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Gun Owners of America (Organization) and Baucus Health Care. What's going on here?

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 06:51 PM
So. First of all.. I want to say something.

This is absolutely not a discussion of whether guns are good or bad. So, pro gun and anti gun people, leave your feelings aside when it comes to the issue of firearm ownership by citizens when it comes to this thread.

So to start, I've seen this website called.. Gun Owners of America talked about here on ATS, a couple times in the website. Occasionally, about once a week, I drop by to find if there are any issues when it comes go guns, they I hadn't heard about.

But ever since I have been checking up on their website, I noticed they have a very strong opposition to Senator Baucus and his health care bill.

At first, they claimed that, if you were a gun owner, you would have to pay taxes for not having insurance.

Then I figured out that: The talked of tax was not specific to gun owners, so, while the statement is misleading it is actually true.
GOA Statement here
Keep in mind, this was before the health care bill that Baucus was writing up was even released (I don't think it is yet even now.)

They claimed that he was an anti-gun senator. So.. I decided to check his record. Indeed one could say he is an "Anti-gun" senator. However, except for a few exceptions, he seems to vote for gun rights.
Baucus' record

Moving on to tonight. Now they are claiming that Obamacare will be used to ban guns in homes. Click here

It seems to be as though they are making wild claims to turn gun owners that represent their members against the idea of Baucus' health care bill, with no real evidence to their claims.

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