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has anyone ever really seen a ufo?

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posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 11:14 AM
The date was the 8th of May 2008: time about 03:00

I had been meditating in my garden on my back. I had been looking up into a very clear sky and it was filled with stars, my favourite kind of night. For about an hour I had been focusing on a bright star almost right above me and had been imagining focusing a stream of consciousness up to the point where space meets the atmosphere.

I recognize that this sounds nuts but I had read on ATS that this was a good way to “zone UFOs” in and though I was quite sceptical I have an open mind on such things and was determined to give it a try just in case it worked. I meditate a lot anyway so I had nothing to lose by trying it out and maybe much to gain. That was how I rationalised it at the time.

Anyway I was focusing my mind or consciousness up into the sky, imagining a thin beam of thought or energy coming from my forehead and spreading out in a disc like oil on water hundreds of miles above me. When I was satisfied I was doing this correctly and satisfied that I was able to maintain this concentration I was asking for contact and sending up feelings of good intentions and a wish to see something that could blow away the many doubts I had on the subject of the UFO phenomenon.

I was so methodical that I sent up these “communications” only as I breathed out. I was even careful to make sure these silent words stayed within the imaginary disc I spread out at the top of the stream of thought I was projecting.

Nothing was working and very disappointed I stopped concentrating after about an hour and more or less was about to give up and get up with an intention of going to bed.

Right at the moment that I was about to get off the ground there was a sudden flash of intense white light off to the left of where I had been looking straight up. The flash of light was fast and lasted barely a second but was very bright and got my attention fast. From the flash there was suddenly a tiny but bright satellite and it was taking a path that would take it almost directly over my house.

At first I was thinking ‘cool a satellite’ but I was also perplexed about the intense white flash it had come from and the diffuse nature of it. Things took an even weirder turn as suddenly the satellite flashed a rich blue and VERY defined cone of light aimed toward the north. The light was intense and like nothing I had seen before. It was of such a highly defined intensity it was almost a solid triangle. The flash of blue triangular light lasted only split second but I was looking straight at it so there was no mistaking what I was seeing.

In response there was a second flash of intense white unidirectional light exactly the same as the one that had got my attention focused on the satellite. From this second light there was a second satellite closing in with the first one as it moved over my house. Their speed was similar and the distance between the two I cannot say but I have seen enough satellites to know they were at extreme altitude, well beyond the height of any aircraft. The distance from the two satellites would be blocked if I pointed my arm straight up and blocked them with four fingers.

The second satellite flashed a very intense red cone of triangular light at the first satellite as it closed the distance and the response was another flash of blue light aimed at the second satellite. This then responded with a second flash of red conical light and then they merged with a flash of white unidirectional light.

After the flash was gone there was just the first satellite moving now over my house and I had got to my feet by now without taking my eyes of the scene even once. I backed up as the satellite started to become obscured by my roof and about five seconds after the merger of the two the satellite started winking on and off a bright orange.

At one point during this sighting I mentally questioned if I was hallucinating for some reasons and looked away briefly, swore a few choice words and then looked back at the sighting. The UFO was still there and its orange blinking was not a strobe, more a sporadic lighting, on and off at twice the speed a man blinks roughly but at points it sped up and then slowed and repeated.

I eventually lost it and it was blocked from view by my roof and I even broke my fence and fell on my back as I backed up as I was so intensely focused on watching this phenomenon that nothing else was in my mind except to soak it up and not to miss a thing.

I rushed through my house to the front and it was gone. No clouds in the sky just stars.

I was extremely vocal about what I had seen the next day and I did not care who I told. Bad move I might add. The long and short of it is I ended up separated from my wife for eight months and I went into a terrible spiral of depression and confusion. I had seen what I had hoped I would see but it had turned my life upside down to the extent that now I lived alone with my dog in a one bedroom flat.

No one believed me and my friends became distant my wife begged me to pass it off a joke but for all that I stuck to my guns and maintained that what I had seen had been no joke and had been a fact. Perhaps things might have turned out differently if I had rushed into the house and grabbed a camera but that said had I taken that course of action all I would have had for my troubles would have been blurry images of a light against a dark backdrop.

To give a frame of measurement the white flashes of light that the UFOs had emerged from where about the size of the nail of my index finger. The triangular red and blue lights where about the same size, and the whole incident from the moment of the first flash of light to the moment I lost sight was roughly ten seconds.

It damaged my marriage of twenty years and I left left the family home for a year.

It was still worth it!

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 11:16 AM
At 21:00 (16/09/2009) my wife and I were walking our dog near our home.

The sky was starry, crisp and clear of clouds which I thought was quite weird in an awesome way. There were no clouds and the sky seemed to have a mixture of purple throughout it. I even mentioned this to my wife as we walked something quite unreal about the colour that I could not put my finger on.

I was looking out toward Costorphin hill (Edinburgh zoo is situated there) To the left of that is Edinburgh airport and I was looking at several aircraft moving about in that direction as I am a bit of a plane nerd. I was watching them drifting over there, strobes blinking when my wife said, 'What is that?'

I followed her gaze back the way we had come and was perplexed to say the least to see a very bright whitish blue light above our house at a height of roughly two to three thousand feet. It was moving slowly in the direction of Saughton prison and watching it I was stunned... There were no navigation lights, no strobes and no noise as would be expected had it been an aircraft. I should know, if aircraft fly over my house I am enough of a nerd to go out and watch them.

I chuckled as we both stopped walking to look up at the light. 'Do you believe me now love?' I was of course referring to the event of the 8th of may last year when I had seen two UFO's above our home and been more or less ridiculed, castigated and pretty much dragged over the coals for it. The events of last year had caused us to split up and I had even lost friends over it because I had been quite vocal about the events.

My wife did not respond, she silently continued to stare as the bright light continued to move, arching round to the left on a path that seemed to take it in the direction of Edinburgh castle on the distant skyline.

Across the other side of the road two ambulance crewmen were helping a man I recognised as a chef who used to work with my wife. He was on a gurney being loaded into the back of the ambulance. The two ambulance men were glancing up at the strange light as they worked but they did not seem to realise that we were standing on the other side of the road watching them, watching the UFO.

I was enjoying this moment so much let me tell you (a confirmation to myself that I was not a wacko after all) and was so intent on enjoying the open mouthed look on my wife’s pretty face, the frowning looks on the faces of the ambulance men’s faces that I missed the part in the sighting when the light winked out and became a pinprick of light.

'It's a triangle,' my wife breathed, her eyes going wide. I looked as the light had gone out but forcing on the spot I realised that the light had not gone out, it had just turned into a very faint pinprick that was almost impossible to spot. Had I not been looking straight at it I probably would not have spotted it against the backdrop of stars.

At that point I remembered that I had left my camera phone in the house but I did not care. I have never been interested in proving to the world that what I believe to be true is that visitations are real and happening all over the world all the time. My wife was the only person I wanted to believe me and the look on her face told me now she was much closer to believing the UFO phenomenon is real. She is the biggest sceptic you could ever meet so that fact was a great realisation to me.

We both continued to gaze at this now very dim light that had turned now into a pinprick against the dark sky and suddenly like something from a film, the light picked up speed, disappearing completely before it reached the castle, as if winking out of existence.

'Don’t be scared babe. Are you sure it was a triangle you saw?' I asked still enjoying the amazed look on her face.

'No I didn’t see a triangle shape and I'm not scared; I saw three lights come together into a single point in the centre. Didn’t you see it?'

'No love, I was too busy watching your reactions to the UFO sighting'.

We carried on walking.

My wife was a bit quiet for a few days afterwards but I think it was just her way of assimilating the fact that her world had been turned upside down and that there were actually strange things going on in the skies.

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posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 11:20 AM
Yup! Here's my sighting report:

At 16:10 on Monday the 7th of April 2008 I left Paris Charles De Gaul airport bound for Tunis. My flight number was AF 2384. (Air France) The aircraft was an Airbus A319 and was travelling at an approximate altitude of 35,000 Feet. Between 17:00 hours and 17:30 hours I was looking out of the window on the left side. I noticed in the distance above the cloud cover and slightly higher than the flight a large oblong shape in the distance. It had a greyish coppery colour. I watched the object for some time thinking to my self 'Could this be my first UFO sighting?' The object was sitting still in the sky. It looked solid. Not clouds or anything explainable. As I was watching it I noticed to the right at the cloud level a small dark shape that looked like a fighter jet travelling in the opposite direction from my flight. It was small but I could just about make out the shape of the tail and nose. Behind the jet was it's slipstream, dark in colour. I watched the jet fly up over the cloud cover heading towards the object I was watching. The jet then turned right and up getting closer to the object. Then I saw the jet do a zig zag motion towards the object. I could tell the zig zag motion by watching it's slip stream. As it got closer I noticed the object (UFO) get small very quickly then it disappeared as if it was moving away from my flight and the jet.

About 15 minutes later I saw the fighter jet fly in the direction as the plane I was on and descend back down through the clouds. Obviously going back to base.

I don't know what country we were flying over at the time but I think it was southern France

I am sure this was a UFO. I can't explain what else it would be. And I don't think a fighter jet would be chasing nothing. If there were any other passengers onboard who saw this too I don't know.

But I am confident in saying this was my first UFO sighting. And I hope to see more.......

A bit unfortunate I didn't have my camera with me!

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:39 PM
I have. 13 years ago at about 530 AM I was comming off train with my pal and he told me to look up and there were 2 small white dots in the Southern sky dancing around in a zig zag crazy pattern. Craziest thing Ive ever seen and I am 100 percent positive it was not a lighthouse, birds or Venus. I live in downstate NY and have 50 planes flying over me everyday and know they werent any conventional airplane either. They were unidentified flying freaky things.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 03:05 PM

3 years ago in Vancouver, I was getting ready for work and my south facing blinds were wide open. I'm on the 9th floor of an apartment building in South Van so I can see the planes coming into and out of the airport. They come and go quite regularly, about one or two a minute..

It was a gorgeous July morning at 9ish, not a cloud in the sky. Then I saw it. It was a half sphere. Rounded top, flat bottom. It was still quite a distance away but the it was made of a silvery metallic substance and it hovered. Just sat there in one position in the sky. Did I mention there weren't ANY clouds?

I watched that thing for about 5-7 minutes and saw that there hadn't been ANY planes coming and going from the airport. I wasn't within reaching distance of a camera or binoculars and didn't want to miss anything. Finally I seriously wanted to get a better look so frantically went to get the binoculars and by the time I came back, it was gone.

So I carried on with my morning and took the bus to work. In the last 4 blocks I had to walk, I noticed that there were 5 evenly-spaced contrails of some kind of aircraft trailing from a west-to-east direction. Tells me that someone was chasing something.

Funny thing though is that I have never heard of any other sighting similar to that day. I would have though that thousands would have seen it.

(oh, and that was the second one I saw. I'm not entirely convinced about the first one which looked like a big black hole in the sky wandering in and out of the clouds, again in broad daylight. Could have been a balloon but it would have had to have been ENORMOUS)

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 03:28 PM
yes. about a year ago in southern illinois. a few friends and myself were in the hottub in the backyard. it was about 2am, and my friend and i saw these stars that just kinda stuck out to us. We watched them for a bit and noticed they would start moving... there were 2 really bright ones at first and i directed my view on one. In my mind i asked it if it was an ET being and to move up and down for yes left and right for now. it began to move up and down. then i thought, are you going to hurt us? and it moved left and right. by this time my two other friends had gone inside, but me and my one friend walked out into the bean field behind my backyard. we stood there for probably half an hour watching, i asked questions in my head and it kept responding... then we noticed about 10-15 smaller, dimmer lights that were moving in all sorts of crazy zig zag movements, stopping, then moving again, but the two brighter ones really stuck out and caught our attention

our friends eventually came and got us, and when we began talking about the experience, my friend told me he too was asking questions in his mind, though the whole time we were doing it, we didnt tell each other we were....

it was my first and only ufo encounter and i know it had to be real... i could feel my thoughts being read.............

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:58 PM
When I was 8-9 years old, during a lunchbreak at school.
I was standing outside, on the schoolyard, some boys were playing bandy and some girls were jumping ropes, and I was just goofin off.

One of the ropejumpin girls comes running to me, and yells "Look Kim! A Ufo!"
She points up to the heavens, and above us flies a White/Silvery Flying Saucer.

We watch it fly across the sky, slowly, no sound, amazing.. And we watch it disappear behind the school.

The funky thing is, we had just started a project on paranormal stuff. Some kids chose werewolfs, vampires, ghosts, etc.

My group chose Aliens, and on that day, or atleast the same week, a UFO appears.

It looked EXACTLY (what I can recall) like the Ufo seen in the X-files intro ( the 1st seconds, the white one, in a slideshow)

Peace n love

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