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Very Scary End Of The World Article

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 01:00 AM

Originally posted by Silk
OK - a few random thoughts here -

Last weekend -
Sky runs Day after Tomorrow promos on all channels (including Sky Travel)

Friday -
Channel 5 shows the film Earthquake 10.5
BBC1 shows Deep Impact

Film released last week - at least here in the UK
The day after tomorrow

We have this apocalyptic post doing the rounds on the net

might be wrong but I smell marketing for a big summer movie - any idea what date "Day after" is released in the Pacific market?

It is true, I think they have actually said that they are showing these films here in the UK as a lead up to 'The Day After Tomorrow..'.
I think it was the Sci-Fi Channel who had a 'Day After..' Week or something and showed loads of disaster films.

Saw it yesterday btw and I think it is really good! The Special Effects are amazing!

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 01:11 AM
Unsure what this is:

12:57 am EDT Re: Aussie Bloke Vol.#4

Data confirmed pending release from AU defense ministry:

CONF-DO1-1 Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra
CONF-DO1-2 Paul Wild Observatory, Narrabri
CONF-DO1-3 Siding Spring Observatory, Coonabarabran email if you need the astral coordinates.

If you dont see the release on BBC and Australian Broadcasting by tommorow its been shunted. Maybe amatuer astronomers can put the pressure on to get this public, thanks.

Found on:

And this one which er, unnerved me a tiny bit:

1:47 am EDT Re: Aussie Bloke Vol.#4

Little bird says,

DOD to gives NEO information to foreign countries on an need to know basis.No Public release

Lock down at U.S. space facilities in Cheyenne Mountain, Colo. Navy has vacated all coastal ports.

Colleen Hartman, director of NASA s solar system exploration division, said 602 NEOs with a diameter of one kilometer or more have been identified and expected to impact starting around 1600 zulu time, June 1st.

Pending locations of trajectory targets:

Found here:

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by ScoFe]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by theRiverGoddess
Anagrams can ~SOMETIMES~ be very usefull in helping one understand the nature of the other being anagramed.

Tis a TOOL is all..........and about time it has come to light on this thread I think.










Just having some fun with ur nickname!

If these tell us anything about you, what would that be?

BTW lilblam can be anagrammed into:

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by lilblam]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 01:39 AM
If everyone dies i could be the owner of a whole third world country, that is if i survive, what if the playboy playmates also survive i could also have multiple girlfriends just as hugh hefner, hell i could call myself KING BARTHOLOMEO THE FIRST. With a little luck i could use some weapons and kill any president that survives and be the ruler of this earth, and ofcourse i would just get rid of the aussie joke.

I hope the moderator locks this thread as soon as we hit june 30th that will be the final proof that all of this is really just an AUSSIE JOKE.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 01:47 AM
Well kinda i don't care anymore.....what happens was meant to be nappen, i will just continue my life and my downloads
and stuff. If that day comes i will be frightened and i will die thats it.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 02:19 AM
I have been following the aussie bloke threads for about three weeks. I am on the fence too. When the sky starts falling i will make up my mind.

Here are some new issues posted on the godlikeproduction sites that i found rather interesting, considering the circumstances. There are several credible links in relation to both issues if you are willing to wade through the BS on the GLP site--Their moderators are a bit more forgiving of junk posts than ours.

asteroid 2004 KF17 to pass within ~700,000 miles of earth on 5/31--closest near miss so far.

Also the following nations have allegedly sent the majority of thier naval vessels to sea for at least two months of"war games". This would not appear unusual except the number of vessels and the number of nations involved.

Canada, Holland, Germany, Peru, Norway, Italy, Denmark, France and Australia, China, Russia, USA, and British

Sorry if this has already been discussed. I looked back a few pages on this thread and did not see the info.

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by mo_trot]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 02:25 AM
I still think this is a joke from the AB. All those military games could be because of other reasons, if anything we'll see in a few days, but after reading all the posts and the supposed proof I still think there will be no show on those days.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 03:23 AM

They're right. The Moon has a sort of "flare" or "smear" of light around it. Nothing like ive ever seen. It has to be the dust cloud.


posted on May, 31 2004 @ 03:34 AM
Alleged leaked map from godlikeproductions.

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by ScoFe]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 03:48 AM
ScoFe.....the link says it "Cannot be found".....what is this link?


posted on May, 31 2004 @ 04:04 AM
It must have been removed by whoever pasted it. Im looking for it in my temporary internet files now...

It was a map of alleged impact sites. It had 6 I think all hitting land. The forum doesnt buy it because of the likelyhood of hitting land 6 times on a planet made of 70something% water.

*Shrug* Theyre probably right, but the moon looking wierd is for real. Its got a sort of light smear around it.

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by ScoFe]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 04:15 AM

*Shrug* Theyre probably right, but the moon looking wierd is for real. Its got a sort of light smear around it.

Err ... maybe this is *just* a bit of high cloud cover - (as in normal atmospheric clouds). The moon looked absolutely fine over the UK last night - very pretty in fact.

... and how does the ship movements out of Norfolk VA square with the G8 summit meeting in Georgia 8th -10th June 2004 ... - Georgia isn't *that* great a distance down the coast ?

(Ah, unless that's all part of the NWO plan of course

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by 0951]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 05:28 AM
I agree, I'm in the UK and had a good look at the moon last night through my binoculars. It was as clear and crisp as normal with no anomalies to report.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 06:10 AM
Time to riot. Lets go looting!

May as well have some fun before we die.

Oh and by the way I have it from a good source that the strange moon you seen was the result of a moon fart. quite common you know!

The rocks are coming,
The rocks are coming,
The rocks are coming,

Eeek we're all gonna die.

Really I can't believe I just read through this whole thread

Anyway it was fun!


posted on May, 31 2004 @ 06:18 AM
Ok how come they don't show us the ones that are going to hit the water???????

And I wonder what happens if you connect the dots in this image???

602 rocks headed our way and no one outside of these forums are talking about this.

What I find most amazing about this thread is there have as of this moment been almost 38,600 hits on this thread.. almost as if people are looking for the end!

Ok I am going to watch all my asteroid impact movies.

Imminent Series of Asteroid Impacts, what to do?


[Edited on 31-5-2004 by UM_Gazz]

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 07:41 AM

It's a obvious fake, some guys cannot wait

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 07:41 AM
Last night several people were given a form letter supposedly from AB. Is it possible for anyone to post this? What exactly did it say? Also, anonymous coward mentioned that he (AB) is dead? Where does that come from? I also thought someone posted (Maybe AB himself) that Mt. Strom (however you spell it) burned recently. anyone know?

formerly jonesli (had to switch pc's)

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 09:11 AM
"Keep these markers in mind...

1. ISS (International Space Station) will be in the news as experiencing untenable problems whereas it will be evacuated (masked), temporarily. This is a MARKER on the time scale.

2. The satellite system will be put on the same kind of alert system as a direct flare from the SUN.

3. Those satellites cannot be turned to avoid damage are the GPS System

Remember the teams say that there are three of these Events separated by months, which will all claim the same attention. the third possibly triggering a fourth from the same event." "


posted on May, 31 2004 @ 10:26 AM
So where exactly is the forum AB is posting on?


posted on May, 31 2004 @ 11:27 AM
It's great how every other page is a different opinion. This site just provides hours of entertainment! It's going to be kinda sad when every1 feels like an ass for believin Assie and stops comin here. Then my fun is all gone. But hell, I can just start up something entirely new. If you guys believe Assie, imagine what I can get you to believe!!!!
Good times people, good times.

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