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Pole Reversal and Pole Shifts Are Known Processes - UK Advertisements Reveal Coastal Disasters

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:02 PM
The information I am researching is all concerning a GEOMAGNETIC POLE SHIFT. No other kind. The information about a geomagnetic pole shift from scientific sources show quite a division with many linking it to very dangerous scenarios, some of which actually lead to either the tilt or angle of the planet changing or a crustal displacement. And storms.

Magnetic Pole shift - Coast to Coast AM - Brooks Agnew/George Noory

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by woodwardjnr
It's an advert for climate change. nothing more. Nothing to do with any planet or pole shifting. why do you have to read something into this when there's nothing there.

That is what I want to know.

I watched your video and it didn't have a damn thing to do with Pole Reversal or Pole shift.

You're using this unrelated video to further your agenda, OP.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
The information I am researching is all concerning a GEOMAGNETIC POLE SHIFT. No other kind. The information about a geomagnetic pole shift from scientific sources show quite a division with many linking it to very dangerous scenarios, some of which actually lead to either the tilt or angle of the planet changing or a crustal displacement. And storms.

Magnetic Pole shift - Coast to Coast AM - Brooks Agnew/George Noory

That may be what you are researching, but I'm afraid you're reading junk sites. Check the links birqbirq posted. Coast2Coast is not exactly known for scientific veracity.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 06:06 AM
Just a quick question:
The last pole shift was several thousand years ago.
What has that got to do with CO2, or scare tactics videos released by the government?

It looks like you're desperately trying to shove two theories together and they just wont fit.

The pole problem was actually in "The Core" not "The Day After Tomorrow" and was not about the pole shifting, but the core had stopped spinning, causing the poles to weaken

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

THAT was disturbing.

I agree with you that it is a 'cover-up' to explain away the changes that are happening and what is to come.

Many people are now questioning the CO2 we're-to-blame-for-global-warming propaganda. What a guilt trip!

It's message seems to be 'Yes something BIG is happening, but YOU can do something about it.'

Errrrrrrrrr I don't think so. Not if it's to do with a major Pole Shift.

Thankfully, the little girl was not actually listening to that cute little story.
And the voice of the man was obviously dubbed on.

The whole thing was a masterpiece of mis-direction laced with hope.

The thunder in the back-ground. The big Giant Panda sitting in the bedroom looking dead? (extinct?)

"Maybe (emphasis on the word maybe) they could save the land for the children"

"Is there a happy ending?"

"It's up to us how the story ends."

If the Pole Shift happens and it's MAJOR, most people, if they know about it think of their children. Or children and young people in general.
Or the animals. Or grief for the planet.

I think this ad IS preparing people for something. But soothing them with the declaration - "It's up to us how the story ends."

At this point I have to have to say that I have a 22 year old daughter. I haven't talked to her about any of the 'end of the world as we know it' stuff. I know that she doesn't want to know and I'm certainly not going to freak her out by thrusting the info on her.

IF something major comes upon us, and it's obvious, and it speeds up. At that point I will communicate to her about the subject. But I'll be emphasising the importance of staying calm and (and I hardly dare write this) - Having a good death.

I believe in Life After death and re-incarnation so I'm not super-scared of what might come.

I, personally, have the need to know. But I appreciate the fact that the subject IS very scarey to many. (the majority?)

Sorry - bit of a ramble developed there.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 07:25 AM
Back to business - LOL.

I don't think this has been linked to yet.

A Project Camelot Interview with Patrick Geryl.

This guy doesn't pull any punches. He has some very dramatic things to say about what is to come. HE is totally convinced of his research etc. And has some facinating stuff about the discovery of the Labyrinth in Egypt. He connects Mayan and Egyptian knowledge of the Sun's activities re Pole shifts.

I'm just about to watch the Dr Paul LaViolette interview on Project Camelot.

edit - forgot to say - good work Unity_99 .....thanks.

[edit on 16-10-2009 by sum-one]

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I live in England, and this British Government Propaganda TV Ad, is obviously doing what was intended, which is to spread fear amongst the population at large and to make people believe that we are in danger from Global Warming of the man-made variety.

Because the North and South Poles have land beneath some of the ice, we can deduce that at some point in Earth's history, they were not covered in ice; and hence the global temperature was much warmer than at present, which was natural, and not caused by mankind. (In England evidence has shown that we had tropical forests in ancient times.)

Governments, and the bankers who run them, want us to believe that Global Warming is the fault of mankind, so that they can bring in a further raft of laws which control us even more, and make us buy expensive 'green' technology and services.

Nobody can say with any certainty, what will happen as and when the magnetic poles reverse, other than the sun will rise from the opposite direction; and all the scientific speculation is just that; speculation.

It has been written that Pacific Rim coastal regions will disappear under water, but would they? And if they did, where would everybody run to? In the early 20th Century, after the severe earthquakes which devastated San Fransico, people soon rebuilt on the same sites again.

If Californians were asked to move to higher ground in the central spine of the USA, would they? I suspect they wouldn't, any more than Londoners, or Melburnians would. And, major geophysical events can occur without a moment's notice, making large population moves in advance expensive and unpopular.

We must also remember that the Lemurian and Atlantean societies were destroyed during earlier geophysical shifts on Planet Earth. In Britain, as in many other countries, there is evidence of former seabeds which are now many hundreds of feet above sea-level, which are the signs of previous major land reformations.

If events like these happen, then it is likely that some planetary life will get hurt or expire, but it could turn out to be quite minor. Nobody knows.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by Pauligirl

I am including Havard journals and Coast to Coast. The information is being given as usual on alternative sites, which lack credibility only to some, not to those who know they can't find the information on their television sets, and have to sift through a great deal of spin artists to find truths out, as well as Harvard sites. You must have missed some of the links and quotes on the previous page. And there are many more, and I will continue to include a wide range of sources.

The way it works is this, when there is a topic that needs to be disclosed, those in the know (and with up to 14% of humanity possibly being given tickets to go underground, there are many in the know, extremely controlled through the high level mafia fear tactics the criminal world's mismanagement team uses) they will leak information out, through a variety of means. Planet X. A visitor from the future coming back to warn of catastrophe. Not everyone doing this is leaking info, obviously. Also some of them are doing it to create fear.

But, there are two known processes in the works that are both considerable. Pole meltdown and magnetic pole reversal. Neither of these processes are expected to be benign.

And trillions of dollars have been spent constructing the bases. These are real, so get beyond apathy and start to question what is happening??? What aren't they revealing???

The research on pole reversals is being done by scientists. And Coast to Coast is one way information is revealed. But the other is by reading up on the differing opinions.
From what I was told is the year 1983 was critical and when they began to build those bases in earnest.

If you google magnetic pole reversals, you don't get alot of information beyond them taking thousands of years. If you google such things as: magnetic pole reversals and ice ages, mass extinction, 1983, LaViolette, David Jabonski's research. If you google things like planetary lineups, volcanic activity, if you dig deeper, thats when you find out that there are a variety of differing opinons in the scientific community. Yet, they continue to build those bases, and the House of Windsor chose the Colarado area, which is far from the UK and just happens to be at the Continental Divide.

Its imperative, that we find out exactly why. Its imperative that instead of being apathetic until the very last moment, when we get swept away, that we actually demand answers, safety, disclosure (because that will change everything) and seek to heal mother earth.

This thread isnt about fear based, its about getting people aware that things are poised for coastal and even planetary disasters if external conditions, such as energy, disturbances in the solar system, our star, or anything occurs. They have alot of earth history chronicled in the magma layers on the poles and have been studying it for years.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by Daisy-Lola

The last one was 780,000 years ago. And they happen around every 200,000 year intervals. So far some are linked with extreme global disasters, which may or may not be connected to meteor strikes. But this makes earth a meteor magnet, so this does increase.
There are debates that the radiation level becomes extremely high during them, such as was found in dino bones, and studies done by David Jablonski on marine life that suggest the way things died out, from shallow waters first, to deeper waters, from broad leafed plants/trees to the sturdier kind (though plants are hardier, for their seeds are under soil) is depicting a huge spike in radiation. Yet, this could have been linked to extra disasters, not just the pole shift. What you can find online shows a lot of divisions with many theories.

But I provided a link on page one that shows the reversals aborting as well. So in the past 780,000 years we have probably had several aborted attempts, which surprised me because my friend kept saying they have been stopped before. And we do have the power of mediation and many ways to send healing.

But we need awareness. Some of us need to be questioning politicians very aggressively.
This passiveness, from awake and aware people is not helping. What are we doing?
A certain percentage are aware of the matrix, the lies, the manipulations of this world by its rulers, say 3-10%. The rest are counting us to do something, and theres something critical in the works, with the earth changes and the bases being built. Let alone al the negative things done all the time, wars for profit, manufactured diseases, controls and regulations, the codex alimentarius, the world banking system. All of it needs to be challenged so people can be safe.

For others its metaphysical ways to help, they are more aware of that we have many gifts.

What I've been told about this process is it can come in like a lion, or a lamb. The lion is a global disaster. This depends on us.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:13 AM
It's just part of the natural earth life cycle...Were just unfortunate enuf to behere for this one,,,

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Daisy-Lola

The advertiement is included in the OP because it is a UK government ad, that for the first time is talking about a coastal disaster that could submerge land masses. I've never seen this done before. Of course they're linking it to CO2.

But to even have put this out is telling. Coastal disasters, along with other kinds, are being expressed on many sites, and even debated amongst scientists.

The C02 is more related to pole meldowns, but since that process should be self explanatory, ie. they are melting, and unless it starts freezing up really soon, will continue to melt. If any energy hits, solar disturbances of any kind occurs, they could melt instantly.

I'm not including articles about that one, though there a couple after the SHFT (which could occur anywhere from 2012 to a few decades later) that show a much reduced world map. Although it depends on how popular Al Gore is here. I can't stand him, myself. But he predicts a polar meltdown to occur, he only talks about a minimum raise in ocean levels. If you google pole meltowns, there would be 200 feet minimum if Antartica melts, and 30 feet for Greenland alone. The range I've read online was 230 feet- 600, though that last figure wasnt explained.

The reason I'm going on about the pole shift is that it is another known process. Planet X is a myth, the CO2 and all the industrial pollution, oil industry and abuse of our planet down by the leaders is a worthy issue in itself, but it seems the solar system is warming up. This will lead to pole meltdowns, but also could very well enhance the magnetic pole shift.

The ad is misleading, but its still giving a warning, and there are two processes happening that we should be paying attention.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by sum-one
Back to business - LOL.

I don't think this has been linked to yet.

A Project Camelot Interview with Patrick Geryl.

Anyone interested in the pole shift theory should read Patrick's book. I find it quite compelling.
Nice find, sum-one I hadn't seen this interview yet, though I am familiar with his work.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by sum-one

Yes, it seems like a preparation, and an attempt to sully our hands as usual. I feel they who are so well versed in the mystery schools, and come from their annanuki sumerian roots, are attempting a negative harvest. So the economic breakdown, the wars, the poisons in our environment, the real harm being done to this beautiful planet, who is a living enitity and will renew herself, is being cast out on us. Because we're not being responsible and saying NO, and getting in their faces and making a lot of noise as Max Igan says in his wonderful videos. I highly recommend all of his videos.

But I have another thread about waking up to who we are in source. We are not powerless.

We are so much more than the leaders who train us to use left hemisphere thinking want us to believe. Also, they who control the media and communication, can tell us anything they wish. Its our responsiblitiy to assume that wolves can't guard a chicken pen, that their strange actions of supporting corporate abuse and raping of the planet and people add up to them being darkness, not light. Its up to us to use common sense, connect up dots and start to say NO and take action.

Also metaphysical. I believe that at a subatomic level, its consciousness or thought that controls things. So aside from the obvious action we need to start taking, letter writing, phone calls and even protests and sit ins against their nwo, and to get the truth out of them, we have metaphysical abilities and can start to opt out of this materialistic world, clean up our own sloppy habits, seek alternative energy sources, and go outside and kneel on the grass and apologize to our mother earth for being a part of the problem.

We can seek to communicate, to raise our awareness, to meditate, to raise our frequency, to learn to listen to the voice of mother earth and nature. We can send her healing. If enough of us did this, and also sought peace and formed peace groups locally in our communities, so that wars would no longer be endorsed by anyone for any reason,
we would also receive the help we need from the cosmos.

There is so much we can do. The power points in the gridline, such as stonehedge, the Bosnian pyramid, Devil's Point, (the location of all of the them is kept secret by the way, and we need to find them out). We need to have groups mediating for earth's healing on each of these points.

So there are many ways to combat this, by saying No and taking responsibility, instead of letting corrupt dark leaders mismange this planet. Also metaphysically. We have so much more to do.

We need to do this in unity, and form visible groups in our community to make people aware of all the issues, including possible earth changes and coastal disasters so they can start to act. It doesnt take huge numbers to get going. There should be enough who are awake and aware to make a difference now.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 12:26 PM
Would the pole shifting of the earth be in conjunction with the Sun Magnetic pole shift every 11 years. The suns pole shift seems to be of some concern also.. According to this interview.

Pick your poison

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 12:47 PM
The sun completes its pole reversals frequently. They may have to do with sun activity, thats something else that could be researched. Our one is long overdue. And what affects the core of a planet is something that could enhance this process. And I believe TPTB, who don't share their findings, do know something is expected to happen around 2012. Although some talk about 2014-16.

LaViolette's work is something that relates specifically to a process, he speaks of emissions from the galactic core, and earth changes its relativity to in a long cycle. The research about geomagnetic pole reversals is that they're sporadic in nature. Some take thousands of years. Some start out slowly, and due to (ie. astroid/meteor hits, or external forces perhaps, increased sun activity, usually a form of energy is mentioned) can finish off quickly, almost instantaneously. Those kind of events are not benign. And I believe that is what they're expecting will happen, that something is in the works, that they're aware of.
Even if they were simply building underground bases because "they can", why is it reported that the Royal Family built their's at the continental divide?

Planetary lineups are reported the core and Mt. St. Helens erupted after a rather large one occurred.

This thread is about getting people to put together information that has been released for some time both in the scientific community and in the alternate news community and really start to ask questions.

It just amazes me that there are so many people aware about nwo, aware that something is really wrong with the world mismanagement team, who question so many issues, and they're also aware that aside from a new age perspective of a 2012 disaster, there are bases being built for real, yet, they don't question it aggressivley. We're here for a reason, we all came to this planet to do something, for this moment in time. We did not come for undoable missions. Not only is human life hanging in the balance, but history, culture, nature, the wilderness and forests, many species. We have our children to think of, communities, those in the hospitals, and if something is seriously heading our way, we need to uncover it. We need to bust this matrix wide open.

There are many trails to follow. The CO2 one is hiding a lot of information, except this is extortion and a money grab. The only two known processes are real, they've begun, if they finish up suddenly, both are global catastrophes. But they wouldnt have built the underground bases for pole meltdowns, they'd just move their base of operation inland.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
It just amazes me that there are so many people aware about nwo, aware that something is really wrong with the world mismanagement team, who question so many issues, and they're also aware that aside from a new age perspective of a 2012 disaster, there are bases being built for real, yet, they don't question it aggressivley. We're here for a reason, we all came to this planet to do something, for this moment in time. We did not come for undoable missions. Not only is human life hanging in the balance, but history, culture, nature, the wilderness and forests, many species. We have our children to think of, communities, those in the hospitals, and if something is seriously heading our way, we need to uncover it. We need to bust this matrix wide open.

You aren't wrong, we did all come to this planet to do something. There are bigger and braver people than me who are, as I write, beavering away behind the scenes undermining the cliff that the NWO are standing on. But you can't see any concrete evidence of that yet.

When the team coach shouts 'GO' many people will be in a position to go in and kick the ball in the other goal. But, and it's a big but; if they go in too early they'll bust their toes.

At present, patience is required.

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by Tallsorts

We certainly did come for this exact moment in time, except the ones I'm not counting, the ones who came for negative missions. Many are here by the millions from outside this system, those who are the most aware of issues would most likely fall into that category. These are starseeds, as is my friend who wrote a very good about the other side and his experience:
a look at the other side: My Near Death Experience... He and I both know who we are in source.

While there are many behind the scenes, we have to understand humanity must be able to take responsiblity. This is a crucial virtue, that is missing. They have conscious hits in their hearts what is wrong, what is cruel, what is unjust, yet they let it all slide and don't actually tackle the leaders, and replace them if they won't listen, by non bloodlines. This is a responsiblity they have to themselves, their children, future generations and to planet earth herself.

People working behind the scenes are still not boosting humanity forward, because humanity needs to act, needs to say NO, needs to learn they so much more than they've taught and told. They need to start to dream big, what kind of world and system they wish, something unlike anything that has ever been done before. And they need to start thinking of nature, of their planet, for their environment is crucial to survival. So while people work behind the scenes, others must work to wake people up.

When people start to show what they're made of and show some backbone, disclosure will come a lot faster, for they will get aid.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Your passion and committment is commendable.

I'm part of this.....

And I spent quite a bit of time in the Avebury, Wiltshire area this summer.
(not far from Stonehenge) Did meditations in various places like the Stone Circle, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow.

When it comes to talking to people who haven't started on their journey of discovery, regarding all this, though.....I really don't have the time or energy. Even friends of mine who are intelligent and vibrant haven't got a clue about all this stuff. Maybe some of us are just more inclined to go down this road?

I was involved in the Peace Movement in the 1980s and when you get into the political stuff, direct action and what-not - it's incredibly stimulating but very, very time consuming.

I, personally, have been blown away with all the things I've learnt in the last 2 - 3 years. I would hardly know where to start trying to communicate all of it to someone who hasn't been exposed to it.

I've searched for the info etc. and perhaps the people who haven't started searching - might not be ready for it? There's quite a long emotional and intellectual process leading up to understanding all the conspiracy stuff.

Young people in particular could be extremely disturbed by 'knowing what we know' (or what we think we know?) I'm not advocating covering it up, just that it's such a huge task/journey to understand what's going on.

The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything

I wouldn't for one micro-second want to discourage you in any way. And because of your evident passion, I know that I won't/couldn't.

Many thanks.

[edit on 17-10-2009 by sum-one]

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 06:39 AM
Governments would never outright state that we are on the verge of an imminent pole shift. Full disclosure would likely result in anarchy and the total collapse of society as we know it. The ad shown is a conditioning tool to subtley prepare people for the changes that will occur in the leadup period to pole shift. Your governments already know what is soon coming. The last time this happened was not 780 000 years ago, it was 12000-13000 years ago and it ended the civilisation of Atlantis. It's our time now.

This is the 'real' inconvenient truth-

You can choose to believe what you like, but this is the reality you wil all be facing, so please do your own thorough research and prepare---primarily spiritually. Peace.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I agree with you; but the trouble is that as a species, we have been comprehensively fooled into believing that our present life and the way we live it is all there is. Here I am talking about the average Western or 1st World lifestyle, if you understand my meaning.

Your average citizen doesn't know about our spiritual (As opposed to Religious) background, and the true multi-dimensionality of existence in the whole of Creation. We on Planet Earth, are on a beautiful planet, down the far-off end of one Universe; itself part of a Super Universe, in one section of Creation.

Like these Universes, and their inhabitants; we have been created by a super intelligence, which can be described as Prime Creator. Everything in Creation is managed by Divine Law and the Spiritual Hierarchy, and isn't some random accident such as a big bang. We are amongst the lowest evolved of intelligent life-forms in Creation, and round about these times (09-09-09 up to 12-12-12) great changes are happening to our reality, where the opportunity to upshift dimensionally is made available to us all by Divine Decree.

Those souls who wish to remain in the 3rd dimension as now, are free to do so; and those who are prepared for this upshift and want to move to the 5th dimension are welcome to do so. I should say that well over 70% of our global population will wish to remain 3rd dimensional. For the rest of us, we have to create the kind of world in which we wish to live, which will be vastly different from the present one.

Yes, we have to take personal responsibility for our future, and take back the powers we previously gave to those who currently rule over us. The first step is to realise that we don't live in a free world and that in truth we are little more than slaves for those who currently hold power.

Having that awareness is the first step to changing our reality, but how many will even bother to investigate this is anyone's guess?

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