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How can we the American people put the future back in our hands ?!

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by letspreadtruth
What can we do to make sure this country sets out on the forever lasting path of freedom ??

Good question.

While thousands of us beat at the manifold branches of evil, there's only a few of us striking at the root.

So you want to take the country back? Running for office won't cut it, no way. Voting won't cut it, either. Nor will protesting, nor will working for any single-issue pressure groups agitating for change that we can believe in, for hope that is not dope. Those are all the branches that most are hacking at. We've already been hacking at those damn branches for a century and look where we are now -- that tree of tyranny is bigger and stronger than ever.

If you want to effect real change, you gotta get to the root of that tree of tyranny. And where is that root, you ask? The root is a two-fold root: 1) currency and, 2) energy.

We cannot take control of our future until we control and issue our nation's currency -- so that's one critical step for us to take back our country. We MUST have full control of the issuance and control of our currency. Period.

The second part of the two-fold root of evil is energy. We CANNOT break free of the stranglehold of the elites until we bring forth the manifold and long-suppressed free energy devices that have been aggressively and violently suppressed by the elites. We have been forced to pay dearly for expensive and polluting forms of energy that have polluted our planet, while enriching the damn elites who own the dirty-energy corporations... all the while they have long been killing off the geniuses who have been creating these vitally-needed free energy devices that can free us from the control of the bastid Supranational Sovereignty of an Intellectual Elite.

So, if you want to effect changes right now, start to talk to people left and right about the importance of our controlling the issuance and control of our own currency and the importance of the free energy devices that can free us up to an astonishing degree.

Money and energy -- the two sides of the coins of power; understand that, share that with as many as you can, then you will have done more to help effect real change than to run for some damn office.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by mikerussellus
reply to post by letspreadtruth

Go with what you know. Me? I'm an old man and a hard-# conservative. I won't give you any advice. It wouldn't be right.

Find someone that you agree with politically and contact them. Tell them you want to learn.
Whatever way you lean, left/right/centrist there is bound to be a political person in your area that you agree with.
Intern. Work. Study. Read history. Read current events.

Good luck.

This is exactly why we will never get the future back into our hands. We have too disparate views on the various topics. Until we can reach a consensus on the direction we want the country to take there will be no progress. Maybe reform of the Federal Reserve System would be a good starting point. I think both left and right, at least within the general population can agree that this is needed. If we all make it our mission to vote in people in favor of this, then we would would have at least a starting point. We may also find that this eliminates some of the other differences as well.

As a voter my main concerns are being protected against a tyranical goverment while at the same time being protected from unethical and unfair business practices. I am all for free markets but I think these free markets need to be regulated to ensure that the quest for profits does not harm society as whole. I favor the heaviest regulation in industry that is related to basic human needs which in this day means, food, shelter, energy, water, healthcare, communications, transportation, insurance and basic banking. Once you create a level playing field, companies can compete within those guidelines. The end result will be the the combination of profit and service that best benefits society as whole. It doesn't mean that people who bring benfit to society won;t get rich. They still will. However those who bring no net benefit to society will no longer reap rewards for doing so.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Historical-Mozart

Thankyou for the ingisht, they are two huge issues that they control.

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