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Group calls for creating new state legislature

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 02:50 PM

Pennsylvania legislators may be relieved just to have a budget in place after a 101-day impasse, but one group of citizens wants to throw them out of office and start from scratch.

A petition asks the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to invoke a provision of the state constitution to dissolve the General Assembly within 45 days and convene a constitutional convention to establish a new elective body.

Proponents want to replace the current crew — 50 state senators and 203 house members — with a single chamber of no more than 70 members. Current assembly members would be barred from serving as delegates to the convention and prohibited from returning as legislators for five years.

This will be a great start for Pennsylvania if this can happen. Throw out these lazy politicans who are some of the highest paid.

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