you must be prepared to move forward into a new world into a new environment with an entirely new life mission so if you cant handle absolutely surrendering every value and possesion you currently put value in you wont be ready to move forward,I as everyone am always trying to correct the aspects of myself that create or in the past created negative things for other people,this is self discovery and atonement all rolled into one,BECAUSE AS SOON AS I TRULY SUBSCRIBE TO THESE IDEAS I MOVE FORWARD WITH A MUCH MORE CARING EMPATHETIC ATTITUDE AND I TRY TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE CONSTANTLY BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND THAT MY LIFE ISELF AND HOW I LIVE IT HAVE THE ABILITY TO AFFECT MANY MANY OTHER LIVES.

You have to be ready to be a part of a team and that is the only requirement.You cant lie about your intentions,not even to yourself,think about it as a global lie detector test that you have to take at the airport,you will either pass it or you wont,you will either get on a plane or you will find some other way to get to your destination,and if your destination is survival you will seek high ground if you want to make it,there will be no lie detectors on the ground.

You may make it on the ground if you are prepared ,some will definately make it,it just depends how much they can sway the odds in their favor through preparation.This is just a natural event on a global scale.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 07:50 PM
"sal´met jarin Pléóshán, námó ké a´te jé zéá ké´e"

I'm curious if you get any feelings off of this, something inside. Era is also good with the language. They claim its made up, some claim its psuedo, I read one that was probably closer to the truth in saying it was a pre Latin language from a small group, the kind that flourished then disappeared, they often keep knowledge. However, I recognized the sound from what my friends and I have written. This is quite helpful for some to awaken somewhat, and I've had sentences like this sung to me and translated by a house guest we knew all our lives who just happened to experience sitings and had experiences with us that week he was here.

ERA : enae Volare Mezzo

supposedly lyrics given as this, but I would change them:

Erreme ho-ha ho-ha
Erreme ho-ha
Endeio diavole
Erreme camieno camienostro
Erreme camieno camienostro

Oooa oooe cantare ho-ha
E meio malevo cantare
Oooa oooa oooe cantare ho-ha
E meio malevo cantare oooa

Isime penelope 'ndeio malevo

Erreme camieno camienostro
Dorime dorime
Ho-ha endeio diavole / Pensare teri me
Sa mi e on e batte
Sa mi e on e bazzione
Ho-ha endeio malevo

E me gioite l'imperisime volare
Ho-ha endeio malevo cantare
Isime penelope 'ndeio malevo cantero
Ho-ha endeio malevo

U-ha, hu,
Derene u-ha, u-ha
Derene u-ha
Degeo diabole
Derene damino
Derene damio

Uuuu-ha, uuuu-he
Cantare, u-ha,
Emeo malevo,
Cantare, uuuu-ha.
Uuuu-ha, uuuu-he
Cantare, u-ha,
Emeo malevo,
Cantare, uuuu-ha.

Damino daminasto
Doleve doleve
Degeo diabole
Samie pomerante
Samie pomerazione
Degeo malevo.

Emeo emojorne
Impe risime
U-ha imeio

Placebo delelonte imeio
Malevo domeio

U-ha, imeio
Malevo irime
Alevo alevasto
Doleve doleve
Isale demine
Samie pomerante
Samie pomerazione
Degeo diabole.

Alevo alevasto
Doleve doleve

Mine would go more like:

o' a' o' a' u'

E'nde'i'o' di'a'vo'le'

E'me'o' ma'le'vo',
Ca'nta're', o' a' o' a' u'

etc, and theres a reason for that.

lo' te'le'mo' ki'o' ta'ske' zho' me'a'
sa'l me't ja'ri'n

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by one4all

I wondered if you think / believe abduction happens to specific individuals for a reason, part of a plan perhaps as predetermined destiny as guides for humanity's destiny?

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Really interesting.

I have had sightings, abductions, always psychic and with paranormal abilities and since a child absolutely drawn to the unseen / unknown.

The first abduction I recall was as child and a few times I recall since, I am now 37.

I have always believed in 'aliens' though feeling like being sort of belonging to aliens myself.

I have studied many forms of divination and religion, as well as physics, math, geometry, astronomy etc. and I now feel my urge to study these is for purpose and since the '90's have felt an awakening, more so recently than ever. I have also come to realise a conflict in 'aliens' though never had the urge to 'get sci-fi' with types until hearing more and more about similar things on here, fuelled by requirement to explain some recent unpleasant abduction experiences where I was forcably held and a long 2 pronged matt silver colored metal instrument forced into my nose. I wouldn't normally mention it though on here is anonymous though how do you tell your doctor that? After these experiences, small triangular puncture marks were left on my face, like very deep thin punctures in 3 formation which irritates locally leaving a red triangle! I have also experienced gynaecological abduction experiences. I am aware this sounds far fetched though thankfully there are people on here that are also lucid and intelligent seem to be aware of such things too.

To the point, these negative abductions did seem to be greys though I would be interested in your opinion and more information on other types and the apparent conflicts between types and the part abductees play in this.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:35 PM
I am currently preparing to present my perspectives to the public in an attempt to provide a forum for all major religons to come together on common ground.This has to start with a grassroots ,organised ,structured group of people with a common perspective,I happen to believe that there are enough people who share my perspective that I can encourage some to share a new common perspective.One that includes creating a group of like minded people who are of mixed religous backgrounds but are ready to start helping each other ,right now today with their own two hands,because we have to have stability in our lives to help others,all religous doctrines promote helping your fellow man in theory,but we are going to help each other with dollars and sweat equity,we are the key to changing the system but we have to help each other right now and not put our efforts off in the hopes of eventueal divine intervention,the only atonement we can hope to offer comes from our immediate gifting of time to help other people ,today.

I believe that we need to begin to interpret our major religous doctrines as they were intended to be interpreted,as moral guides and as technical guides on how to thrive as a species.We need to check our addiction to divinity and fantasy at the door and begin to accept responsibility for our future as a species and FOR THE IMMEDIATE WELL BEING OF OUR FELLOW MAN ALL OVER THE EARTH.To do this we have to help right here at home where we live because many many people living right next to us are suffering because they are bogged down in the currency system,they have no help,money is relative to time so they have no help coming,we defeat this by using our combined sweat equity which is as valuable a commodity as we choose it to be,we can have fifty people swinging hammers to the tune of one carpenter and call every hour a paid tradesmans hour,think of the incredible value we can provide each other with.We took each hour which would have been spent in a church and attatched a dollar value of our choice to it and GIFTED IT to people close to us.

I dont plan on changing the world overnight,I simply want to share my perspective with others ,but make things happen right now,and in the future,but I believe the true loyalty to a humanitarian way of life is displayed through our sharing of information and based on this idea I want to remove the economical and fiscal barriers that are holding back the developement of the people I believe are teachers.If you are spending most of your time working a normal job you are being wasted as a resource because if you are willing to accept new knowledge and learning on a constant basis you are really a teacher and your time is better spent experiencing things in our world and communicating and actually helping in a hands on way other people.Strong advocates come from strong environments so the economic situation of each and every teacher is paramount to their developement and continued ability to share a common perspective with others who are willing to learn.

There is no limit to the number of teachers our world needs,and it is time to marry the almighty dollar with a path that includes teaching the uneducated about our world as it is right now,here,today.We need to create a forum that will provide a place for people to display their ability to play a part in the decisions that humanity makes regarding our cumulative path as a species.A global forum based on education,BUT NOT EDUCATION OF ONE BIBLE OR DOCTRINE BUT EDUCATION ABOUT THEM ALL AND EDUCATION ABOUT THE STATE OF AFFAIRS OF EACH AND EVERY HUMAN ALL OVER THE PLANET IN REAL TIME SO WE CAN MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS REGARDING OUR FUTURE WITH CURRENT INFORMATION.

Religons are the key to taking back control of our path as a species,we need to bring them all together under one banner and then and only then will the needs of all mankind be fairly and properly addressed ,by US, BY THE PEOPLE,not by the current global institutions that claim to address these concerns.


If all major religons were faced with DISCLOSURE ,which is just around the corner,then IN ORDER TO SURVIVE THEMSELVES AS ENTITIES THEY WILL NEED TO INCORPORATE THEIR CURRENT DOCTRINES WORLDWIDE INTO AN IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT THAT WILL MAINTAIN A PARALELL COURSE,this should bring all major religons together wether they anticipated it or not and when this happens there isnt a government in the world that will be more powerful than the people.

Just tell people the truth,that we were "created"by others like us when they combined their own DNA with ours[ours as in already properly evolving primates,but possibly not the eventual representation of the original creator or the top of the natural evolutionary foodchain] to speed up our developement in order that we be able to do tactile physical tasks and form primitive then complex societies that would makeus perform much like compound interest in terms of our value.

These same people are currently searching for the story of their origins which through their interference are now our origins,we didnt ask to be like this and although we may not have naturally evolved into the representation of the original creator on earth,ONCE OUR DNA WAS UPGRADED WE BECAME THAT REPRESENTATION HERE.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:48 PM
I think abductions happen to people for exactly this reason,every single person on this planet has the ability to affect EVERY OTHER PERSON,any one of us at any time can create a ripple effect by our physical actions that could affect every human on earth.

There is a great advantage to continually "allowing"a number of people to "wake up"or keep learning enough to develope many multiple perspectives.Call it adhd if you want,but your brain needs to keep the learning channel on 24\7.Some of the implants do that,they allow you to learn,simply learn,but anyone can do it if they want,the implant just ENSURES YOU LEARN THIS WAY.

I believe that life is passed forward through women,from daughter to daughter,from birth to birth.So yes I believe that abductions happen to family lines and there is good reason for this ,a small number of educated teachers in the right place can have a great effect and very inconspicous appearance.Genetic enhancement is obvious in humans ,so if there are a lot to choose from and there happen to be billions then THERE HAVE TO BE BETTER AND WORSE GENETIC COMBONATIONS DEPENDANT ON YOUR CURRENT REQUIREMENTS.If it aint broke,why fix it?And maybe .just maybe we are like wild animals and it is really hard to find that perfect combonation,kinda like albinos if you will.Once you find the bloodline you keep it because it holds value for you,the females being the most important and the only way to trace abduction through families.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:49 PM
The instrument in the nose is weird but the sound or the crunching feeling is even weirder.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by one4all

Interesting, though for people to truly believe I think there has to be more than just 'spreading the word', especially seeing as there are so many established religions that would only be swayed if it proved their own religious views as correct or was something overwhelmingly undeniable, like a universal vision in the sky.

I believe all religions are ultimately pointing in the same direction and this has to be part of an intelligent plan and as such will all come to fruition when the universal plan unfolds as planned.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by one4all

I think the teaching thing is right, and educating in the correct way with truth as a basis is right and fundamentally correct though how are the present truth oppressors going to be shifted?

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 11:18 PM
One4all and Unity_99 you guys seem to have a pretty clear grasp of whats coming up here.. not to mention the larger agenda overall..

I am curious what our economy/work/spiritual life will be like post whatever is going to happen (total destruction or utopia)? I would imagine more agricultural and stuff for most.. but what exactly is going on war wise universally? And how do we really contribute in that sense, what I mean is like.. those that are chosen go up and fight a.. forgive me for lack of better example.. starwars/battlestar galactica/aliens/startrek type scenario? Upgraded/advanced galactic technologies and races and stuff? Are humans from earth actually proactively helping them somewhere else fight a greater war?

I remember your mention of the canadian guys in blue outfits linked to ufo's in that other post a while back.. that + googling around with those terms reveals some interesting stuff as well..

If we (canada) are having relations with the aliens, would you guys approximate that they are the "good" guys? Contrast to the US and other negatively aligned countries/groups? Or is there really no differentiation? I see parallels in the ET group helping russia and Canada, but not with the US. Am I correct or incorrect on this?

My brother works out in the rural areas in alberta, there are a lot of kill zones (trespassing = death, no questions), he says driving around at night he sees "strange objects" very frequently. Mind you, my brother has _never_ been open to this stuff, his mind was ONLY changed forcibly by multiple ufo viewings. I have always known because of multiple paranormal experiences from childhood which I may u2u you later, starting from my earliest unblocked memories

My brother, talking to farmers reports to me oftent that there is HEAVY activity in the skies here. We initially just presumed that this is our own military/blue suits as you say... but honestly we dont know. Originally we thought "alien ufo", but he sees them quite often, and from what the farmers are saying, it could very well be our own guys/secret tech? Any more info on this? When did they form? Who are they? Is there any solid documentation we can chase down on these guys?

as for high ground, as mystiq pointed out in your other thread, lake louise is where i am heading, a couple of my friends have had the extreme and urgent feeling to prepare out of the city/rural areas for something, to be self-sufficient and such, but we have no money, so we are working on basics.. loading my car up and driving out praying for the best.. when the time comes hehe, any other suggestions for safespots in bc and alberta?

All this is part of my plan, to pack up and go there.. this has been coming to me in nightmares for a while, different visions, always the same thing.. grab loved ones (who i can never find in my dream..or am never able to save or wake up) and escape the cities/malls/places ppl will be gathering..

I would like to ask more questions and hear you guys speak, but really I dont know what to ask.. please keep going, and pleasure to meet you brother

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 12:53 AM
Post event life will not be pleasent,imagine no power,no radio,no,doctors,in short imagine being put back to the hunterer gatherer stage,because contrary to what movies might tell you no one will be camping out in the supermarket eating twinkies.

There will only be things to scavenge.Definately agriculture if you have seeds and live long enough to see enough sun to plant them.No sun-no heat-freezing cold until the earth balances itself again,no growing season-no food for animals that we could eat,whatever you can scavage until things grow again,but on the up side not much competition either.

The thing to remember is that there are no gaurantes that being three miles underground in a shelter will help you any more than being perched on a mountaintop.

Your idea of just throwing things into your car and going is a great start,dont underestimate the reality of what you said,plan a safe route to your safe area,one off of main roads which might be blocked by backed up traffic,make a list of all important people and their phone numbers,small med pack,freeze dried or other long term storage foods,any survival gear that turns you on and any medicines you or your family might need including a copy of any important medical info.

Any plan is a good plan and it will be a crapshoot anyways,dont worry so much about the technical side of the equipment you prepare for emergencys because there will be chaos and your witts will be as important as what you think you may need,read as much as you can about survival and buy some good second hand books or download some stuff off the net remember clean drinking water and firestarting.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 01:07 AM
Theabsolutetruth,all of the video evidence some on International news staitions aired live combined with the thousands and thousands of witnesses ranging from high level politicians and military personell to housewives and schoolchildren would be considered a UNIVERSAL VISION IN THE SKY.

Acceptance is the only hurdle,what I often ask myself is how other people even some close to me CAN BE SO BLINDED TO WHAT IS HAPPENING ALL AROUND THEM.How can anyone question all of the video and picture and eyewitness testimony?Its impossible yet it is happening,this leaves only one possible reality--that they CAN NOT SEE IT OR THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO SOMEHOW FORGET OR IGNORE THE INFORMATION.

I dont predict a rush to high altitude areas simply because no one has the ability to put all of these signs together and even if they read about them they will still have to develop the conviction to act on their newfound information.I somehow doubt there was a rush on ark building in Noahs time either.Although I am sure there were a few last minute attempts.

You might be surprised what major religons can do when they want to,they can mobilise literally billions of people in a paralell cause almost overnight,they simply need to have all of their doctrines proven wrong at the same time so they have a reason to gell,SO THEY ALL HAVE A REASON TO GELL.

If large transport ships hovering all around the world dont give us that reason,nothing will,we will have some time.

We will be given disclosure by our desperate governments then we will all be shown undisputable signs in the form of massive transports worldwide.

There will be time to decide what you want to do,there will be time for humanity to look ahead and to look back before they decide what to do.

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 01:36 AM
As far as the Galactic war goes I can only tell you that humans are fighting in it,that there are humans that arent from here fighting it,they sign on knowing they will never see their families again but are proud,their lives are like ours.

Earth was hidden away from the war and was kept secret as a secret resource should things go south,if we are found to exist by our enemies we will be forced to fight here on our planet,if things go good we wont have to see battle here.

I was given an opportunity to join the battle the opportunity was considered an honour,the ships are massive but can be controlled by one person I was told I was able although I did not.

I think we are contributing on a constant basis but arent aware of what our contributions really are, a lot of people go missing every year literally millions and millions globally for all we know we could have been supplying manpower for a thousand years and we would still be clueless about it ,same with resources we dont know where they all go at any given time on a global scale technology is the same,we all know our governments lie to us so they may have also been providing resources and keeping us in the dark.

I actually was on a ship and spoke with soldiers,I have never been exposed to the council although I am willing to bet that the woman in the robe was one of theirs.

All the information I have about the galactic war came from face to face conversations,no chanelling,or pinging or anything extra sensory although the communication on the ship was telepathic several times.

Many other pieces have come in dreams,or in seemingly innocent connections that my mind makes that all lead back to these issues,dreams combined with the internet were my saviour,I couldnt figure out what to do with the information until I discovered computers and the net.

I couldnt have figured things out in ten lifetimes without the internet and its acess to seemingly random information provided at light speed,today one man can live and learn TEN LIFETIMES IN ONE.

Thought I would add this as an afterthought to show you what I mean.

About two years ago I had a dream ,in the dream I was in a survival type situation,I was in a partially destroyed tall building with other people,I had to go get food for people so I was having to form a tactical plan to go out and forage without being hurt or killed,guess what was threatening me??

Pigs man,wild pigs,and not just regular pigs either,supersized supersmart MASSIVE BOARS that had learned to eat anything that moved including people.I wont get into the details of the dream because I believe the relevance lies elsewhere.You see about six months ago I saw a television program called pig bomb about an explosion of feral pigs happening in the US,a major explosion with major impacts and interestingly enough the BREED WAS UNUSUAL AND IS STILL BEING INVESTIGATED.

I saw the exact type of pigs in my dream and you bet your a%% they were destroying and eating things my friends.I was afraid of them and they were a threat to our survival .Imagine how pigs would thrive in the event aftermath.This is how I correlate bits and pieces of information that may seem irrelevant to others.You see I have taken the time to study wild pigs and their habits as well as hunting tactics although there didnt seem to be any for urban areas which is where I was in my dream.This is why I believe that our dreams are relevant and very important,we just need to figure out where they fit in.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 01:57 AM
All major governments have knowledge although all havent been formally introduced,some have,like the US Germany,China,Russia,India,France and of course England.

There are no good guys and bad guys only guys who know what is happening and guys who dont.We cannot change earth cycles so we need help,if you consider that our governments have spent the last sixty years drilling holes in the ground to hide in WHEN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASING FREE ENERGY TO THE PLANET AND PREPARING BY BUILDING MASSIVE HABITAT SHIPS WHICH THEY WERE GIVEN PLANS FOR then they might be bad guys.

The underground bunkers wont work and it would have taken a global effort to build enough habitat ships ,we had the time but our US buddies thought they could come up with a better homegrown plan,aka the underground solution.

We had time to solve this ourselves,build the ships and save more people,but because we didnt do that we will have to carry that guilt with us into the future.The major cchurches re also aware of the situation.
There is always bad guys.

The Americans werent the only ones contacted,others took similar courses of action.Including Canada,google Paul Hillier and his claims.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:02 AM
We will talk about the moon later although those same governments are still trying to blow their way in.

I have been to the moon,I was trained there for some reason,and no one who isnt supposed to be there will be allowed to stay safe there,that includes US politicians and popes.

Nasa knows exactly what is on the moon,and so do we ,nobody wants to believe it,listen to the men who have been there and are realising their own mortality and telling the truth before they die.

The time is so short we wont have time to hold our governments accountable and they will be gone when its over,never to be seen again.

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 02:42 AM
Well, have you looked into the Urantia papers at all yet OP???

While the bible can be quite primitive and barbaric, the Urantia papers so far to me seem inspired.

As an abductee myself, the main message I rembered, was that entering religion made me self rightious, and I had to de-religionise myself to become truly spiritual again...

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

Do you not believe that war is a necessary evil? You fight for freedom so you are not affected by other nations that want to control you. Well, it happens on the stellar level too. Ever hear of Star Wars? I'm sure you have.

When you have alien beings, they will want to compete for space and land to save their own species. Not really because they need it; I'm sure they might be comfortable wherever native planet they inhabit. Sometimes though Earth becomes overpopulated and it becomes necessarily to kill off the people who do not contribute enough. How do you contribute? You produce products or goods that are useful. It could be a record or a digital camera, but produce something of value or you're out of here.

Life seems cruel but remember if you were meant to survive up until this point, it is because you were meant to. Why sabotage your previous efforts? Life in another world might be a whole lot better than this one. Maybe this life is just a test you to see if you are ready for the next one.

I don't know who rules this world, but maybe I'll find out soon enough and so will some others. There are two ways to provide for people: one) you help yourself like you do at a buffet, or two) someone else helps you. If someone else helps you, they usually want something in return so they can then help themselves. Money isn't evil; it's a tool used to measure your contributions to society as you see it. Now true I believe if I have a lot of money, it'd be the right thing to give back to the less fortunate and give back to people who have shared with me in the past.

I think a lot of people really like to try to bite the hands that feed them. You can't do that though or else you might get punished. Who is feeding you? Your own hands. Value them and don't let yourself drown in despair. You've come this far and with just a bit more time, the world will change for a lot of people.

I won't speculate that a sun flare will cause a flood. That sounds too biblical, but there might be a shift in consciousness or maybe the UFOs will "beam up" certain chosen people and do I don't know what to them.

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