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Documents Showing New Secret American Cults are Plotting Against Us!

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:15 PM
The lion approached Mabel and held out his paw, which contained a scroll. "Take this scroll,” said the lion, "and go back to your small farm. Then read it to the other sheep, if you wish for them to know the truth." Mabel took the scroll from the lion and held onto it tightly. "Now get out of my sight, before I eat you!" The lion turned back to the gazelle and began ripping into its flesh, and Mabel ran back toward the farm. When Mabel was back inside the farm's pasture, she unfolded the scroll and read it to herself:

The Philosophy of Joyful Destructionism:

A joyful and violent philosophy celebrating the murder of the extremely greedy and cruel humans.

by The Lion

"The Philosophy of Joyful Destruction" is a movement designed to fetter the extreme greed and cruelty of mankind through acts of violence against those specific individuals who are extremely greedy and cruel. This philosophy does not advocate indiscriminate mass killings and posits that one should aim to spare the innocent from unnecessary cruelty. Ours will be a specific revolution against those specific individuals who have worked so hard to create misery for the masses. This is not a declaration against a particular group, but a declaration against the values of extreme greed and cruelty. Those who value the Philosophy of Joyful Destructionism should do their best to disseminate this knowledge. Feel free to build upon and discuss this initial document.

Behold! Humanity has created for itself a hell-on-earth! It has created a prison with virtual walls of fear -- fear of hunger, imprisonment, and ostracism! Humanity has turned a beautiful planet into a cesspool of misery! Behold the Charges Against Humanity!

The 6 Charges Against Humanity:

1. The Use of Violence to Prevent People from Growing and Obtaining Food from the Land: artificial constructs of property rights and ownership, backed by the threat of kidnapping and imprisonment, have pressured people to spend the greater portion of their lives doing miserable tasks and eating inferior food. Even if a person owns a piece of land and can grow enough food to feed himself, if he does not pay taxes on the land, he will probably be kidnapped by his government and imprisoned.

2. Widespread Dissemination of Poisons to Dull the Senses: With most people spending most days working long hours doing miserable repetitive jobs, the vultures of humankind have rolled out a variety of poisons to dull the pain caused by a miserable existence. Do you spent 70% of your waking day getting to work, doing repetitive meaningless miserable tasks under harsh artificial light? Do you feel miserable? It's okay: just have some poison! We've got you're morning wake-up coffee poison, your government approved natural poisons, like nicotine and alcohol, designer food excitotoxins like aspartame and monosodium glutamate; we've got government approved designer poisons, like Prozac, and if you're really miserable, there are government-banned natural and designer poisons, like marijuana, coc aine, and methamphetamine. Dull the pain! Dull the pain! Forget about your miserable life that you are too scared to flee from, because if you do, you'll have to beg for food, go hungry, or take "unauthorized food" (also known as stealing), which could result in your being kidnapped, imprisoned, and publicly humiliated! Dull the pain! Dull the senses! Destroy your DNA with poisons!

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:17 PM
3. Harming Children with Poisons, Violence, and Delusions: Often, pregnant women who consume caffeine, exitotoxins, and prescription pills are unaware of the poison they are inflicting upon their baby. Other pregnant women who consume alcohol, tobacco, or other government-banned poisons, like heroin, are willfully aware that they are harming their baby. Pregnant women who consume the poisons give birth to children who often are inherently miserable, suffering from damaged DNA, abnormal brain chemistry, and a constellation of painful symptoms. These children often turn to the very same poisons that caused their own condition in order to dull their pain. The poisoning of the unborn is especially reprehensible. Companies market poisons to children, causing juvenile diabetes and obesity. People consciously choose to market products which disrupt the human hormonal system, giving rise to more effeminate and males and giving rise to more aggressive and less fertile women. These children are too young to even understand that they are eating poison. Violence is perpetrated against children by parents or other false authority figures. Children are sexually abused. Children are taught delusional ways of thinking, including beliefs in god, gods, saints, Santa, and other ideas that harm their ability to think rationally.

4.Destroying the Environment: Humankind has allowed the creation of more and more chemicals that cannot be readily broken down naturally. The unfettered production of non-biodegradable products is analogous to a cancer cell that is rapidly dividing, with the uncontrolled growth destroying the body. Man is poisoning himself and the earth due to his own delusions and/or greed. Some think there is a god and it would NEVER allow the earth to be destroyed. Some don't care about the destruction of earth. Some are just so stupid, they don't understand how the environment can be made inhospitable to life.

5. Extreme Animal Cruelty: extended captivity under agonizingly brutal conditions and painful slaughtering techniques.

6. Organized Warfare Without Regard of the Innocent: collective decisions to kill, regardless of bystander casualties, based on national, ethnic, and philosophical origins.

In light of these charges, a radical approach should be taken in order to free humanity from itself. A new philosophy, a philosophy of destructionism, the philosophy of the Lion, shall argue that, for the future betterment of mankind, it is commendable and honorable to destroy that which has put humankind in its current predicament. No longer must the humankind turn the other cheek and meekly accept his own suffering. Man must take control of his own future!

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:18 PM
---The Primary Rule of Destructionism---

Glory of Destruction: take pride in the destruction of the human cancer that has infected the body of earth. Take care to only destroy those human elements that are extremely toxic to the benevolence of the earth system. If you adhere to philosophy of destructionism, it is a noble responsibility. Love the destruction of the enemy! Take pride in your victory or your failure, and kill with the a deliberate joyful lightness! Kill without cruelty or malice, but with joy for those whose lives will better from your actions! Take joy in whatever the outcome of your acts!

The 6 Laws of Joyful Destructionism

1. Hide your affiliation with destructionism: if destructionists openly identify themselves, they will become easy targets for governmental oppression. Never openly identify your affiliation with destructionism. Anonymously spread the principles of destructionism without identifying yourself as an adherent.

2. Have no gods: gods cause delusion and delusion causes suffering.

3. Maximize the killing of humans who engage in actions contributing to the charges against humanity, which has created this hell-on-earth for so many.

The Most Noble Killing: killing any of the following is especially commendable under the principles of destructionism.

i. All members of society who claim to own an unreasonably large portion of land for their own private pleasure: It is especially honorable to kill any member of society who claims to own an unreasonably large portion of land for their private pleasure. Large plots of land, claimed by one individual for his own pleasure, could be used to grow food and make life more bearable for others. Consequently, if a person owns a large mansion on several acres of land used only for his own enjoyment, it is exceptionally honorable to kill this person. This does not apply to individuals who own hotels or farms.

One should NEVER be associated with people he or she kills. If you adhere to the principles of destructionism, and you kill your boss, who happens to live in a giant house, you will probably get caught, and the political impact of your actions will be lessened by the fact that what you did may have been done out of jealousy or anger. Destructionism isn't about anger or jealousy: it is about redeeming the earth from the clutches of the greedy and cruel. It isn't about returning to a more simple time in life; it isn't about making life more fair. It is about destroying the elements of society which are making life miserable for a large portion of the population. It is about destroying the elements in society which will make life miserable for future segments of the population. So, instead of killing your rich boss who lives on a giant plot of land and has several servants, a much better idea would be to travel out of state, find a random gigantic mansion, quietly sneak inside, and then shoot the owner. Please note: you can’t destroy the greedy and cruel if you are imprisoned. Thus, it behooves you to do your best to evade detection. Since many gigantic mansions may have significant security, it may be more appropriate to use arson as the method of destruction. If using arson as a method, please make sure that such a property is not a hotel or a historic property that is open to the public.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:20 PM
What if you go inside of a giant mansion, intending to shoot the owner, and you find out that the owner has a family? You should still shoot the owner, but don't shoot the family, as they may not have been complicit in the decision to claim ownership of a large parcel of land to the exclusion and suffering of others. If you don't wear a mask, a family could identify you in a lineup, so make sure to wear a mask, or at least a disguise of some sorts! What if it can't be determined who is the owner of the large mansion? Shoot the person who seems like the owner. If you shoot the wrong person, it will be a lesson to others not to associate with the cancerous greed of society. Please note: the philosophy of destructionism does not advocate killing people just because they are rich. A person who is very rich may not have contributed to vile of humankind and may live in a dwelling of modest space. Therefore, do not kill a person simply based on what is in their bank account. Extremely rich people who live in merely nice or merely large houses are not the target of this philosophy.

ii. Police Officers, Judges, and Public Prosecutors: These individuals uphold the rights of the extremely greedy and cruel, while punishing those who do not conform to the establishment. Generally speaking, police officers, judges, and prosecutors are disgusting human beings who agree to follow the rules of the establishment, without regard to the cruel consequences, in exchange for money.

The following example helps to illustrate why it is always especially honorable to kill a police officer:

A woman has run out of money and can't afford to feed her two daughters. It is the middle of winter, and the woman can't pay for transportation to a food shelter downtown. It's 7:30 PM and there aren't any government officers who can help the woman. The woman did not "own" any land on which to grow food to save for the winter. The woman decides to walk to a local 7-11 store where she takes four bananas, milk, and some cereal to feed her two young hungry daughters. As she is leaving the store, the owner yells at her for failing to pay. An officer, who happens to be outside, grabs the woman and forcibly places her in handcuffs. The woman begs the officer not to confine her to jail and to release her because she has two daughters at home who are hungry. The officer then proceeds to kidnap the woman, imprison her in a jail, and then send two men to the woman's dwelling to kidnap her daughters and place them in the homes of a strange family. As the woman waits in jail, waiting to eventually be forced to sit to listen to an over-weight judge pontificate, her daughters are in a foster-home being cared for by an abuse woman and being raped by the abusive woman's husband.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:20 PM
In the preceding example, the officer had agreed to give up his ability to be kind to the woman in exchange for a salary. Even though many young girls and boys are raped while in the foster care system, the police man in the proceeding example, as in real life, is contractually required to send other government agents to the woman's dwelling to put her daughters in foster care. If the officer failed to do this, he or she could face being fired. In other words, a police officer's continual employment (and government-approved access to resources) is based on his willingness to ignore the cruelty inherent in enforcing the law. Police are mercenaries: they are paid in order to kill, imprison, and use force against those who go against the established order of society. Therefore, it is always justifiable and especially honorable to kill a police officer.

There is no reward in heaven for killing a police officer, and there may even be earthy pain that will result from such an action. The inherent risk in trying to kill a police officer is why a successful kill is such a victory, especially if one evades prosecution.

iii. Those Who Have an Instrumental Hand in Significantly Harming the Environment: It is especially honorable to kill those who have an instrumental hand in harming the environment. This applies to people who are executives at companies who manufacture large amounts of non-biodegradable plastics, those who work for chemical companies who create harmful chemicals and release them into the environment, and so forth. It does not refer to people who are trying to genetically modify crops (such as rice) to make them more nutritious, so as to prevent malnutrition. For instance, if a theoretical company called "Never-B-Gone Plastic Corporation" has been criticized by environmental groups for creating large amounts of a new type of cheap plastic that is extremely harmful to the environment, it would be extremely honorable to kill any member of the company's board of directors, any member of the company's management team. Under certain circumstances, it might be honorable to kill the chief chemical engineers responsible for the new plastic's creation. If the chief chemical engineer created this new cheap plastic in order to make a more durable heart valve, and then he resigned from the company when he found out his invention would be used to make millions of plastic lid tops, then he should not be killed. If he stayed on with the company, however, after finding out that the plastic is going to be used in a way that is extremely harmful to the environment, he should be killed. When killing such an individual, please take care NOT to indicate that an adherent to the Philosophy of Destructionism was responsible for such an action. The goal of this philosophy is to create a heightened sense of fear that ANY person who is substantially contributing to the misery of earth, may be killed, at any time, by one of our adherents. If a chief executive officer is responsible for importing plastic children's toys made of hormone disrupting plastic and he dies of a heart-attack at a restaurant, ideally, it won't be clear whether he died naturally, or whether he was poisoned by a chef who adheres to our philosophy. This ambiguity should cause fear to all those who create misery, while those who are free from greed and delusion shall have nothing to fear, since they shall pass through our destruction, unharmed.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:21 PM
iv. Those who supply poisons to people without warning them of the dangers on the actual product: It is extremely honorable to kill any person involved with the sale of unlabeled poisons, regardless of their position in the supply chain. Any person responsible for selling unlabeled poisons, from the CEO of a major fast food company, to the coffee store executive who fails to warn about the effects of caffeine on the unborn, to a government official who allows ongoing pollution to flow through drinking water without warning the public, should be killed. Those who prescribe medications to the very sick and/or needy should not be killed. A doctor who dispenses morphine to someone dying of cancer should NOT be killed. In general, doctors should not killed for proscribing toxins, because sometimes toxins are effective therapies and doctors should not have to fear being killed for prescribing a poison. However, an executive at a pharmaceutical company responsible for marketing a new drug while improperly or failing to adequately warn about the known side-affects of a drug should be killed.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:21 PM
That was interesting but I was actually looking for documents. Are there any?

Where did the posted information come from? Is it yours or someone else's?

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:22 PM
v. Those who are excessively cruel to animals: It is honorable to kill those who are excessively cruel to animals. This does not include animal testing when such testing is done with compassion. For instance, an anti-cancer drug in clinical trials is being tested on a monkey, which is provided with a suitable living environment. It becomes clear that the anti-cancer drug is causing severe pain to the money. If the scientists continue to observe the monkey in pain or continue to administer the medication, this lacks compassion and the scientists should be killed. However, if the scientists immediately administer a fatal dose of morphine to the monkey, allowing it to die in peace and noting the side-effect of the anti-cancer drug, then the scientists should not be killed. It is honorable to kill those who kill animals in an excessively cruel way. For example, those who kill animals according to ritualistic religious practice that cause excessive pain should be killed. To do so is extremely honorable. All those responsible for keeping animals in extremely miserable conditions for extended periods of time should be killed. For instance, farmers who produce veal, those who work at super-markets selling veal, and waiters who serve veal, should all be honorably killed. The more responsible a person is for the excessive suffering of an animal, the more honorable it is to kill them, while the less honorable a person is for the excessive suffering of an animal, the less honorable it is to kill them. For instance, it would be extremely honorable to kill the CEO of "Tender Veal Corp," a theoretical company that stores baby cows in small pens where they can move neither their arms nor legs, and it would be much less honorable to kill a waiter who only occasionally serves veal.

vi: Those who harm children: it is extremely honorable to kill all those who perpetrate violence against children, those who rape children, those who perform ritualistic violence against children (such as clitorectomies), those who market poisons to children, and all others who directly harm the bodies and minds of children. This does include children who harm other children. This does not include adults who openly have voluntary sexual relations with a teenager, such as an 18-year old classified under the law as an adult dating a 15-year old classified as a child. This does not include a 30-year old hot math teacher with large breasts having sex with the high school quarterback, who is perfectly thrilled to be having sex with his math teacher. This does not include those who are sexually attracted to children but do not act on their attraction, as such people may been abused as children. Children are defined as those who have not reached puberty. This does not include a man who rapes a 13-year old girl, but it is still honorable to kill such a man if there is 100% certainty that a rape did occur and either there is sufficient probability that the man would not be convicted by a jury or the girl sustained permanent bodily injury from the rape.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:22 PM
"Wow!" thought Mabel the sheep, putting down the scroll. "Why would I want to do any of these things? I'm happy spending my time hanging out in the sun all day, eating grass and enjoying the company of my fellow sheep. Besides, it's against the rules of the pasture to commit violent acts! When Gervis the sheep bit Dolly's tail the other day, they took him out of the pasture and made him spend the next week in the grey barn. And my masters have provided me with free green grass and sunshine, so why would I rebel against them? I don't want any of the other sheep to see this scroll and get any bad ideas." Then Mabel ate the scroll. Three months later, Mabel was eaten by a family of four in New Jersey.

Explanation of The Allegory of Mabel the Sheep, The Lion, and The Philosophy of Joyful Destruction:

Mabel the sheep represents the perfect human: docile, obedient, and enjoying his or her predicament, thankful to her oppressors for providing that which is given freely by nature. The Creator has told this author that the first moral of this story is that advocating violence is never a good idea, and therefore, it is best to always follow the government and/or follow your preferred moderate non-violent religion. The Creator states that second moral of the story is that all texts advocating violence should be destroyed. The Creator has told the author that this text does not advocate violence, but instead illustrates why violent texts should be destroyed. Any interpretation to the contrary is a misinterpretation of the story. The "Church of Joyful Destructionism" gets its namesake because people should take joy in destroying all texts which advocate violence that is contrary to official government policy. This is the primary religious document of The Church of Joyful Destructionism, as relayed by The Creator, and no part of the primary religious text, including "The Allegory of Mabel the Sheep and The Philosophy of Joyful Destruction" and these notes, should be altered, as it illustrates the Creator's commitment to eliminating texts advocating violence. This is a religious text that has come from The Creator and therefore altering one letter of it is a grave sacrilege to The Church of Joyful Destructionism and a complete violation of our religious freedoms. (That being said, any stylistic formatting changes to this document to make the text more accessible, such as creating a Braille version, is entirely permissible. It is also permissible to create translated versions of this work, so long as such translated versions are clearly marked as such.)

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 02:24 PM
Okay, that's what I got from this guy. I don't know what to do with it, or what to think. Maybe it's nothing and I should just ignore it?

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