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Remote viewers: have you seen past 2012?

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 06:41 PM

Originally posted by Spirit Warrior 11:11

Originally posted by Cosmic4life
I am a Remote Viewer.
I was trained by Dr David Morehouse personally through his company,
Remote Viewing Technologies.
I was trained in Co-ordinate Remote Viewing in 1998 at a location in Suffolk, England.
As some of you will know David is an ex-Special Forces soldier as well as a member of the Stargate program, he is also an excellent teacher.
I would urge all ATSers to check out his site.
Now the first thing i must say is that RV is most definately real.
Quantum science seems to be pointing in the direction of some sort of massively parallel transfer of information as regards to an explanation for the process. Check out Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff.
To answer your question as to looking past 2012.
Up until now i haven't given it much thought, you must understand that RV has talent branches.
Some people are good at seeing down to cellular/molecular levels.
Others are good at distant locations/people.
Some are good at emotions/mindsets of people/groups.
And a few are able to see through time.
I can see through time, but because i am interested in history most of my trips are to the past.
I have however viewed the future a couple of times by accident.
I have no idea of the years i have seen, but i would say between 2020-2050.
For some reason i feel forbidden from looking at 2012-2015.
If i do pluck up the courage i will let you know.
Until then i would say that an epiphany of the collective conscious is set to alter the paradigm.

Great. I'm glad another experienced person has joined the thread. May I ask, what did you think of Dr. Morehouse's book? I thought the first 3/4 was quite compelling, yet the last 1/4 fantastical. On the order of mental breakdown where reality and unreality meet.

I completely agree that a consciousness shift of the masses is in the works. Not in 2012, but has already begun. 2012 may be the apex point.

Would you please describe why you feel anxiety of fear in viewing this event? I am very interested in other peoples intuition since I have developed my own. I feel a great excitement is building in the ethers and all around us. I STRONGLY feel that this is not another Y2K type of event. I can already feel the waves reverberating back to us. There is definitely something happening. My feeling is completely independent of the 2012 theories and Mayan predictions because I feel it myself.

With all due respect, don't you mean simply......someone who has the same view as yours? What makes you think this person is "experienced" doesn't that require evidence?

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by Mr.Hyde

You know just like all things in this wacky little society; that (people being helped psychically) does happen all the time, you just never hear about it because people freak out, or the problem is resolved so why make a big deal? What business is it of everyone else's? If they're looking for proof there's many studies that show a significant over chance or random ratio of hits on live and controlled targets. There has also been completely objective research done on telepathy done measuring cell response remotely when the person the cells came is stimulated in some way. The transfer of information (IE "hey something scary just happened!") registers not only on the test subject of course, but the cells taken from the subject instantaneous in analogous patterns no matter the distance.

We're hardwired to be "psychic" we just don't believe it. Just like most of us have the faculties to play a musical instrument; arms, legs, feet, fingers, a voice, etc but most will never believe they can make music with them. But you can if you really tried, it doesn't mean you'll be the next big rock star, but you will be able to produce sound with musical properties....maybe even proficiently and constantly with practice! And yes, there are psychics, remote viewers, mediums, etc out there who are that good and do help people every day in profound ways.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 06:49 PM

Originally posted by Aquarius1
I don't understand why anyone would think Remote Viewing isn't real, why would the U.S. Government/CIA use a program and spend all that money for 18 years if it didn't work, I won't name which remote viewer in the program said that because I don't remember off hand who it was, the reason that the program was dumped was because it scared some of the higher ups who didn't want their minds read, guess they have too much to hide.

Makes you wonder if the higher ups are even human anymore. I mean, with the amount of weird and mindblowing knowledge that you could attain, wouldn't that make you both more and less than human?

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 06:54 PM
I don't see why you think it's real either baring any verify able results. That is was funded for so long can be for any number of reasons that don't seem obviuos as a cover maybe as it generated off shoots of other ideas or maybe because it was inexpensive and worth the time and money.

I can say this if it was a sucessfull program it was not cancelled maybe privatized or hidden but cost v value would be tremendous.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 07:41 PM
I have events where I see images of things, but they are out of spatial context, and I cannot nail them down, so I can't say if they will happen tomorrow, or in five years.

I see massive fires frequently. I mean really huge, gigantic, sweeping, super hot, burning everything in it's path fires. Fires that have howling and growling winds. And screaming that can be heard everywhere.

What does it mean? Something? Nothing? Nightmares...

Maybe, I'm just nuts!

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 08:04 PM

Originally posted by Psychonaughty
reply to post by Seventhdoor

Free will is the reason for indefinite distortions and infinity, it most definitley, is not 'limited'.

Free Will can exist because of Infinity, however not everyone exercises free will to their ultimate capacity, which is my point. It exists to a different degree for everyone, and from the perspective of someone predicting future events with specific individuals those individuals appear to have no Free Will because what was predicted and what they actually did were the same thing.

Every person can make a different choice at any moment, what I'm talking about is that not every person does, few actually see their choices or feel like they have many choices. They do not undergo a decision making process that takes into account many factors from many angles. Many people are creatures of instinct and habit, they are reactionary and therefore their actions are predictable. From the point of view of someone predicting these actions the people appear to have little if any Free Will because they are not or will not use it.

For example I was pretty sure I would get a response somewhat like this from even postulating the Free Will issue. Therefore your actions fell within my ability to predict the outcome of my post. Furthermore I could predict my own reaction, which is to clarify what I mean in hopes an understanding, or at least an agreement to disagree is obtained.

However I could have ignored you, I could have just said "Your wrong" and left it at that, I could have called you a name, I could have waited til tomorrow to post this, I could have said a number of things at a number of times and in a number of states of mind. I see all those choices and again, see how each one produces a series of outcomes. Anyone who knows me and my habits well enough could have predicted that this would be the most likely outcome, I'm a person who likes understanding more than being right or wrong, and discussion more than ignoring people. Thus in a way I had no choice, it is against my nature to ignore your post, yet I see my choices and therefore in theory had Free Will. Even this paragraph I considered not posting because in a way it refutes my point since I recognize from my own perspective I did have Free Will, yet I would not deny that from another perspective I did not, even to my own, since I realize that this kind of response is wholly within my nature. I chose this time and this response because I want a specific outcome, clarification and understanding in how I personally view time and my thoughts on 2012.

To put this another way, it would be like a person who had millions of dollars but for some reason didn't use it. They worked at McDonald's and lived in poverty, we could in theory say they were rich, but in practice they are not because what makes them rich is going unused.

[edit on 2009/10/14 by Seventhdoor]

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 08:04 PM
Remote Viewing Program - Ingo Swann Part 1 interview with Art Bell on Coast2CoastAM
Part 1 of 11
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
The rest is on youtube

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 08:10 PM
Yes, things settle down again very quickly after the climax is reached around that year. Seriously, after such a long build-up, a relatively short period of activity and then the settling period which will be fast in comparison.

Some tech makes it through but we use it for different reasons. Many are banded together in village-like gatherings on mountains and ranges in the hope of building anew.. and not like we have now although some will want to recreate the current system, and they will be assisted to see how such a thing is not beneficial to the whole.

I do not understand how some Viewers can claim not to be able to see past that date, other than, maybe they saw nothing because they will be dead by then.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:21 PM
Don't worry. I've remote viewed to my retirement in 2038. The world is still here but my retirement is ugly. Thanks for your time.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:21 PM
Well here's some comfort for some of you (I have no proof to back up my claims, so you'll have to simply take my word on this.)

I know a clairvoyant-medium whom has predicted some very interesting things. 2 of which have happened.

I don't really want to believe in this stuff... at least I didn't really believe in it before I met her (she goes to class with my wife). She predicted my cat dying in 3 months due to kidney failure. It happened exactly 13 weeks later. He was perfectly healthy (aside for diabetes, but well under control with insulin, sugar levels never over 7-6 after his dose, the norm is 4-7) and pow, he was dying. Next thing she had predicted was my wifes friend breaking up with her fiancé. It happened a week later. There was NO way she could have known... WE didn't even know they would split.

It's really weird, but I've been able to communicate with my great-aunt Marion with this lady's help. There were things she could not have known about, ever... no way. That's besides the point though, I'm just reassuring you guys that, at least for me, she's very frigging legit. She can also heal headaches and body aches, my wife will attest to that first hand with her migraines.

I asked her if she knew about all the buzz with 2012, and instead of asking her the obvious "WHAT HAPPENS ON DEC 21 OF THAT YEAR??!!!?!!one1!!" I asked her, can you see events of importance (importance involving me) after 2012? (I personally DO NOT want to know my future, so I didn't ask her what it was, I just wanted to know if she could see anything after 2012) And her answer was that she did. She said there will be something of significance that happens in the fall of 2013, but nothing life threatening. I stopped her there... that was enough info for me.

So there you have it, take it as you will... I'm going to keep my survival gear handy... but I'm not making any intricate plans of getting away from civilization.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:37 PM
This thread is rather devoid of posts questioning the EXISTENCE of 'remote viewing' and 'the end of the world in 2012', so I will contribute.

Just because there's a conspiracy theory relating to possible government research into a topic, doesn't mean it is real.
Just because our cultures over the last few thousand years used the solar cycle to determine crop rotation and peak/optimal harvest times, and that the solar cycle was due to change at a certain time, that doesn't imply that the world will cease to exist then.
Just because some crazed vague man from hundreds of years ago wrote a series of texts that the 'thousand monkeys with typewriters in a basement could eventually write the works of shakespeare' could apply to, doesn't mean that they are accurate predictions, especially when they are being misinterpreted.
Just because some money-grubbing hollywood director makes a movie about the year 2012, that doesn't make it real.
Just because Al Gore is running out of money and wants to sell more tickets to his 'talks' whilst scaring the crap out of us, and he and his eco-terrorist buddies want to set a timeline for our 'stop using technology to save the planet', doesn't mean you should listen to them.

I am hoping that this post will give some actual discussion as to the EXISTENCE of remote viewing and the 2012 armageddon, because frankly, this thread seems rather ignorant.

To paraphrase Penn and Teller: Remote viewing and 2012... is MALE BOVINE FECES!

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:59 PM
truth be told i have not seen past 2012 but hysteria might be blocking my sight. also, i did not try too terribly hard to see past that year

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by humilisunus
Remote viewing eh? Yeah sure ok ill play along, first since the future is never secure there can be no future to see, for time and things change rapidly. So even if you had a "vision" it would be a made up vision from the information your brain has gathered from birth until this point.

To "remote view" would be to "guess" at what you think it could be based on trends and history, it’s only a guesstimate.

oh where were you when the military was spending millions on their remote viewing programs...had they known that humilisunus thought it was bunk, they could have simply tossed out all their evidence, results, and other such stuff...
anything else you would like to state matter of factly about the nature of the universe?

Next time you feel the urge to play along, do take a quick moment to read up on what the game is.

Finally, I will see your matter of fact nature of the universe and match it with "we are in a movie that has a specific path"...if your in a movie/play, you may not know the ending, but it doesnt mean the ending isnt hard coded.

this philosophy is just as valid as any will is an illusion

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by nrky

This thread is rather devoid of posts questioning the EXISTENCE of 'remote viewing' and 'the end of the world in 2012', so I will contribute.

Why would I question a program that was funded originally by the U.S. Government at Stanford University called S.R.I. aka: Stanford Research Institute that went on for I think eighteen years under the C.I.A. and paid for by tax payer dollars.
Let me ask you a question nrky, prove to me that it isn't real and that it never existed. Have you done the research or just parroting what non-believers are saying?

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:11 PM

Originally posted by xEphon

You do know that remote viewing was funded by the ARMY / CIA for decades?
Stargate Project

[edit on 14-10-2009 by xEphon]


And how did that work out in the end?

While I personally believe there are people who can do this, they are rare and those who claim to be able to do so, are more the sort mentioned in the post you're reply was it.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:27 PM
I shall say it again,

The earth at the moment in space/time has reached the 4th density (4th dimension), and the earth in time/space will reach the 4th density (4th dimension) in 2012.

Anyone who vibrates congruently with the 4th density transformation will progress with it, anyone who does not will end up on a 3rd density replica of earth and repeat the whole 3rd cycle density again until it's over just as this one is coming to an end.

Though, the people who move on or repeat the cycle will have to walk the valley of death, its just how it is.

You cannot see into this query for the earth is not of this 'vibration' (density).

Because there is a majority who are more "in the middle" polarized than positively polarized which is a mix causing it to be a very catastrophic transition, but it does not matter what happens to you, just know that it has been this way for an indefinite amount of time in an indefinite amount of place, utter infinity.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:34 PM
I haven't been able to do remote viewing but from what I understand it's much more methodical and systematic than clairvoyance or 'visions'. From my understanding of Remove Viewing, RV data an be represented and interpreted using scientific measures.

Remote Viewing generally distinguishes itself from psychic visions or gifts like clairvoyance, it's more of a skill than a gift.

That's why I'm more interested in hearing from people who have done 'real' remote viewing as oppose to having gained impressions or visions mistaken for remote viewing. These are also interesting, with the only difficulty being that they are often too subjective.

Thanks for flagging this topic, I'm looking forward to reading more replies, especially from remote viewers.

[edit on 14-10-2009 by HighEye]

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 11:01 PM
I don't know what would be considered Remote Viewing, but I meditate and quickly get into a state of "possession" where I ask whatever "spirits" will communicate to me to show me certain things. I try to do this shortly after waking up before I get "blocked" by the stress the day puts on me.

I don't know if this would result in anything of value being shown to me, but I think I have firm "signs" from dead relatives who may be guiding me down the path with some new information or "tips." Ultimately I asked one of them if the information given to me is encrypted as it is delivered, and it said it was, and that it was meant to be interpreted / decrypted in my own mind and meant for me to benefit from...and I guess only me? Not sure.

During these sessions, it's sometimes easy (depending on the length) to slip into a very light sleep that for me sometimes results in lucid dreaming. I often have the ability to fly in these dreams, and I see familiar places BUT I do not often see familiar faces normally that would be associated with those places. The faces either are mostly foreign to me or the faces of familiar people are in places I've never seen before.

After these sessions I can feel quite drained. It's as if I've traveled spiritually or something. I can't explain it. But, then later I will have this energy to start my day and feel okay within a period of minutes. Sometimes I just ask for guidance and sometimes I ask specific questions. I use a system of basically running through the alphabet and asking for bodily signs through the movement of, say, a finger or my toe(s). Then, I'm left with a name or some initials if I'm asking for a name. I have also asked for certain "signs" to be revealed to me. Ultimately they could easily be written off as co-incidences, but I'm not the type to believe in accidents when they happen so many times.

I put certain words here in quotes because I don't want to get any confusion over my "methods." I don't think I'm a magician or a shaman or black magic-practicing person; maybe I am, but I don't know it. We'll find out later if these visions and such help me at all or do not.

Once I will tell you that I was manic (I am bipolar), and it was before I was diagnosed. I was sleep deprived and obviously this leads to hallucinations. Well, the visions I had were very scary. Rivers of blood, I'm telling you. It was pretty scary. This was back in 2005 I think. Well, I thought that it was expected of me to leave the USA to avoid destruction. Well, I never saw those rivers of blood, so obviously I was off on the timing if it was supposed to come to that. I could have been completely wrong about everything because I had become hyper-religious whereas before I considered myself (at that time) agnostic. Well, the doctors gave me medication that brought me 'back down to Earth' so-to-speak. I to this day do not like modern psychiatric medications and try to avoid them similar to a Scientologist would. (It is speculated that a medication they gave me triggered the episode; go figure!)

Anyway, I hope I haven't violated any rules (there are quite a few. lol) in this post.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by Psychonaughty

First, a little about "Dimensions"



Anyone that has had any contact with "real" remote viewers, know it's a fact. No question it works. Anyone can learn to do it with a good degree of accuracy. It's like string theory, just because it's hard to swallow, doen't mean it's not true.

The Mayan Calendar is only a doomsday clock for New Agers, and people who have not asked "The Maya".

Your version of some of us vibing with the changes and moving on, and the others being doomed to repeat the cycle sounds just like more dogma.

We may change, some vibratory event can impact us in a positive way, but to believe all the worthy will be ushered through, and the unworthy left behind, is just more recycled Judeo/Christian dogma adapted to New Age vernacular.

I have been told a lot of things by a lot of people about 2012, they can't all be right, there are so many different scenarios, from Utopia, to Drowning.
If some are wrong, than it's possible, all are wrong. Someone could be right, but we are not going to know that until the time actually comes and goes. Then we can all debate about who was right with a baseline.

So in my opinion, it's a wait and see kind of thing.

I'm currently in contact with a "real" remote viewer. Next chance I get I will ask him about the 2012 thing and see what he says. I'll post it but I have no schedule, the opportunity to ask him may not come up for some time.

I was once told by a palm reader what my age at death would be. She was right about everything else she told me 40 years ago, according to her, I will die in 2043 of issues with my lungs.

I never asked an RV'er about the past 2012 thing but if Ed Dames said it you can discount it right off the bat. Ed is batting a big fat ZERO in predicting anything. He even missed how his girlfriend would take over Psy Tech and give him the boot in the worst of ways.

All kidding aside, I'd love to know the future, but I'm not so sure it's a good thing to do. Just a feeling.

I was 16 when the woman read my palm, she told me s bunch of things, they all came true, you could argue that I made them happen but, I don't think so.

Some of the things she predicted were not pleasant, and I tried to avoid them but they all happened. The good things she predicted all came true but none happened the way I planned, or could have envisioned or expected.

I'll never be sure I guess.

I don't mean to offend you, I'm just telling you my opinion.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by HighEye

Hi again,

I'm not sure if you saw my reply to you earlier in the thread, but I know how to do remote views & practice regularly and had this observation about the thread topic:

Just FYI in terms of "by-the-book" remote viewing goes, you can't really know if what you're getting is valid information or not since the target is a wide open haze of possibility. So you have to focus down the target like "Remote Viewers, have you remote viewed your house, a famous landmark, etc, on January 1st 2013?". The remote viewing protocols taught in classes/institutions have an objective goal that can be verified one way or another. That does include waiting to see if the stock actually does rise, or if Roland Emerich really is a prophet :p


Would you like those of us who do know how to remote view pick a target that is set to 2013? We'd still have to wait to see who's on and who's off because it'll be all of the above from everyone I'm sure.

plus, BIG plus here: Don't believe what Ed Dames & the likes say about psychic visions. Knowing now the difference between the two, it's ridiculous to suggest that psychic visions somehow are less valid then remote viewing details as it's the same apparatus(the viewer's mind, body, "spirit" system) facilitating the functioning & interpretation of the data no matter what the method used. And to be honest, if you're more inclined towards clairvoyance, more often then not that info kicks the hell out of straight up remote viewing since you're getting a fully visible "read out" of the same info you're getting while doing the remote viewing protocols anyways.

I honestly think people like Ed Dames are just jealous of people with crazy-cool psychic skills.

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