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WAR: Comprehensive Index of Coverage of the Nick Berg Beheading

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 10:44 PM
Discussions, Conspiracies, and outrage are abound over the beheading of American Contractor Nick Berg. The following provides an index as to Analysis, Discussion, and Theories being established here at Above Top Secret.

Since this has become a Major topic, and may continue for some time, I have put all Nick Berg posts in this index.
Unless you are presenting breaking news on this subject, please find one of the many threads to post your thoughts in.

Video Shows Beheading of American Civilian Nick Berg by Al Qaeda Group
This is the leading thread on, as of this posting there are 15 pages and over 104,000 views.

Mr. Berg was Alive - Video/Audio Analysis
Valhall has provided an in depth view of the video. Questions have risen to wether or not Nick Berg was Alive during the beheading.

Analysis of the Al Qaeda Beheading Video of Nick Berg
This is an Exclusive to, John Nada has provided a detailed analysis on the validity of the video.

Nicholas Berg Timeline and Video analysis
Ace Of Base has provided a timeline leading up to Nick Bergs Murder. Starting with his attendance at a remote campus of the University of Oklahoma, where he encounters Zacarias Moussaoui.

Nick Berg and Zacarias Moussaoui Linked
Discussion on about the connection of Nick Berg and Zacarias Mussaoui.

Was Nicholas Berg Executed by the CIA?
How can you have a conspiracy without the CIA involved?

Nick Berg: US PsyOp sacrifice?
Perfect timing during the Abu Ghraib prison scandal to divert attention?

Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading
Anomalies from continue to grow on ATS

New View on Nick Berg
Theory on the Execution to rally behind Bush’s support for the war in Iraq.

CNN Reports Apologies from Muslim Leaders
How is the Arab World handling this? Who’s condemning, who’s not?

U.S. Denies Holding Beheading Victim Nicholas Berg
The United States denies holding Nick Berg. The claim the Iraqi Police had him in custody.

GOP leaders oppose release of more abuse images
Events surrounding Nick Berg’s death could lead Bush not to release all photos of Abuse Claiming “National Security”

Did Freepers cause the demise of Nick Berg?
The Freepers, a name for members of, had Nick Bergs fathers name on a anti-war list.

San Diego teachers show beheading video to students
A question of the First amendment? Political Views? Or just outright ignorance?

For Those With RATS Access:

**Edited Nick Berg Video** Excludes Beheading.
A link to an edited version, for analysis before the beheading takes place. This is also a place free from search robots, so you may post anything you may be working on.

Video Released: Warning!!! Disturbing Content
The beginning (IMO) of the Analysis of the video. Same as above as far as searchbots.

On’s Homepage, there is a special section on Nick Berg. It is on the left hand side after ATSNN Topics.

If you feel I have missed any Informative Links, Please Contact me:

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by SkepticOverlord]


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