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Just a simple thank you to ATS..

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posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 01:51 PM
Hello all!... Just wanted to say hello, and that I have been a lurker here since ATS was a red-bannered info site having just conspiracy information, back in the day. I formally joined a few years back to post here and there briefly (although not as frequent as I want to), but still lurk almost daily. My point is to express that THIS is my primary source for news, as I am realizing that for most of us (and whatever viewpoint you have) this is the case. These forums, seriously gives us all REAL perspective, and I have gotten a very fresh and epiphinal moment about the sheer brilliance of this sites forums. It can help any one of us find balance in a situation through others replies and comments. Denying Ignorance is more than just the statement... it is also about breaking down the walls that you have built within your own perspectives. This is a think tank people. We all share more information than the average person on a daily basis... debate, and find oursleves either on a side with leverage, or being humbled by blatant facts. It has become more relevant for me in an equational manner that I thought was enough to induce a post.
From the posts that I read, the average person here is not your typical yahoo. Most people here seem to be of better than average intelligence, but there are some very repetitive topics on board that I think we need to start understanding as more than just posts.. but also clinical initiations into this sites collective.
I.E. 1. Disclosure/ Doomsday posts (I was one of those who felt something closing in upon me at one point, when I was at a specific position in my life) which is always an immediate, impending event. The discussions are great, but in my opinion now, we cannot have faith in any resource as of this point... it is, what it is... and so I wait patiently for real credible info. This is a constant here.
2. Politics/NWO/911 are the biggies... and the great dividers. I have seen many of you agree to friendship in one post, but be down right nasty to the moderators dismay in another. (My political affiliation and belief is of no relevance in my post.) I am just pointing out the relevance this site has to open debate on real matters. The healthy debate that happens here opens minds and at the same time gives balance... which in our current environment... we all need. We are all brethren in the end...
3. Almost every mainstream news story of relevance is debated here... with fervor.
4. The list could go on.

Etc., Etc.... this is really just my rave of ATS and what it has become throughout the years... If you have anything to add, I would love to hear how it has shaped your world perpective. Like I said, these forums are really my primary source of current news, and WHY?.... because this is where you can get REAL Fair and Balanced information... as well as a decent consensus of opinions.

Just think and post about how this site has affected you (whether an old timer, or a newbie).. that's all I am anxious to hear if your experience is the same.

Just my $0.02... thx Twig

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