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Religion, a thorny issue in ufology, even for UFO Disclosure

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 02:24 AM
I've thought long and hard on this topic, and I think that how the world would react would be based on these three things: how the ETs look, what they say, and what they do. I know it sounds vain, but if the ETs are scary-looking, that alone would incite panic. We've been ingrained by watching too many scary movies where the boogie man/bad guy is repulsive or unappealing to the eye and that ETs are 'bad' and out to harm us. There have been many more movies about ETs being negatively portrayed than there have been of them being good. If they say that they come in peace, I think that many of the UFO buffs will probably automatically believe it, but the religious people will think they're from Satan no matter what they say. The biggie is what they do--especially if they come under attack (which is a high probability). I think they must be peaceful no matter what. My hope is that they would put some kind of shield of protection around themselves so that they wouldn't have to fight back. Any act of aggression from the Ets will almost guarantee us bringing Armageddon down on ourselves by not only being at war with the Ets but amongst ourselves as well. As the thread title suggests, it really would be a delicate situation. There are many factors to consider in the hopes of lowering the risk of ET/human casualties. That's JMO.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 02:33 AM
On that same token, if the governments did finally decide on 'real' disclosure, and IF the ETs really are benevolent, wouldn't they ally themselves with Hollywood and the film industry and put out a 'feel good' alien movie right before disclosure in an effort to calm the masses? I'd think that they would--at least they should. The next ET movie we have coming out is The Fourth Kind, and the trailer looks scary. Why put something like that out right before disclosing that they are real?

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by gazerstar

The Fourth Kind actually looks pretty interesting and seems to highlight the identical qualities found in close encounters with various entities reported throughout human history. It doesn't matter if you call these things demons, fairies, or aliens. They all produce psychic phenomena, seem to be able to be invoked and channeled through a human medium.

Its those qualities that will prevent any sort of organized and official disclosure to ever take place.

Instead of people abandoning their faiths, people would be flocking to them in the hysteria. Outbreaks of psychogenic illness would ravage society. It wouldn't be pretty.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by Norio Hayakawa

Ahh, religion and aliens. What a thorny issue. Both elicit extreme responses as well as intellectual argument. Both, in their own ways, promise salvation. Both are at the forefront of most people’s thoughts. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone about either subject and I guarantee they’ll have an opinion, educated or not. The two are interlinked inextricably.

We can blame the various UFO religions – Raelians, GFL, Ashtar Command etc. - for encouraging all of this hooha but, at the end of the day, we have to realise that it is a very human need to compartmentalize and define the unknown – even if that definition becomes a fantastical mythology - that has created these belief systems. And that applies to religion too.

We, as a species, have to understand something that we have yet to gain real knowledge of, therefore will create apposite explanations around the meager information we actually have. And we all know that that practice can lead to control. This also applies to the scientific world. It has to be acknowledged firstly that scientists do work on highly educated projections based on empirical evidence and research that inevitably produces corroborating results, however, how much of the scientific world that we accept as lore is still based on “theories”? Erudite and sophisticated hypothesizing it may be, but a lot of science is still conjectural at the end of the day.

Erudite conjecture can easily convince the lazy mind.

Look at supposed UFO “insiders”, those with contacts in the “government” etc.; can they all have the truth (or even a part of it) at their disposal, or is it just a few? And if it’s just a few, what are the others doing spouting this alleged “knowledge”? They’re doing the same thing our ancient ancestors did when the more eloquent (and ambitious) amongst their tribes concocted stories to explain what in all probability were very real events (even if they were other people’s). As they were the ones to come forward with an explanation – preferably a magical one - they became lauded and respected and their continuing stories were venerated by the masses. Some of those who told those stories may well have had first hand experience of UFOs and, in their eyes (and self-serving logic), that made them an instant authority on the subject.

And the same applies today; many UFO witnesses on ATS will defend their own opinions as to what UFOs actually are, often accepting other people’s explanations as correct when those explanations are completely unproven, or generating their own mythology, all after only seeing a UFO.

We have to comprehend what we don’t understand no matter what, even at the expense of seeking and finding the truth. And when it comes to mystical lights in the sky or superhuman beings, we get all spiritual because we are conditioned to.

The bottom line is that we all need to look beyond our linear thinking and not be enslaved by the so-called empirical science and its methodology. We need to depart from the physical, nuts-and-bolts concept of ufology.

Very true, but not at the dangerous expense of starting to think along the lines of possible non-corporeal phenomena potentially being divine, as until we know what they are, we are simply guessing as to the form of their existence. And against what do we categorize divine? Us assuming the cargo-cult mentality of meeting a civilization that has at its disposal technology we would consider supernatural and assuming they are gods is foolhardy and perilous.

I do not mind the mainstream categorizing ufology as "pseudo-science". Moreover, what is more truly amazing is that the study of "dimensions", "parallel dimensions", "ultra-dimensionalities", etc. are part of quantum physics.
Therefore, surprisingly enough, there is a fine line between "pseudo-science" and "dimensional" studies.

I do mind the attitude of the mainstream. It annoys me, but I fully understand why that attitude prevails. It’s because of the UFO fringe. And whilst UFO religions zealously hook onto real scientific speculation and discovery and promote it as not only justification for their beliefs, but corroboration, then real ufology will be in their shade.

And for those who may well think that science is confirming the claims of UFO faiths, consider this; humans have fabulous imaginations. The more we ponder a subject, the more we can develop it. Was Arthur C. Clark a prophet, or a darn good writer?

Finally, on a strange note, if a full UFO Disclosure really were to be made, it would have to be made either by the alleged UFO entities themselves or by the government, or possibly even together.

And whose government would that be? What if the Iranian government suddenly broadcast an outdoor news conference, complete with UFOs hanging above the crowds and emissaries from the Pleiades standing next to Abadinejhad?

What would the western – read Christian – world think about that? Aliens choosing an Islamic country to announce its presence. And what if the roles were reversed? Aliens shaking hands with Obama? How would Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc. cope with that?

You say that:

Personally I believe that the day that happens (whichever one will come out first to disclose) many people will feel that it will be one of the greatest days in earth's history.
On the other hand, some other people may feel that it will be the beginning of the end of the system of things in an ominous way.

And I agree, in part. What “they” will have to do is be completely, unequivocally and undeniably impartial otherwise this world will be thrown into turmoil like we’ve never seen.

We are already divided precipitously by religion, using it – an ideology intended to explain the mysteries of life - as an excuse to deal death.

What we don’t need are superior beings siding – or being seen to side with - one of our cargo-cults and making the whole thing worse.

Especially if “they” instigated these cults by appearing to our ancestors in the first place.

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