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Method to the Madness ?

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:26 AM
Has anyone considered there may well be method to the madness of what these secret societies are doing and have been doing for centuries ?

Man may be born of free will but it now appears that there may be a destiny.

Our own existance now looks more like an "Alien Experiment"

You have to think; Firstly any advanced civilisation would be treated as Gods by a lesser advanced culture.


There are some insects on this planet that only live for a day, so whats the point ? The point is a day could be a lifetime to them so why do we take it for granted that 100 years is a long time ?

For other lifeforms in the universe a 100 years could be birth to puberty.

And if you were creating a society how would you do it ?

Would you leave the new creations to follow their own path ?

But then humans have been asking from the dawn of time "how did we come to be"

So what would you do to try and answer those questions ?

Would you instill different religions and cultures ?

But we always want to know more so then what ?

Each Religion just telling a small part of the big story ?

But then would your creations realise that or would they war over which religion is right ?

Maybe early on in your experiment some of your creations realised how they came to be. But would people really understand ? Or would that spawn more relgions ?

Maybe even creating secret societies where that knowledge is power to the land of nod and used to rule over the masses.

How do you control a population that still does not understand ?

Slowly drip feed them information maybe ?

How would you do it ?

In the same crazy way that it is being done right now ?

Make people question reality and turn to an "Oracle" like the internet, til more and more do like a beast rising out of the sea of information ?

War, Famine, Disease, all not very nice but without them being unleashed on the masses over the centuries then the Earth would of been fully populated a long time ago, we would be exctinct and you would not be reading this post.

Anyform of intelligence that is created is "Artificial Intelligence", once it learns of how it came to be then it becomes "self aware". Like a computer programme that awareness spreads like virus through the system.

So there may well be method to the madness.

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:44 AM
it is possible.

There just seem to be so many flaws in the system. maybe thats the point and maybe it isnt. How many more people have to die for one person to "get it"? Where are our parents? Where are our brothers? WTF is going on guys?

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