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SHOCKING! Proof that Obama is not an American!

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:44 AM

Congratulations to Barack Obama, Sr. and his wife Ann Dunham, who birthed the Anti-Christ this afternoon. at six minutes six seconds past six in Cydonia Mars.

"This is a proud day for us" Said Obama Sr. "We will raise him Muslim in Indonesia and someday he will become the first non American to become President of the United States and he will win the Nobel Peace prize just 90 minutes before bombing the moon."

"We are only here to get a bogus Certificate of Live Birth, it's very important that we get this documentation here otherwise people will know that our son was in fact born on Mars and isn't eligible to be President. We have a lot invested in this young man. After all he has an entire nation to destroy with his soon to be evil socialist agenda" Added Mrs. Dunham.

Obama Jr. with his entire first half of his life planned will be returning to Mars to begin his indoctrination.

"I certainly hope that some Russian Real Estate agent from California doesn't take a correspondence course in law.



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