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The borg Agenda

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 10:20 AM
There is reason to believe the New World Order Ultimate goal is to transform everyone into cyborg/human hybrid. Has anyone notice why the cyborg agenda is promoted so prominently in the society? Is there a message the media trying to promote?

You have songs from lil kim (computer love), Chris brown (I can tranform ya), and other cyborg agenda song I haven't thought of. The underlying point is there is definite mass propagation of the borg agenda through movies to your everday music videos.

I see it as a step to getting people use to the idea of being a cyborg, many people dream of becoming one with cyborgs, but is this a bad choice both on a spiritual level and secular level? Before I can get into the spiritual level there are a few quotes I will share from a thread I viewed.

Yet there is another, more insidious reason why the ancient religions, which taught fear of God, have morphed into modern religions and spiritual practices that teach surrender or love of God. The reason concerns free will. If that deeply human element can be won over, if the heart and ability to choose can be wholly offered to “the divine,” those on the receiving end no longer have to siphon humans for their energy, they can simply assimilate us. We become one with their system, with their collective consciousness. Our personal energy signature – the soul or ego, individual self– that which makes us creative, original, reasoned, deliberate beings of action – that is taken from us. Or more precisely, we give it away.

We give ourselves to “the divine,” and in so doing, align our personal frequency with those who have fed on humans since the dawn of history. We become entrained with them, like a tuning fork that hums the pitch of the humming forks around it or a soldier that marches in step with his army. As in the military, the surrender of personal choice results in a strengthening of the collective. Soldiers fall out of step when they cross a bridge, because the power of marching in unison is great enough that it could break the structure. Assimilation strengthens the collective that is the gods. If the “Star Trek” image of The Borg comes to mind, the parallel is not inappropriate. The Borg in the sci-fi TV series were a civilization of beings half biological and half cyber. Like a hive, they were ruled by a central queen, whose will ran the collective. They thrived by discovering new planets and assimilating their inhabitants. Assimilation was accomplished by mind-controlling a person and then inserting, in place of the individual’s mind, the mind of The Borg. The victim’s will became the will of The Borg, his actions entrained, like an ant’s, to work for the collective’s purpose.

Cosmic consciousness is not what we are told: a state where the individual mind merges with its own interior pure consciousness. Cosmic consciousness (“enlightenment” or “Brahman”) is a fusing of one’s personal self with the force that has hijacked the universe.

A loving and unlimited creator of individual awareness would not create life forms only to destroy them. That is the act of a farmer, not of an artist or innovator. Creative people don’t make things in order to feed off their creations. They make things to express what’s inside them: the joy or beauty or humor or wisdom. We know this from our own life experience.

Happy people create good things around them, and cherish and take care of those things. They don’t decide to blow them up or devour them. If we as humans naturally behave like that, how could the Infinite Being from whose cloth we were cut think and behave like a savage? How could It be unfeeling or uncaring, when we by nature are feeling and caring? How could the children be greater in character than their own Creator? It’s not a very reasonable premise.

Sounds interesting to me

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 10:39 AM

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by manxman2
i guess no replies after 20 mins should tell you what others think.

get a life m8.

That was kind of rude wasnt it?

There is no need to put others down.

[edit on 18-10-2009 by Copernicus]

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:19 AM
When I first saw the borg on star trek I postulated an idea. With the revelation of the borg queen in the 8th film, I cemented my theory. I realize this is a fictional movie, but it brought to mind the concepts I'll try to explain.

I believe the borg were originally created as a medical breakthrough. Perhaps a genius (mad) scientist with nanotechnology and a dying love....unable to let her go. He programs into them the desire to adapt and to survive so that she may live, technology goes haywire and consumes everything and spreads like a blight across the universe.

This is of course musing on a fictional show but brings the questions we should ask ourselves should we ever truly face an adapted reality. How far will we go to maintain life? How far will this technology take us, and will the end result still be life? Is it worth it? Can we once it's unleashed control it?

This may not be the type of direction you were seeking in your post, but your theory reminded me of my earlier ideas.

On an ending note the first time I saw a blue-tooth headset, I realized the idea that these ideas were fiction had passed, and it was time to start considering the questions properly.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by GrandKitaro777

There's 'building a weak case'...then there's 'smoke and mirrors'...then there's the original post in this thread. The mass of your evidence consists of (single) songs by Chris Brown and Lil' Kim, with additional 'evidence' based on Star Trek - Next Generation episodes? I'd think The Powers That Be could find cultural vehicles that were a bit more current and widely known.

I can't comment on the YouTube link you posted, as it doesn't work in either Firfox or Explorer. I can comment on the massive quote from another thread though. The first hint of a problem should be the use of any reference to 'vibrational energy'. Any time you see those words (or their close kin) used in connection with spiritual phenomena, head for the door, because any resemblance to logic or science from there on out is strictly coincidental. Then there's the theme (central to the theory put forth) that God (or god, or Gods, or gods) consume the 'spiritual energy' (buzz-word alert!!!) of humans. Oddly enough, I can't seem to find any references to that in the Bible, nor in the Koran (or Q'ran, or however the Sheol they're spelling it this month!). Admittedly, I'm not a professional theologian, but I have been an ordained minister for three decades (and not in the Mail-Order Church of Universal Life, thank you for asking).

In short, this theory seems to be based on thin evidence, pseudo-scientific buzz words, and a completely fabricated theology. If you get the feeling I don't buy it, you're right.

And just as a closing note, there's no *need* for The Powers That Be (tm) to convince us to become 'cyborgs'. Let's drop the Hollywood definition of cyborg, and use the actual one. Here...I'll save you having to chase it down.

a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device

Every person viewing this thread is a're using an electronic device to aid in the acquisition, storage, retrieval, processing, and dissemination of information (it's called a personal computer). If you wear glasses, you're a cyborg. Anybody have dental crowns? Guess what, you're one, too. Ditto pacemakers, artificial joints, and cellular phones. We're already cyborgs to a degree that even science fiction of 30 years ago would barely have believed. Most amusing of all is the fact that it's nothing new. While the term 'Cyborg' only dates to the early 1960s, the implementation of the cyborg goes all the way back to Cain, who used a mechanical device to increase his damage potential when he caved in Abel's skull with a rock. Not only is resistance futile, we've all been assimilated for several thousand years.


posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:24 AM
hosting higher dimensional entities via human borg bodies etcetera. a sleeper mass is easier to abduct and move about, plus feed them like unhealthy cattle and you've got yourself a weighed- down 3D earth, slowing down the time experience enough to fulfill a dark agenda. F them all, i'm putting on another pot of coffee. good day to you thanks for sharing.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:59 AM
nothing new here. Go listen to old Kraftwerk. Man-Machine, (We Are) The Robots, Computer World,Computer Love...all old Kraftwerk songs. And 1000 times better than the likes of Chris Brown and Lil' Kim. Havent heard the Lil Kim song but I woundnt be suprised if she had sampled Kraftwerk since its the same name

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by GrandKitaro777

I found this movie it is 1 & 2 of 88!


If any of you have read my other posts you know I value my individuality as a human and hopefully I have lived my life as a kind and gentle person. I hope never to lose what it means to be human and humane.

BUT................................EVERYONE HAS THEIR PRICE.

What would you give to have a way higher IQ. To be able to read an entire 400 page book within minutes and retain every single bit of information? To understand the details of complicated quantum mechanics? or biochemistry or astonomy?

No, if god, an et or anyone or anything came down to me and offered me anything, just one wish to betray my species, would I? Could I?

I sincerly hope not, I pray I would remain strong and true to my private oath of morality which is to harm none.

Physical beauty, money, fame, power, even immortality would not tempt me. I have learned to live happily without all of the above and do not fear death. (The dying part might be a little scary, but I do not fear death itself). As I see my sixth decade of life quickly approaching and have already bid farewell to all of my family, some friends and many associates, I'm well acquainted with the Grim Reaper.

However, the promise of a brain that could comprehend Einstein's equations, maybe even improve upon them.

To be able to read hundreds of books a week vs a few? And better yet to retain 100% of everything you read, saw and heard!

To be able to sit down with any of these people and carry on a decent conversation without embarrassing myself or boring them.

I sometimes feel like the Scarecrow guy in The Wizard of OZ. While I have an above average IQ, I'de give almost anything to be really really brillantly smart............and sometimes wonder how much would I be willing to give?

Would I sell out? Would I plug in to achieve a hundred or more times, my currant knowledge potential than I already have?

I recently saw a really good old movie (1941) The Devil and Daniel Webster starring Edward Arnold. We all know the story, some guy sells his immortal soul, his life force whatever you want to call your very essence to the nasty old devil, named Scratch, for money/fortune (to me a poor choice) but many people do that now anyway.

Nope, money wouldn't tempt me.

Ahhhhhhhhh but they say everyone has their own price. Would mine be a way higher IQ?

God to be able to zip through a quantum physics book (a simple layman one mind you) and not have to mull over it, to think upon it, much less be able to zip through a complicated one.

My second son actually read through my husband's trig book...........First page baffled me.

To allow yourself to be plugged into a system where by all available data could be downloaded to you instantly with complete retention.

To be able to see in the dark, to hear really well...........I've been almost deaf since birth and it is not repairable because the nerve endings that pick up consonants are so badly scarred they are literally dead. Hearing aids amplify but that's about it for now. And no I don't have the hearing damage a cochlear implant helps........I've had numerous ear specialists opinions.

I didn't know I had freckles until I was 20 and had cataract surgery.

Never heard soft rain until I was 22 and got my first pair of hearing aids.

Could not talk until I had a cleft palate repair and a oral surgeon (Loyola U) once told me that the kind of repair I had done at age 4 (1957) was a brand new, expensive German procedure...........someone paid big bucks he said to have the type of repair I had back then. Before that surgery, I had to be pump fed and watched that I didn't swallow my tongue, according to my now deceased older sister.

Anyone that has all five of their senses in 100% working order since birth has no idea what it was like to see what I thought was a pale pink, turn into a shocking bright pink in one of my "pre-cataract surgery paintings" or to see freckles on my nose or individual blades of grass for the first time. It was like I had spent the first 20 years wearing a veil over my eyes.

To hear the soft patter of rain..................oh but I could always smell rain coming at least 24 hours before.

Have always been able to smell good, maybe to make up for my sight and hearing..............they said it was impossible but once in our first house I smelled CO2, called the gas company and fire department and they made us leave the house while airing it out saying, "but you couldn't smell CO2, humans are not capable of smelling CO2"...........well I did.

I could also be blindfolded and pick out of 1,000,000 people my husband, children, grand daughter and dog by smell. Each person has their very own smell and it changes according to emotion.

When I was in nursing, I could even sometimes smell death.

But getting back to the Borg Agenda, would I sacrifice my humanity in order to achieve being like a super human, particularly in the brain department if it meant giving up my emotional caring about others?

I really hope not, but I wonder if ever offered, could I resist an "upgrade"?

Each decade that goes by we are seeing more and more mechanical devices.........thank god for the metal aorta heart valve that replaced my husband's human one that was ruined by scarlett fever when he was nine.

While my hearing aids can now only amplify, we don't yet have the technology to repair nerve endings in ears that pick up high frequencies..........would I sell out to hear someone whispering across the room? You know the most important things are often whispered and many times people with hearing losses are considered "stupid" because "they're not picking up on everything".

(Oh but I do read lips well) and the things people have said when they didn't know I could read lips is amazingly cruel.

As each decade passes we are getting closer and closer to medical technologies that are prolonging our lives, it's only a matter of time when some of us are possibly given a choice to plug in and achieve an almost godlike intellegence..............I wonder if the price tag will be our humanity?

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by GrandKitaro777

This whole thread intrigues me and it shows how so many people are distracted and dumbed down by answering posts in the hundreds about circumcision, judgement day, the rapture, etc............and this one very significant posts hardly has any replies

It's coming folks, you just don't see the train yet.

Case in point, four years ago my husband was told he had a faulty aorta valve due to scarlett fever when he was nine - this required open heart surgery, not cleaning arteries out, the full open heart held in your hand deal.

Now, for you youngsters out there, just 20-30 years ago, a mere blink of an eye, open heart surgery was only done in a few hospitals, it took hours and it was a really big big deal.

Four years ago, 2008, done at a local hospital, (a very good one) in at 9:00 AM out by noon and home in three days..............amazing.

When I was in nursing back in the early 70's a gall bladder surgery took two weeks of bed recovery, now I had one a few years back and was up a few hours after surgery and home in 2-3 days (can't remember but it was fast).

My son had hernia (and it was a big one) surgery at a in and out clinic, he walked to the surgery room, rolled out and home within 4-5 hours.

Each decade that goes by sees medical advances and robotic advances that are almost beyond belief.

Again for you 20-30 year olds out there................I remember no such thing as a cell phone, microwave, plasma TV, color TV was rare, no thumb drives
(I have 8 big ones
in case someone gets into my secure system...............fingers, hands and arms are now attachable, (wasn't when I was in nursing) and the list just keeps growing as to what we are going to be able to do with stem cell surgery and now science is even talking about being able to develope you a computer chip that is embedded directly into you.

BusinessWinnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION

Computer chips embedded in your head by 2020: firm
By: Derek Abma

Posted: 04/23/2011 1:00 AM | Comments: 1
Print E–mail 0 8Share10Report Error SCARED of the future? Maybe it would help if you knew what was coming.

Lucky for you, there's a Montreal research company called 5Deka Inc. that forecasts -- in striking detail -- some of the things we might expect to happen in the coming decades.

Much of it is good, if a little unsettling. For example, 5Deka predicts that within the next decade, we'll see widespread use of communications technology that is "embedded" right in our bodies, and gadgets that immediately identify us to businesses as we arrive.

About 20 years down the road, expect DNA-scanning technology that will almost eliminate fatal genetic diseases in newborns in the industrialized world. As well, athletes, artists, scientists and other gifted individuals will find a new revenue stream by selling their sperm and eggs to aspiring parents.

Many of these predictions are found on the firm's website,

If you're seeking specific details and a chance to ask questions, the company is giving a presentation in Montreal on June 14. That's the group's first conference open to the public. Until now, its presentations have been private affairs. At $275 a head, 5Deka CEO and co-founder Rejean Bourgault recognizes the presentation is not geared toward the average person.

"I would say a lot (of the expected audience) are middle management to leaders of different large companies across all company types," he says.

Bourgault is a technology professional who spent more than 20 years at Nortel Networks Corp. and continues as a vice-president with Avaya Inc., which bought part of Nortel after it went into bankruptcy protection in 2009.

Bourgault says business leaders want to hear about the future so they can adapt to the realities created by changing technology and attitudes.

For example, dramatic changes are expected in the way people use mobile communications as early as 2020. By this time, devices invisibly implanted behind one's ear are expected to replace Bluetooth headsets for hands-free communications, 5Deka says.

As well, that era's smartphones are expected to identify users and their shopping profiles to businesses the minute they walk through the door.

Bourgault expects people will have control over such functions, being able to turn them on or off.

Privacy-related qualms many of us have about such things don't resonate with many of the young adults who will, at that time, have grown up in the era of social networks, he says.

Source and rest of article

I was born in the 50's, became really aware November of 1963 with the death of JFK and it is now that short span of time, so much has happened technology wise and we are accelerating faster with each year.

The average person comes across more data now in one week than any person, including kings came across in a lifetime back in the 1600's.

How far will it go?

Will we all be hooked into a hive system?

Some site (She that cannot be named) says the grays are us from the future.

As always, I am sure the whole herd (all of us) will be kept dumbed down, distracted and misinformed with "stupid chips" but there will be a select few that are given the "golden" chips, the ones that allow you to see farther, hear better, think is a possibility and it is coming.

Very interesting thread............wish more really intellegent posters would come onboard on this one.

Any whistleblowers working with this stuff?

One last thought, go here and read about the biochemists that have had unfortunate "fatalities":

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 01:45 AM
Yes its something that will come in ways as this civilization becomes more technological and more glued to technology and the whole borg theme has been going on for a long time even before the star trek borg. In books, video games, even basic everyday science and medical procedures technology is slowly integrating into the human conscious and life and biological body.

Though were a long ways off from creating any sort of cyborg, its just something that if we conquer the problems of today, which wont be done anytime soon. That sooner or latter we could see civilization whether for good or bad, or both for good and bad we will head in a direction like that. I will admit being a cyborg sounds pretty interesting.

And just because this is a Borg thread. I just have to.
"We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile."

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by GrandKitaro777

I'm against the NWO but what's wrong with being a cyborg? I look forward to becoming a cyborg, if I may live long enough to do so.
It wouldn't make sense for the NWO to want people to become cyborgs because they would have less control over them.

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 01:55 AM
If you look to the leading edge of technology speculation
virtually all of the futurists believe that Artificial Intelligence
will supersede human intelligence before the end of the
21st century.

So, in 90 years or less you can expect to be taking
orders/directions from a superior machine.

Futurists, including many in very high positions of power,
believe that they can become immortal, "Godlike" even,
through ever increasing technology.

BUT, they do not intend on sharing that future with the
masses because they believe you have not earned it.

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