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German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by euleberlin

We all should know by now that these types of activities get by without most humans ever hearing of them. If 911 can get by then ANYTHING can get by with minimal resistance. Alien agendas will be ignored, 911 will be ignored, the swine flu being man-made will be ignored and this will continue until the people of the world have had enough and take control of our world. I just wouldn't hold my breath until then. Unless you can hold it for 1000 years! hahahaha. 99% of human beings don't want to have to deal with reality because they just want to spend their days off work to swill beer and watch the Illuminati distraction known as football. Alcohol and professional sports are about as 'evil' as anything else in this world. When we see the world say 'NO!' to alcohol and professional sports, then the true renaissance will begin.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 02:16 PM
New paradigm = shift in consciousness or a new way of understanding (truth)

Truth is simply understanding. To realize that "up" and "down" are both one and the same thing.

"The world is like a ride at an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think that it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly coloured, and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question - is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us. They say 'Hey! Don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride.' And we...kill those people. Ha ha ha. 'Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride. SHUT HIM UP! Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and family. This just has to be real.' It's just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. But it doesn't matter because: it's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings, and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourselves off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here's what you can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defence each year, and instead spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, for ever, in peace."
-Bill Hicks

There is some crazy ^$%# happening all around us, and there is also some crazy ^$%# happening inside of us too. Everything happens for a reason and so let us become aware of this "reason."

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”
- Albert Einstein

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

Paradigm shift is a metaphor. It is a shift but a paradigm to control of all religion, currency, power. It a shift to global control.

Don't be fooled by the distraction of sports, reality shows and entertainment. Don't fall into the left and right game or the conservative VS progressive.

To divide is to conquer! That is what they have done. And on top of it, as far as we have come as human beings - Obama is a race card and it is as simple as that!

We must all talk, form an army of the people for the people and by the people to look at the reality of all of this. Look at the fact the Fed will not allow themselves to be audited, but they audit us at the drop of a dime. The fact bankers are still making billion dollar bonuses even in this economic downfall.

They want us all chipped and we must fight them every step of the way!

No one is watching the watchers - it is time to do that.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by xelamental
How do you think they do this every year for the flu vaccine? Is it tested for years before it's released? Would that be too late for the next year's flu?

Sinc certain aditives are new to this one and not used in previous ones. I think the original poster was correct. It is un tested.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by admriker444

additives are merely a means to preserve vaccines long-term. No conspiracy there.

I'm sorry but how does that explain only the army and govt. getting the non-additive vaccine? And those at high risk in the public would surely get the vaccine just as soon, so why the necessity of the additive for those cases?

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 05:26 AM
The SPIEGEL brought a new article on this, with some interesting statements by the politicians responsible for this:
Link to original (german) story , Link to Google-translated story

I´ll translate the most important part by myself (i.e. edit the google translation ^^):

There is no 'two-class vaccine, "said a spokeswoman for the Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), the" Berliner Zeitung ". The Procurement Office of the Ministry of Interior had made a contract with the manufacturer Baxter many months ago, which must be respected. At that time, differences between the two substances have been of no question [were not known]. Recently experts warned often that the vaccine Pandemrix, intended for mass vaccination, is not recommended for pregnant women and children because of its Wirkverstärkers [adjuvans, difficult to translate, ~ effectivity amplifier].

Schauble himself said on Monday however, he did not know the reasons why one vaccine so, and the other was so ordered [two different vaccines were ordered]. ""The Defense Ministry has ordered vaccines for the soldiers , and of those vaccines shall a part of the employees in the administration, which is required for crisis teams, be vaccinated," said the CDU politician on Monday in the Bavarian Radio. Die Darstellung, dass hier eine Privilegierung von politischen Verantwortungsträgern vorgesehen sei, "ist nun wirklich jenseits jeder Realität", sagte Schäuble. The presentation that privileging of political leaders is scheduled, "is really beyond any reality," said Schäuble. He added: "I do not know if I'll ever be vaccinated."

Wolfgang Bosbach, vice-chairman of the Union party in the Bundestag, has already been there: He has made a commitment to refrain from vaccination. "I will not be vaccinated, then I don´t have to answer the question if I, as a member of the Bundestag, got a luxury vaccine," the CDU politician told n-tv television channel on monday, with obvious exasperation. "It's still the freedom of individuals to decide if they get vaccinated ." He had absolutely no sympathy for the discussions on better or worse vaccines.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) let the public know meanwhile meanwhile, that she´d go to her family doctor to be vaccinated, despite the for the government ordered vaccine . From him she should - like any citizen - get the mass vaccine Pandemrix, reports the "Bild"-newspaper. That´s the way Health Minister Ulla Schmidt (SPD) sees it: "I will be vaccinated with the vaccine, that the population gets. It´s just like the other, approved, safe and effective."

Funny how they want us to feel safe.

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 06:08 AM
Maybe it's a scam to get Schäuble's Big-Brother project trough?
It is irritatingly obvious how important and heroic they depict him in that article.


posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 06:29 AM
Just more proof to me all the governments are in kahootz!

Norge and Sverige allow vaccine substances that are banned as poisons?!

Nuff said!

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by Ha`la`tha

Originally posted by 2 cents
When are you people going to learn the AMA, USDA, FDA, etc.. are the mob for huge, and I mean HUGE corporations that couldn't give a rats @ss about you or your health unless they can profit from it.

[edit on 17-10-2009 by 2 cents]

And the best way to continue to reap the rewards of being the evil giant, is to kill people off.. Okie dokei!

1: Make a vaccine that will kill people.
2: Don't give it to our chums!
3: ???
4: Everyone's dead except us ?? WTH ??
5: No profit

I never said anything about the vaccine killing people off.

But there is a ton of money to be made off feeding people garbage and them treating them with garbage drugs and then treating them with very expensive treatments for the cancers they get from their garbage food and drugs. By the time they do eventually die off these HUGE corporations will have made tremendous profits off of their unfortunate, ignorant victim's poor health.

Oh wait you too think that the corporate giants care about you and your health ... aaawww ... how sweet that is.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by St Udio

Because here in Germany, no one will ever ever ever, even raise a single eybrow about that matter.
Germans were beaten to total apathy after WW2 and now they´re scared to raise their voices and loose their oh so precious "freedoms".

I bet the leaders of Germany laugh their asses of and pat each other on the back of how great things are going for them.

It made headline news on BILD_zeitung today (yawn) but this issue will be forgotten in mere days.

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 11:26 AM
Hi all,

Dunno if anyone posted this, but here's something interesting in the German Chancellor's educational background which -- frankly, shocked me after reading this OPs thread starter, i.e.:

"WIKIPEDIA abstract: "Merkel worked and studied at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof from 1978 to 1990.

She learned to speak Russian fluently, and earned a statewide prize for her proficiency.[citation needed]

After being awarded a doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) for her thesis on quantum chemistry[7] she worked as a researcher."

Her being awarded a quantum chemistry Doctorate is quite amazing since she then ran for and became Germany's head honcho.

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