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Very Scary End Of The World Article

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:56 PM
AB does point out that disaster movies were meant to psychologically prepare us for the impact, and it was the governments way to telll us without telling us. Don't most or all of these movies have a happy ending?

(i don't care if this makes sense, i get points for posting it)

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 10:40 PM
Yeah and now my head hurts from thinking so much and my fingers are sore from clicking all those links. Maybe it's just me but I'm getting rather impatient and just want the show to begin or the dates to pass so I can realise how much time I have waisted the past few months. Grrr frustrating isn't it.

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 10:58 PM
I kinda wish it would happen :\ would clean up Earth a little.. As we are incapable of doing so by ourselves.. I don't mean killing each other, I just mean we are not capable of keeping our environement clean... some of us do but most don't.. Such event would.. clean up the mess we did

By saying so I just want to say that on this planet, the only beautiful things are.. nature... and women
haha some feelings are beautiful, love and stuff like that.. The rest is total crap.. we pollute everything :\

If it doesnt happen I will not be releived, but rather disappointed...

That is my opinion.

Oh by the way.. sadly I am not much of a Earth cleaner myself lol..

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 11:31 PM
Hence my sig, however i do not have a deathwish but it would be rather nice.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:43 AM
For centuries mankind has talked about the end of days, about how the world is going to end, how everyone is going to die, and how we will all become dead meat, or, just a few will survive and start civilization like cave men, others say that earth will be destroyed and god will come and live with the ones who survived happily ever after, the movie the planet of the apes says that mankind kills itself with nuclear bombs and then the apes become the main specie ruling the earth over man. I can go, on and on, with all those theories and prophecies and movies, that really have never been fulfilled, but I can say that throughout history there have been human beings, that deep inside are scared or tired of this world and society or just life itself, and their way of getting back to it is by telling stories about the end of times, scaring other people or just getting their attention, and that's how they get a little self esteem or self comfort, MY BELIEF IS THAT ALL OF THIS BUZZ AND CHIT CHAT ABOUT THE END OF TIMES COMING THROUGH ANOMALIES AND COMETS HITTING EARTH, IS JUST ANOTHER DESPERATE WISH THAT WILL END IN TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT FOR THOSE WHO REALLY WANT IT TO HAPPEN.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:59 AM
Aussie Bloke did not give ANY dates...he only led people to certain "keywords" where info could be found and when someone did he stated that the information was a little mixed up but it was right...basically.


posted on May, 30 2004 @ 01:03 AM
link thing is for certain and that is the prophecies in Revelation WILL come to pass whether we want them to or not and whether it is NOW or then. AND even whether you believe it or not! That's just my opinion!


posted on May, 30 2004 @ 04:02 AM
Aussie Bloke
11:24 pm EDT Re: Aussie Bloke Vol.#4

The last person claiming to be me and saying you have been "bloked" was a fraud...I have reconsidered how I am going to release this...I have had several people contact me offering to provide web space to put my message on...I will be putting it on at least 5 different sites...tomorrow I will be posting links to all the sites with my message...its finally time...I believe this way of delivering it will provide the most protection of the message and give more people the chance to see it.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 04:08 AM
Interesting-Any ideas what sites he will be posting on?

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 04:37 AM
Just finished reading this whole forum.
Hey Im new and 15 (Yes, laugh at the 15 year old).

Many people believe this is just a hoax to promote The Day After Tomorrow. This idea might seem dumb but here it goes.
What if the government planned to make the movie, so people wouldn't believe the amature astronomers who found out about this meteor?

About 90% of me thinks that it is a hoax, because I can't imagine the world getting (mostly) destroyed.

If it really would happen, I don't think that the government would run away and hide. What if there is other undetected asteroids coming after this one? The scientists wouldn't be able to detect it, because they are hiding.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 04:58 AM
... Two years too late ? &

"A football-pitch-sized asteroid capable of razing a major city came within a whisker of hitting the Earth on June 14 [2002], but was only spotted three days later, scientists said Thursday."

or ...



[Edited on 30-5-2004 by 0951]

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 06:30 AM

Originally posted by IJustWannaBeMe
We kill animals for sport, we pollute our water and air supplies for nothing more than the "mighty" dollar. Spritually we are so far removed from the truth that frankly, we all deserve to die.

That's my point........... we are all so riddled with guilt about the awful "job" we've done at being human beings, we actually expect to be wiped out.

That's fine but then there are others who I am sure have been totally panicked and afraid by what AB has alleged. THAT'S WHAT PISSES ME OFF.

I'm 100% agreed on what you've said. I was in a thoughtful mood last night and on a night out for a friend who's moving to Australia. We were out in a place that is usually an absolute pleasure to go to, no trouble or anything. After Leaving the venue it was like walking out into a horror movie. People were fighting, covered in blood, arguing, crying and who knows what else. Some may attribute all this to alcohol but it's NEVER usually like this. Been going here for years and had only seen 2 fights, something is horribly wrong with the world at the moment. I lost a hell of a lot of faith in human life last night. I think it's time to start afresh.


posted on May, 30 2004 @ 06:50 AM
Could this not be a way to increse viewers for "the day after tomorrow". They have done crazy things to promote movies b4.

Do your homework for the truth = watch the movie.

i think im trying to think of reasons for this NOT to be true........i wonder why

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 07:23 AM
We talked about this, we aren't totally dismissing that option but most believe it's an incredibly dangerous game being played. Someone on the board mentioned earlier a forum (which I have witnessed) where people were talking about killing their pets to keep them from suffering in the event of a hit. Also, others have upped and moved their families to places believed to be safe. There are a lot of people taking this very seriously, it's only a matter of time before someone does something stupid. I don't think any publicity or movie firm would want something like that on their CV (resume).

We'll know for sure soon enough if he's gonna post on websites about it anyway.


[Edited on 30-5-2004 by tandino]

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 10:24 AM
well hey, I never noticed that we had Aussie Bloke in this forum! Thats probably because I skipped reading the middle 20 pages.
Do me a favor Assie, read back to the 27th page and see if you can answer these arguements that I have against you. I would love to hear this.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 11:36 AM
I cant believe I keep on posting on this topic.

If there are these space anomalies out there, nothing you can do will stop them, unless you got an Edison/Einstein way of thinking and can help create some amazing weapon or shield that will protect the Earth in a very short amount of time. If not carry on until/if we get a red warning.

Most humans dont live up to their potential this is a fact, if you can read these post and get something out of them, then you are blessed. Dont feel bad so bad for being human that you actually want something like this to occur.

Again if a global catastrophy is iminent then at least we all get to see a cool show from the skies or wherever its coming from. Whatever doesnt kill you should makeyou stronger.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:37 PM
Well - I've seen the movie "Day After Tomorrow" and the whole AB thing is clearly not related to this movie. The premise of the movie is global catastrophy caused by global warming which was caused by human abuse of the planet. The movie has nothing to do with asteroids, comets or dust clouds - it is clearly an environmentalists point of view. So much for that theory.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:51 PM
Did Aussie ever say around what time he would post the info/links?

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:55 PM
do you think the gov is trying to stop it. Maybe the are gonna blow it off course with a nuke or something like that. I dunno, but im sure they would try something.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 01:08 PM
Why didn't AB specify the point of impact? I believe that would be the most important thing. Don't you think so?


yup, defiantely looks like a hoax.

[Edited on 30-5-2004 by Scribe]

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