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God is Merciful

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 10:49 AM
According to the Christian handbook (The Bible), God created Adam then pulled Eve out of his rib. With this, God only created his entertaining, naked, little pet called Adam and not all of humanity.

After Adam and Eve got kicked out from the Garden of Eden (which according to Bible scholars is located in the 3rd Heaven), they had become of Earth therefore out of God's jurisdiction. Since God is merciful, he gave Adam a chance to go back to God but only after he leaves his physical body.

From what I read in a non-canonical scripture about Adam and Eve, Adam got a free pass from judgment. My guess is because Adam is made by God. As for the rest of humanity, they have to obey God's commandments (basically being good and to worship only Him) so they can avoid judgment (which is probably a big filter) and join Him.

My best bet on this one is that once we have become of Earth like the Fallen Angels, even God's mercy cannot save us. It is only us who can save ourselves by following the handbook that God ordered Enoch to write. What was in there were basically an expanded version of the 10 Commandments ala New Testament. So there's a ton of commands there.

From what I read, no man (or woman) can follow them all since it's extremely difficult. I suggest checking them out at on Enoch's book of secrets for the list of commandments. But if mankind did follow them from the beginning, it would have been a nice and peaceful ride. Unfortunately, there were those blasted Fallen Angels who taught man how to do things that we're not supposed to do.

Since God is merciful, he sent Jesus to re-teach man the commandments that God told Enoch. Unfortunately, Jesus' "Jesus Body" got crucified and his Spiritual form got jettisoned back into Heaven. Since he knows that this is going to happen he told his disciples that he'll be back.

My best bet is that Jesus is still in transit after his real form (Spirit) got shot up into Heaven which is probably a lot of light years away. As for the all seeing God, his cameras are probably those UFOs. Since he can't do anything right now to us. God is probably busy seeding other worlds amongst other things so that's why Jesus said that nobody knows when he'll come back since Jesus is God's minion so he can't just tell God to hurry up.

As for the flood, my best bet would be that God passed by this quadrant and is in a bad mood. Yes, He is merciful but he's also an angry god. We were just unfortunate enough to get hit by his angry fist.

As for the Devil and his minions, they are on Earth or in another plane. Those folks hate mankind in spades since God is forcing them to worship man. Because of this hate, they want to give mankind a hard time in joining God since God didn't (or cannot) accept them back. Because God is merciful, I do believe that He wants them to come back to Him. Unfortunately, for some reason, an angel that has been defiled by women (or Earth) has become fully incompatible with the structural makeup of Heaven which is probably the reason the Nephelim's souls have become Earthbound/Evil spirits.

God is also angry since when He created the angels, there was this arrogant little Lucifer that came out of it; then there was that annoying serpent that corrupted Adam and Eve in His own territory; then there were those Fallen Angels that screwed up Earth. Anyone will get pissed off if your creations aren't doing something that you want them to do because of that persistent bug called "Free Will".

I'm no Christian but this is how I see mankind according to the scriptures and not just from some priest. This is only my take. I know that I would be burned at the stake and branded as a heretic or an "Infidel" if I said this to the hardcore folks. But since this is a free country for the time being, I think I'm free to speak my mind while I still can.

Honestly though, it's still a lot easier to think that once we die, that's it for us.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:10 AM
Well wouldn't Lucifer still be doing gods will? I mean if god supposedly created everything he would have created Lucifer also. Lucifer is the bringer of light after all. That was his job while he was in heaven and it is still his job now apparently. Sorry might be a little off topic, but your thread just got me thinking. Also i have seen other threads on here stating that adam and eve were not just two people, but two tribes of people. I don't know where I'm going with this...

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 11:12 AM
Interesting interpretation

* ~ for you.

I can't really think of anything else to say.

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