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Saints Row 2 lost saves

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 10:11 AM
This is probably a long shot asking here but,

At about 45% overall now... but hadn't stared any of the Ultor missions until the other day. Played the VERY long and fairly difficult missions where you defend the church from the Ultor troop-types... then on to the mission where you defend the limo while in the Opressor heli above. Both missions took me a bunch of tries, and a lot of wasted hours.

I log on the next day, and though I KNOW I saved after EACH mission...
Both saves are not there. I try again. Both LONG missions all over again. Saving over and over and over in every possible spot.

Turn the xbox off, back on... and once again, ALL new saves are gone.
I thought *maybe* you aren't supposed to play the Ultor missions till later in the game or something, and maybe that was causing a problem? But in that case, why would it have allowed me to play them?

This damn near made me want to quit the game all together. I just can't bring myself to play another two hours of those missions that, while very fun, are most likely not going to save. All the other gang missions save fine.

anyone have any idea?


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