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Maldives leaders sign climate plea under water

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posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 03:20 PM
The Maldives president and his cabinet went to the sea and then conducted thier cabinet meeting under water. The meeting was to highlight that Maldives faces their islands going down because of global warming. If they do go under water then they would be refugees of some other country, India or Sri Lanka

With fish as witnesses, the president of Maldives and his Cabinet wore scuba gear and used hand signals Saturday at an underwater meeting to highlight the threat climate change poses to the archipelago nation.

The meeting, chaired by President Mohamed Nasheed, took place around a table about 16 feet (5 meters) underwater, according to the president's Web site. Bubbles ascended from the face masks the president and the Cabinet wore, and fish swam around them.

At the meeting, the Cabinet signed a declaration calling for global cuts in carbon emissions that will be presented before a U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December.


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