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Swine Flu St Louis School Closing

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:40 AM
FESTUS, MO ( - "A lot of people have been gone and it's been really quiet at school," and it will stay quiet for another week at Jefferson R-VII schools because, like Katie Dugan, too many students have been out sick with the flu. "We were watching (the attendance rate) as it went from 90 percent to 85 percent down to 80 percent them below 80 percent," tells Superintendent Tom Guezler.

In fact, on Monday only 78 percent of the 780 students were in attendance, but it wasn't just the student numbers that forced this action. "The adults started getting sick. A lot of the teachers and staff were coming down with fevers," says Guenzler, "and another factor, a lot the kids were coming in sick."

So the situation was not improving no matter how much the staff battled it. "We've been sanitizing as we have been going along. The custodians have cleaned desks and keyboards," adds the Superintendent, "the transportation department taking care of the buses, but it was still spreading."

The best option was to call off school for the CDC recommended 5-7 days. "Well I wasn't surprised. I was disappointed," says Tina Dugan whose daughter's volleyball games will be postponed, but it messes with another schedule: her own at work. "I haven't figured that one out yet, what to do with the little one."

Dr. Guenzler understands the inconvenience, but too many kids missing lessons and not enough kids getting better made a tough decision easier. "32 years now in education," recalls Dr. Guenzler, "this is the first time I recall school having to be called off because of some type of epidemic."

Classes are set to resume at Plattin Elementary, Telegraph Intermediate, Danby Rush Tower Middle and Jefferson High School on Tuesday October 20th.

Here is the notice the district posted on their website Monday:

"Due to the spread of the flu in the Jefferson R-VII School District, we are canceling school for the remainder of the week (October 13 - 16). Since next Monday is a work day for staff, students will resume school on Tuesday, October 20, 2009. We ask that when school resumes that parents make sure that their children do not come to school sick with low grade fevers or while taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Please keep children at home until they are fever free without medications for a full 24 hours."

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