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Israel's Secret War against Hezbollah

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:06 PM

On Monday, a secret Hezbollah munitions bunker in South Lebanon blew up under mysterious circumstances, injuring a senior official in the organization. This is the second such incident in recent months. The first occurred on July 14, when an explosion destroyed a major Hezbollah munitions dump in the South Lebanese village of Hirbet Salim. Hezbollah immediately pointed fingers at the Mossad.

The Israeli's are waging a covert war against hezbollah in Southern lebanon. Hezbollah is aided by the Lebanese National Army.

The episode also led to heightened tensions on the Israel-Lebanon border. The specter of renewed fighting between Israel and Hezbollah looms as large today as it has at any time since the end of the Lebanon war in August 2006. Yet senior military officers in Israel's Northern Command are confident that the embarrassing outcome of the last round will not be repeated.

"By all means, let the Hezbollah try," one officer told me two weeks ago when I asked if he was concerned about the possibility of warfare. "The welcome party that we are preparing for them is one that they will remember for a very long time." That sentiment is shared by many of his colleagues.

according to the article hezbollah is far more powerful militarily but politically they are much weaker and so dont have the clout they did back in 2006. The spectre of a major war persists in the powder keg that is the middle east.

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