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Cosmic Voyage - Martians and Grays

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by Bagel
Surely more of you guys have read the book?
I just find it quite surprising that I have never heard of this author or his claims before reading the book.

He gives the location of 2 alien bases here on earth, something that can actually be verified through research and inspection.

Anybody else have any opinions?

I havent read the book yet. But as far as the bases, we need to investigate it. BTW were are the locations?

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by Bagel
reply to post by nusnus

I don't know if RV can border communicating with the dead.

That would be the first time I hear of it. I've done quite a thorough research on the subject years ago since I was so interested in developing my 'skills' if you will, but I've never actually heard anyone go back in time, or communicate through the dimensions.

Hmm, but now that you mention it, since the grey alien that was checking me out through the RV was using some kind of green triangle, he might have been going through dimensional travel.

I didn't read this book you speak of, so I'll ask, is there any mentioning of a dimensional travel portal or some such?

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 09:51 PM
I just finished the book and the only thing stopping me from visiting the supposed martian base under Santa Fe is money problems.

This book is unbelievable though! Even if you don't believe aliens/ufos exist, there is still a great life message in this book, and possibly even the meaning of life
good find op

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by Bagel
I've seen a few replies about this book posted in some other threads, but based on the claims being made by the author, I think it deserves its own thread.

The book is "Cosmic Voyage" by Dr. Courtney Brown, and it was written back in '94. I came across it a few weeks back.

The book essentially presents the data that he managed to obtain from over 20 Remote viewing sessions. His monitor was part of the original US Military program, and all sessions are conducted using the protocols developed during this program.
Before approaching the monitor (who is not named) he had personally developed meditation skills, and thus had no problem with issues such as quieting the mind.

The majority of the sessions are type 4 cases, where the monitor is well aware of the target, but the Remote viewer is not.
There are some Type 1 cases, in which the remote viewer acts solo, and is front loaded with the target data (I have subsequently read that Type 1 data is regarded as less reliable)

To be honest, I was literally stunned by what I read. The author makes some very bold claims as to the nature of ET and our place in the Universe. I for one believe that he truly believes what he is saying. He claims that this data is corroborated by other RV data from other viewers. He stands firmly by his claims.

In short he describes the following:

1. There are many types of ET, but two that we are in contact with the most, the Martians and the Grays.
2. The Martians resemble humans closely but not exaclty. There world suffered a cataclysm and some survivors were brought to Earth, whilst others remain underground on Mars. There are many refugee locations, but he reveals 2, the first being beneath Santa Fe Baldy mountains in New Mexico, and the other deep in a South American country (one with a strong drug trade).
3. The Grays and Martians are benevolent and are of no harm to us
4. He spoke with Buddah and Christ
5. He confirmed the existence of a Galactic Federation
6. He describes the events that lead to the destruction of Mars. An asteroid which did not impact it's surface, but rather caused violent osccilations in the Martian atmosphere, leading to slow death of the planet.
7. In all cases, the grays were aware of his presence in all the locations he travelled to. He was able to view abductions occuring. At first the Grays would not let humans view this scenario, but later allowed it.
8. Grays are able to travel through time. There are currently three groups of Grays, each from a different point in their timeline, that are presently operating in our time.

Of particular interest if the claim about the refugee camps, as these can possibly be confirmed. He does present much more data in the book on other aspects of ET and god. The above is merely a list of things that come to my mind at the moment.

I would like to hear what other members have to say about this book. I am genuinely interested in your views.
If you have not read it, or even if you don't believe in RV or aliens, it still is quite a rivetting read.

Sorry but the majority of this is untrue. Although I can confirm the existance and U.S. Military programs for developing military applications for people with remote Viewing capabilities....much of the rest is pure fiction. The Martian statements are the most telling of the inherent fictionalization of this stated information.

One thing in particular....the reason Mars is so barren....although it once had great oceans and most likely because of the collapse of that planets magnetic field. Earth has a very strong magnetic field and this field is generated by the spinning of the Earths molten metalic core.

As a planets core cools...and this happens much more rapidly in smaller mass planets...that planets once molten core slows and finally ceases it's spin. This causes a collapse of a planets magnetic field. Any spinning molten metal creates an Electro-magnetic field....the same way as any small electric motor...such as in a hair dryer...a amount of circular wrapped copper wire surrounding a spinning wheel of metalic bristles...also generates this type of field. Split Infinity

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 10:51 PM

Originally posted by true-life
the book can be found here...

the full book

Wouldn't you know it . . . seeing this thread reminded me I had been intending to buy this book for the last several months but, for one reason or another, had not gotten around to it. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and do it while I was both thinking of it and conveniently on the computer. Went to eBay, found a like-new copy of it for under $5, and ordered it. Less than a minute later . . . this link. Oh, well . . . I do prefer to have both a .pdf and published hard copy.

As to the OP - I do find the suggestion of RV quite intriguing, though have several problems with the more 'traditional' proclaimed methods of using a blind and random coordinate system. Still, I'm sure I'll quite enjoy the book.
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posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by Bagel

I found the teacher from looking at the small adds in an english UFO magazine.Was a long time ago and he was the only teacher,but there must be loads more now

cost a fair bit,but to be honest its the only way to learn this in a proper way.We both tried to do it by printing off the farsight training manual but hands on training with an instructor pushes you in the right direction

Images seen will change in clarity from viewer to viewer and sometimes a word might just pop up.I did one target where i described a park in a built up city,concentrating in the matrix on pen to paper of green grass,fences,people walking,children playing then suddenly I wrote shiny blade out of the blue that my monitor saw who then tried to gently push me to focus on that but he pushed too hard trying to get me see who used it
(rachel nickell murdered in london park)and i had to stop as i felt i was being front loaded by his questions

All the targets we did were blind,only the monitor knew them and wrote them down in an envelope that we saw after the session

Its very strange as you lock into the target in meditation before you even start the sessions!

My best visuals were always in meditation when my eye lids were moving as in rem sleep where I got faint images that i focused on that slowly became vibrant in colour and clear in detail.These images when clearly defined looked so real I felt I could mover my head foward and touch them.Way to describe the size of the images is like if one was in a dark cinema and all one could see was the lit screen infront with blackness all around.

JFK target-visual of spent bullet case
TWA800-Plane in front with nose pointing at me climbing slightly with orange ball of light behind its tail
Midwayers-only time I have ever seen moving images in real time,lots of faces moving through the black

You could start of remote viewing by getting a friend to write down a target and not tell you.Your friend doesnt have to be there,and you can do the target any time you want

Then,get your OBE binaural beat playing on your headphones and just relax.If you see a faint image in your mind focus on it and try and get it in focus.

That part of RV is easy,when one opens eyes and goes to paper then you need to be trained

The more you do it,the better you are at locking in on images

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 05:40 AM
I haven't read cosmic voyage but I do recall another remote viewer say he was detected by a group of aliens while he was RVing something. As soon as they became aware of him he felt millions of uncomfortable pricks all over his body, (or something like that). I have a few RV books and I think this was David Morehouse's Psychic Warrior.
He also mentioned that a lot of our UFO alien sightings are just randoms passing through, like Vietnamese boat people. (again not sure if that's accurate but it was something like that..)

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by wigit

Thats a great book! Realy hooked me in from start to finish

The best out there stuff I have heard is from Robert Monroe and his many astral trips,if you get a chance check out his books as the things he has seen are out of this world!

So many wierd and wonderfull places he visited!

I can remember as a landscape gardener in my youth being told of this man and his journeys out of body by an old man who worked with me.Used to love hearing these wild stories of other worlds and beings who talked to Robert.

He was a sickly child when he 1st started OBE's and it got to the stage through his long life(sadly gone now)that he could roll out of body very easily.His travels crossed both time and space with even other lifes he was living in parallel universe coming into play!

To cut a long story short he says that humanity is a game,and addictive as a drug.

Many higher realm energetic entities have observed us and want to feel what this virbrational vortex feels like so they come down to our level and are born.Once in this realm they know nothing of the higher realm,and after death the pull of humanity strongly brings them back to try again in an endless loop hard to break

He was told that earth was also being harvested of its emotions by an alien race/entities with war and negative thoughts being the main energies captured with devices spread over the globe.There even is a soul catcher on the moon to bring spirits back down again to this level we percieve and keep the world churning out energy

Our vibration is changing and one day we will all go higher into the next levels,something the energy harvesting aliens dont want and they are trying to shield the earth so we always stay this way

Many RV viewers have had big problems percieving the future,so my guess is earth is going to evolve .It seems for RV to work as we use it,or OBE's(extended remote viewing can bring this on)RV and OBE is tied to the Earths frequency at its current Frequency of 136.1 hz(ish)

When the earth freq gets higher we will all percieve the higher realms that we cant see at the moment,we are just locked at this low level for the time being

Im also certain that Monroe and Morehouse also mention reptile looking humanoids who live on this planet with us but are out of sync with our perception.Old shaman refer to them as sheti or snake brothers encountered on their own astral trips.Im not sure they live in our physical world,but if the worlds freq is slowly changing then there might be a chance some could percieve them in places

Anyway thats enough of a ramble,do check out monroes books as its fun to read even if you dont believe it

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by Corsair571

He mentions the Santa Fe Baldy mountains in New Mexico, as well as a South American Country with drug trade (Vague, I know).
I have seen Mt. Shasta being mentioned in more than one book as well.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by nusnus

It wasn't dimensional travel he was describing, and he didn't mention using any portals.
He described seeing the death of Mars and the evacuation of the refugees to places on Earth, therefore he must be looking back in time right

By the way, how did you come to be the target of the Grey Alien?
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posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by theshepherd2

Thanks for the message,
Yeah, I enoyed the story. Have you read Penetration by Ingo Swann?

If not, search for it on ATS. A member posted a link to the ebook a while back.
That is also worth a read.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Thanks for your response,
What you are saying is possible, no doubt. What I find interesting is that the author appears to genuinely believe what he is saying since he saw these events unfold during RV sessions. The claims are bold, therefore he would have to be very sure of himself before putting them down on paper.
If it is a fictionalization, it isn’t an intentional one.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Wonderer77

At least it was only $5

I like to have hard copies of my favourite books, or at least of books that I will refer to in the future.
When you say “problems”, do you mean that the results obtained using this system are not as accurate?
I understand that point but then also look at it this way.

We have two objectives:
1.Prove that RV is a viable means of gathering data (seeing as it was used by the US and Russia, I think this can be concluded)
2.Prove that ET exists using RV. The accuracy of RV is called into question a lot more when it comes to this, like you say, but then again, only one RV session need be genuine (one genuine piece of evidence) for existence of ET to be confirmed.

The author has written a whole book describing multiple sessions about Aliens. I’d like to think that the numbers can lead us to conclude Aliens are for real (statistically speaking), but we know it doesn’t work that way

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by noangels

I agree with you on the need for a teacher. That’s usually the case with most things worth learning. I am still stuck on meditation for now.

How long did it take before you managed pull off the 3 sessions you described? How much practice at least?
Seeing midwayers, wow. How did you feel after that one?

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 03:44 AM
It wasnt too long before my mind locked onto the Target during the initial meditation phase mate,I would guess from the second session onwards I would sometimes hit the intended target full on with these static images or the midwayer sensation of moving through blackness with them floating around

It realy is tricky to RV with eyes open and pen probing the matrix on the your critical mind wants to take over!My friend did way better than me in that aspect,having his static clear images and moving images occur when he was in pen mode,and funny enough he never saw anything in meditation?

The 1st session we did under training was a complete loss for me,I guess I was expecting too much and it just felt like I was sat at a table with paper infront of me.After lunch down the local the next session went better as i just relaxed and didnt think about the table and paper infront of me

We would do two full saturdays a month for about 4 months,and it was mentaly hard!Day long headaches for me the next day,but not crippling ones but enough for you to feel drained and tired

Midwayers was very interesting!Not too sure what I wrote in the matrix on that one,but it might have been before I told the monitor I was seeing stuff in meditation,as I assumed you only hit the target when the session actualy started.He put me right on that straight away!lol

When I was very young and staying with my grand parents my guardian angel/midwayer sat on my bed after I had just gone to bed and before I fell asleep.I could feel the covers tightning around my lower legs and I turned to see someone all in white,white longish hair who even looked like a white aura encased him.I felt scared but the man smiled and said dont be frightned justin you will have nothing to fear in life.My grandmother could hear me talking and came in the small room to see me sat upright having a conversation with no one in the room

Of course that was so long ago,i cant remember what we talked about and the white being is a very faint image now!The reason why I still remember it is my family talked about it from time to time as other family members had seen ghosts.One uncle staying the night with my aunty saw a ghost in the early hours in their room that actualy hit him when he closed his eyes and pretended it wasnt there!lol

My grandmother could sometimes hear them and talk to them when upstaris!

I think that as we get older our brains gets rewired into the percetion we all see now,but for a few early years we can peep into higher realms and even talk to out of sync beings

As for RV and talking to the dead,yeah

Many people who have done the voyager course in america have seen lost relatives and talked to them,im sure if you go down the OBE route with your binaural beats all you have to do is ask to talk to them and im sure a helpfull soul will put you where you need to be

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