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The honest question/discussion thread. Are we truly ready for ET discolsure?

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posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by suziwong

The facts need not direcly impact upon religion - the concepts can be evolved to ensure that the essesnce remains the static....again this depends upon the agenda of those in charge of the religion how they want to spin it.

I agree very few religions would be impacted with the news (god it is no surprise). So far I have checked out 5 beliefs and consider each to be entirely undeniable. In other words I can not imagine an experiance that proves a religious belief untrue. I'm talking about the core beliefs not the earth being built in six days!
So I figure we are strong enough to fully experiance the truth, personally I think belief is inappropriate to the human condition but definally acknowledge the right to everyone to follow theirs (I can't now of ever prove you wrong) and I include my understanding of the possible death experiance. I have one exception - reincarnation could be proven incorrect after a certain death experiance (this would truely upset my understanding within my life experiances though)
So bring it on, my only reservation is our house in not in order, and it would be better for us if we sort out our global problems before starting a relationship with these entities.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by kiwifoot

I agree with both your posts friend. I have never actually considered that (size issue), I feel it makes sense though. I suppose it all depends on their technology, I mean for us it makes sense to make a ship small and efficient, but maybe they're not restricted by the same issues.

Travelling conventionally they must operate under the same laws as us and have the same issues when deciding to go somewhere - The mass to send, Distance to propel the mass, Time available to complete the mission. If you are sending a living creature "mass to send " will be much higher for life support reasons. When you decide not to send a living creature your mass is reduced, time is not so important long term discoveries are easier to achieve. Mass to send can now be as small as your technology will allow fuel is reduced and you can make as many of these mini ships as you can afford and losses are not that important.

Now back to your original question - If I believe the above then yes we could go with D, I think people could handle being told we found a small object floating around that is not from earth. A low key statement - nothing to worry about its been dead millions of years ra ra ra

Hows that kiwifoot


posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by jritzmann

My favorite experiencer quote:
"I asked the aliens: why do you pretend to be extraterrestrials? They said "Because if you people found out what we really are there'd be mass panic".

Do you know who said this? I'd like to look into it further.

How long do any of you think "mass panic" would last? A week, a month? We have an amazing ability to adapt and come to terms with the most earth shattering events. For the relatively brief period of adjustment, possibly (but I believe not too likely) violent, knowing the truth would be worth the price. A death of a close family member, for example. As hard as it is, eventualy, most people are able to move ahead or at least get a grip on what happened. We aren't nearly as fragile as the posts here would indicate. Perhaps then we would start thinking about our place in this universe and not be so self-focused. Yes, religions would likely take a fatal hit, but so be it. Humanity would be free of yet another burden.

It's like being told you have a deadly disease. No one is ready for that. They never would be, but that is the unfortunate reality many face. Whatever ETs happen to be, if there is any knowlege the govt has to disclose, then they need to disclose it now. The whoie idea of delicate, gradual disclosure is silly. It's a typical moderate approach which gives the appearance of reason, but in reality is an effort to escape what we must begin to face. We are protecting ourselves from what? We should, instead, prepare ourselves, our primitive prejudices, for complete upheaval. Perhaps a focus on what reality truly entails would force most to think, for once in their lives, rather than being told what to think or whether to think at all. There is nothing TV, movies or lame excuses for music could do to prevent us from taking life more seriously than such a revelation. Personally, I think the ET issue is much more bizarre, strange and disconnected from what we think is reality than a simple abduction story indicates. We may as well face the truth about this issue and move on.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:30 AM
I'm ready...but I don't need a disclosure, seeing as I already have a better clue of the cosmic fabric than most. I don't really care about other people...whether they are ''ready'' or not doesn't matter to me...hopefully a disclosure could break down religious barriers and unify the world a little.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 06:17 AM

Originally posted by jritzmann

The true "alien" in my contention, is SO alien it'll make your jaw hit the floor and stay there. Not this human sci-fi peddled crap.

People talk about the effects on religion, culture, power about the notion of your very reality and perception being ripped out?

Ready for that? I don't think so.

I have to agree that most people have beliefs, and they will have large emotional impacts dealing with it.

Myself - I don't have any beliefs - so I am ready to accept anything - if they are immortal pandimensional beings and live by eating emotions - wrote the bible - ate Gods head - then killed everyone - I can accept it.

People believe in solid objects, they believe in gravity - they believe in Gods or devils - they believe they exist on a planet - they believe everything they see is real, or exists.

Until people are able to let go of current beliefs then ET disclosure is going to be difficult.

I want to see them, communicate with them - and I want to leave this place and go see some more stuff.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by sum-one

Thanks sum-one

If the majority of the people in the world does not know nothing and suddenly found in front of an Event like an Alien Contact, which will be the repercussions? PANIC, of course!

For this reason, I think, that it is absolutely necessary that the Media world-wide begins to take the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon very seriously and that they begin to introduce to the mass glued in front of the TV that "We (MAYBE) are not Alone".

I am aware that we are in front of to a Scientific, Dangerous and a Overwhelming Mediatic Darkness that wraps all the Mainstream Media and that distorts the reality, ridiculize, tells lies and it hides the truth.

This is indeed the first great problem for all us.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 10:04 AM
The way that Isee Mankind meeting an Alien being or civilsation is that when we talk about Aliens we think either about an Alien similar to a Star Trek Alien ( all latex but still Human looking) or an evil Alien ( like 'Alien, black , chitinous and hungry for our brains). We never assume there is more than we can see, that there are mulitple dimensions or alternate worlds, we only see what we can with our eyes, hear with our ears, feel with our hands.
We NEVER use our hearts or heads to think that there is more than us in existance.
We assume we are the end all and be all of live in the Universe, it is only recently in Human history that we have come to realise that the Earth IS NOT the centre of the universe, religeon thought that we were but now most if not all religeons have changed their ways in encompass this new information.
It would be the same for an actual Alien popping on TV and saying " Hello", yes there are some people who lives would be shattered, but they are the weak ones, the ones who still think they are the centre of the universe, But what man really fears is not aliens, after all we discover new species on our planet quite often, but it is the fear of something being smarter or more intelligent than us.
Sure dolphins are smart , but do they drive cars? do they have mobile phones? aircraft? flown to the moon? no they haven't , but if an ALien were to be known , we would realise THEY HAD, and then we would realise we are no longer top of the 'foodchain' when it comes to intellect.
Man still thinks because he has intellect and creativity then that makes him almost Godly, sorry Mankind it doesn't, we are still children, look at us we still argue over skin colour ,money and my dad's bigger than your dad in religeous arguments.
If we stopped , took a step back and had a hard look at each other and ourselves, we'd realise we are a species, and as soon as we did that, then we would awaken for lack of a better word that creation DOESN'T end at the borders of our atmosphere and we are but a small island in the sea of space.

I would welcome our new friends, just because they may ot look like me, sound like me, or think like me, doesn't make them any different to me does it?
After all Life loves wonderous diversity.
Bring it on Alien buddies and help us realise we are not alone out here in the dark.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:09 PM
I am WAY beyond ready for official ET disclosure. I also totally disagree with those who say it would cause widespread panic, and collapse of society. That mentality is what got us in the situation we are currently in where the governments are trying to hide things to "protect" us.

The interesting thing is I am convinced there will be a huge number of people who EVEN AFTER official disclosure will deny their existence and say it is an event made up by the government in an attempt to control the population or some such nonsense.

All I can say is it better NOT come the day AFTER I croak off!! I want to see the face of at least of a few of the diehard skeptics and get in my share of "told you so's"

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by DataWraith
We NEVER use our hearts or heads to think that there is more than us in existance.
We assume we are the end all and be all of live in the Universe, it is only recently in Human history that we have come to realise that the Earth IS NOT the centre of the universe, religeon thought that we were but now most if not all religeons have changed their ways in encompass this new information.

Thanks, good post. What gets me about those who don't think we are "ready" for disclosure is the absurdity of the argument that "oh, there will be mass panic, looting, ....." My question: there have always, throughout human history, been excuses for such anti-social behavior. To say we can't handle and survive such behavior now is ridiculous. I am of the mindset "so what if it destroys our way of looking at things", we need that at this point in history. You're right, too, to bring up the issue about us thinking we are "it" in terms of life. Religion has kept us focused on ourselves, our own salvation, and that has to end. We need a big shot of an uncomfortable revelation to bring us down to size and make us realize that we aren't the spoiled only-child and that there are others to take into account.

Non-disclosure only protects the elite: oil interests, the automobile industry, pharmaceutical companies, government, religion, etc. They all have the most to lose and are behind the hidden reality. Trust me, if they thought they would benefit in any way we'd already know all the details...

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by expat2368
The interesting thing is I am convinced there will be a huge number of people who EVEN AFTER official disclosure will deny their existence and say it is an event made up by the government in an attempt to control the population or some such nonsense.

This is so true. Ever notice that there are many fail-safes in place in the event disclosure becomes a reality (not likely through government channels, though), the fear-mongers have concocted goofy explanations such as Bluebeam to explain UFOs as government deception. There is SO much ignorance that I think some would start shooting. But that, too, has to transpire. It's growing pains and everyone has to live through it.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:03 PM
If you mean we as we who are knowledgeable about the issue, yes of course.

If you mean we as collective people in the world...I don't think so.

The last peaceful ET movie we had was CEIII and ET and maybe Contact.

Since then ET has depicted ETs as evil and war mongering.

The events that have transpired since the Disclosure Project have helped, lots of Larry King shows have been good, lots of positive exposure on the History Channel and Sci Fi, but you have to look for these things. We need more widespread serious media attention in order to help prepare for this event.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:24 PM
I have to be honest here: I just don't care whether they do or do not disclose what they know. And not because I feel it is futile(Though there is an argument for thinking so) but because I don't think the UFO community really cares about disclosure. There's so much infighting, mud-slinging and a general lack of coordination and cooperation that it sickens me to even get involved anymore. I have learned that the UFO community doesn't care about the truth, it's all black and white with these people, and a few among us here are the exception, not the rule.

Disclosure, it seems, is just another key phrase for selling books at UFO conventions. I want to see science and truth first from the UFO community. I want a real case to be built as to WHY disclosure should even happen. With the way the UFO community acts, is it any wonder some people in high places are reluctant to release ANY information at all?

There is so little objectivity to the whole fiasco that I think I'll be sitting out on disclosure efforts, until it happens, and it will, you people just need to get your # together first.

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by expat2368
I also totally disagree with those who say it would cause widespread panic, and collapse of society. That mentality is what got us in the situation we are currently in where the governments are trying to hide things to "protect" us.

Unfortunately you can disagree, but history bears out that when more advanced cultures meet less advanced ones, it ends in acculturation. It's simply the way it works.

That said, what the UFO phenomena represents is as of yet, unknown. One of the biggest problems with UFOlogy is everyone claims too much information. I guess it comes down to impatience and desire for quick answers. This current society we live in thrives on outright, instant gratification.

But, the UFO question demands patience, and serious careful consideration. Most people these days don't have time for that, they want an answer - they want it now, and honestly believe they're entitled to one.

The Exopolitcal "demand" to know mentality has forced the hand of many to accept information produced by people like Bassett and Salla (to name only 2) because it provides an answer people can understand, and it's promoted as fact.

I watched Bassett 2 years ago pound his fist at the question of what the UFO enigma represents as he exclaimed it was without question extraterrestrial. And what will piss you off, is to realize that he has no more idea than any of us where this originates. But he's stating his idea as factual. That's his ideology. And I don't know about the rest of you, but this started out as an experience, and for many it still is - but it's not an ideology.

The issue to me seems to be desire for an answer, the willingness to believe one that seems right for us, and the notion that we're somehow entitled to know.

Forget all your UFO heroes, your govt. conspiracies, and realize you have no idea what the enigma is, or whats going on. There's a great starting point.

This thing isn't going to be any open admittance or top-down revelation. It is bypassing official channels and has been doing so for a very long time it seems. It goes right to us - not govt. It's dealing with this culture directly, and for me...I seems to say

"yeah government and all that, we could care less about red tape. What about YOU?"

It's direct. And it's that direct. And the "other" seems to be connecting with us...sometimes in profoundly terrifying ways, and subtle ways too.

So, disclosure? It doesn't seem to care about that. And let's be intellectually honest - the enigma is the one being elusive. It's holding all the keys to disclosure. If it wanted to be known, it's real simple - it would be. And, there'd be damned little anyone could do about it.

And then, ask yourself what if disclosure is not what you expected. That to me is the biggest question.

[edit on 17-10-2009 by jritzmann]

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 08:50 AM

Originally posted by Visiting ESB
How long do any of you think "mass panic" would last? A week, a month?

And what is 'mass panic' anyway?

People running round the streets waving their arms around?
People sobbing uncontrolably for weeks?
People going..Where's my gun/knife - let's go kill someone!
People rushing to the banks, withdrawing all their money?
People buying up all the world's supply of tin-foil?
People going completely mental and having a breakdown?
etc etc etc

Personally, I think the ET issue is much more bizarre, strange and disconnected from what we think is reality than a simple abduction story indicates. We may as well face the truth about this issue and move on.


But just a thought on 'abduction'.
I am inclined to believe that abductions could be a 'black-ops' thing.
Part of teleportation experiments, that have abused and confused the victims. And an added bonus was to make people think that 'Aliens' are bad. (just throwing this out as a possible)

Disclosure gets VERY TRICKY when stuff like Montauk/Dulce gets into the public arena. A can of worms is opened up. People do NOT take kindly to the abuse (and murder) of children? and innocent victims?

Maybe the illegalities and 'evil' that has been done to perfect technologies like teleportation a huge barrier to D?

I'm not sure how D could deal with these darker aspects.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 03:54 PM
Disclosure "to me" is nothing. Contact so skeptics can see for themselves would be a good thing so abductee's/experiencers could be validated as non delusional.

As you ask are we ready for disclosure......... I believe we are if people are not I do believe it is time that there world is turned upside down they need a wake up call anyhow.

Sounds harsh but not really meant to be.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 03:59 PM
I'm ready, I've been playing The Last Starfighter for 2 years straight, got a high score too.

Damn I want to get out of this trailer park soooo bad, been seeing weird fish eyed aliens creepin around with lazer guns.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Disclosure, our American government saying yeah it's true is one thing and to me not hard to handle as I see it BUT

Seeing the ships and occupants is something else, the ships powerful and scary they can be and as for the occupants don't expect all good looking Human like Beings.

Some of the scary looking ones are the good ones and some of the Human looking ones are bad so you do need to be careful to say the least.
But hey, what do I know

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by observe50

Some ships are the size of three football fields and indeed are very omnious feeling, the ship behaves like a damn animal wounded. Making moaning sounds and other weird stuff. The ship itself is sentient.

There is one that I saw that would have made that one look like a small scout ship, that would be the one by the little dipper, which was huge, it was bouncing in between each star, the stars were one tenth the size of the craft performing manitenance checks. The craft looked like it was hopping or jumping from one star to the next. This one felt great to see.

Or perhaps the crews members are just as scared as we are which I doubt I felt like a damn ant when encountering that Mother.

Distance does matter lol, some of them don't have the best intent for humanity I get from it, or at least tracking other worldly people.

I am pretty sure a bilocation took place when that happened.
I am sure our soul resonance plays a role in it. Some will upload you right into the craft vehicle and all and will see some strange lights go off inside your head, communicating through you to you with colors and images of flashing lights.


That ship gave off a PREDATORIAL FEEL. Its like it was waiting for me. Like a vulture to some prey.

Also I felt like it was a battle of wills, who will succumb, this ship set me back down, I felt like I was floating after the ship gave me mental commands through the flashing light, but moved on, when engaged.

After I popped outside my body I believe is when the ship sent me back down or gave the command to let up. I felt a floating sensation.

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 01:12 PM

Even I who has dealt with species other then Human knows to be aware if something like this were to happen.

There are good and bad Beings just as there are good and bad Human Beings. I have seen more good then bad and from what I have knowledge of if they meant harm they could have harmed this race anytime in Earth's History....... Earth is a protected Planet and the Human race is considered a stupid Species but one that does have intelligence and worth study.

And as you mentioned the ships can be anywhere from small to Planet size, they can be beautiful to horrifyingly frightening.

Many feel they can control fear............. when it comes to experiencing something like this you really do not have control over your feelings. They do have the ability to send out peaceful or keep at bay sensing.

People that have never experienced might have a very hard time with there brains really believing/comprehending because you do tend to just stop and observe not wanting to miss anything or you just want to run and hide.

If this event were to occur I would observe closely the ships and occupants because I wouldn't put anything past our government(s) to try and pull something off.

Many species can not breath our air there is to much oxygen in it for one thing.

I just don't know about this type of an event so I would have to observe closely as I said because the ones I know said they would only confer one time to interfere and that is if we were about to destroy Earth so I would be a little concerned if this happened as written.

As we all know only time will tell.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 03:22 PM
Hmm, i wonder how many times this has been brought up as a topic here.... But i still like the question.

Ready, what is that?

Are you ready if your house starts burning? Still, you know it can happen, but are you ready for it?

Tsunamis? Earthquakes? Erupting Volcanoes?

You can prepare yourself, but being ready for it, no.
Same with contact with a species that is not from this planet.

Let's say GOD (yepp the christian all mighty, all knowing one), shows up.
Panic on a can anyone?
Lots of people would probably be overjoyed, others surprised some would be scared, and some would probably be running around on the streets waving their arms and shouting "GOD is here!".

I guess there would not be much that would be different if an extraterrestrial species showed up on our doorstep.
It's a scary thing really, considering their technological advancements, probably been travelling many lightyears to come to our planet.
What would they want?
Would they be peaceful or warmongring aliens that would do anything to subdue us? Or would they see us as we see monkeys?

Something to think on i guess...

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